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CM Security Antivirus AppLock

CM Security Antivirus AppLock is a protection application that is the pack of two main functions: smartphone and tablets antivirus and app locker. This security providing application is used for protecting the smartphones and the installed apps from all kind of potential thieves and unwanted virus attacks… read more
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20 Apps Like CM Security Antivirus AppLock



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    1. Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

    Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus is a state of the art protection application for the Android tablet and smartphone users making its clients able to protect their devices from the potential viruses, malware and all kind of unwanted files. The extra functionality of this application is that it even makes it possible for its users to get the privacy and enhance the performance of their devices as well. The additional functions of this application are call blocking and app locking that enable the users to block any installed app to restrict its access to anyone in case user forget to set the master password on the smartphone and tablet. With the usage of this advanced protection app, you will be able to protect all smart devices against phishing attacks from phone calls, emails, SMS messages and even infects sites as well. This simple to use application has been installed by millions of smartphone users so far. Anti-theft, app locking, removing ads, app permissions, call blocker, web shield and WiFi security are the tools available in this application.


    2. McAfee Security Innovations

    McAfee Security Innovations is a simple to use application that offers the smartphone users with the integrated security solutions that allow them to resolve their threats faster with the advanced scanning and protection system for this application. For the information of the readers currently, this application is not containing a complete system for blocking applications and other selected functions in the smartphone and devices. The exclusive features of this application are the availability of smartphone enhancement utilities, notification blocker to track and block notifications, safe QR reader, data vault to protect the private data, making the backup of data and even storing the data to the cloud storage platforms, hidden device admin detector and much more. The automatically hidden device admin detector of this application detects and removes apps that are hidden from the list of smartphone administration apps. This simple to use application will simplify the integration of most of the products with complex security environments. Overall, McAfee Security Innovations is one of the best smartphone protecting applications available over the Google Play Store.


    3. Photon AppLock

    Photon AppLock is a multifunctional application that works as a data protection and app locker for the smartphone users. This simple to use app offers its users the system of protecting their apps and other areas of the mobile using a regular password PIN or pattern password system. This application is also capable of locking the text messages and instant messaging clients as well. It is up to the users whether they want to use this application for protecting individual apps or want to protect and lock everything on their smartphone simply. In most of the cases, Photon AppLock also works as an antivirus application as well by offering the users with the system of protecting their smartphones from unwanted threats in the shape of hackers and spying. Additionally, they can also create multiple keys with a different password so that they can give the smartphone to another person with limited usage like making calls or using the camera only. The other unique feature of this app is kids’ protection system so that the kids can user the smartphone easily.


    4. Emsisoft Mobile Security

    Emsisoft Mobile Security is a compact and ultimate mobile security solution for all Android devices. This data protection and operating system protection application basically protect the smartphones and tablets from both online, offline threats. This next generation security system also features the system of app locking as well so that its users can put a password on the apps they want to get protected from unwanted use by others. The streamed features included in this application are scanning system for all stored files from all kind of infections, real-time protection, surfing protection system to block access to malicious sites, an Anti-theft system to wipe or lock the device remotely in case of lost or stolen, and privacy audit of the installed applications and widgets. Overall this simple to use application will protect your smartphone from all kind of unwanted threats so that you can always experience a current smartphone. One of the best things about Emsisoft Mobile Security is that it is available for free to use without any advertisement at all.


    5. Avira Mobile Security

    Avira Mobile Security is a security and protection management application for the iOS users. This smart app by the Avira is packed with the functions of protecting the iOS devices from online and offline threats, finding the lost smartphones, blocking unwanted calls and SMS, app locking and much more. With the usage of this smart application is the photos, emails, contacts and much more data of your phone will be kept safe. The extra Avira Vault offers the new level of privacy for the applications installed on the phone. That vault of Avira Mobile Security will secure the all kind of private data including passwords for online services and credit card details as well. One of the best things about Avira Mobile Security is that it offers the protection facility for the online accounts of its users as well. For instance, with the usage of this application, you can also keep an eye on the performance of your email account as well. In short, this app comprises all protection functions.


