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Clock Widget is an intuitive application which enables its users to get a home screen digital time and date widget for Android smartphones. It is a great clock widget through which users can enjoy a diversity of styles and fonts that best fit their backgrounds, mobile phones, and their choice of mood as well… read more
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1. Chronus: Home & Lock Widget

Chronus: Home & Lock Widget is the provider of flexible and stylish widgets that are categorized as clock widgets, news widgets, task widgets, stocks widgets, calendar widgets and much more. All of the available widgets will give you the chance of customizing the home screen in a more systemized way and expressing yourself in a more perfect way. Widgets are the main way of designing the setting of the smartphone as the smartphone users wants. The highly optimized and customizable widgets being offered by the Chronus: Home & Lock Widget making it perfect for the smartphone users to design their smartphone as they want. The features that make Chronus: Home & Lock Widget one of the perfect widgets offering apps are that is offers the fully functional widgets, highly customizable apps, backup and restores widget settings, and much more. Chronus: Home & Lock Widget is being offered in both free and paid version with differences on set of main features and customization options.



UCCW is a classy application when it comes to ultimate customs widgets. Ultimate custom widget is one of the best, and the greatest application which allows you to take this idea further to allows you to customize widgets on the home screen. UCCW – Ultimate custom widget is an amazing and an efficiently customizable tool which allows you to enjoy an application with class. Some of its widget objects include text, shapes, images, graphics, analogue clock, weather, progress, graphic, and more. While on the other hand, its text objects include calendar, weather, battery information, missed calls, SMS, Gmail, next calendar event, tasker variables, next calendar event, and more. UCCW – Ultimate custom widget is another amazing product through which users from all over the world enjoy all in one app. Some of its Graphical Objects including barcode, bar, pie, Special Objects such as week bar and series clock, text mapping to override text values. Ultimate Custom Clock Widget UCCW allows you to get an attractive range of skin packs through which users can enjoy an ultimate user experience. So just download UCCW – Ultimate custom widget to enjoy an app filled with endless features.


3. GO Clock

GO Clock – Alarm Clock & Theme is an application trusted by more than 1 million users for getting one of the best and the widely used free alarm clock for Android. GO Clock – Alarm Clock and Theme is a fine production of GOMO Apps, which is one of the most intimate life assistants that allows you to choose the clock with plenty of themes. This intuitive application allows you to get a fully personalized clock widget application. It lets you preset alarm with one click, and there is no need to set, add the reminder in one second. GO Clock – Alarm Clock and Theme provides amazing and free clock themes, and you can easily choose any of them which seems to suit your every whim. You can easily decorate your phone with stylish clock widgets such as digital clock and analog dial. Other than these, you can also get calendar alarm, call screen light, nightstand modes, and much more. So just download GO Clock – Alarm Clock & Theme and be informed at the best or the right moment about all the important events.


4. Digi Clock Widget

Digi Clock Widget is a widely used application which is pocketed with excellent features with lots of customization. Digi Clock Widget is a fine application ForestTree, which allows its users to enjoy a pack of highly customizable digital time and date widgets including small, wide (optionally with seconds), big, for tablets and especially for Galaxy Note, and the last one for travellers. It brings widget preview during setup, and select widget click actions including widget setting and tap to load alarm. Digi Clock Widget allows you to select your preferred colour of the date and time. It brings shadow effects with choosing able colours and plenty of fate formats plus the customizable date format. Other than these, Digi Clock Widget also provides locale preference (setting of date output in your desired language), outlines, alarm icons, show or hide AM/PM, show time along with second options, use picture as widget background, and much more. You can enjoy all these features and functions with the fully customizable approach so that you can drive Digi Clock Widget in the way you want.


5. DashClock Widget

DashClock Widget is basically a home screen clock widget for all versions of the Android smartphones and tablets. With the name of the application it is appearing that this app only offers the clock widgets to its users and it is true to some extent. DashClock Widget focus more on offering the clock widgets but it is containing several other type of widgets as well like getting the information about the local weather, missed calls notification widget, unread text messages notification system, widget for setting calendar appointment, widget for scheduling alarm and few other beautiful widgets. One of the best things about widgets being offered by the DashClock Widget is that these are bundled with high amount of extensions that give instant access to the users to more number of features and functions. In addition to using the widgets into ready to use state, all of the widgets are totally customizable as per the requirements or mood of the users.


