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Cooking Mama is an amazing and family-friendly cooking game loved by millions of worldwide folks for enjoying cooking delicious meals, getting exciting coins, and playing ultimate games in this one shop stop. Cooking Mama: Let’s cook is an elegant gaming app where you can cook, stew, grill, and bake tasty meals with easy controls and enjoy it in the way you want… read more
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1. Cooking Craze

Cooking Craze is an excellent time management game which allows you to cook delicious meals and serve tasty cuisines in a fun and engaging way. Cooking Craze: Crazy, Fast Restaurant Kitchen Game is an attractive tool developed by Big Fish Games Inc. which allows you to tap to cook meals, cuisines, fast food, and desserts and serve them to the customers for collecting real coins. It allows its users to cook, grill, and bake meals in their own way to the global restaurant chef fame, while the restaurant world awaits an ultimate chef in this fun and fast time management kitchen game. Cooking Craze – Restaurant Game allows you to be the top chef and do everything in a cooking fever. It lets you dash around the kitchen grilling tasty burgers, cooking world-class cuisines, and the baking pizza. Cooking Craze – Cook Food in Chef’s Kitchens allows you to enjoy this amazing cooking game online and offline (after the download of the initial content). Cooking Craze – Restaurant Game lets you ash through cooking service while enjoying cooking customer dinner, mid-meal, lunch, and breakfast to get real tips. Cooking Craze: Crazy and Fast Restaurant Kitchen Game brings hundreds of customizable features for all the cooking lovers to enjoy cooking and service their most likely meals.


2. Cooking Tale

Cooking Tale lets you experience cooking delicious meals, cuisines, food, and other stuff and serve the food as a top chef and intuitively put your time management skills to examine while playing the cooking game for free. Cooking Tale – Food Games is a great cooking tool introduced in the market b Gamegos Inc. which allows you to enjoy cooking your most likely meals and serve them to your customers to become the top chef of the universe. It is an addictive and fun time management game which allows you to reach your ultimate levels of cooking and maximize your skills and speed the same way. Cooking Tale – Cooking Games & Recipes allows you to travel to explore the world, each with a new bakery, café, diner, restaurant, new coffee shop, and ultimate cooking experience. This app allows you to become the top-selling chef ever by making delicious food and make your customers satisfied and happy. Cooking Tale – Food Games allows you to get hundreds of dishes to cook, discover awesome restaurants and towns, learn recipes from around the world, upgrade and boost your kitchen, challenge the other chefs, connect with your friends, and enjoy cooking in both offline and online modes. Cooking Tale – Cooking and Recipes Game allows you to discover the exciting map with more than 700 levels as well as addictive changes right on your mobile phone devices.


3. Crazy Cooking Chef

Crazy Cooking Chef is an exceptional tool loved by millions of worldwide users for cooking delicious meals and hell more features for free. Crazy Cooking Chef – Amazing Time Management Game was presented by Gameone Inc. which enables its users to enjoy cooking plenty of flavors (acid, spicy, sweet, and bitter) with professional and up to the mark machines. The app enables chefs to cook seafood, desserts, hamburger, fast food, steak, cola, juice, milk tea, spaghetti and more. Crazy Cooking Chef – Food Cooking Game in Kitchens allows everyone to run their western, Pakistani, chinses, and India restaurant and serve their efforts to become the best. It brings more than 12 custom designed restaurants, and you can also upgrade the interior or the appliances used in your restaurant to make it even more attractive. Crazy Cooking Chef – Time-Management Game carries more than 480 levels, hundreds of dishes and ingredients, generous coin and gem rewards, and elegant kitchen decorations. Crazy Cooking Chef – Food Cooking Game in Kitchens allows you to experience as well as serve the exotic flavors all over the world and practice dishes to become a skilled chef.


4. Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever lets you cook delicious desserts, fast food, and meals from all over the universe in an amazing way. Cooking Fever – Addictive Time-Management Game is an excellent gaming app introduced in the market by Nordcurrent Inc. which allows you to choose more than 20 inspiring locations and enables you to practice your skills in a diversity of cooking techniques from fast food and desserts to the oriented restaurant and seafoods. It allows you to use tons of cooking ingredients for cooking loads of tasty desserts and yummy dishes right over your cell phone. Cooking Fever enables its users to experience cooking having more than 400 dishes to cook using over 150 ingredients. Cooking Fever – Addictive Time-Management Game app brings loads of unique locations to serve your cooking efforts for all your customers and enjoy hundreds of upgrades regarding the alliances and interior of your kitchen. Cooking Fever game lets you enjoy more than 400 levels to complete while serving your customers and getting real, high rank. You can decorate your restaurant by making your business more attractive and for grabbing more customers. Cooking Fever – Addictive Time-Management Game allows you to make your own freebies including cookies, cupcakes, and pastries to make your customer’s experience more memorable and personal.


