15 Apps Like CLZ Movies

CLZ Movies is a superb tool introduced by that enables you to auto-download full movies details from online movie database. CLZ Movies – Movie Database lets you get the details of the cast and crew, plot summaries, episode lists, cover images, backdrop art, trailer videos, and many other things. You can precisely add movies quickly to your database by searching its core database by movie title as well as by scanning Blu-ray, DVD barcodes with your device camera and so much more. This app enables everyone to collect their favourite comics, games, books, movies, and music in the way you want. CLZ Movies – Movie Database helps you sign-up for a free CLZ account and use its cloud to make an online backup of your collection data. Other than these, CLZ Movies also features sync data between phones and tablets, sync data to and from the Movie collector desktop software, transfer your unlocked database limited across devices. You can precisely download movies of an amount of almost 100 movies, and you can even unlock the full version for the US $15 which does not database limit. So just download CLZ Movies – Movie Database app over your mobile device and enjoy making a catalog of your favourite collections.

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1. My Movies Pro

Android iOS
My Movies Pro is an elegant app that enables you to catalog your entire collection of TV series as well as movies from your world-class online data service containing data disc including Blu-Ray, 4K Ultra HD, DVD, TV series from various countries, movies in digital copies in various languages. My…

2. Movie Database

Movie Database: Blu-ray 4K DVD is a fabulous app that helps you catalog and list a DVD, Blu-ray, VHS, 4K, movies, and TV collection with an inbuilt barcode scanner. Movie Database: Blu-ray 4K DVD bought in the market by iCollect Inc. is used by thousands of people which enables its…

3. Collectors

Android iOS
Collectors is an intuitive app that helps you quickly manage, sort, filter, catalog, and sort the collection of things you want to own. Collectors: Movies, Books, Music, Games, Comics brings in the market by iCollect LLC, which helps you manage a number of exciting collection you want. It allows you…

4. Libib

Android iOS
Libib is a home library cataloging tool that enables you to scan in your books, music, video games, movies, and so much more right from your mobile phones. Libib is a fabulous small organization introduced by Libib Inc. that enables you to enjoy making catalog library separately for your book,…

5. Home Library

Android iOS
Home Library is an elegant application that enables you to maintain your library at home and access them whenever you want. Home Library is a fabulous application introduced by Touchscreen Software Solutions Pty which lets you store your books, keep track of them and access them right from one shop…

6. Book List Library ISBN Scanner

Book List Library ISBN Scanner is an exquisite tool which helps you have a catalog and list of all your books efficiently in a precise place. Book List Library ISBN Scanner is an elegant tool introduced by the much famous iCollect Inc. that helps you get an inbuilt barcode scanner…

7. My Movies – Movie & TV

Android iOS
My Movies – Movie & TV is a gorgeous app to capture your whole collection of TV series as well as all your favorite movies right under one place and enables you to access them anytime you want. My Movies – Movie & TV Collection Library bought in the market…

8. Video Games Database Scanner

Video Games Database Scanner is a fabulous app through which you can organize your game collection in a precise catalog. Video Games Database Scanner enables you to have a catalog and manage all of the video games inventory. This application enables you to add a cover, add personal details, view…

9. All My Movies

Android iOS
All My Movies is a stunning app introduced by Bolide Software Inc. which helps you get a collection viewer app for your movie catalog. All My Movies enables its worldwide users to browse your movie collection as a little cover thumbnail and title list. You can precisely sort your movie…

10. Letterboxd

Android iOS
Letterboxd is a stunning tool for film lovers and other folks which helps you capture the popular social network right in the pocket. Letterboxd was introduced by Letterboxd Limited which brings the best social network for the film comes to your mobile phones. You can see the trailer, ratings, overview,…

11. Coollector Movie Database

Coollector Movie Database is another astonishing application that will help you catalog your entire collection of videos and DVD formats and files. Coollector Movie Database is a stunning application for movie lovers introduced by Collector Inc. through which you can catalog your favourite stuff and access them anytime you want.…

12. Movie Collection & Inventory

Movie Collection & Inventory is another marvellous tool that helps you manage your entire pack of HD, Blu-Ray, and DVD catalog along with your personal notes as well as personal ratings. Movie Collection & Inventory bought in the market by Metosphare Inc. which allows you to keep track of all…

13. Movie Mania

Movie Mania is a superb application to get a collection of all the Hollywood and Bollywood movies at one single place and access them whenever you want. Movie Mania bought in the market by Mr Akash Verma Inc. through which you can not only collect all your favourite movies and…

14. Moviethek

Moviethek enables its worldwide users to catalog their favourite movie collection and precisely keep track of it anytime and anywhere you want. Moviethek bought in the market by Zinulla Mobile Inc. which allows you to have one single place for collecting all your favourite collections to access them whenever you…

15. Comic Book Collector Database

Comic Book Collector Database is a fabulous app for comic lovers through which you can quickly catalog, sort, filter, as well as manage all of the comic books that you own such as Marvel, Image, DC, Disney, IDW, and from various others. Comic Book Collector Database bought in the market…

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