6. Minimalistic Text

Minimalistic Text is a great and one of the best tool through which users can enjoy widget app that displays the information in a minimalistic way. Minimalistic Text: Widgets can be configured to display date, time, battery, and weather information. This app brings layouts of the widgets with entirely customization through the layout editor. This intuitive widget application supports English, German, Greek, Dutch, French, Croatian, Serbian, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Swedish, Chinese, Afrikaans, Slovenian, Hebrew, Bulgarian, Turkish, Finnish, Ukrainian, Arabic, and much more. Minimalistic Text: Widgets also brings tasker integration which lets you add a local variable to your layout, set variable name, and much more. This awesome widget application allows you to make exceptional changes on your mobile that helps you eliminate the boring stuff of your mobile phone. Minimalistic Text: Widgets allows you enjoy the same things with more charm and attractiveness. In addition to that, a launcher named Buzz allows you to restore the Minimalistic app the way it has been exactly packed in your mobile phones. SO just download Minimalistic Text: Widgets end enjoy its all features.



mCLOCK is a superb text, digital, and word clock widget with a series of attractive options and features. It is a classy application marketed by Marooned Software. mCLOCK comes with XML templates, Widget layout, date formats, clock formats, custom size and font, blur and shadows, gradient or alpha blended colours and much more. It is a great clock widget which enables its users to enjoy some great and immensely personalized options. This clock application allows you to enjoy clock according to your own desire and customize its variety of templates. It allows you to adjust the widget wherever you want and also enjoy the formats of date and clock as you want. Other than these, you can also have a variety of custom fonts and size as well so that the nature of font and the amount of size will be decided as you acquire. You can extemporize your phone screen with delightful formats of dates and time. You can also set them in the way you want and adjust their placement as well. So just download mCLOCK, and enjoy your home screen and lock screen with the clock which seems to be perfect.


8. Digital Clock Widget

Digital Clock Widget is another amazing application with a number of attractive features, which can easily be customized as you want. This D-Clock Widget enables you to load your home screen with a number of intuitive clock and date designs just to get the right information regarding the time as well as the date. Digital Clock Widget is a widely used clock widget and a fine product of Anika Steffens. You can enjoy digital clock on your screens. Its digital clock enables its users to get the accuracy of time is the best possible way. Through Digital Clock Widget application, users from all over the world can enjoy precise week calendar and the exact highlighted date as well just to pick the right info about the calendar. You can easily customize its digital clock formats and place things in the way you want. Digital Clock Widget brings a charming digital widget for the home screen including date, clock, and day of the week. It allows you to have a digital clock with real-time second changes. So just download D-Clock Widget to decorate your home screen with an elegant digital clock.


9. GO Clock Widget

GO Clock Widget is a widely appreciated and a massively used time browsing tool which enables its users to enjoy both analog styles as well as digital style clock in an ultimate way. GO Clock Widget is a product of a well know developer known as GOMO Limited, which brings real charm for mobile phone users. GO Clock Widget is a widely used clock widget through which you can have one shop stop for two different modes and almost nine different themes. GO Clock Widget enables you to have quite a charming place where you can make changes in the way you want. This application lets you enjoy the colour of theme that you want, and you can even adjust it accordingly. GO Clock Widget is available in different sizes, and you can also set alarms through its additional actions. You can easily add GOWidget in your home screen by long pressing in GO Clock Widget launcher. So just download GO Clock Widget and enjoy the creativity of fully personalized clock app to fill the blank space on your home screen.