5. My Café

My Café is a hub of millions of coffee lovers from all over the universe who are unleashing their entrepreneurial spirit in this relaxing, exciting, and amazing restaurant game. My Cafe – Restaurant game was presented in the market by Melsoft Games Inc. which allows you to start your own café or the restaurant business intuitively and manage to earn income even when you are offline. The app enables you to own and run your own business of cafe and grow a coffee shop and a restaurant of your dreams. My Cafe is an exclusive time management game through which you can establish and decorate your café as per you want, train and hire staff, decide on café menu items and even set the reasonable proves according to your own will. My Cafe – Restaurant game is a great tool which allows you to enhance your designing skills and enjoy an entire makeover of the café or the restaurant. You can choose from dozens of décor styles, place the interior of your restaurant, and make a restaurant totally yours by accentuating with stuff that shows the true self of yours. My Cafe – Restaurant game lets you unlock ultimate coffee recipes and lives up everyone’s taste with definitive coffee drink combinations.


6. Cooking Madness

Cooking Madness is a gigantically used time management game which allows you to prepare yourself, cook extraordinary dishes, and serve delicious meals from all over the world. Cooking Madness – A Chef’s Restaurant Games was presented in the market by Girl Games – Cooking Games Inc. which allows you to become the master chef by preparing yourself with the best class cooking game and enjoy everything for free. The gaming app lets you get yourself in the ultimate, crazy cooking craze and cook like you are a mad chef in the game. Cooking Madness – Kitchen Frenzy allows its users to cook as well as diver various new restaurants of the world. You can get combos and earn real tips while showing off your efforts or real cooking skills to the universe. Cooking Madness – Cook Food in Restaurants allows you to unlock new restaurants by collecting more and more key cards. Other than these, Cooking Madness – A Chef’s Restaurant Gaming app allows you to tap away in various fun levels, complete new missions, and decorate your kitchen with ultra-amazing stuff, level up, and keep an eye over various other engaging updates of the game.


7. World Chef

World Chef is an excellent game to build your own restaurant and cook the definitive recipes and meals to attract VIP customers. World Chef is an engaging time management game introduced in the market by Social Point Inc. which enables you to create the restaurant that you want and become a sensational chef overnight. You can open your restaurant, give it your desired name, and decorate it in the way you want to attract your customers. After establishing your restaurant, you can start cooking world cuisines, desserts, and other dishes and serve the food to the customers. World Chef is one of the most well-known and international cooking game with recipes and chefs from more than 20 nationalities. The app makes a famous chef very soon, and you will then have to make it even bigger. World Chef allows you to expand your menu with the new chefs and fit the whole world inside one restaurant. The success ladder of the game will lead you to welcome VIP diners and even catering special events, and you will become the master chef in no time. World Chef app allows you to create, extemporize, and run your own dining restaurant and craft exclusive decorations over the design studio.


8. Happy Cooking

Happy Cooking is one of the most addictive and elegant time management cooking tool presented in the market by JOYNOWSTRUDIO Inc. which brings you one of the most classy and feature-rich, digital cooking experience. Happy Cooking: Chef Fever 2019 app brings easy to start and very challenging levels for users who love cooking and establishing their own restaurants. It allows you to join the fun of cooking yummy deserts, delicious foods, and amazing drinks and serve them to the hungry customers. It lets you get yourself in a real cooking fever by cooking amazing food, open your own restaurant, and be the best chef in the universe of Happy Cooking. Happy Cooking – My Food Cooking City Diary app allows you to establish the restaurant of your dreams, cook, prepare, and serve yummy meals from all over the world. Happy Cooking allows you to create your desired kitchen and become the best chef known in the game. Happy Cooking: Chef Fever 2019 allows you to enjoy fever cooking time in the kitchen with your fingers as well as the cooking madness in each of your desired restaurant. So just give a chance to download Happy Cooking – My Food Cooking City Diary app in your cell phone and get ready to become the world-famous chef in every kitchen that the game has to offer.


