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CloudApp Cloud Manager is one the best platforms that lets you manage all your cloud accounts such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. It is a place where you can perform all the tasks that you usually do within other apps and saves you the space on your phone since you will not have to download all the other apps… read more
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14 Apps Like CloudApp for iOS


1. Google Drive

Google Drive is an official app for the service of the same name, which lets you have usage of your virtual hard drive from any iOS/Android devices anytime when you have a connection with The Internet. Google Drive interface enables you to access your private virtual hard drive, shared files from different users, latest files, and even a few that you can access offline (which you will need to download in advance). The standard storage for Google Drive is 5GB more than sufficient to store your documents, photos, along with a video here and there. However, you can pay for more if you require extra space. Google Drive is a massive cloud storage service that’s specifically useful due to its integration with all other Google products. It is not complicated and simple to use, and that makes having it at hand in your smart device a useful addition for people who need to have certain documents using them at all times.


2. DropBox

DropBox is the best application that provides you access to those documents and enables you to upload files. You may also set your device to upload photographs automatically when you take them. Using a new drive to store a lot more data is always a benefit for all users in these days which files are larger and larger. They’re very helpful, no matter if you use it as a backup drive, for sharing data or as additional space. The options and benefits of that drive can be much more if that drive is online, and now that you have any smartphone like iPhone, having that data synchronized is even better. Dropbox becomes more useful than ever. Access your files anywhere at anytime. Just incredible. The best feature of Dropbox app you can download files from your account, upload photos directly after using the photo, as well as share links through any means you choose (message, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)


3. OneDrive

OneDrive is an application that allows you to save a considerable amount of your files on the cloud to be able to access them later on, control them, download them, or maybe share them directly from any machine. When you install OneDrive on your smart device, you’ll have a limit on your account (7GB by default, 25GB if you already have Skydrive), with all the files that you just upload, entirely available so you can control them how you want. It will be easy to see the photographs which have already been uploaded by you with the program, and as well upload and document or files that are essential to be able to access them through any device. Also, not only will you be capable of seeing your pictures online, but all your files that you’ve on Office that you’ve uploaded to the cloud, you’ll be able to see them directly without needing to install anything. Adding files to your account is very simple like dragging and drop them from a window to smartphone, also having the ability to organize them this way always to have them close-by. OneDrive is the best app that’s helpful for any user; it adds a couple of GB to your mobile phones, from which you will be able to access from any place at any time. The cloud is always available to you.


4. ownCloud

ownCloud is an efficient platform introduced by its own that lets you add an ownCloud server and have your files share cloud up and sync and running in no time. It is a great private file share and sync platform that enables you to connect with devices to private cloud server running on your data centre. It is an open source file syncing and sharing software from individuals operating the free ownCloud server, to the large service providers and enterprise operating under the ownCloud enterprise subscription. This ultimate application provides one of the most secure, safe, and compliment file sharing and syncing solution on servers you manage. Own Cloud is one of the most simple and straightforward ways to file sharing and syncing and this app eliminates the worry about how and where to access your files. It has made your data accessible through all of your devices and makes all of your data along with you every time, everywhere. ownCloud acts as a safe home for all of your important stuff and the last file sharing platform that you will ever need.


5. Nextcloud

Nextcloud is a product of its own providing the ultimate access to all of your files. It is an open source application that lets you easily manage your files on your Nextcloud account. Nextcloud acts as your safer home for all of your data and lets you easily upload, access, share, and secure your files contacts, information, communications, calendars, and more, in your enterprise and at home. It is an easy to use and modern application that helps you to upload your files to your Nextcloud server with damn comfort. You can even share your files with your family friends and efficiently keeps your favourite folders and files synced. Next cloud enables multiple account support and lets you upload videos and photos taken by your device instantly. It efficiently keeps all of your favourite stuff secure and well-protected from others on a server you control and lets you share with only who you choose. Nextcloud is powering collaboration for millions of users at hundreds of organizations across the globe. There are lots of comfortable and smart features of this Nextcloud that enhances the ease of storing and accessing stuff anytime, anywhere.



