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Choices: Stories You Play

Whosoever says that one choice can change everything has right. In life, many points come when the choices we made defines our end. Choices: Stories You Play is such kind of app-based game where you will choose the character for yourself, and that character will decide your end… read more
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30 Apps Like Choices: Stories You Play



Inspired by the blockbuster movie of the Disney Channel of the same name, Descendants is an app for the iOS and Android devices where you can create your unique character. It is for those people who want to stand out from the crowd with hundreds and thousands of others fashionable combinations.

Demi Lovato: Path to Fame

Demi Lovato: Path to Fame is an app for the smartphones where the dreamers get the chance to star in their own story. In real world, sometimes we become bound to make the choices subject to the available options we have.

Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger is an ultimate Visual Novel video game in South Korea, developed and published by the Cheritz Co, Inc. Mystic Messenger enables you to establish a connection with a mystic group filled with attractive guys and enjoy everything with a breeze.

High School Story

This virtual world is for the students only or for those who want to live the life of students but have never lived at all. High School Story allows this kind of people to create and design the school of their dreams.

The Arcana

The Arcana allows you to make choices through an epic mystery or romance game, bought in the market by Nix Hydra Inc. The Arcana – A Mystic Romance is a marvelous simulation app loved by millions of people who are enjoying romance with their most likely characters and even choose one of them to give yourself a tarot reading of plenty of enticing choices.

My Horse Prince

My Horse Prince brings a horse with a handsome face of human which lets you have real fun, right on your mobile devices. My Horse Prince is a widely loved app bought in the market by Usaya Co., Ltd.

RE: Alistair

RE: Alistair is a free Otome game having Dating Sim featuring male bachelors and a female protagonist introduced by Sakevisual. It is available for many platforms like Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Frozen Essence

Frozen Essence is a fantasy simulation by Unbroken Hours which includes four different characters and allows the players select from them to begin the game. This story revolves around the female character Mina.

Be My Princess

Be My Princess is an excellent gaming app where commoners can become a princess with the real-time stardom. Be My Princess: PARTY app was presented in the market by Voltage, Inc.


Roommates is a widely used Dating Simulation for the users around the globe. It is an Adventure-based, Visual Novel, and a single player app created and published by Winter Wolves. The Story of the game provides two characters named as Anne and Max.

Katawa Shoujo

Katawa Shoujo offers a single player Visual Novel, Dating/Life Simulation and a Nakige video game introduced by Leaf Studios. This game will take you to the imaginary settings of a high school of disabled children in Japan and tells you the story of a boy named Hisao Nakai.

Supple: Episode 2

Supple: Episode 2 lets you enter in a high fashion and a sexy world of Supple magazine. This app offers you play as Arin Costello, the style editor, gossip, shop, flirt, work, makes out in the employee lounge, and more.

Samurai Love Ballad

Samurai Love Ballad is another exquisite gaming app which enables everyone to enter the world of the warring states and enjoy discovering the sort of love that only occurs in the legends.

Campus Crush

Campus Crush is a fantastic Romance, Visual Novel, and Dating Simulation developed by Episode Interactive for some mobile platforms like iOS and Android. This app takes place in the fantasy-like world based in University (Institution of higher education) named Lockwood, and it supports single player mode.

Princesses’s Maid

Princesses’s Maid combines the factors of Dating, Flirting, Romance, Visual Novel and Life Simulation app for the users from all around the world. It is an Anime-based app published and developed by Toki Production.

Dream Girlfriend

Dream Girlfriend is an excellent Japanese Simulation app being enjoyed by anime fans from all over the world with millions of global downloads. Dream Girlfriend: Create the Girl of your Dream app bought in the market by Ambition Co., Ltd.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is an amazing Visual Novel and Dating platform for the users around the globe. It is an adventure video game created and published by Capcom. This game revolves around the four great characters which of one named Phoenix Wright who is the main character and a defense lawyer with an intense sense for discerning evidence from fiction.

Love Kpop Idol

Love Kpop Idol enables you to be the CEO of a company and create your own group of girls after scouted a few idols, where you have to secure your company from bankruptcy.

Liar! Uncover the Truth

Liar! Uncover the Truth is an engaging simulation game for people who ever had a terrible ex they wish that they could find and kicked to the curb. Liar! Uncover the Truth is a simple to use app introduced by Voltage, Inc.

Love 365

Love 365 is an exclusive portal to tome romance where more than 200 gorgeous men are competing for your heart. Love 365: Find Your Story is an exclusive app bought in the market by Voltage, Inc.

Hollywood U

Just imagine your long lasted dream of entering into Hollywood has come true and you have been accepted for the new badge of Hollywood University that is one of the leading schools for the stars.

High School Mystery Story Game

High School Mystery Story Game is a kind of visual novel that is full of a lot of attractive and amazing characters. This app based game is also full of interactive story episodes as well.

High School Life

High School Life is an app based game where you can live the high school life in the way you want. You are free to do whatever you want. These kinds of games are means to allow the people to live their dreams.

Teen Love Story Games For Girls: School Crush

Teen Love Story Games For Girls: School Crush is a free to play game where the dreaming people can create their own story in the virtual world with impressive and interactive visuals by going through the ultra-exciting and entertaining episodes.

Dear Diary – Interactive Story

Dear Diary – Interactive Story is although a kind of interesting application, but it is an ad heavy app and requires patience. But when it comes to making own destiny then obstacles of this nature is nothing at all.

Stardom: Hollywood

In this virtual world based game, the players are given the task of living the life of an aspiring actor. You have to perform that role and need to travel from the level of nobody to number one celebrity of the world.

My Emma

If you are still unmarried or going to be the parent of the first child, then have you ever think of how it will be when you are the parent of a baby in the real world?

Social Girl

Social Girl is for girls only but for only those girls who want to live a social and fashionable life. Social Girl give them the chance to define and reshape their personal fashion appearance, make new friend, make relationships with personalities and even famous public figures, and experience the living relationship with boyfriend as well.

Kendall and Kylie

Kendall and Kylie is an application where the mysterious and curious people come to explore what can be done in the virtual world that sometimes seems to impossible in reality. In the virtual world set by Kendall and Kylie, you as a player come set your path and craft your own story.


Have you ever thought of being the creator of your own story in the virtual world? If not then here we are going to discuss about a game based app where you can explore your inner world in a virtual style.

More About Choices: Stories You Play

Whosoever says that one choice can change everything has right. In life, many points come when the choices we made defines our end. Choices: Stories You Play is such kind of app-based game where you will choose the character for yourself, and that character will decide your end. But keep in mind, you will never under the control of your character at all rather Choices: Stories You Play will give you the chance to control your character as you want. You will get all real life options in the virtual world. You can make friends, form groups, fall in love and can do many other activities. If you want to enjoy the day with your favorite celebrities, then these are also the part of this virtual world. Here you are free to do whatever you want to do in real.

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