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Couple Widget is another intuitive application for couples where they can enjoy their upcoming moments in an ultimate way. Couple Widget – Love days Countdown is an easy to use application with various widget functions, and you do not have to tap the app for getting its functionality… read more
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25 Apps Like Couple Widget


Simply Us

Simply Us is one of the best application for couples to organize their lives together. SimplyUs – Shared Calendar, To-Do Task List & Organizer for Couples is a fine application which enables dead simple calendar sharing, to-do list sharing, and get things done precisely.


Couple is something amazing for couples just married, introduced by Life360. Couple – Relationship App is a social media application which brings a more intimate way to share your personal stuff and probably the best way to stay connect with your favourite person.

Couple Tracker

Couple Tracker is a massively used app for couples to get the best affair cheating detection and prevention application for lovers, parents, wife, husbands, and in fact, for couples. Couple Tracker Free – Cell phone tracker & monitor is a great application introduced by BytePioneers s.


LokLok is a cute application for couples having Android device, which enables them to communicate with their partner by heart. LokLok: Draw on a Lock Screen delivers an awesome way to make communication with your beloved ones right on the lock screen of your phone.

Been Love Memory

Been Love Memory is another elegant applicant for partners which is using enormously great and crossed 5,000,000 downloads over mobile phones from all over the globe. Been Love Memory – Love Counter – Love days 2018 is a great application introduced by BLM Studio VN – Been Love Memory, which lets you see how many days you have been together.

Been Together

Been Together is a pretty much essential application for a couple which enables them to enjoy one of the best ways to track useful information about both of them. Been Together (Ad) – D-day is a fine product of MilkDrops, which lets you check how long you have been with your partner at a glance.


Couplete is a marvelous application which enables its worldwide users to complete each of their moments. Couplete – App for Couples is a wish list of couples allowing them to plan almost everything that they want to do together.

Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer is a massively used app for families which keeps them well organized. It is a great application introduced by Cozi Inc. which carries some exceptional features for family organization.

Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

Yummly Recipes & Shopping List is a great utility for individuals that enable them to discover recipe recommendations customized for you. This application has entirely transformed the visualization of recipes and foodstuff, and bring a beautiful way to showcase all the food.

Love Collage

Love Collage is a gigantically used photo editor which allow you to get a mix of yours as well as your partner’s photos. Love Collage – Photo Editor is a fine product of eToolkit Inc.

Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner is an app useful for individuals who have planned to get married and want to keep all their thing on time and well-organized. Wedding Planner — Agnesse is a great product of Sergey Matisen which brings a modern, easy to use, and trustworthy wedding planner for individuals.


WedMeGood is an amazing application for boy and girl who is going to become a couple. WedMeGood – Wedding Planner is fine stuff introduced by, which enables its users to find inspiration and ideas regarding their big event which is just on the way.

Happy Couple

Happy Couple is another engaging and addicting application which comes with a number of intuitive features for users from all over the world. Happy Couple – love quiz is a fine stuff of Happy Couple, Inc.

Love days

Love days is a super stunning application made for couples to enjoy their relationship with damn creativity and real charm. Lovedays – D-Day for Couples is a fine product of Wonderrabbit, Inc.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is another intuitive application through which users can enjoy the highly decorated food-focused social application with a massive community of over 30 million home cools who play a part in helping cooks find and share the fun of home cooking.


TickTick is an intuitive, effective and simple to use application which brings task manager and to-do list altogether. TickTick: To Do List with Reminder, Day Planner is a great stuff for couples who want to manage all their things with damn professionalism.


WhereAreYou is probably a great application which allows you to find out where other people are. Where Are You App Find People is a fine app introduced by coANDco (UK) Ltd.

Dirty Games Truth or Dare

Dirty Games Truth or Dare is another entertaining application for couples and adults which enables them to enjoy exclusive truth and dare that you have never seen before. Dirty Game – Hot Truth or Dare is damn entertaining stuff introduced by Nour Nicolaos Moubayed, which is used massively due to its amazing providence.


Foodie provides an elegant way to live life according to your tastes. Foodie – Camera for life is a fine product of SNOW, Inc. which brings a classy application and a necessary companion for a modern sociable foodie.


Postagram is a famous application introduced by Sincerely Inc. which transfers beautiful postcards for only 1.99 dollars including printing and shipping costs. Postagram Postcards is a great application to mail your photos and other memories as beautiful postcards.


IceBreak is the personality application introduced by IceBreak Technology LLC. IceBreak – Break the Ice has made the connection easy. This application covers essential things whether you are looking to network your filed, discover a 6th player for your outdoor hockey match, and meet your soulmate for the real-time.


You&Me is a great and probably the best application for your wedding in Sri Lanka which enables you to assemble a local dream team for planning your upcoming wedding up until your honeymoon to deliver a class to your life.


Kindu is another classy application which enables the couples out there to enjoy their intimate desires. Kindu – Romantic Ideas is a great application introduced by Franklin Innovations LLC, which carries some romantic and classy features for both of them.


Desire is a game for couples to have some quality time for their relation. Desire – dare your partner is a great application introduced by Desire Technologies, Ltd which bring a game for couple to enjoy.

Wheel of Love

Wheel of Love is another intuitive application for couples to spend their upcoming moments in an intuitive way. Wheel of Love ❤ (for couples) is another fine application through which you can easily add some variety through this ideal game for couples.

More About Couple Widget

Couple Widget is another intuitive application for couples where they can enjoy their upcoming moments in an ultimate way. Couple Widget – Love days Countdown is an easy to use application with various widget functions, and you do not have to tap the app for getting its functionality. Couple Widget is a simple and easy to use tool that allows you to know an important anniversary continuously if you just enter the couple’s information. It allows you to confirm the anniversary and counting down by pretty widget with your damn memorable photos. Couple Widget – Love days Countdown lets you confirm the days to go to the next anniversary without any trouble through a graph. It allows you to decorate your anniversary with a precious, lovely person by the widget with the photos. Some of its main features let you show days been together, show widget and edit widget, select themes from its category, show anniversary (10, 100, and the day before the anniversary). So just download Couple Widget – Love days Countdown, and enjoy your lovely married life with more fun.

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