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10 Apps Like CBS

Columbia Broadcasting System which is otherwise called CBS is an American television network which has its main office in New York. It is a standout amongst the places where people can watch the news and other related shows all through the United States. Not just that, it has the capacity to make its name far and wide due to the authentic reporting and speedy news. There are numerous features which can be talked about for this application, yet the fundamental ones are that it has remodeled itself as of late, and the progressions which have been brought has made it a standout amongst the most utilized apps with regards to getting the news. The application with its new features such as notifications can send you alerts on the most recent occurring around the globe, and you will become more acquainted about them when you read the details later. There are numerous other elements as well, for instance, individuals can get the opportunity to watch most recent videos and other stuff through the application. This can be used as an alternative for watching TV and sitting before it. There is also the option of installing different gadgets. The main condition is that you have to be subscribed to a broadcasting system, then you can watch stuff on the go. There are likewise numerous videos along with the news which can be found with the details to get more understanding into the story. Individuals who are keen on different programs can likewise get the opportunity to watch the stuff on the app. People can also get more info about a lot of things including games, business, and science. There is additionally a different widget which can be saved on your home screens to guarantee you can see all the news without opening the application. In general, this site has numerous advantages which can be the reason people will utilize it more in the near future.

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1. BBC

Android iOS
The BBC News is one the most honest and neutral platforms that brings people the latest news and proper analysis of the topics that are at the time in trending phase. There are many features of this mobile application that can help you get dependent on this platform. The main…

2. Fox News

Android iOS
Fox News is the universal news app created by news network Fox News. You can get streaming coverage of live events and exclusive programming available online. It will allow you to search the latest headline by watching Fox News live coverage and on-demand clips. The user can subscribe to Fox…

3. ABC News

Android iOS
ABC News is the one of the best news application. It will find breaking news from the USA and the world, and will keep you updated on entertainment, politics, health, technology, science, and business news. The feature of personalized alerts is also present in ABC News by which this app…

4. NBC News

Android iOS
NBC News will provide you the stories of your interest, right now. The new feature of this app is that you can download stories automatically so you can read stories without an internet connection. NBC News will deliver up-to-the-minute breaking news, exclusive interviews of well-known personalities and different reports from…

5. Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera is a standout among the applications that give the most recent news and profound understanding on the developing stories around the world. It was popular path before the applications existed and now has the capacity to become the most well-known since there are diverse options available after the…

6. CNN

Android iOS
CNN is a news application which will give you news from The USA and other countries. This app is redesigned for use on both your smartphone and tablet. It will connect you to the world and informed you with the latest headlines and original stories from around the globe. You…

7. Sky News

Android iOS
Sky News is one of the best options amongst the most acclaimed news networks around the globe and effectively the most credible alongside the BBC in the United Kingdom. The application for android and iPhone framework is a high class with every one of the elements laid out accurately. Individuals…

8. ABC Australia

Android iOS
Australian Broadcasting Corporation is a news network which is frequently mistaken for the America Broadcasting Corporation yet is a standout amongst the most well-known apps for news and surveys in Australia. A few features inside the application can make people like this platform much more and guide them in perusing…

9. NPR

Android iOS
NPR News is one of the best places with regards to news and staying updated with every one of the events that are taking place at a quick rate. Sometimes it gets hard to monitor all the news, however this application helps you in becoming acquainted with the stuff because…

10. Yahoo News

Android iOS
Yahoo is one of the greatest services particular with anything that is fundamental for people and this application of Yahoo News is precisely what a person who needs to stay in contact with the most recent news and stuff will require. There are numerous intelligent elements of this app which…

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