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CCleaner is the best app for smartphone users to remove all sort of undesired files and to obtain a free space on the mobile phones. By utilizing CCleaner, cellular phone users can monitor the system activities and ensures the security of their data as well… read more
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12 Apps Like CCleaner

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1. AIO Clean

AIO Clean is a standard cleaner and RAM cleaner that is one of the most useful smartphone optimizer, speed booster, memory cleaner and cache cleaning application. This application is a master in improving the performance of the smartphone up to sixty percent than the existing one. By utilizing this application, the user can only free up storage space by removing the extra and undesirable files that are doing nothing except freezing the essential open space for storage in the smartphone. Above all, this app also is used to save the life of the battery and keep the data safe and secure in the AppLock function that’s built-in into this application. This application can perform various functions for the smartphone users; sometimes it’s about having the most storage space or increasing the battery life or handling the entire system of the smartphones as well as monitoring the install applications. The cleaning features of this application are also extremely excellent that deals in trash cleaning, junk files cleaning, undesired data cleaning, along with other cleaning functions. This application also includes app manager as well that can be utilized for un-installing the undesirable applications or disabling those applications that have currently no significant uses.


2. CM Speed Booster

CM Speed Booster is a small app you can use for clean-up cache and garbage files from the mobile phones. It’s an app that is also useful for solving the other problems of cell phones as well. The exciting features of CM Speed Booster are all availability of junk cleaner, obtaining free space by cleaning out unwanted files, checking for those programs that are managing the space and spirit of the mobile phones cooling the system in the mobile phone CPU efficiency. It’s for obtaining control over the unwanted applications, removing those programs that a slowing down the functionality of the mobile and much more. The user-friendly interface of the CM Speed Booster let the smartphone users to improve the entire smartphone device plus cleaning all those useless files that’s taking up the space of the instrument and gradually slowing down the performance of the handset. In addition to cleaning junk and storage cache data, CM Speed Booster allow the mobile phone users to scan detect and erase the unnecessary photos and unused files also.


3. AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner is a free cleaning-up app that gives the step by step guide to the mobile phone users to scan and identifies those undesirable and spam files that are managing the space of the cell phone and gradually slowing down the functionality of the mobile phones too. When the user run AVG Cleaner it scans the complete phone and find the junk files as well as allows users to delete them within a few moments, in the same way, this app enables the users to clean their gallery, photos thoroughly and remove them to get the free space on the device. The primary advantage of using AVG Cleaner is that it never erases important files from the mobile phones and deletes all of the files that are recording the precious memory of the smartphone. The greatest thing about AVG Cleaner is that it also functions as a battery saver also. So in short AVG cleaner is often as an application that in addition to removing the undesired files from the system works best for getting more space for the smartphone.


4. Just Cleaner

Junk cleaner is a trash file cleaning app that allows the mobile phone users to remove only all harmful and junk files. By doing so, the mobile users can find the very best speed and even boost the performance of their devices as well. In addition to detaching the junk and unwanted files, Just Cleaner also work as data booster, game Booster, along with speed booster. The mobile phone users can operate the services of Just Cleaner for improving the battery life of the smartphone. The other several functions can be carried out by using the Just Cleaner are killing of unwanted processes, removing unnecessary or unwanted files to protect the free space.  Transferring files to SD cards or external removable media storage cleaning, cache, creating backups, optimizing the battery performance, washing the memory, removing the browsing history, and cleaning songs are accessible through this app. In other words, it can be said as an application which is beneficial for removing unnecessary files to increasing the efficiency of the mobile phones.


5. Clean Master

Clean Master is a smartphone optimizer and cleaner that is utilized to clean unused, undesired and extra files. This app is also used to remove the search history of all installed browsers along with other credentials that may be tracked by the external factors to evaluate the activities of the mobile phone users. By using Clean Master, the mobile users can kill those techniques and tasks which are running in the background without any purpose and besides are slowing down the performance and speed on the smartphone and are also consuming the battery bar as well. The best about Clean Master is that it is built-in with all the stunning features of smartphone optimization, smartphone spirit improving, free anti-virus and also the battery saver that provides the smartphone users a high command and control over many of the activities of their smartphones. It has a unique feature named App Lock Function that will let the smartphone users to maintain all their private data in it to ensure privacy and security.


6. SD Maid

SD Maid is a mobile phone management and also cleaning application utilized for controlling the clean, neat and genuine environment of a smartphone. It is an app that’s also useful for scanning pictures directories, files, and apps that you do not identify and that are running in the background and also slowing down the functionality of the smartphone. It is the powerful file manager system of the SD Maid which enables the mobile phone users to eliminate all those apps and also unwanted files that are slowing down the speed and performance of the cell phone. The majority of the smartphone users are unaware of the reality that their smartphone regularly produces the crash report, debug file logs, as well as junk files that they don’t need. SD Maid automatically finds most of these by simple scanning and allows the users get rid many of these. By utilizing this app, the users can ensure of having extra storage and also improve the functionality of the smartphone.


