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CityPrism is a social location-based application for smartphone users. This application is just like the Campus Buzz where the students come to share their feelings on any topic with the aim of inspiring others and getting inspired by the posts of others as well… read more
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19 Apps Like CityPrism


1. Honestly

Honestly is a kind of anonymous social networking application where everything will remain anonymous. This application allows the smartphone users to share their thoughts, feeling, and emotions anonymously without feeling any pressure or the fear of disregarding by anyone. The best about this application is that it doesn’t ask for any account creation or registration process at all. The users are also not required to create either personal profile or share their information with anyone. All they need to download and install this application and after that start posting and making comments on the posts of others by staying anonymous all the time. By this means they can make as many posts and comments as they can. It is simply one of the best applications for expressing yourselves in front of the real and meaningful people. Meanwhile Honestly is an entirely free application and allow you to access all of its features and functions without any limitation or restriction at all. It is simply one of the best apps over the internet for getting socialized with others.


2. Psst! Anonymous

Psst! Anonymous is a kind of private messaging application based on the system of social networking as well. It is a kind of anonymous social networking and messaging application that allow the smartphone users to get the secure means of communication over the internet. The main highlighted features of this app are that it allows the users to delete the record once the message read by the recipient, offers identity less private chatting system, secure means of communication, offers the highly advanced social networking, ID masking system and fully customizable. For the information of the readers, Psst! Anonymous is by no means like the normal messaging application at all. You can equally use this application for the purpose of sharing your opinions, experiences, news and also for the purpose of private texting as well. The other users of this application can cast a vote on your posts and can even pass comment and interact with your opinions as well. In case you are interested in someone, you can follow his post and can get the notification whenever that person will post something new.


3. Anomo

Anomo is an anonymous social networking application where the same identities remain private with the aim of forming a social relationship on any common field of interest. This simple to use application is one of the best and creative way to interacting with the real people around you and how are strange to you. This mobile based community is basically democratizing the way people get socialize with each other. This all in one social package will empower you with the system of connecting with other people on the basis of common interest. Once you will create the profile, this application will learn about you and bring the people according to your own interest. In that’s why it will assist you in finding the compatible friendship across the globe. Anomo also allow its users to interact anonymously by doing chatting, playing games and performing several other functions as well. If you feel secure while chatting with someone, you can securely reveal your personal information as well. If you want to stay anonymous all the time then you can go for that option too.


4. ASKfm

ASKfm is an anonymous question and answer based social application where the people first need to create a profile and after that, they can throw any question to get the opinions of others. In the same style, the users of this application can read the questions of others as well to extend their point of views. This social networking app aims to make this service safer and being used for positive and motivation purpose only for people across the globe. This application is the best means for finding more and knows more about your friends by seeing what type of questions they are asking and what is their opinion giving style. One of the best things about ASKfm is that it allows its users to choose whether they want to post anonymously or not. The need not required to show their identity during the discussion. If they are not bothered about the privacy, then they can show all of their identity as well. In an easy to use and entertaining way, you can learn about other people and even yourself as well.


5. Pal+

If you like holding discussions on multiple topics, but with the people of your interest then Pal+ is a discussion board based application that allows it, users, to talk with likeminded people and become their pal. This forum based application is the provider of a wide range of topics for discussion purpose and is designed for the like-minded people only. You are not bound to talk with everyone although the fact public and open discussion forums are also the part of this application. Each time you will explore here discussions on a broad range of topics like entertainment, games, life, animation and much more. Pal+ also allows its users to share their general or favorite articles with their friends as well to get their opinions. The main highlighted points of Pal+ are that it has rich articles to explore, if features auto recommendation system for trending articles, send notification as the user interacts, allow the users to discover the like-minded people and offer the complete chat solution via its chatting system.


6. Peach

Peach is a kind of social networking application for sharing things vividly with others. Just like its user-friendly interface, the application itself offers a fun and simple way to keep up with friends and being yourself. This application doesn’t allow for making the posts or comments so freely as the posts are read and review by the management of this application and after getting approved these appear on the discussion board. Peach working system is based on a unique magic word style that lets its users access commonly used functions like typing the letter or to send a gif or bring up a calendar and much more. This social networking application has reshaped the way of working of the traditional news feed and tagging styled working of the common social networking applications. This simple to use app will empower you with the system of connecting with your friends and enjoying the freedom so that both of you can keep up with each other in a real and personal environment.