9. Kitchen Scramble

Kitchen Scramble enables you to cook all sort of dishes whether from breakfast, and lunch to desserts right from your cell phones. Kitchen Scramble: Cooking Game was presented in the market by PopReach Incorporated Inc. which brings a fine app for cooking lovers to create delicious recipes, amazing meals, desserts, drinks and more and meet customers from all over the world. The app allows you to fulfill your cooking dreams of owning a food truck and to travel around the globe while meeting new customers, cooking delicious meals and server or delight them with your handmade meals. Kitchen Scramble allows you to earn real coins and tips by making more fame and grabbing or satisfying more customers. It carries more than 1500 engaging levels in almost 60 unique locations, and you can enjoy new levels which are added regularly. You can enjoy cooking having more than 280 ingredients and more than a hundred appliances whip up about 1500 yummy meals like egg benedict, Szechuan Chicken, hotdogs, hot fudge sundae, chocolate banana, pancake, pizzas, cookies, pastels, pasta, and various other dishes. Kitchen Scramble: Cooking Game allows you to sharpen your memory and pair speedy service to beat the clock and continues the hit saga with ultimate delectable recipes and rich meals to put you on the map.


10. Diner Dash

Diner Dash is an amazing application introduced in the market by Glu Inc. which brings a new version of time management game with a stylish, smooth, and amazing app for cooking. Diner Dash is one of the classiest and world’s most famous hit time management game series where you can enjoy cooking and serving various types of customers in a way like never before. The app brings a new visual style and introduces amazing customers, new helpers, social gaming features, new upgrades, and various other enhancements. Diner Dash allows you to roll up your sleeves and dive into an amazing cooking experience of dinner, breakfast, lunch, and dinner shifts because Flo needs your help. Flo is back with the dinner dash game with fresh and fast-paced gameplay. It allows you to strategically serve, seat and satisfy customers from breakfast to dinner to earn big rewards and amazing tips. Diner Dash lets you enjoy playing more than 150 engaging levels across 3 unique diners with more characters, levels as well as restaurants. You can keep tabs on more than 20 customers with distinctive demands and personalities. While the best thing of Diner Dash app is to enjoy the cooking by getting social and play with friends to help each other succeed by comparing the progress and sending gifts right away.


11. My Bakery Empire

My Bakery Empire allows you to get excited to make cakes for your customers and get paid to fulfill the dreams of the Lizzie right over this amazing platform. My Bakery Empire – Bake, Decorate & Serve Cakes app was presented in the market by Coco Play By TabTale Inc. where you can enjoy the cake bakery story and fulfill the dream of opening a sweet bakery of Lizzie. Lizzies is graduating from college and is ready or excited to bake and decorate yummy cakes. While on the other hand, Lizzie needs your assistance for opening his own bakery and becoming the baking professional who is famous overseas for tasty and beautiful delights. My Bakery Empire – Time Management Game allows you to open up bakeries and take specific orders from her customers according to their demands. My Bakery Empire – Bake, Decorate and Serve Cakes lets you learn the way of making bake delicious, mouthwatering dishes including smoothies, cakes, donuts, cupcakes, and more. It is an amazing, tasty bakery story game which carries loads of exciting features for all the cake lovers or cake makers alike. So just download My Bakery Empire – Time Management Game in your phone and help Lizzie become the most talented pastry chef ever.


12. Crazy Chef

Crazy Chef is an excitingly new cooking arena and chef game where you can feel the cooking fever in a tap to cook and serve scenario. Crazy Chef: Craze Fast Restaurant Cooking Games was presented in the market by Casual Joy Games Inc. which enables you to enjoy an amazing time management game where you can cook delicious foodstuff in your desired way to serve your customers accordingly. It is an addictive kitchen game where you have to cook delicious meals, serve your cooked items, boiled steamed, simmer, and grilled meals to the customers who have demanded and enjoy getting exciting coins in consequence. You can intuitively upgrade your kitchenware and food in an elegant order to make your kitchen look classy as well as for passing more levels. Crazy Chef: Craze Fast Restaurant Cooking Games allows you to get more tips by cooking meals and serving the customers time wisely and fast. Crazy Chef contains one of the most engaging gameplays, smoothest game operations and probably the most fluent game experience for everyone love cooking. Crazy Chef: Craze Fast Restaurant Cooking Games allows you to enjoy cooking craze time over the kitchen using your fingers and cooking madness in the global restaurants, serve dishes like a hilarious chef.