7. Cleaner – Master Booster Pro

Cleaner – Master Booster Pro is known as a memory booster, video game booster, and junk cleaning app that make it simple for the mobile phone users to speed up their cell phones by 80% and also save the battery storage as well. This app can be utilized for cleaning up the cache and also junk files. After removing the unwanted and also undesired records and apps, the users can save GB of space for storage. In addition to all these, this app can be helpful for cleaning call and sums log and also browsing the history of all installed web browsers along with other credentials that the external factors can utilize to peak into the privacy and security of the users. It also consists of an app manager that permits the user to instantly un-install the undesired applications are disabled those installed apps that have presently no usage. The overall features of this kind of app are memory eraser, junk cleaner, video game booster engine, SMS history cleaner, call log cleaner and even app management.


8. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is an all-in-one complete system cleaner and performance booster app for the mobile phones that is built-in with the superb set of tools. It essentially enables the mobile phone users to scan their mobile for unwanted files speedily and also junk files that are slowing down its performance. When scanning, the smartphone users can individually or collectively remove all these files and can boost their smart device. Glary Utilities is an intelligent cleaning master that offers the other essential features and functions as well. The key features that can manage the smartphone users by utilizing the Glary Utilities are quick clean, ability to eliminate unwanted processes, removing junk files without removing the necessary files, task killer, increase memory, frees up system RAM, and also keeps the privacy in an efficient method. Glary Utilities also have the system of management that permits the user to view the installed applications according to their size and version. The users can easily uninstall all those apps that are unneeded and are managing the performance and space of the mobile phone.


9. Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner

Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner is a small but impressive cleaner and booster that’s built-in with the tools of memory booster, mobile phone manager, trash cleaner, and app manager. The robust and straightforward to use cleaning and improving the interface of this app allow the mobile end users to find the free space, stop automatic start apps, kill processes and free up space for storage. It is an app that produces the smartphone as it was around the date of purchase. AppLocks and video games booster are the other additional features of this application. If the performers of your smart device are slowing down or storage space is saved through the redundant files, then this app will assist you to free up storage space clean up the memory and also disable all those unwanted apps which are slowing down the performance of the smartphone. It is a single click smartphone optimizer and cleaner that’s built-in with the features of junk file cleaner, residual files cleaner, cleaning up memory, improving phone speed memory improving, application manager, video game booster, and several of other features and functions. This app additionally displays the users the total details of their devices too.


10. Smart Booster

Smart Booster is a free cleaner and mobile phone optimizer which is beneficial for cleaning cache and also cleaning system. It is one of the most useful optimization tools which is built-in with the features of RAM booster, Cache cleaner, SD card cleaner, and advanced application manager. RAM boost system is for getting the free space for storage. The cleaner cache system is to clean the cashier within few moments. SD card cleaner is perfect for efficiently and effectively cleaning the junk files. Then comes the application manager that allow the users improve their entire device by disabling the installed application and also stopping the auto starter. It’s also useful for killing and un-installing the undesirable apps which are freezing the free space for storage of the smartphone. The dominant and aggressive kind of Smart Booster enable smartphone user to scan and find those undesirable files which are slowing down the performance of the smartphone. By using this app they can monitor the activities of their mobile phones and can improve performance at any time.


11. DU Speed Booster

DU Speed Booster is the mobile phone booster along with battery optimizing app. It is a must have application for the mobile users to get back the real performance of the phone by cleaning up the junk files plus protecting the entire device from the undesirable files and viruses. It is an all-in-one app that truly optimize the mobile performance by diagnosing those applications running in the background and are catching the phone memory and battery power. Also, to all this application maintains the smartphones protected from internal and external undesirable trance and also harmful files and programs. The best above all is that it has its unique AppLock function as well which allow the mobile phone users to keep all of their data in this area to maintain the protection and privacy of their data. Most of the mobile users are not aware of the truth that the hidden documents in the phone can use the free space on the device. By utilizing this app, they can very quickly kill unwanted tasks, scan and eliminate junk files and can solve the overheating problems of mobile phone CPU. This application function enables the users to make a backup of all of their data as well and restores them in future in case of emergency.


12. SuperB Cleaner

SuperB Cleaner is an efficient and easy-to-use app to optimize the performance of the mobile phones by cleaning up the memory and also making cell phone faster without deleting the important files and also programs. This app just allows the users get rid of those unneeded processes that are decreasing the performance of the mobile phones and by killing these processes. Then users can boost their mobile by almost 50% within few taps only. Just because it also functions as a cleaner to clean up the memory and promoting the performance of the mobile, there isn’t a system of root permission. It can stop auto start apps and the applications that are stopped by this application will never start again by their self in the future. SuperB Cleaner also has the system of battery booster too that allow the users help them to protect the battery consumption. They can get control over the useless and disturbing apps and services. By utilizing SuperB Cleaner, the users can find the best control of all of their mobile functions and features.

More About CCleaner

CCleaner is the best app for smartphone users to remove all sort of undesired files and to obtain a free space on the mobile phones. By utilizing CCleaner, cellular phone users can monitor the system activities and ensures the security of their data as well. Along with improving and cleaning, other features of CCleaner have enhanced the efficiency of the smartphone by eliminating the trash and unnecessary files safely without detaching the necessary files on the smartphone. It’s an app that allows the mobile phone users to wash application storage cache, recent history, clipboard content, web browser history, and a lot more. Also, the users can quickly remove call logs and even SMS messages individually or in bulk or according to contract also. CCleaner is an excellent method for optimizing the Android phone inside few steps. The easy to use user-interface of CCleaner allow the users to obtain an efficient performance in the phones and little storage as well. The other additional advantages of using the CCleaner are checking the system reviewing for internal storage and monitoring the battery level and also temperature as well.