Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus Alternatives for iOS

Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus is another fine product when it comes to dictionary applications present in this universe. Concise Oxford English Dictionary & Thesaurus is a fine application introduce by MobiSystems, which brings 2 in 1 app for its entire customers. This awesome application contains the most popular vocabulary worldwide through which users can enjoy lot more as compared to their expectations… read more
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9 Apps Like Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus for iOS

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1. Dictionary.

Dictionary. carries one of the best catalogue of words, millions of definitions, and lets you enjoy all these facts even offline. This dictionary app lets you find the right word with full thesaurus with synonyms and more. Along with the meaning and proper information of each of your desired word, you can even learn how to say it as well by playing audio pronunciations. This is the perfect application to learn something new with the word of the day, idioms games, support of more than 40 languages, and from way more things. You can have quality stuff from this Dictionary application. Apart from revealing the meaning and stuff of almost every word, you can even enjoy its word of the day, millions of synonyms, definitions, and antonyms from top sources such as Webster’s Dictionary, The American Heritage Dictionary, and the Roget’s thesaurus, etc. Along with all these facts, Dictionary app also allows access to English offline dictionary, medical dictionary, translations of English into more than 40 languages, dozens of translation options, English offline thesaurus with synonyms, and much more. So just download Dictionary., and enjoy learning each of your English words.


2. Dictionary Offline – Dict Box

Dictionary Offline – Dict Box is another amazing tool for dictionary and translator for all languages which does not even need any internet connection for its working. Dictionary Offline Dict Box is a fast and easy to use application which translates text directly in the web browser or any other applications. This application lets you get pronunciation for any text in the best and the clearest accent. It also brings word correction for mistyped words and easily gets the correct words as you desire. You just tap a word to look it up in a popup window, and also brings the ability to install more dictionaries and more languages. It also has a great bonding with some popular web dictionaries such as Wiki, Cambridge, Oxford, and some others. Other than these, you can even enjoy some of its cool features such as word remainder, image search, review word with flashcards, cloud backup support, word list management, and synchronize word lists across multiple devices as well. Some of the languages that it supports include English, Greek, Romanian, Urdu, Dutch, Pashto, Korean, Chinese, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Danish, Bengali, Persian, and many more. So just download Dictionary Offline – Dict Box, and enjoy it fully.


3. Pocket Thesaurus

Pocket Thesaurus is an elegant application introduced by ConeM Labs, which brings a fine tool for dictionary lovers. This application comes with a collection of more than 90,000 common words along with their synonyms and antonyms support as well. Pocket Thesaurus lets you enjoy a collection of more than 90k words with an entire offline support. It is one of the smallest memory taking dictionary app with less than 20 MB download and without any other online dependency. You can easily search for words and bookmarks them for lateral use. It also contains the history of words that you have previously searched and you can also get benefits of your formerly searched stuff with simple clicks. Pocket Thesaurus brings one of the handiest and easily way to explore words and lets you have the full details of any of your desired words in a matter of seconds. It also enables you to switch between dark and light themes, and you can even pronounce the word as well for getting the possible accent of that stuff that you have searched. So just pick Pocket Thesaurus from the store and enjoy its ultimate dictionary features.


4. Wolfram Words Reference App

Wolfram Words Reference App is more than just a dictionary app which helps you get useful information about any of your searched word. This app lets you catch the best information about the words that you desire to search. Wolfram Words Reference App provides synonyms and acronyms to information about words through history and tools for games like solving word puzzles and includes easy access to everything that you have ever wanted about English words. This application lets you discover the most common definition of a word along with its pronunciation, origin, general usage, inflected forms, first known use, and much more. You can discover synonyms, rhymes, homophones, acronyms, and generate a barcode or a QR code from a word or phrase. You can easily discover notable uses of a word in a city, movie, book, and other names or discover a word’s frequency throughout history. It also allows you to convert a sentence into a braille, Morse code, and look up Soundex codes. You can even calculate popular word game and discover possible words using your letters and even get historical crosswords puzzle clues or even enter specific letters to discover word possibilities. So just download Wolfram Words Reference App, and enjoy it fully.


5. Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is another widely used dictionary application which is one of the perfect online dictionaries with definitions and explanations written by almost everyone. Urban Dictionary (Official) is free to use dictionary app where you can perform unlimited searches for free as well as forever. This application intuitively defines almost all the words whether these are slang or not. This application provides more than one definitions of your searched word so that you can not only pick the perfect one but also vote on your most likely definition. You can even share your favourite definition on any of your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even through email or text message. Urban Dictionary (Official) also lets you see the entire text of any definition to get in-depth details. You can also catch the word of the day as well and shake for a random word. You can effectively get all the info about the word that you want, see automatic suggestions when you search and click on the links within definitions as well to get the details of that stuff intuitively. You can easily pick Urban Dictionary (Official) from stores to get all its fruitful features.


