Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus Alternatives for Android

Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus is another fine product when it comes to dictionary applications present in this universe. Concise Oxford English Dictionary & Thesaurus is a fine application introduce by MobiSystems, which brings 2 in 1 app for its entire customers. This awesome application contains the most popular vocabulary worldwide through which users can enjoy lot more as compared to their expectations… read more
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18 Apps Like Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus for Android


1. English Urdu Dictionary FREE

English Urdu Dictionary FREE is an amazing application which helps you get into the meaning of thousands of words which you desire. This application helps you enjoy some gorgeous features that a fully-functional dictionary provides. Whether you are a student of English or want to study the detail meaning and other definitions of English words in real Urdu fonts, then this program is for those who want to get the details of English words in Urdu to understand that word in their native language. It features simple and user-friendly layout, proper history of each of your searched word, favourites and bookmarking support, word spelling, and an up to date vocabulary. You can also say that it is English to Hindi dictionary and is probably for Asian nations. English Urdu Dictionary FREE has embedded Urdu fonts which do not require any supplementary Urdu feature. You can easily search any of your desired word in Urdu. English Urdu Dictionary FREE contains a search bar through which you just have to put the word and then click on it to read its meaning in the Urdu language. English Urdu Dictionary FREE does not need any internet connection for its proper working criteria.


2. Dictionary Linguee

Dictionary Linguee is another intuitive application which helps you enjoy searching words with damn ease, much convenience, and in the most precise scenario. Dictionary Linguee is a fine application introduced by Linguee Inc. which is considered to be one of the best choices when it comes to dictionary apps. This application provides millions of translations and example sentences, audio recording, free online dictionaries, searching of the whole web of translation, and the support of German, French, Spanish, and many other languages. This dictionary application comes with some cool facts which are delivering its class to millions of people from all over the world. Dictionary Linguee provides the most precise result about the words before you have finished typing due to its massive catalogue and damn flexibility. Some of its cool providence that Dictionary Linguee includes are the free of use set-up, offline availability, created by more than 400 lexicographers, and translation into various languages as well. So just download Dictionary Linguee, and enjoy a dictionary in a scenario like never before.


3. English Dictionary – Offline

English Dictionary – Offline is a fine app in the list of best dictionary application present in the market. It is a widely used offline dictionary app which lets you catch the meaning of English words. English Dictionary – Offline provides the most authentic info as well as the definition of your desired words. This easy to use dictionary app brings functional user interface, fast searching, and is optimized for tablets as well. English Dictionary Offline contains a collection of over 187000 English words definitions and a huge number of inflected forms. You can leaf through words simply through your fingers. You can better manage your bookmarks and enjoy its crossword helps as well. Other than these, English Dictionary – Offline provides a random searching button, compatibility with the Moon+ Reader, backup and restore configuration, and camera searching through the optical character reader (OCR) plugin. It brings a customizable settings as well so that you can enjoy English Dictionary offline in the way you want. It also provides an optional floating button, a number of items in history, customizable font line spacing and size, default screen orientation, and way may things to enjoy. So just pick English Dictionary – Offline from the store and enjoy searching of your desire words and their explanations.


4. Offline English Dictionary

Offline English Dictionary is one of the most highly rated and classy application from the collection of thousands of millions of dictionary applications present in this universe. Offline English Dictionary is a fine application introduced by ClickApps Inc. which is the choice of millions of individuals from all over the world. This dictionary app comes with a support of completely offline dictionary, more than 100000 words support, and much more. Apart from simple word searching, Offline English Dictionary also provides intuitive support of synonyms, hypernyms, and antonyms as well. And the party is not still over, these words are also elaborated even with examples which makes this app pretty much perfect for this scenario. This application provides bookmark options for important words, meaning with one simple click, meaning with examples, and lot more. Some of its key features include the collection of more than 145000 words with all their details, complete offline scenario, fast word searching, latest and updated vocabulary, auto word suggestion, text to speech option, user-friendly interface, and lot more. So just took your phone to download Offline English Dictionary, and enjoy increasing your word memory.


5. Idioms & Phrases Dictionary

Idioms & Phrases Dictionary lets you understand a collection of thousands of idioms and phrases which are a part of your everyday life. Idioms and Phrases Dictionary brings a list of 3500 idioms used in everyday conversational English with their meaning. This application helps you understand the science of idioms and phrases in a more elaborative and better way. You can catch all the actions and behaviours of these idioms and phrases effectively. This dictionary app brings all the description as well as examples of your desired idiom and phrase that you have searched here. This is an effective learning platform as well which helps you learn and practice a lot of phrases and idioms for your upcoming conversations or any other discussions. Idioms & Phrases Dictionary has precisely arranged the idioms by categories from A to Z, and each of it has a useful and pretty much easy to understand explanation and example. You can even create instance test with the stuff that it provides like idioms and phrases on some specify category for practice on a daily basis. You can even list favourite idioms and search categories for quick and easy access.


