Coupons, Deals and Weekly Ads Alternatives for iOS

Coupons, Deals and Weekly Ads

Coupons, Deals & Weekly Ads is an application that makes sure you never miss out on your favorite stores and the deals that are offering. The user can look for different coupons and discount offers in the area near them with the help of their current location… read more
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18 Apps Like Coupons, Deals and Weekly Ads for iOS

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1. IBotta

Ibotta also called as Cash Back Coupons is an application where smartphone users can cash back amid shopping and get coupons. Individuals can get real money on the things they want to purchase which incorporates purchasing things, just like, milk, egg, rolls, and vegetables. The application is extremely necessary for which individuals can look for changed things through the hunt alternative. They can make their shopping rundown and after that quest for coupons from different sources. When they finish their shopping and send the receipt back to the application designers, it is transformed into genuine cash. All the money that the client gets can be spared and after that exchanged to their financial balance through PayPal. In the event that they lean toward an alternate choice, the stock can be changed over into blessing cards to well-known stores everywhere throughout the world with the goal that individuals can purchase the things they like efficiently. This money back coupons are upgraded day by day, and new ones as often as possible included with the goal that individuals can search for different offers from their most loved store where they need to shop. These stores incorporate Kroger, Walmart, IKEA and numerous others. This cash back alternative spares the general population from the promo codes, rebate offers which can take a while. Individuals can save a major measure of cash each week and with the assistance of this choice you can get genuine money specifically on your smartphone and utilize it as indicated by your will. Discovering things. However, this application can bring about the client getting money even before going to a spot and searching for various things, for example, eatables to hardware. This application is, along these lines, a great decision to shop and gain money.


2. Checkout 51

A modest bunch of new couponing portable applications is making it simpler than any time in recent memory to spare cash on basic needs, short the paper, scissors and scraps. Furthermore, buyers are snatching at the open door with intensity. Checkout 51, a free portable application intended for coupon scissors in the U.S., dispatched on Jan. 9, 2014 and has as of now seen more than 350,000 downloads. Organization delegates expressed that the converging of couponing with portable innovation was a characteristic blend. Accessible without any cost from App Store for Apple iOS smartphones and on Google Play for Android devices, the application is organized reasonably just. Every Thursday, Checkout 51 offers new offers for 16 to 30 items from national brands, like SC Johnson, Kellogg’s, Mondelez and others, Godfrey said. The customer may buy these items from any store, whether block and mortar or an online retailer, yet a short time later they should check their receipt onto the application to record a credit for the comparing coupon. Once a part’s record has come to a $20 credit, a check can be issued or the cash can be held to collect a higher parity.


3. Ebates Cash Back

Ebates Cash Back & Coupons is a place where people can earn valuable cash just by shopping at their favorite online stores. It is a simple application that pays you to shop online. People can receive up to 25% cash back for every time they use this app to make a purchase. The main benefit of this platform is that it is free to use, and people get $5 on making their first purchase through it. There are more than 18 hundred stores listed on Ebates and along with cash backs, several other offers such as coupons, special offers, and free deliveries are provided. There are many features of this application which can be useful for the user. The main one is the cash back shopping where people can search for different items and make a purchase. It also has a browser of purchase which helps people find the things they are looking for in an orderly manner. Different coupons and discount cards exist in this app, and people can also avail the facility of free delivery. New deals are added every week so that people can get the best value for their money. Another interesting feature is the double cashback option which some stores offer, this increases the amount you are earning. People can find their favorite stores and compare prices of different famous brands online. On inviting other friends, the user can receive up to $75 while they can manage their page with includes their tracking history and coupons list. People can also get notifications for latest deals and a purchase they have made. Overall, it is an excellent option to buy things and earn a good chunk of money.


4. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a new way of getting the cash back from the shopping you have made from your nearby stores. It is a kind of rewarding app that pays you some amount you have spent on the recently made shopping. It doesn’t matter from where you have made the shopping and what you have bought. Receipt Hog pays openly to its users. It is very easy to earn cash with this application. Wanna know how it is possible? It is very simple to start with this app. The first shop from anywhere even from the local store and buy anything you want. Now take the pic of the receipt you have got to buy things. Send the pic to Receipt Hog, and you will get the chance to enter into the reward scheme. But before this it worth clearing here that you will not get paid at once for sending receipts. You will first earn points, and these will then redeem against cash and prizes.