7. GirlsAskGuys

GirlsAskGuys is interactive social networking applications where the guys and girls ask seek each other advice on multiple topics from popular topics to controversial topics. GirlsAskGuys is one of the largest communities of the boys and girls who are at this platform to share their experiences and read the experiences of others with the aim of making the helping process easy and getting a chance of exploring the world with a new angle. GirlsAskGuys is an excellent source of information for getting the perspective of the opposite gender. The process for taking part in the ongoing activities starts from asking questions first and then creating polls to get the opinions from the other available users. Overall on this application, anyone can start a conversation with someone on any topic that can be followed by the other users as well. The other people will then pass their opinions that will work as advisers for the post creator. Meanwhile, the user can keep him anonymous during entire conversation process. GirlsAskGuys is simply one of the best means for getting the helpful opinion of the real people of the world.


8. LegaTalk

LegaTalk is an anonymous taking and personal thoughts sharing application for all type of smartphone users. It is called to be one of the most secure places on the internet for saying whatever is in the mind of the users. They can share anything they want without feeling shy at all. This open discussion platform will give you the chance to speak what you have in your mind without even showcasing your identity or location at all. Privacy and security are the main advantage of this application. The most highlighted features of LegaTalk are seeing posts of the other people in addition to seeing the friends, availability of a lot of colors and backgrounds, a library of hundreds of images containing mood effects, a system for reporting inappropriate posts or comments, helping someone by clicking on Add button and much more. This application will also let you explore what people are talking about on different topics. Anytime you can also take part in the discussion to share your thoughts.


9. NoName

NoName is an application that provides the anonymous chatting room to the smartphone users. If you are a kind of people who want to like chatting with real and new people in a secure and private environment then NoName is a chatting application designed for you. If you are getting bored and want to chat with interesting people then NoName is an application that will give you the opportunity to hold discussion on real topics with the real people. All you need is to enter the username after launching this application and all you set to make discussion with new people. There is no need to create any account at all as NoName is free from all kind of registration and account creation process. NoName lets its users to hold discussion on any topic without even worrying about the topic limitation at all. You can create your profile as well and can upload the picture so that you can get the chance of being more prominent than others. The chat rooms being offered by the NoName support for all kind of sharing and attachments.


10. Shush

Shush is a kind of local Whisper application that allow the people to enjoy the free and safe community of the real and expert people of the world. The idea behind creation of this open source discussion platform was to inspire and motivate the people to share their thoughts on any topic without even worrying about being discouraged or threatened by any on. This simple discussion platform is today the greatest sources of the thousands of people across the globe for sharing their thoughts, opinions, beliefs, ideologies and much more without any fear at all. Simply install this free application and image the safe haven where you can truly express yourself, and get empowered to engage in the open discussions with others. Shush also enable the users to discuss even in private mode as well. Just install this free to use application and start browsing on many topics like life, love, relationships, health, human nature and much more in order to engage in a meaningful discussion. This platform can be used for extending advises to someone as well.


11. Spout

Spout is an anonymous chatting and feed based application for the iOS and Android smartphones. This social networking and open communication-based application to allow its users to express their self freely without fearing about anyone else. If you think you are not brave enough to discuss anything in real life, then Spout will give you a chance to tell and share as much as you can. Here these people will basically meet with the new people and will be able to share anonymously what is in their mind with all those people around the world and especially those who are living nearby them. On the open discussion platform for this application, one can easily share his thoughts, ideas, feelings, images, information and much more. The location setting system of this application allows the users to view the nearby people and those living across the border. Spout is not a means for sharing own opinions only. This application can be used for reading the opinions of others as well, and the users can express the opinion to help someone as well.


12. Vent

Expressing ones feeling freely with others and in front of a mass of people is not an easy thing. But thanks to Vent that has made it easy by offering the most professional platform to the people across the globe to come and express their feelings without fearing about any freedom law at all. This social networking style application allow its users to connect to a positive, supportive, intelligent and understanding community of the real people to share persona feelings with them. Despite the fact Vent called itself the provider of open discussion platform; it still groups the people and their activities according to their emotions. The unique and interesting color coordination system of this application makes it easy for the users to express their self in full confidence. It will make it easy for you to interact with someone in meaningful ways just like hugging someone personally. One of the best things about Vent is that it is offering a broad range of buttons that are based on the real emotions to give the users more and more choice to express yourself.


13. Swiflie

Swiflie is the platform of real people only who are considered to be the champions of their field and asks others to share their point of views freely on any topic. The problem associated with this application that according to over point of view is the real advantage of using this app is that every post or content that will be shared by the others will be temporary and will be removed after the lapse of time. This ensures that no one will claim anything against you. One of the best things about Swiflie is that it allows its users to remain anonymous while posting something new in the publishing area. The users can also choose to remain highlighted if they want to do so. Everything that you will share at this platform will continue to be under your control all the time. In case your post got too many dislikes, it will be removed automatically. If you want to keep the post alive, then get more and more likes to extend the life of a post.