6. Dictionary Offline – Dict Box

Dictionary Offline – Dict Box is another amazing tool for dictionary and translator for all languages which does not even need any internet connection for its working. Dictionary Offline Dict Box is a fast and easy to use application which translates text directly in the web browser or any other applications. This application lets you get pronunciation for any text in the best and the clearest accent. It also brings word correction for mistyped words and easily gets the correct words as you desire. You just tap a word to look it up in a popup window, and also brings the ability to install more dictionaries and more languages. It also has a great bonding with some popular web dictionaries such as Wiki, Cambridge, Oxford, and some others. Other than these, you can even enjoy some of its cool features such as word remainder, image search, review word with flashcards, cloud backup support, word list management, and synchronize word lists across multiple devices as well. Some of the languages that it supports include English, Greek, Romanian, Urdu, Dutch, Pashto, Korean, Chinese, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Danish, Bengali, Persian, and many more. So just download Dictionary Offline – Dict Box, and enjoy it fully.


7. Pocket Thesaurus

Pocket Thesaurus is an elegant application introduced by ConeM Labs, which brings a fine tool for dictionary lovers. This application comes with a collection of more than 90,000 common words along with their synonyms and antonyms support as well. Pocket Thesaurus lets you enjoy a collection of more than 90k words with an entire offline support. It is one of the smallest memory taking dictionary app with less than 20 MB download and without any other online dependency. You can easily search for words and bookmarks them for lateral use. It also contains the history of words that you have previously searched and you can also get benefits of your formerly searched stuff with simple clicks. Pocket Thesaurus brings one of the handiest and easily way to explore words and lets you have the full details of any of your desired words in a matter of seconds. It also enables you to switch between dark and light themes, and you can even pronounce the word as well for getting the possible accent of that stuff that you have searched. So just pick Pocket Thesaurus from the store and enjoy its ultimate dictionary features.


8. WordWeb

WordWeb is another widely used and one of the highly trusted dictionary app which has made millions of followers who get benefits of such a classy app for getting any sort of word mysteries. Dictionary – WordWeb was developed by WordWeb Software Inc. which lets you have a fine approach to an offline English thesaurus and dictionary, related words, ads-free atmosphere, and great searching features. Dictionary – WordWeb is one of the most comprehensive apps which contains more than 285,000 words, derived forms and phrases, 85,000 text pronunciations, 225,000 word sense definitions, above 70,000 usage examples which let you understand better, and much more. This dictionary app provides lots of synonyms, related or similar words in almost British, N. America, Australian, and international English. Some of its search features include the spelling suggestions, sounds-like and often-confused, alphabetical listing, fast pattern matching search, and lets you filter search results by nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, etc. Its database includes common abbreviations as well as proper nouns along with the English vocabulary such as Oxford, LOL, Webster, UNHCR, and JPEG. So just download Dictionary – WordWeb, and enjoy an offline dictionary for free.


9. comes with a quite effective and different word learning methodology which helps you master words through an addictive and fun game. The app is a great product available in the market which is powered by the world’s fastest and smallest dictionary. is an addictive learning app for aspiring wordsmiths and is revealing about your ongoing vocabulary skills and helps you enrich it in an elegant way. This vocabulary app brings a fine quiz machine which helps you understand and memorize vocab words in a fun like scenario. uses sophisticated algorithms to make you learn effectively. This application enables you to start with almost 120,000 questions which helps you teach 12,000 words. It uses the modern science of learning to model how you learn as well as retain new words through this application. This highly curated and easy to use app helps you choose the best collection of questions to get their answers from its massive catalog. This application works like a sensible coach who helps you understand and memorize words and enrich your vocabulary just to speak better. So just download, and expand your vocabulary learning and words span with lightning fast speed and real fun.


10. Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is another widely used dictionary application which is one of the perfect online dictionaries with definitions and explanations written by almost everyone. Urban Dictionary (Official) is free to use dictionary app where you can perform unlimited searches for free as well as forever. This application intuitively defines almost all the words whether these are slang or not. This application provides more than one definitions of your searched word so that you can not only pick the perfect one but also vote on your most likely definition. You can even share your favourite definition on any of your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even through email or text message. Urban Dictionary (Official) also lets you see the entire text of any definition to get in-depth details. You can also catch the word of the day as well and shake for a random word. You can effectively get all the info about the word that you want, see automatic suggestions when you search and click on the links within definitions as well to get the details of that stuff intuitively. You can easily pick Urban Dictionary (Official) from stores to get all its fruitful features.


11. Cambridge Dictionary

Cambridge Dictionary is a fine application introduced by Top Dictionary English Inc. which helps you get complete offline dictionary right on the palm of your hands. Cambridge English Dictionary – Offline allows you to complete offline dictionary and a collection of 170,000 plus words. Apart from getting the definitions of your desired words and synonyms, antonyms, and hypernyms. This application brings complete coverage of the free English dictionary offline application, and brings the very big definition and vocabulary with tons of phrases, definition, words, and to translate. It is a fine mobile dictionary with big content along with an advanced search to translate word and definition offline. Cambridge English Dictionary – Offline is an ideal app for everyone, student, professionals, academics, as well as any who needs an authoritative and comprehensive free offline dictionary app. You can effortlessly discover words that help you further enhance your vocabulary and engaging features which helps you enrich your vocabulary. This application helps you enjoy translating words and definition in an offline mode. So just download Cambridge English Dictionary – Offline, and enjoy thousands of definitions and words to develop your vocabulary.


12. Collins English Dictionary

Collins English Dictionary is one of the most comprehensive, trustworthy, up-to-the-mark English dictionary available in the market which lets you have the explanation of any of your desired words. This application contains above 722,000 words, phrases, and meaning with a reintroduces literary and rare words for crossword setters, and solvers as well as Scrabble players. It also adds the latest new words and extensive coverage of technical, professional, as well as scientific vocabulary. This application is completed with over 5,500 biographic, and 8,500 place names. This application also introduces another feature which helps you translate words through tap to translate feature in any other android application and do it in style with any of the four colourful new theses to enrich your experience. Its search autocomplete feature helps you find words quickly by displaying predictions, and its keyword lookup enables you to search within compound phrases and words. It also provides a fuzzy filter which helps you get the answers for words that you probably don’t know how to spell. Its camera feature looks up words in the camera display results and viewfinder. You can also enjoy its voice search when you don’t know how that stuff is spelt.


13. Oxford Dictionary of English

Oxford Dictionary of English is a MobiSystems’s production is another awesome product which helps you get an extreme grip on rich search options, more than 350,000 entries, all major functions in one place, translations from other apps, colourful themes, learn a new word every day, and lot more. Oxford Dictionary of English: Free is a fine application which brings a massive catalogue of words, senses, and tens of thousands of regionally specific entries. This application reflects the unique global adaptability and richness of English. You can also have its 75,000 audio pronunciations of both rare and common words such as those with varying pronunciations. It provides a convenient homepage which helps you get a more visual and sleeker layout along with innovations in the speed of searches you can delve into the intricacies of English easier as well as faster. You can also enjoy translating words while using other application with its tap to translate feature as well. There are lots of other vocabulary features which helps this app to stand a bit more and gain some other space among people of this universe. So just download Oxford Dictionary of English: Free, and enjoy its ultimate dictionary features.


14. Offline dictionaries by

Offline dictionaries by is an elegant application which helps you browse dictionaries without a network connection such as when you are travelling abroad, when you are on a plane, out of cellular range, as well as if you want to save battery. Offline dictionaries by is a fine product of NGHS. Fr, which helps you get all the necessary details about words and stuff that you want to fetch. You just have to download dictionaries to the SD card when you initially download this app and then perform simple and advanced searches which come in handy while you are working on a crossword puzzle. Offline dictionaries by brings exceptional and the most precise definitions which fetch you out from some of your difficult scenarios. It contains more than 50 multi-lingual dictionaries to choose from including German, French, Spanish Arabic, Japanese, Hindi, Dutch, Czech, Chinese, Russia, Italian, English, Hebrew, and many more. This app regular added or improved dictionaries so that you can get a grip on latest vocabulary as well. So just pick Offline dictionaries by from the store, and enjoy its entire features on the go.