13. Real Cake Maker 3D

Real Cake Maker 3D allows you to reveal your cake making capabilities to become the most famous or the best cake baker of the town just by creating the yummiest cakes. Real Cake Maker 3D – Bake, Design & Decorate is a great cake making game introduced in the market by Coco Play By TabTale Inc. which brings beautiful 3D art that will feel like you are actually baking a real cake in your artificial kitchen. Real Cake Maker 3D Bakery allows you to learn the basic skills of baking the most delicious and yummy cakes ever in this fun cake making game. It contains tons of exciting and mouth-watering cake recipes for you as well as your friend alike. Real Cake Maker 3D – Party with Yummy Cakes lets you use the professional tools for baking, decorating and designing the yummy cakes. You can decorate your handmade cakes with frosting, adorable toppers and delicious decorations. Real Cake Maker 3D Bakery – Bake, Design and Decorate app lets you put the sweet pic of yourself in each of your cake and show your friends your awesome creations. Real Cake Maker 3D – Party with Yummy Cakes enables you to bake exciting cakes and decorate them to make them look marvelous and extra beautiful.


14. Food Truck Restaurant

Food Truck Restaurant lets you fulfill the dream of becoming the world best cooking chef by playing one of the most exciting truck restaurant chef game available in the store. Food Truck Restaurant: Kitchen Chef Cooking Game is a great cake cooking madness presented in the market by YoYo Fun Games Inc. which enables you to enjoy cooking delicious orders of plenty of customers simultaneously and enjoy loads of exciting things while the game progresses. You can bake, grill, cook and serve the food by using simple taps and even unlock tons of cool levels with amazing ingredients and dishes on the way. Food Truck Restaurant allows you to unleash new items to upgrade your kitchen and become a master chef in no time by revealing your chef capabilities. Food Truck Restaurant: Kitchen Chef Cooking Game is free to use, an offline game which does not require any internet connection while playing this engaging cooking game. It lets you own and run your desired restaurant and get carried away in the kitchen madness. So give a chance to download Food Truck Restaurant – Kitchen Chef Cooking Game in your phone and practice the time management kitchen game skills in dozens of cooking world scenarios.


15. Burger Shop 2 Deluxe

Burger Shop 2 Deluxe is the sequel to the gigantically successful food making game where you can manage to create a universal chain of restaurants to get fame and fortune. Burger Shop 2 Deluxe is an amazing game developed in the market by GoBit Games Inc. which allows you to utilize your time management skills for cooking and serving meals, fast food, drinks, and other food items for hungry, sometimes angry customers. You can intuitively upgrade the accessories of your kitchen to grab more customers and provide them plenty of food including cheeseburger, zinger burger, pasta, steak, pancakes, waffles, donuts, French fries, chicken sandwich, ice creams, ring onions, salads, cakes, pies, sundaes, and so much more. Burger Shop 2 Deluxe brings 120 exciting story levels and 120 expert levels for everyone love cooking. The app offers endless play with four modes of games which includes the Story Mode, Relax Mode, Challenge Mode, and Expert mode for everyone uses the game. Burger Shop 2 game brings more than a hundred food items as well as over a hundred trophies to collect. Burger Shop 2 Deluxe allows you to serve breakfast, lunch, and the yummy dinner to the customers and get real coins and fame in response.


16. Little Panda’s Chinese Recipes

Little Panda’s Chinese Recipes brings you an awesome kitchen cooking game where you can enjoy cooking plenty of exiting recipes. Little Panda’s Chinese Recipes app was presented in the market by BabyBus Kids Games Inc. which allows you to pick ingredients for dishes, prepare meals, and explore cooking in the way you want. It allows you to extemporize your dishes and other meals with plenty of delicious condiments and toppings. You are also allowed to dress up as mini chefs, wear a chef hat, and even clean up the messy kitchen. Little Panda’s Chinese Recipes app enables its users to choose from a collection of almost 4 Chinese snacks and dishes and cook them in multiple ways (such as puree, fry, steam, grill, bake, boil, and more). It brings plenty of ingredients as well as toppings to be prepared, and you can explore cooking through using dozens of ingredients in a superb way. You can choose your most likely kitchen sauce including sesame, soy, peanut sauce, chili sauce, garlic sauce, and more. You can create various flavors of healthy and green noodles in this kitchen and serve your customers accordingly. Little Panda’s Chinese Recipes allows you to search for BabyBus for even more free panda games and enjoy their engaging scenarios as well.