10. One More Clock Widget

One More Clock Widget is another intuitive application which allows you to have Time with some useful mobile phone features. One More Clock Widget Free is a well-known product of Xaffron Software, which allow its users to enjoy a precise collection of dynamic clock widget for your home screen. Having this app, you can approach more than 70 dynamic clock widgets for your mobile screen. This great clock widget brings the battery, time, as well as the weather for you under one platform. This app can be easily adjusted to launch any application through the widget click, tested to work with the WidgetLocker, and all the widgets editable via JSON and on the phone. Some of the permissions about One More Clock Widget Free includes the Device and app history, location (required for weather details), photos, media or files, etc. This application is used elegantly for setting precise and useful alarms as well just to stay active at the right moment. Other than these, it also carries full network access, and you can set the alarm with a tap to launch function. So just download One More Clock Widget Free and decorate your home screen with a classy look.


11. Simple Calendar Widget

Simple Calendar Widget is a massively used clock application by mobile phone holders. SCW is a great application introduced by MYCOLORSCREEN and is functional on both mobile phones and tablets. Simple Calendar Widget is one of the highly rated and well known minimal calendars exists on this planet. It is a superb application through which users can enjoy an intimidate integration with your existing calendar to bring the upcoming appointments directly on your mobile home screen. SCW has the capability to show the weather, holidays, sports schedules, and much more for your ease. This application works smarter on your mobile phones to provide you with the Skins, font styles, font colours, text sizes, background customization, support tasks through the GTask and Dato and much more. You can easily bring its widget on your home screen for an instant approach to this app. Simple Calendar Widget also lets you enjoy it with uniqueness to show the date, time, any of your scheduled meeting (along with the exact duration of time, and place). So just download Simple Calendar Widget, and get a precise grip on time, date, and other things altogether.


12. ClockQ

ClockQ is a great application through which users from all over the get a simple clock widget for their mobile home screen. ClockQ – Digital Clock Widget is a fine product of Jakub Kinst, which is diverse due to its variety of customization options. It is a great clock widget through which users from all over the world can enjoy both free and premium version. ClockQ – Digital Clock Widget allows its users to choose between 26 font styles in free and 38 for premium users. Other than these, you can also enjoy custom colors, transparency options, two sized widget support, rotation options, scale options, shadow effects, show date function, show AM or PM, weather information (in both Celsius and Fahrenheit), 12h/24h options, and much more. It also provides a layout editor as well through which you can easily move, rotate, and scale widget elements. ClockQ – Digital Clock Widget allows you to customize almost everything according to your need. Apart from all these features, you can also enjoy Holo themes, colors, and fonts, lock screen support, battery level info, and much more.


13. Pixel Art Clock

Pixel Art Clock is a famous clock widget introduced by Nasc. It is a fine clock widget which comes with a number of classy features for the worldwide watch and clock widget lovers. Pixel Art Clock is one of the most sophisticated time and date widget for your home screen. It brings a cool watch face for your Android ware with infinite combinations of customizations. This intuitive and sleekly designed date and time providing application pocketed some amazing features which allow you to change the entire look of your mobile home screen. It enables you to change colours from a range of its 51 colours in total, and enjoy two different widgets for date and time. Pixel Art Clock brings the ability to define the app that will precisely and instantly run by clicking on the widget. This application brings themes and decoration with illustration. It has the same functionality criteria that need for other applications to work. You can easily add this widget to your home screen and enjoy date as well as time with ultimate looks. So just download Pixel Art Clock to enjoy it fully.


14. BobClockD3

BobClockD3 is another attractive and a widely loved application through which users can get a classy mobile phone home screen. Bob Clock D3 application allows its users to get an open source digital style clock widget right on their smartphones. This intuitive clock widget app allows you to enjoy customizable colors and formats of date and time. You can enjoy a diversity of styles and formats and pick your favourite one with ease. Bob Clock D3 brings some exciting features which include date formats, customize colors, defaults to phone locale, change the size of date, different time modes (both 12hr and 24hr), and lowercase and uppercase modes as well. You can enjoy a series of delightful clock styles for your mobile home screen and enjoy all of its features for free. Its colours and patterns of time are so much charming and people love the combination of all these stuff. You can easily select the color for hours, colour of minutes, lower or uppercase of date, clock mode, and more. So just download Bob Clock D3 to bring classy digital clock to your mobile home screen.