5. The Coupons App

The Coupons App is a versatile application where people can get rewarded for doing their favorite activities. They are able to enjoy a variety of sales, coupons, deals and discounts on the products they want to buy, or have to buy in their daily routines. They can also get the benefits if they are eating at their favorite restaurant or visiting their favorite place. These benefits are added daily and new ones are updated regularly so that the person using the app has more choice and freedom while shopping and can do so with interest. The main benefit of this app, which lacks in several others is that people are able to compare prices of different products before buying it. This price comparison helps them in making the right choice and spend less amount of money. Another advantage of this app is that people do not have to print their receipts out and can just access all the information and shopping lists from the application which saves the space and time. People can also share all the coupons, deals and prices with their friends on different social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. There is also an option to save cash back cards which show the deals available at your nearest stores and people can navigate them easily. Option of activating alerts on the items people want to buy at a later time which is not available on their favorite store is also there. There are also weekly sales from famous outlets which people can avail if they are using the app. A widget of the app is present which shows latest coupons and deals on your homepage so that you don’t have to surf through the application unnecessarily. In a nutshell, there are all the tools in this app which a person needs in order to make their shopping experience wonderful.


6. Flipp

You know your smartphone or tablet device can replace physical books, magazines, daily papers, tickets, Starbucks cards, etc. Presently there’s one more printed thing getting the virtual treatment: a week after week handouts. Flipp is a free application that totals all the week by week shopping booklets for your territory. Just enter your ZIP code and it’ll see all your neighborhood stores. Here in metro Detroit, for instance, it created an astounding 75 flyers – every one of them scan like imitations of the genuine article. In any case, they’re a great deal more intelligent than the genuine article. For one thing, you can hunt down stores, as well as particular things. So on the off chance that you need to see which store in your general vicinity has the best cost on, say, iPads, that is a snap. The coolest element by a wide margin, in any case, is the rebate slider, which you can use to highlight things marked down and things with the biggest discounts. As you slide it, you’ll see coordinating things illuminate while nonmatching stuff retreats to an obscured foundation.


7. SavingStar

SavingStar is one of the leading cash back grocery savings application that offers a handsome cash to all its users who made shopping in their local areas and stay in touch with this app by sending the purchase receipt. SavingStar is not an ordinary application at all. It has many things to offer to its users in the shape of cash back system on receipts, product offers, grocery coupons, freebies, savings schemes and much more. You don’t need to go with the products of leading brands at all. All of these offers will remain applicable on your favorite brands as well. If you are buying from authorized stores of SavingStar, then send the pic of your loyalty cards. In other cases, it is enough to forward the scanned receipt to SavingStar.


8. Krazy Coupon Lady

Krazy Coupon Lady is an application which makes you shop more and more with the help of exciting offers and cashback deals. Just as the name suggests, there are crazy offers and several discounts on the items which are utilized by people daily, and there is a wide range of products from where people can choose what they want to buy. This app is not restricted to just women as the name reflects but can be used by anyone who wants to do shopping and discounted rates. The app is very simple in which people can search for different things through the search option. They can create their shopping list and then search for coupons from various sources. People can look for more than 50 deals every day and thousands of cashback coupons from many famous retailers and cash back providing platforms. People can also create their own shopping lists and then buy the things they need whenever they require. An interesting feature of this application is that people are able to take pictures and then share it with their friends on the platform with the help of ‘brag’ options which make it a fun way to shop. People can also make use of different videos and tutorials related to getting and making use of coupons, this is extremely helpful for the ones who do not have prior experience in the field of discounts and coupons. The user interface is a little complicated since many options have been fitted at one place but that does not stop people from availing different options which are updated on a regular basis. There is always something new for people to avail and get excited about. All in all, this application is a good choice for people who want to earn discounts or the ones who are new to this field of benefiting from their shopping.


9. Shopular

Shopular is a great shopping product of Ebates that brings way many interesting deals on the best brands. It is a find app that helps you to find the finest collection of deals, coupons, and weekly ads for your favourite and most likely stores and brands like Walmart, Target, Cartwheel, Kohl’s, Macy’s, and more. Shopular Coupons, Weekly Deals for Target, Walmart brings the most exciting coupons app that will give you the best sales, coupons, and ads that can easily be seen using your mobile phone. It is a widely used application that delivers extremely verified codes and coupons, and you can even enjoy exclusive cashback as well. Shopular Coupons, Weekly Deals for Target, Walmart covers the sales of more than 1k malls across United States including the largest outlet malls, mobile coupons, and ads are updated daily in that way you can never miss any single update from this application. It also lets you aware of the weekly ads, and sales of a list of well-known stores. It gathered all the hand-picked stuff so that you can enjoy ultimately and redeem coupons right from your mobile phone.


