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Citizen Security- Sant Just

Citizen Security- Sant Just app bought in the market by Einsmer Business Designer Inc. which enables its entire users to get one of the most initial but the comprehensive experience of cooperation over the public safety in local police right over the cell phone technology… read more
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28 Apps Like Citizen Security- Sant Just



MobilePatrol elegantly connects you to the most significant and must have information of safety, critical alerts, news, and other current situations for all the places you care about. Mobile Patrol Public Safety App bought in the market by Appriss Inc.


JailBase brings information about the arrested people along with their prior information to the public. JailBase – Arrests + Mugshots is a great tool introduced in the market by Information Services LLC, which lets you have the details about the criminals, and you can intuitively browse the arrested persons as well.


USA TODAY intuitively puts the pulse of the nation over the palm of your hands and lets you experience one of the most comprehensive, intuitive, and personalized coverage in the way you want to know.


VINELink is a gigantically used application which allows concerned citizens and victims to access the nation’s leading offender information as well as victim notification network. VINELink – Victims Has the Right to Know, App bought in the market by Appriss, Inc.

Unlimited Criminal and Offender Archives

Unlimited Criminal & Offender Archives makes it easy is another excellent tool that helps you stay active about all the records of criminals that you know and also brings useful information for your safety as well.

Background Check BeenVerified

Background Check BeenVerified is an excellent product of BeenVerified Inc. through which you can precisely run background checks and intuitively access to the records of the public of your intended intensities.


HYPEBEAST lets you catch all the trending topics of your entire community through which you can get all the latest news and updates of your area. HYPEBEAST – News, Fashion, and Kicks app was bought in the market by Hypebeast Ltd Inc.

Jail Birds

Jail Birds is another classy, crucial information provider tool that helps you get all the arrest, sex offender, and various other crucial information about the public you need to know. Jail Bird: Crucial Alerting App bought in the market by Simple App Inc.

Intelius Background

Intelius Background lets you identify the unknown callers, and you can find other crucial things about them as well. Intelius Background Check Caller ID and Phone Lookup app is a great tool introduced over the market by Intelius Mobile App Inc.


bSafe is merely a must-have tool that helps you to secure yourself when you are alone at night in the bar, on the road, in the park, or anywhere else and need a safe hand.


Ring is an excellent tool which brings an entirely new way not only to secure yourself in the home, while you can also secure your home as a whole. Ring – Always Home app was bought in the market by which enables its users to have an intuitive, highly secure, and efficient ring bell at the door which performs tons of features for letting you have a secure and excellent experience.


NowForce is an excellent tool that brings personal security with cloud-based computer-aided dispatch, privacy security, public safety organizations, and mobile response tool for campus security enabling all the situations aware software awareness, full situational awareness, and enhanced communications.

PSCA app

PSCA – Public Safety app is another intuitive application that will register all the users of this app as verified folks and will sorely help PSCA (Punjab Safe Cities Authority) in providing ensured and instant responses at the precise location.

South China Morning Post

South China Morning Post brings all your favorite south china morning posts, features, news-feed, analysis, latest topics, trending videos, archives, and various other things right over your mobile devices. South China Morning Post bought in the market by South China Morning Post Publishers Limited Inc.

Chandigarh police senior citizen safety app

Chandigarh police senior citizen safety app is entirely free to use and highly recommended app for all the senior citizens of the area through which you can get extreme security for all their activities.

Senior Safety App

Senior Safety App is a highly recommended self-safety app which is merely beneficial for all the senior citizens, or it even has full benefits for teenagers as well. Senior Safety App, GPS Tracker, Fall Alerts and More bought in the market by 97 Technologies Inc.


Nimb is a personal safety tool that enables its worldwide users to call out their preferred loved ones in critical or dangerous situations and in other emergencies for help. Nimb: Personal Safety System with a Panic Button bought in the market by Nimb Inc.

SOS Emergency App

SOS Emergency App is an excellent tool which brings the real helping hands for you whenever you feel insecure and unsafe from the external environment. SOS Emergency App: One Tap Safety app is a fine product introduced by which allows its users to install this emergency app without any obligations and enjoy it for free.


V12 is a safety tool for people who are working hard and are passionate about their jobs and work at some distance from their homes, which secure their most likely and precious places from danger.

StaySafe Business

StaySafe Business is an excellent tool which provides lone worker safety, introduced in the market by Safe Apps Limited. StaySafe Business: Lone Worker Protection is an extreme safety too which lets you track the location of lone workers for the real-time and enables them to check-in safely after each appointment, lone worker sessions, meetings, and more.


V-Safe is a marvelous tool especially for women safety which allows them to send an SOS to their desired selected contacts in case of any emergencies. V-Safe: SOS Women Safety app is a great tool introduced by Jarviz Inc.


Tigersafe is an extremely safe and probably the official safety tool of the Rochester Institute of Technology, developed by RIT Inc. Tigersafe – RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) app intuitively integrates with the RIT’s safety and security systems which have worked to develop a unique app which provides faculty, staff, and students with the added safety on the RIT campus.

SGU Safe

SGU Safe is another official safety tool which lets you have precise integration with the St. George’s University’s security and safety systems. SGU Safe: St. George’s University Official Safety app bought in the market to ensure the user’s security by having an app which provides all the staff, students, faculty members, and others with added safety at their campus.


UAA SAFE is an excellent University of Alaska Anchorage’s Safety tool which lets you have a precise and comprehensive integration with the safety and security systems of this university. UAA SAFE: University of Alaska Anchorage’s Safety app was developed by the police department of this university that provides all the individuals of this university to have a secure environment over this university.


App SOS is an all in one app which allows you to enjoy an all in one security and safety solution management solution. Introduced in the market by Isometrico Inc. App SOS: Security Management Solution allows you to have more security options and manage and monitor things in your own way.


GetHomeSafe lets you secure your home with this super safety app packed with tons of awesome features. Get Home Safe – Personal Safety app bought in the market by getting Home Safe Limited Inc.


FortifyFL allows its users to instantly relay information anonymously regarding the potentially harmful things, violent scenarios, criminal activities, the threat of these activities, and the like to the officials. FortifyFL – Tip Reporting is a widely used application introduced in the market by Florida Department of Law Enforcement Inc.

Citizen Security-El Prat

Citizen Security-El Prat is a great solution which brings a vital change in the 2013-V1 and is the first experience of the corporation in the local police on public safety, right through the cell phone technology.

More About Citizen Security- Sant Just

Citizen Security- Sant Just app bought in the market by Einsmer Business Designer Inc. which enables its entire users to get one of the most initial but the comprehensive experience of cooperation over the public safety in local police right over the cell phone technology. Citizen Security – Sant Just app brings an excellent tool to secure people and things from criminals by enabling civilians to have extreme security and less fear of being busted by others. Citizen Security app brings a sleek interface with multiple levels of interaction from the local police and the city, etc. This app lets you stay informed of the city, education information regarding road safety and civility, prevent security, first aid, recommended links, and various other things on duty. Citizen Security – Sant Just app brings segmentations for multiple profiles of the users and lets them make calls in a situation of emergency and also can post messages which are designed to operate in these critical scenarios. It enables users to get and send alerts about the robberies, assaults, accidents, problems, complaints, problems on roads, dangerous situations, the drug helps first aid, etc. right over your cellular device. So just download Citizen Security- Sant Just app in your mobile phone to have the must-have, critical, and useful information right on your mobile phone.

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