17. Famous Street Food Maker

Famous Street Food Maker is an awesome street food making, and yummy carnivals treat app where you can enjoy making freshly delicious street food. Famous Street Food Maker – Yummy Carnivals Treats app was presented in the market by FunPop Inc. which enables you to enjoy the best street food making experience by preparing fries, soda, cream soda, nachos, street dog, popcorn, cotton candy, friends chicken, corn dog, funnel cake, pretzel, hot dog, and so on. It allows you to prepare the recipes and cook these foods in the van and enjoy the cooking in your own way. Famous Street Food Maker: Yummy Carnivals Treats lets you get the best way to cook delicious treats and make food snacks for the girls. It allows you to use water for cleaning things, cut the meal items that you want to cook and enjoy their cooking in a damn fun way. Famous Street Food Maker allows you to wash dirty potatoes until it is clean and stall the chips cutter to cut the strips of the potato to make yummy French fries in this delicious food make game. Famous Street Food Maker – Yummy Carnivals Treats is an exciting game for little girls and boys where they can enjoy cooking their desired street food and satisfy their food fever by playing the cooking kitchen game without any external assistance.


18. Chocolate Candy Bars Maker

Chocolate Candy Bars Maker is a marvelous game for people who love chocolates, gummy candy, ice creams, candy bars, and desserts and for ones who love cooking and making delicious food. Chocolate Candy Bars Maker & Chewing Gum Games was presented in the market by BeanSprites LLC which allows you to enjoy making your most likely candy bars, and chocolates from scratch. The app allows you to chop up all the ingredients needed to cook, throw them in into the pan and then mix your melted, delicious chocolate. Then, you have to pour the chocolate into the mold and decorate the chocolate with the caramel, nuts, chocolate chips, and plenty of other ingredients into your wafers, bars, and other delicious creations of chocolates. Chocolate Candy Bars Maker allows you to choose from a wide diversity of chocolate bars including the delicious chocolate wafer bars, nutty caramel bars, milk chocolates, chocolate chip bars, chocolate orange, and various others. Chocolate Candy Bars Maker is an engaging game for people of all the ages and lets them enjoy the flavors of chocolates and desserts. Chocolate Candy Bars Maker and Chewing Gum Games allows you to pick your desired ingredients, mix them, let them chill, and then unwrap your delicious creations.


19. Candy Rainbow

Candy Rainbow is a superb application for all the people who love baking food in their kitchen and enjoy chef baked recipes or the rainbow ice cream game like heaven. Candy Rainbow Cookies and Donuts Make & Bake app were developed in the market by Beansprites Inc. which enables its global users to bake cookies from scratch and then decorate them with a delicious assortment of the rainbow candy. The app allows you to select a cookie from the chocolate chip, sugar cookies, oatmeal raisin, double chocolate chip, and various others. You can precisely drag the ingredients of the cake you want to create and mix your cookie dough until the well blend. Candy Rainbow Cookies & Donuts Make & Bake app allows you to put the cookie dough over the pan and also place the pan into the oven to get it backed. You have to take a precise eye over the oven and watch them bauble up and bake. The app includes a diverse collection of premade rainbow icing along with the support of tons of candy over the top. Candy Rainbow – Cookies, Donuts Make, and Bake, bring the endless possibilities of creating your desired recipes, and the best thing about it is that it is free.

More About Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama is an amazing and family-friendly cooking game loved by millions of worldwide folks for enjoying cooking delicious meals, getting exciting coins, and playing ultimate games in this one shop stop. Cooking Mama: Let’s cook is an elegant gaming app where you can cook, stew, grill, and bake tasty meals with easy controls and enjoy it in the way you want. It is a unique cooking game for you and your family where the yummy food that you will create definitely make you hungry and fill your mouth with water. Cooking Mama: You’ll learn to love Cooking game brings a collection of more than 30 kinds of delicious recipes for you and let you do your best to become the special chef. Cooking Mama enables you to cook meals by playing fun mini-games and enjoy chopping, grilling, squashing, blending and cooking in an ultimate way. Cooking Mama: Learn to Love Cooking allows you to extemporize your kitchen with amazing items and make surprise dishes by merging multiple recipes. Cooking Mama: Let’s cook allows you to watch an animated video of the fun life of mama on a daily basis. Rather than enjoy cooking, Cooking Mama: You’ll learn to love cooking app allows you to share your cooking videos of your game to the entire universe.