    6. Smart AppLock

    Smart AppLock is an all in one app protection and smartphone protection application that intends to protect the installed apps and data of the smartphone via a password or pattern and even fingerprint as well. With the usage of this smart application the smartphone users can either protect any single app or can even protect the entire smartphone as well by setting a master password. With the usage of this data protection and privacy enhancement application you will be able to lock privacy, lock installed apps, lock incoming calls, lock system toggles, lock settings and even locking your online accounts as well. The special functions of this app are that it disguise the lock screen of the mobile phone from breaking into password and protect the apps with multiple lock types. It will offer you with the system of custom lock screen style so that you can change the lock status with one click to toggle. In short, Smart AppLock is perfect for protecting for both online and offline activities and services users are using.


    7. Leo Privacy

    Leo Privacy that is otherwise called as app lock and vault is an all in one password, apps and account management application for the iOS and Android device. The smart data protection and app locking function of this application let the users lock their apps to prevent intrusion. With the usage of this streamlined app, you will be able to protect both online and offline private information of your device by hiding all private data and important files into the private zone of this application. The specialty of this application is that it allows its users to set different keys and password combinations to create stronger and unique passwords for each app. The latest version of Leo Privacy now contains a private browser as well so that you can access browser securely over the internet without any threat of sharing personal information with anyone. For the information of the readers, Leo Privacy offers several customization features to its users as well so that they can configure most of its setting subject to their specific requirements.


    8. 360 Security Lite – AppLock

    360 Security Lite – AppLock is a multifunctional application for the Android users allowing them to enjoy two main functions in a single pack. This application work as a scanner and app locker for the Android devices. There are also many other features of this app, but here we would like to discuss these two most important functions only. If you are worried about the data protection system of your smartphone, then 360 Security Lite – AppLock is an application using which your smartphone will enter into a security zone. This application can be used as smartphone booster as well by allowing the users to perform faster, safer and quicker than before. For the information of our readers, this app also works as a smartphone optimizer and battery saver as well. It will take very few power of your system as one of the essential functions of this app is to save the battery life of the phone. The privacy and app locker of this app will allow you to set a password on any application for wrong access by the others.


    9. Norton Mobile Security

    Norton Mobile Security is the part of Norton Security Deluxe that comprises multiple security and data protection products included antivirus and app locker for the smartphone users. The distinguishing feature of this app is that it offers the efficient and powerful protection system to both iOS and Android devices. Start using Norton Mobile Security and safeguards the identity of yours and all of your online transactions. It even protects the users with better and faster protection system. Norton Mobile Security is being offered in two basic versions of Norton Mobile Security Free and Norton Mobile Security Premium. The free version of Norton Mobile Security containing limited features. However, in the paid version of this app, you will get more features. In case you want to explore the premium features then you can subscribe for the thirty days free trial period. In addition to app locker and antivirus app, Norton Mobile Security also works as a smartphone finder and remotely locking of smartphones as well. Overall, Norton Mobile Security is one of the best smartphone data protection apps available over the internet.


    10. AMC Security

    AMC Security is a security and app management tool designed by the IObit Mobile Security for the smart devices. This free to use and ad-supported protection app aims to offer the smartphone users with the system of cleaning, boosting and protection of their smartphones and tablets. Millions of smartphone users are using this protection technology to make their devices to run fast as they are new. For the better management of the smartphones, this app is available in almost forty international languages. The quality of this simple app is that it provides the real-time protection to the smartphone users against all online and offline threats and allow them to protect the security and privacy of their mobiles. For the information of the readers, rather than containing fully features app locker, this application contains a privacy guard function that lets the users block SMS and calls. The additional privacy locker allows for hiding all of the private and personal information. It is simply the best apps for managing the security and privacy at the same time.