MEGA is the best application of the cloud storage. You can use it to synchronize your files to the cloud, and also, upload any file to your personal MEGA account. You can sync as many folders as you wish; this app makes it simple to upload directly any file need to share, without any limit on the number of folders that you just upload at the same time frame. When you set up the client on your device, it will automatically produce a directory on your MEGA account and another on your device, and from that point on they will synchronized. Through the app you can configure preferences for importing and for your account itself, such as the language, and access a directory of your account, even creating transfer limits. MEGA offers you everything that you have to administer your MEGA account. MEGA app provides up to 50GB cloud storage.


7. MediaFire

MediaFire is a place where you can easily keep all your files and folders secure without having to worry about losing your data. There are many features of this app that can be helpful to the ones who are using this service, but the main benefit is the fact that you get the option of uploading stuff such as your pics, videos, files, audios and even your contact list at this place which is rather secure. Some of the other features of this app include the option of automatically backing up your pics and videos, this is possible for the ones which are added to your phone and for the ones which are taken with the help of a camera. The primary option for everyone is that they get a free space of 12 GB initially which can be further increased if other conditions are met and can reach to 50GB. There are no charges of using this app, though, you just have to have an account which can be created with the help of email address and you are ready to go. The user can stream videos and view pictures through this app and do not have to download on their devices to perform that task. There is also the option of playing mp3 music and viewing documents such as spreadsheets and presentations. People can create their own folders and then manage them accordingly. The possibility of editing documents and deleting them is also there. People can share the stuff they want to others not only through the app link but also on other sites such as Facebook, Twitter, email and even text messages. The user can search for an image or a file from the stuff they have uploaded while the user interface is as advanced as any similar platform where you get all the options laid out in a proper way so that you don’t waste your time. Therefore this app can be used to save your data.


8. Box

Box is a fine looking app that lets you stay productive. This is a superb application that provides a place where all of your work comes together. It professionally works with your files while offline and online. There are many excellent file-syncing storage services, but this application takes the cake. Box is one of the most remarkable applications that securely stores manage and share all of your documents, files, photos, and videos with a 10 GB of free cloud storage. Using this super gorgeous application, you can easily access all of your files, and access your online content from your desktops on your android phones, or tablets. You can even share documents visuals, and contracts, etc. with extreme speed and reliability. It lets you preview more than 200 file types with full-screen quality. Having this app, you can get access to 10 GB cloud space, file level security controls, real-time search, add comments, search within PowerPoint, PDF, Word, Excel, and PSD, and a lot more. It is an award-winning application trusted by millions of people from all over the world.


9. SpiderOak

SpiderOak is one of the best apps for users to maintain a backup of documents in an online storage drive someone. In fact, more and more alternatives of this kind of service are appearing with enhancements like directory synchronization and sharing files. An excellent example is SpiderOak, which in addition to providing the chance of backing up your files to an online hard drive also enables you to synchronize directories between several smart devices and share files in the cloud storage. To start using SpiderOak, you need a user account that you can create when you install the program and then verify via email. Once you have set up your account, you have access to the program’s different services using the interface: backup copy, cloud preview, transfer status, shared file preview, and directory synchronization. The backup technique is simple. Just select which directories you wish to protect. The program will then take care of importing the files to the online storage drive and also managing all the improvements in records and directories which backed up previously. The file syncing system works differently. Its job is to synchronize directories between several smartphones/PC with SpiderOak installed. Hence, you will simply be able to select and synchronize the directories you have already configured with each installation of the program. You may also synchronize directories belonging to the same device.


10. 4shared

4shared is a very useful application for users of this service. With this particular application, you can manage all of your files in the cloud quickly from a natural and simple-to-use interface. 4shared is the official application download service of the same name, thanks to which you’ll manage your user account, sort through the database of the platform for files, and also, download any of them at any time. Many of the management options include the capability to improve your data; to copy, rename, or delete a file; and also to upload any file from your mobile phone account. Naturally, you may also download and even listen to music you’ve already uploaded. One of the most interesting aspects of the application is the ability to synchronize all of your photographs with your 4shared account. You can activate the option for this service to begin uploading them automatically any time you have wifi access. These types of management options, 4shared provides you with access to thirty million public files uploaded by different users. To do this, just use the search choice to obtain the file you desire, and you can start downloading it.


