10 Apps Like Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a Free-to-Play War-based MMO and Strategy video game by Supercell.This app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Clash of Clans lets you build your Communities, Raise massive Armies, train Troops and attack your enemy forces to win Gold and Elixir (White and Dark), Use the Gold and Elixir to buy upgrades and strengthen up your Defenses to protect yourself and your communities from the enemy attacks. Clash of Clans offers some different types of Troop units (Barbarians, Archers, Goblins, Giants, Wall Breakers, Balloons, Wizards, Healers, Dragons, and P.E.K.K.As) along with Dark Elixir Troops (Minions, Valkyries, Golems, Witches and Lava Hounds). You have the facility to choose a number of Hero Characters such as Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Grand Wardens, etc. to train and use them against the enemies and wage epic wars for the Gold and Elixir. The unique Building element of the game allows you to build some structures such as Mines, Research and Development Facilities, Defensive Structures, Town Halls, Inferno Towers, and various Gold and Elixir Storage, etc. The upgrades that Clash of Clans offers can be used to improve or to repair buildings and stuff. The MMO feature of the game lets you match-make with other online clans, and once the system finds an equally equipped and advanced clan as yours, it allows you to fight and win the epic battles for glory and countless riches. With a brilliant game setting, HD visuals, and an immersive game-play, Clash of Clans is one amazing MMO and Strategy video game to play and enjoy.

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1. Total Conquest

Android iOS
Total Conquest by the Gameloft offers an Epic combination F2P MMO, RTS, and Fantasy aesthetics and takes you back to the past in the era of Great Roman Empire. The game lets you be the Mighty King, govern on a massive Kingdom, build some Settlements, train vast armies and Troop…

2. Clash of Kings

Android iOS
Clash of Kings by Empire Game Studios offers a fantastic combination of Free-to-Play Fantasy MMO and RTS (Real-Time Strategy) elements and lets you enjoy an entirely new and immersive game-play. Similar to a lot of big names such as Clash of Clans and Clash of Lords, Clash of Kings lets…

3. Boom Beach

Android iOS
Boom Beach is an excellent addition to the amazing MMO and RTS genres and offers an intense Combat-based game-play on both Android and iOS platforms. Created by the famous mobile App developer Supercell, Boom Beach lets you build your massive empires by just waging wars against your enemies and conquering…

4. Shadow Kings

Android iOS
Shadow Kings developed by the famous GoodGame Studios, is truly a remarkable MMO and RTS video game that takes you to a massive Dwarf World and sets you up as the Dwarf King. Like any other great MMO-RTS game, Shadow Kings allows you to be part of the epic battles…

5. Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars

Android iOS
Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars developed and distributed by Space Ape Games is a fantastic Action, MMO and RTS video game that blends in Social Gaming and Tower Defense elements with the core gameplay and offers a unique and immersive experience. Samurai Siege focuses mainly on Combat-oriented game-play and allows you…

6. Battle Beach

Android iOS
Battle Beach is one of the best Freemium War-based MMO-RTS video games. The game takes you to an apocalyptic setting where every part of the world got destroyed but many small islands that you can use to set your base. Initially, Battle Beach lets you rule over one small island,…

7. Battle Glory

Android iOS
Battle Glory is a fantastic addition to the MMO-RTS genre, and it offers a truly immersive and quite addictive game-play. The game lets you be a Commander, who is responsible for building a massive Army Post, gather resources, construct many defensive structures and defend the post against all the enemy…

8. Battle Command

Android iOS
Battle Command developed by Realtime Games offers a great amalgamation of Freemium MMO, RTS, and Fantasy-based elements and provides with a truly fascinating and quite addictive experience. The game is deeply inspired by the Clash of Clans and Jungle Heat and offers a similar game-play and mechanics. Battle Command takes…

9. X-War: Clash of Zombies

Android iOS
X-War: Clash of Zombies offers a bit of different gameplay experience than any other traditional MMO-RTS game. The game lets you be a Meta-Human, who is the only hope for the survival of Humanity and is responsible for eliminating all the Zombies and ending their worldwide infestation. With every passing…

10. Battle Dragons

Android iOS
Battle Dragons is a brilliant new War-based MMO-RTS video game that offers an immersive game-play experience. The game sets you up into the character of a Commander and lets you Command over a whole army of different types of Dragons. As the game mainly focuses on Combat-oriented game-play, your task…

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