Cast Player

This simple to use app will cast and stream your photos and videos on the Chromecast supported devices. It is one of the best and simplest means of casting photos and videos of all type from the smartphones to the Chromecast connected smart TVs as well… read more

Apps Like Cast Player for Android

#1 Allcast TV Pro


Allcast TV Pro is a great means for casting both online and offline multimedia material from iOS devices to the Chromecast devices, Google Cast Player, DLNA TVs, Android TVs and another kind of Smart TVs. This simple app that doesn’t involve any setting at all is a great means for playing all kind of music, videos, photos and movies from the iOS devices to all above-mentioned devices. You can even use this app for casting web videos as well like YouTube videos. The offers are simply limitless. It does all depend upon the material that you have stored in your device. The best about this simple casting app is that it seamlessly integrated itself into the home network and after that will automatically detect all those smart TVs, DLNA supported devices that are using the same network. Now you can easily start streaming and controlling the music, videos, movies, photos and whatever you want to the big screen right from the smartphone.


#2 Video & TV Cast for DLNA UPnP


Video & TV Cast for DLNA UPnP is a free app for the iOS devices that allow for streaming of videos and movies from the smartphones to the smart TVs and DLNA supporting devices. With the usage of this simple casting app, you can enjoy the favorite material from the smartphone to all supported Blu-ray player, video game console and DLNA certified TVs as well. This app will simply allow you to add a new level of dimension to all of the DLNA enabled devices wherever these are located. In addition to casting offline material, this app also allows for streaming and casting from the all leading video streaming websites as well. All those videos that are generally available in the M4V, MP4 and MOV formats can be played on the connected devices. Wanna enjoy casting on your own terms then move to the advanced settings section to make the necessary changes.

#3 AllShare Play


AllShare Play is the new app launched by the Samsung as a replacement of its discontinued Samsung Link that was launched for synchronizing all internet connection supported devices. AllShare Play can simply call as a screen casting app as well that allows the Android devices users to share the content of their smartphones across multiple devices and seamlessly play over the connected devices. It will empower you with the system of even dealing with your multimedia files over the big screens. Just imagine playing a favorite movie from your smartphone to the PC or Smart TV or just imagine sharing or playing it with your friend who is sitting in another corner of the world if he is already using this tool over his device. The best about AllShare Play is that in addition to playing and sharing of files it also allows its users to save their favorite material on the web as well to keep them protected all the time.


#4 Samsung Link (AllShare Play)


Samsung Link (AllShare Play) was an app for the Android devices that work as a bridge between multiple devices and then allow its users to seamlessly play all of the available content across multiple connected devices. However, for this, the users must have WiFi or internet connection enabled devices and only those devices that accept the installation of this app. It was an excellent means of playing the content of small screen on the big screen like Smart TVs, PCs and much more devices. Moreover, remote device access for remote playing purpose was also the part of this app. This app was then allowing its users to smartly deal with all of their stuff across the connected devices. They can deal with their photos, music, and videos across multiple devices. It was also an excellent means of having entertainment and fun together with friends and family.

More About Cast Player

This simple to use app will cast and stream your photos and videos on the Chromecast supported devices. It is one of the best and simplest means of casting photos and videos of all type from the smartphones to the Chromecast connected smart TVs as well. The features and functions that make this casting app simply the best above all browsing and casting the multimedia files, viewing photos and playing them in a slideshow mode, carousel mode for swiping between images, support for iCloud Photo Library, connect to even those Chromecast devices as well that are on the same WiFi network, choosing videos and photos resolution for casting, managing the app storage and much more. From locally available Chromecast devices to connecting with desired Chromecast device, Cast Player supports all kind of casting. In addition to offering a great number of functionalities, Cast Player is a free app and is not an ad supported version too.

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