6. Oxford Dictionary of English

Oxford Dictionary of English is a MobiSystems’s production is another awesome product which helps you get an extreme grip on rich search options, more than 350,000 entries, all major functions in one place, translations from other apps, colourful themes, learn a new word every day, and lot more. Oxford Dictionary of English: Free is a fine application which brings a massive catalogue of words, senses, and tens of thousands of regionally specific entries. This application reflects the unique global adaptability and richness of English. You can also have its 75,000 audio pronunciations of both rare and common words such as those with varying pronunciations. It provides a convenient homepage which helps you get a more visual and sleeker layout along with innovations in the speed of searches you can delve into the intricacies of English easier as well as faster. You can also enjoy translating words while using other application with its tap to translate feature as well. There are lots of other vocabulary features which helps this app to stand a bit more and gain some other space among people of this universe. So just download Oxford Dictionary of English: Free, and enjoy its ultimate dictionary features.


7. U-Dictionary

U-Dictionary is probably one of the best self-improvement application present in the stores which helps you learn the real vocabulary anytime, anywhere, and in the offline mode as well. U-Dictionary: Best English Learning Dictionary was created by which bring the real fun of translating words quickly using mobile phone cameras. It is one of the very few the largest English offline dictionary app and even the best among the vocabulary building, English learning, and language references. It is one of the widely used and madly loved dictionary and is the best companion for all your English language needs. It lets you download offline pack for Odia, and translate word by using the camera as well as offline OCR technology and deliver the exact translation of the word. U-Dictionary: Best English Learning Dictionary shows words on the screens with any network access, and you can even search any of your desired words on the lock screen, and it never let you unlock the screen for getting this fact. There are lot more features of this app which are undone on this description, and the only way to catch them is to download it. So just download U-Dictionary: Best English Learning Dictionary, and enjoy tons of its useful dictionary features for free.


8. Word Lookup Free

Word Lookup Free is a fine dictionary for word games like Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends, WordFeud, LetterPress, crossword puzzle, and Welder. Word Lookup Free – Dictionary and Anagram Finder “for Words With Friends” is a universal application comes with some intuitive features. You can quickly find valid words, unscramble 7 letters, word lists to improve your skill, word definition, and lot more. Word Lookup Free – Dictionary and Anagram Finder “for Words With Friends” is an elegant dictionary and thesaurus application which comes with the facts including the fast searching, spelling suggestions, synonyms, related words, usage examples, definitions, and an ads-free atmosphere to enjoy it at the boom. Word Lookup Free is a fine application introduced by Peter Hunt, which enables its users to enjoy the most comprehensive dictionary database and never lets you miss any single word. You can catch thousands of words, derived forms and phrases right through this application. So just download Word Lookup Free – Dictionary and Anagram Finder “for Words With Friends”, and enjoy it fully.


9. VDict

VDict is a classy app which makes it easy to find meanings and words in the way you require. VDict – Vietnamese Dictionary is probably the official mobile version of the much famous Vietnamese Dictionary and support a large number of dictionaries. This significant app bought in the market by Tran Phuong Inc. which makes it easy to provide more than one dictionaries in a single app. This application supports English to Vietnamese dictionary, Vietnamese to English dictionary, Vietnamese dictionary to French dictionary, French to Vietnamese dictionary, Vietnamese dictionary to Vietnamese dictionary, and some others. You can also use this elegant dictionary app as English to English dictionary and get all the meanings and explanations of English stuff in the same languages. VDict – Vietnamese Dictionary is a widely used cloud-based app which brings up to the mark data of any definition. VDict carries a simple interface but all the necessary features of the web-based versions such as suggestions, word history, and lot more. You can also improve your pronunciation through its pronunciation feature by pressing the speaker icon placed on it. So just download VDict – Vietnamese Dictionary app in your phone, and enjoy getting words from these stated dictionaries.

More About Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus is another fine product when it comes to dictionary applications present in this universe. Concise Oxford English Dictionary & Thesaurus is a fine application introduce by MobiSystems, which brings 2 in 1 app for its entire customers. This awesome application contains the most popular vocabulary worldwide through which users can enjoy lot more as compared to their expectations. This app comes with a collection of more than 240,000 words, definitions, and phrases covering scientific, technical, and traditional vocabulary from around the world. It brings a comprehensive and a highly curated thesaurus with more than 300,000 antonyms and synonyms and is probably ideal for use in word puzzle and game. Concise Oxford English Dictionary & Thesaurus is the best app to improve your writing and speaking or to discover the word on the tip of your tongue. Apart from this, you can also get 50,000 audio pronunciations, thousands of examples sentences for better understanding, more than 500 related word notes, and way many things in this intuitive platform. So just download Concise Oxford English Dictionary & Thesaurus to enjoy the easy to use, and the most functional dictionary interfaced app with all its awesome features.