11. SugarSync

SugarSync is a synchronization app that allows you to enjoy all of the content on your computer hard drive from the comfort of your iOS/Android device, thanks to SugarSync cloud storage. The application enables you to very easily backup your all photographs and textual content documents so that you can then access it from your iOS/Android devices without requiring you to download anything. Before using the application, you will need to create a free account. You won’t have a significant amount of storage space by default, but if you like the service, you can purchase a 30 GB storage plan from within the app. SugarSync is a complete cloud storage service that manages to compete successfully against Skydrive, Google Drive, and even iCloud. The best feature of SugarSync offers two synchronization methods: drag and dropping files into the magic case or adding folders from the program menu. One of the attractive options of SugarSync is the possibility of installing the app and sync files with a portable computer, Blackberry, and mobile phones.


12. Tonido

Tonido is a very useful app that converts your data in your private cloud. When you state that you can turn your data into a remote disk, you have access to from any other smartphone or computer. This application works as server and client. Once set up, it allows you access to all files. It does not upload anything to the cloud, and it is the cloud. Once you’ve it installed on your smartphone and your computer is on, you can access your HD from any other computer via the web app or from iPhone, Android or Blackberry. In other words, if you wish to have full access to the appliance data and enjoy safe file transactions, Tonido is the best choice. You can transfer files from computer to computer, phone to computer and vice-versa. The fact is you may also watch videos or listen to music using streaming. Of course, when you install Tonido it offers you a unique ID which is the one you will use to access your different devices because your data will be safe at any time. Tonido is the method to build your cloud.


13. pCloud

pCloud is the finest application that enables its users to get a cloud through which you can easily share files from multiple devices to a one intuitive and beautiful cloud storage application. It enables you quickly and securely access to whatever the data you have stored in the cloud storage and lets you collaborate with your colleagues, and friends by sharing even entire folders and large files. pCloud offers a great backup of photos and videos that you take with your camera to make it so sure that you always have space for more memories. It lets you expand your phone’s ordinary space up to 2 TB having this application in your mobile phone and backup all of your camera stuff to your cloud through automatic upload. You can even access your files even if you are offline for an amazing offline access. Other than these, pCloud delivers flexible sharing options, encrypts your sensitive data, plays music with a military grade, an unlimited file size upload along with an unlimited speed, and lot more.


14. Syncplicity

Syncplicity is one the best option for persons who want to access their stuff online after uploading it at one place. This app allows people to share their content online to keep it safe and then access all the files on all the devices that have been linked such as phone, laptop or tablets. From all the similar places and in the offline or online mode. People can see everything in the offline mode so they do not depend on the internet but have to have the online access if they want to make changes such as deleting a file, renaming it or editing a document. There are many other features of the app as well which can benefit people. The user interface is friendly where you can see all the options on the main screen and have access to everything. If you want to share a document with others, then it is possible as you can send them the link, share it on Facebook or even email then the source from which they can access everything. Every file uploaded has its specific details such as size and the type. If you take a picture or make a video, they will be instantly uploaded to the app, and you will not have to worry about uploading or syncing each item. There is the option of uploading the document on the site and then giving it various privacy settings so that it can be shared with others or stay hidden from others. The main reason people prefer is that it is free to use so there is no requirement of paying any amount. All you have to do is to create an account and then set your profile and other details. This app is also used by many organizations who have a lot of data on various platforms. All in all, if you are in search of a tool where you can manage all your data and accounts then you won’t be disappointed in using this application.

More About CloudApp

CloudApp Cloud Manager is one the best platforms that lets you manage all your cloud accounts such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. It is a place where you can perform all the tasks that you usually do within other apps and saves you the space on your phone since you will not have to download all the other apps. The basic requirement is to create your account with the help of email address and then link all other accounts on the app and then use it. There are many tools which can show its versatility. You also are able to open files as soon as you click them, they do not take long. People can share all of their albums or specific files with others while once the document they share is edited they get notified about it thus keeping track of all the activities. There is also the benefit of viewing your content offline, once you have opened a file next time you see it, there will be no requirement of having the internet. All your data such as your games, photos, pdf files, app data, software, audio files, WhatsApp conversations, even your contacts can be synced and let you feel a sigh of relief. There are many other options such as opening files instantly, viewing stuff online and setting privacy and accessing stuff from your computers. There is also the search option where you can find all the documents that exist in the space. Once you find it, there is the possibility of viewing it, editing it and even deleting it. If you want to share some stuff with your friends such as an image or want to share an important document with your co-worker, it can be done through this service. The app is free to use so you do not have to pay anything in order to avail all the features. In a nutshell, it is one of the best managers of clouds.