    11. Hi Security

    Hi Security is an all in one app locker, virus cleaner, and phone boosting application that is containing a double engine antivirus. Used by millions of users over the internet, Hi Security aims to offer the free and super-fast protection system to its users. The powerful antivirus protection of this app makes it one of the best super virus cleaners available from the Google Play Store. The key features of the Hi Security are auto virus detector and threat cleaner, phone booster to boost mobile performance, file scanning system for both online and offline activities, app locking for locking the sensitive application along with well-designed themes, call blocking for blocking unwanted numbers and calls, WiFi security system, privacy super cleaner, safe browsing and quick battery charging system. The privacy protection and antivirus of this application are powered by the McAfee that itself is the name of a highly productive antivirus engine. In short, this app comprises all those tools that you need for the better management of your smartphones.


    12. Max Clean

    For those smartphone users who are looking for an all in one smartphone protection and privacy enhancement application are at a good place. This simple to use an app named Max-Clean is the pack of two essential features in the shape of antivirus and app locker. The antivirus of this app is nevertheless with any major mobile based antivirus and if talk about the app locker of this application then it is also capable of locking either single or multiple applications at once. This simple to use app offers a lot of features and functionalities to its users in the shape of smartphone booster, privacy protector, mobile antivirus, and app locker. In the case of any potential threat, it will issue the warning of suspicious files and will also clean viruses’ spyware blackmail as well. The combination of privacy protection and app locker keep the smartphone cold and boost the performance of the smartphone as well. In a nutshell, Max Clean is the ideal choice for those users who want to enjoy protection and security at the same time.


    13. AVG AntiVirus for Android

    AVG AntiVirus for Android is simply a smart application for the mobile security of the phones, messages and personal images and videos. With the millions of users across the globe, AVG AntiVirus for Android is widely called to be one of the best smartphone protection apps available for the Android devices. In addition to protecting the smartphones from viruses and spyware, AVG AntiVirus for Android offers several other tools in the shape of app lock, anti-theft, camera trap, device lock and applications backup. The app locker of this application is so advanced that it offers the users with the systemized ways of locking down their privacy with a PIN code. That will prevent the all unauthorized users from prying into your private SMS, photos, documents and even the applications with a unique PIN code. For the information of the readers, the app locker of AVG AntiVirus for Android also offers protection for sensitive applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram as well. Start using AVG AntiVirus for Android and enjoy multiple functions in a single app.


    14. Free Antivirus SecuritY

    As the name showing, this app contains two main functions in the shape of antivirus and security. Antivirus is for keeping the smartphone safe from all kind of viruses and unwanted threats. The security area, on the other hand, is for protecting safety and privacy by creating and firewalls outside the mobile phone. The specialty of this proven application is that it comprehensively protects the Android devices and protects the privacy as well without putting any effect over the performance of battery life of the device. For the same reasons, most of the smartphone users like to use this application because it never slows down the performance of their device while delivering a high amount of features and functions. If talk about the app locking system then there is a comprehensive app protection system in this application that allows the users to protect any selected app with a password. The app security system of this application can be applied either to a single app or all apps installed on your smartphone. It will also make the list of those apps that access the personal data of their users.


    15. NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus

    NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus is a complete mobile security and protection against all kind of unwanted threats either online or offline. This app additionally allows the smartphone users to manage the installed applications as well and protect them from being used by anyone else. Millions of users around the world are using this smart application to protect their smartphones from all kind of viruses either new or old one. NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus offers the certified features and protection tools in the shape of antivirus for scanning, privacy protection, data backup and phone boosting system. Its independent antivirus comprises professional local and cloud protection engine to completely remove malware, viruses and other malicious programs while scanning installed apps and downloaded files in real time for up to the mark mobile protection. The special account protection feature of this app will ensures the safety of personal accounts. The dedicated app management system of this application allows the users to ensure the protection of installed applications from being access by the unauthorized users.


    16. Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus

    Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus is called to be one of the most advanced smartphone protection systems that offer the unbeatable cloud-based smartphone protection system to its clients. The quality of this smart application is that it is simple to understand and easy to handle and for the same reason it protects the smartphones and tablets from all kind of electronic threats and saves the battery life as well. This app will never put any burden on your Android device at all, and you will like using this app too. The security and protection functions being offered by the Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus are privacy advisors to allow you to see which app is stealing personal information, anti-theft module, app locker, smart unlocking system, fingerprint sensor support and real-time protection system. The app locker of this application allows the users to lock their sensitive applications or a single app only using a PIN code. Then there is smart unlock that allow the users to directly access the apps by disabling the PIN code while using secured internet connection.