15. Pretty Binary Clock Widget

Pretty Binary Clock Widget is another intuitive clock widget application which enables its users to get a dashing clock right on their mobile home screen. Pretty Binary Clock Widget is a fine application of meeDamain, which brings some elegant features for digital clock lovers. It brings a number of simple, intuitive, and customizable settings through which you can easily add a background of your choice, styles of time and date and much more. Pretty Binary Clock Widget brings unique features to its worldwide users, and you can easily get to know all the features due to its straightforwardness. You can adjust the time formats and enables the option to show the seconds always when enough space. Some of its elegant features include pure binary and BCD, Customizable colours and sizes, clicking opens system clock, no wake-locks, and pretty amazing look, etc. So just download Pretty Binary Clock Widget to get the mystery of time.


16. onca Clock Widget

onca Clock Widget is another extraordinary clock widget which provides a number of intuitive features for its worldwide users. It is a great clock widget app introduced by onca Development, which brings a minimalist clock widget with a flat design for its mobile phone users. Onca Clock Widget delivers clean, modern, and up to the mark style to your mobile home screen just to make it more attractive. This straightforward application comes with both free as well as premium editions and a comprehensive configuration menu delivers numerous options to adjust the widget to your preference. Its free version possess some features which includes transparency adjustment, hours as digital, minutes as ring, selectable font size, seconds as ring or point, date with selectable alignment, background ring with transparency settings, extreme configuration, and more.  Other than these, its premium version allows its users to get hours and minutes as digitals, ring or point, individual color, selectable time zone, minute mark, selectable font size, background circle with transparency settings, and much more. So just download onca Clock Widget to try PRO edition setting in the review of configuration menu.


17. Clock Now

Clock Now is a simple yet intelligent application which enables its users to enjoy a reasonable home screen widget. Clock Now working immensely great on Android devices and is elegantly introduced by Pastry Lab, which brings some charming features for its worldwide users. This simple to use and lightweight application carries some straightforward features that let you get the date and time at fingertips in the digital form. Through this intuitive app, you can have many settings at your fingertips through which users can enjoy their charm of using digital clock with pure class. It is free to use application with an outstanding ads-free atmosphere, and you never have to pay for this version. You can enjoy all these options for free. It allows you to have a precise sight on the date, time, battery percentage, weather conditions and information, and much more right at your fingertips. So just download Clock Now to enjoy the widget that is lacking in your home screen.


18. Amazing Clock Widget

Amazing Clock Widget is an elegant and a classy clock widget application because of its tremendously great features. It is a marvellous application produced by Smart Widget Apps, which enables its users to enjoy a classy clock that suits their background. You can easily set the date as well as the time of your mobile device right through this app. Amazing Clock Widget is elegantly designed to enable you to be on time always and also make your mobile phone home screen a bit classier. This application brings exceptional analog clock for its users through which they can enjoy time with a smart look. It brings a unique and classy design and an easy yet professional interface. Amazing Clock Widget is a battery friendly app which does not consume much of your mobile phone’s power. You can easily place Amazing Clock Widget as your home screen get to access all the customizable settings of this easy to use clock widget. So just download Amazing Clock Widget to get the perfect fit for your phone.

More About Clock Widget

Clock Widget is an intuitive application which enables its users to get a home screen digital time and date widget for Android smartphones. It is a great clock widget through which users can enjoy a diversity of styles and fonts that best fit their backgrounds, mobile phones, and their choice of mood as well. This highly customizable clock widget application enables its users to take a look at the time digitally with AM or PM, the day with full letters, and date along the month. Some of its mesmerizing features include lots of customization, many fonts for date and clock, selection of widget click options, google material design, and a single tap on the widget to approach alarm as well as widget settings. While on the other hand, if you are using a task manager then make sure to add this app to the ignore list because when the app is killed, it does not work properly due to some reasons. So just download Clock Widget, and enjoy its fully customizable options for the real time.