14. Nearby

Nearby is also a kind of social networking application allowing its users to chat and meet with the new people around the world. For the readers, it merits to remember that Nearby is not a dating or flirting application at all as it allows them to meet and talk with only those people that share the same point of views as they have on any topic. Today millions of people are using this application to meet the funny and interesting people living in their local area. Your city is full of really interesting people that are waiting for you over this application. Once you move on to this application, it will connect you with the interesting people and will allow you to chat with these friends. You can talk freely with them on any topic if they share the same interest and passion as you have. Both of you can even share the photos and can do voice or video chatting as well. For those who want to talk in public will like the public conversation rooms of that application.


15. After School

After School is also a kind of anonymous social media application but is restricted to the students of school and universities only. This application provides a private space to its users so that they can share the fun stuff with their friends. This private space is for sharing those things and holding discussions on those topics that can’t be made in the environment of school or university. Don’t ever consider this application as a means for sharing hot and adult topics only. After School also allow its users to encourage their fellows by offering them the study notes and materials as well. For the information of the readers, After School is not an open-ended application at all. For the first time when you will launch this application you have to go through a verification process to connect with your classmates and after that, you can do messaging on the school’s feed and can find the unique activities and opportunities as well. In short, it is an application that fosters fun and creative online and offline experiences for the United States teens.


16. Candid

The world of internet has given the people power to speak fearlessly. You don’t need the permission of someone for sharing your thoughts on any topic as there is an application named Candid that will allow you to let your mind speak freely in front of others. This anonymous social media based application basically allows its users to start a discussion on their favorite and hot topics either with their existing friends in this application or with the strangers as well. The world of Candid today is called to be one of the best learning and information collecting platforms for knowing about the other people point of view on existing issues and problems of common interests. This application basically aims to allow the smartphone users to enjoy one of the most authentic and personalized newsfeeds to extend their opinions and hold discussions with real people across the world. It is one of the largest communities of real people across the globe that comes here to share their thoughts and read the thoughts of other people.


17. Jodel

Jodel is a community-based application of the read people who come at this application regularly to share their point of views on published topics. They post their own threads as well and invite for the discussions from the other users of this application. This application is called to be recommended one for those people who want to remain up to date with what is happening around them in real time. In addition to commenting over what is shared by the others, the users can vote on the threads or posts as well in the form of liking or disliking someone point of view. The other thing that worth to be mention here is that Jodel also permit its users to share the event, news, discussions, jokes and even their personal funny experiences with others as well. This social media application is more than Facebook, Twitter or likewise other applications as its way of working is different from them. You don’t need to go with the default posts of this application as you can search for the news and material of your local area as well by changing the location to current location.


18. Yik Yak

Yik Yak was a social media based application that has been discontinued now. This application was available for the both Android and iOS smartphones with the system of making its users able to create and view the discussion boards and allowing the others to take part in these ongoing discussions. This unique kind of social networking app were designed with only one object and that is for sharing information in proximity to its other users. All the users who are connected to a threat or group discussion area of that application were able to perform all functions regarding contribution in the shape of streaming by writing, responding and even making the votes by liking or disliking the contents that were called as yaks as well. Yik Yak was once available in the form of web application as well. However, in the month of April 2017, Yik Yak has been shut down and apps that are available over the internet are no more supportive with smartphones at all.


19. Sarahah

Sarahah is an intelligent application that helps you take a look at your strengths, weaknesses, and some other areas of improvements by getting real-time honest feedback from your friends as well as your employees in a private manner. There are lots of amazing features of Sarahah that literally tells you about the true reactions and comments from the community of people that matters for you. It is a social app introduced by The Sarahah, a Saudi Arabian developer with a purpose to get honest thoughts and comments from your friends, employees, and co-workers through social media. Sarahah means honesty which really provides honest feedback from your friends, comments, contacts, and fellows, along with keeping the sender of the message anonymous. This messages could be constructive thoughts, feedbacks, comments, strengths, weaknesses and something else. Sarahah is probably the most fun way to say something to your friends that you could not speak to him on the face. You can easily download this app from the store and get awesome feedback without having the name of the sender, and you cannot even reply. You can easily favourite someone’s message and block the message as well if you get something offensive. Just download this app and get fun feedbacks anonymously.

More About CityPrism

CityPrism is a social location-based application for smartphone users. This application is just like the Campus Buzz where the students come to share their feelings on any topic with the aim of inspiring others and getting inspired by the posts of others as well. This social media based application allow them to explore are a buzz in their local area. The main advantage of using this app is that it allows its users to use this anonymously from getting maximum privacy and exploring and meeting new people, casting votes on the ongoing contests and earn points to shine on the leaderboards. This application also permits its users to all kind of stuff they have for sharing a purpose. Best above all is that no kind of registration is required at all for using this application.

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