    17. GO Security, Antivirus AppLock

    If you are tired of dealing with malicious spams that are forcing the installed apps to get uninstalled automatically or forcing the smartphone not to work properly, then you need an application named GO Security, Antivirus AppLock. GO Security; Antivirus AppLock is an application for the Android devices containing two functions in the shape of real-time mobile protection and app locking to prevent unauthorized access by anyone. As the app featured an AV-Test full score antivirus engine that’s why it is also regarded as the most focused and leading security offering application. The main highlighted features and functions of this app are it contains an advanced virus detecting engine, it offers advanced and real time protection to the users, it contains an all-around app locker to lock all those apps that the users want to hide from others, privacy cleaner, and junk cleaner. If you want to keep the others away from your smartphone, then app locking system of this application will block the all of the desired apps either one by one or in batch, subject to your requirement.


    18. TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security

    TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security is the name of a free professional antivirus and app locking application. This high-tech application is backed by the advanced virus scan engine and capable in automatically detecting the malicious files and apps in the smartphone. Virus monitoring is one of the most awesome features of this application that keep itself running in the background and inform the users instantly in the case of finding any malicious file. The quality of this app is that it can automatically protect the smartphone from all kind of security and privacy risk and system vulnerabilities. TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security is also designed to offer several other features and functions in the shape of data backup, app management, privacy advisor, app uninstaller and much more. Its app locker is different from most of the applications. The fact is that its app locker is an app manager that allows the users to manage all of the installed apps and even manage their access as well. Overall, TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security is one of the best smartphone protection and management utilities.


    19. Power Security-AntiVirus Clean

    Power Security-AntiVirus Clean is listed among those few apps that offer the app management and security management system in a single dashboard. This free to use application for the smartphone users contains all those tools that let the smartphone users manage the each section of their devices. This free to use app offers the services in the shape of virus cleaner, WiFi protector, and app locker. The streamlined features of Power Security-AntiVirus Clean are automatic scanning system that keep running in the background, real-time protection against all kind of viruses and malware, WiFi security to protect online privacy, app locker to lock the sensitive apps and protect the personal information from others, junk file cleaner and speed booster to kill all those apps that are doing nothing except sucking the speed and space in the smartphone. The features mentioned above are enough to tell about this application and the functions that it will perform for its users.


    20. TV Antivirus Free + Applock

    Don’t confuse this application with offering any protection features for TV. The TV in TV Antivirus Free + Applock stands for Trojan and virus. This simple utility provides the real-time protection its users and automatically detects the virus before its arrival in the smartphone. For the better security of the smartphones, each time this application will perform an in-depth scan to detect the danger files in depth. The streamlined features that you can also call the functions of this app are real-time protection for both online and offline activities, cleaning unwanted and junk files to make the space, memory booster and smartphone optimizing system, easy to use antivirus with advanced protection system, app locker to protect the sensitive apps from unwanted access, and compatibility with both smartphones and tablets. TV Antivirus Free + Applock is simply the best choice for those smartphone users who rather than installing multiple apps for multiple purposes wants to install a single app for meeting all needs.

    More About CM Security Antivirus AppLock

    CM Security Antivirus AppLock is a protection application that is the pack of two main functions: smartphone and tablets antivirus and app locker. This security providing application is used for protecting the smartphones and the installed apps from all kind of potential thieves and unwanted virus attacks. The intelligent diagnosing system of this application is packed with the features of many proper functions in the shape of a clean and user-friendly smartphone booster. If in a nutshell, we describe what CM Security Antivirus AppLock is then it is a standalone application for providing full-time protection to your tablet and mobile phones. What can be more special about that app that even offers the safe connecting VPN service to its users as well? In addition to scanning the entire smartphone for potential threats, CM Security Antivirus AppLock can be even used for protecting all sections of the smartphones then either it is protecting installed apps or protecting the messages to make the messaging section private. This app will overhaul your smartphone.

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