15. U-Dictionary

U-Dictionary is probably one of the best self-improvement application present in the stores which helps you learn the real vocabulary anytime, anywhere, and in the offline mode as well. U-Dictionary: Best English Learning Dictionary was created by which bring the real fun of translating words quickly using mobile phone cameras. It is one of the very few the largest English offline dictionary app and even the best among the vocabulary building, English learning, and language references. It is one of the widely used and madly loved dictionary and is the best companion for all your English language needs. It lets you download offline pack for Odia, and translate word by using the camera as well as offline OCR technology and deliver the exact translation of the word. U-Dictionary: Best English Learning Dictionary shows words on the screens with any network access, and you can even search any of your desired words on the lock screen, and it never let you unlock the screen for getting this fact. There are lot more features of this app which are undone on this description, and the only way to catch them is to download it. So just download U-Dictionary: Best English Learning Dictionary, and enjoy tons of its useful dictionary features for free.


16. Word Lookup

Word Lookup is another classy application when it comes to dictionary application for your mobile phones. Look Up – A Pop Up Dictionary is a great application comes into the market by Dharma Gaurav, which has added some immensely great features to this app just to make sure that it keeps on touch with all your difficult words and phrases. It is your fully-functional offline English pop up dictionary through which you can search for any of your desired words in multiple ways. You can get an offline Wordnet database with 0.22 million phrases and words. This application brings fast and addictive searching through which you can not only get the quick results but also got the suggestion of words out there. Look Up – A Pop Up Dictionary also lets you save your favourite words by starring them for better access to them anytime. You can travel to your past swiftly with recants and add some specific notes to words so that you remember every word in the context you want. You can easily translate the definition to more than 90 languages, get word of the day, sync to your drive, and enjoy its material design and dark more.


17. Idioms and Phrases Dictionary

Idioms and Phrases Dictionary is another intuitive application which helps you get the best approach to the languages that you have a concern on your daily life. It brings the largest archive of thousands of idioms, sayings, expressions, phrases, their meaning, and way more things right on your mobile phone. You can enjoy free and offline idioms dictionary which works without any internet connection. Idioms and Phrases Dictionary is probably the best application for farming sentences and statements and business phrases for official business emails and presentations. This application also tells you how to speak perfectly and is great for conversational practice which helps you get the perfect accent as well as meaning of stuff that you need to know. Idioms and Phrases Dictionary is an essential tool for at home, at school, or in the office where you need quick results of your queries. Idioms and Phrases Dictionary brings the best platform to improve your English vocabulary as well as language conversation with English phrasal verbs and allows you to enjoy English with meaning.  So just pick this awesome named Idioms and Phrases Dictionary, and enjoy top class dictionary features.


18. Naver Dictionary

Naver Dictionary is probably the most popular app in Korea which brings loads of entries, pronunciation audio, examples, along with Korean learning contents. NAVER Korean Dictionary is an excellent education app introduced by Never Corp. which brings an intuitive, robust dictionary app that offers abundant and accurate contents. This application brings a gigantically massive library of 6.57 Million words along with 2.84 Million examples. You can catch related grammar tips and forms and precisely know the origin words, applications, and derivatives, etc. It also lets you know about the TTS pronunciations and voice actor recorded pronunciations of all your desired words as well. NAVER Korean Dictionary lets you create your own word book with your own choice vocabulary and learn Korean with a new conversation script every day through its Today’s Korean feature. Its V Live Fansubs allows you to get real examples from dictionary script every day. NAVER Korean Dictionary carries handwriting, text or voice recognition methods, and easy search through its word autocomplete feature. You can intuitively get the meaning of all your desired Korean words. So just download NAVER Korean Dictionary app in your mobile phone and enjoy the encyclopedia of ultimate Knowledge and excellent Korean Dictionary for English, French, Japanese, Thai, Russian, Indonesian, Chinese, Arabic, and various other country learners.

More About Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus is another fine product when it comes to dictionary applications present in this universe. Concise Oxford English Dictionary & Thesaurus is a fine application introduce by MobiSystems, which brings 2 in 1 app for its entire customers. This awesome application contains the most popular vocabulary worldwide through which users can enjoy lot more as compared to their expectations. This app comes with a collection of more than 240,000 words, definitions, and phrases covering scientific, technical, and traditional vocabulary from around the world. It brings a comprehensive and a highly curated thesaurus with more than 300,000 antonyms and synonyms and is probably ideal for use in word puzzle and game. Concise Oxford English Dictionary & Thesaurus is the best app to improve your writing and speaking or to discover the word on the tip of your tongue. Apart from this, you can also get 50,000 audio pronunciations, thousands of examples sentences for better understanding, more than 500 related word notes, and way many things in this intuitive platform. So just download Concise Oxford English Dictionary & Thesaurus to enjoy the easy to use, and the most functional dictionary interfaced app with all its awesome features.

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