10. Groupon

Groupon is that name of a leading deals and coupons application that gives you a chance to get to and appreciate an enormous number of offers from your smartphones. From dialect courses to suppers at Egyptian eateries, trips far and wide or knead sessions – you can discover every one of this and more on Groupon. From Groupon’s app, you regularly need to print your Groupon on a bit of paper and convey it with you to show at the comparing area, yet because of this application, you can express the greater part of your Groupon on your cell phone without printing anything totally. Groupon works in an extremely straightforward manner. Consistently, it declares a progression of offers temporarily or until the stock runs out. On the off chance that you see a deal that you find fascinating, you will get a period in which you can focus on it, be it a sentimental supper at an eatery or an outing some place fun. Groupon is an incredibly intriguing administration, and this versatile application performs all that you could ask for it. It makes getting to every one of the deals on the site considerably less demanding.


11. RetailMeNot

One reason that RetailMeNot is such a mainstream online coupon web page is a result of its group-based methodology. By including the encounters, learning, and perspectives of customers, the app can report the achievement rate, legitimacy, and usability on the coupons, promos, and rebates they highlight. Accessible for customers in the United States and Canada, individuals assume a necessary part in the accomplishment of RetailMeNot by offering a go-ahead or thumbs down for coupons that end up being duds, and additionally reporting regardless of whether they could utilize the code by any means – like if the coupon has effectively lapsed before its recorded date. RetailMeNot utilizes every one of this data and input to evacuate and classify the sections that are not useful, invalid, or lapsed. Bragging the dispersion of more than 500,000 coupons from more than 50,000 stores, RetailMeNot permits clients to spare cash in an extensive variety of retail classifications that incorporate apparel, gadgets, magnificence supplies, child items, health, adornments, toys, auto administrations, home and garden, and travel.



Gaining ground in associating customers to an assortment of reserve funds, is one of the primary online assets of today giving week after week daily paper supplements a keep running for their cash. has developed notoriety for offering online coupons with a fixation on giving funds on well-known basic supply things, like, grain, cleaning items, refreshments, over-the-counter medication, diapers, infant sustenance and numerous different things from brands, such as, Kellogg’s, Johnson and Johnson, General Mills, Clorox, Kraft Foods, and Pampers. Gloating a great many fulfilled customers that sing their gestures of recognition, and a normal of more than seventeen million interesting guests to their site every month, has upgraded their remaining with customers throughout the years concerning the nature of reserve funds offered, and in addition the accessibility of a versatile application that does considerably more than simply locate the most recent coupons. Conquering any hindrance amongst customers and a portion of the main mass stock retailers and supermarkets in the nation, conveys funds from more than two thousand brands to the cutting edge of smartphone screens over the United States. Given this app, customers can better tailor where they look for goods, and what they eventually choose to purchase as a result of the sorts of reserve funds they can secure utilizing


13. SnipSnap Coupon App

SnipSnap Coupon App is a fun application that helps the user get the cards arranged in a way they want and can avail them whenever they like. People who do not like to cut the vouchers and keep them in a safe place at home will love this application which lets the Android camera of your phone do all the work. The user just has to click the picture of any offer they have in a print form while the app will automatically convert all the images, texts, and bar codes into an offer online coupon which are for everyone to avail anywhere. These include all the offers that come in the Sunday newspapers, or a supplement or by your post. You just have to follow the steps and make life easier for yourself. On visiting a store, the user just has to present the picture or bar code of the offer which can be scanned and offers viewed. People can also search for different coupons in the app or the ones their friends and family have recently examined. There are many other features such as in-store reminders by which people who are visiting a particular store will get alerts on deals related to that warehouse. All type of coupons can be scanned through this app while people can also follow their social circle and connect with them to discuss and share the latest deals. Whenever a coupon is about to expire the app will send an alert to the user so that they do not miss out on any sales. People can also look at other people’s coupons and how much success they have had in redeeming them. There is also an option of activating location-based offers on which notifications about a particular offer in the nearby area show on the home screen. Overall this is an application that will help you get the best deals from the most famous stores and help you keep all your coupons safe.


14. Shopkick

Shopkick that is known as Rewards and Deals is an application that gives the smartphone users a chance to get blessing cards on the shopping that they do. There are more than twenty million customers of this application who get the best offers and have so far earned more than sixty million dollars’ worth blessing cards from the most renowned stores in the United States. At whatever point you purchase something through this application, you gain focuses which are called kicks, and you can recover those focuses fit as a fiddle of blessing cards after a predefined limit. Getting kicks is a mere occupation, individuals just need to visit a store close-by and do some shopping you even get focuses for going to a store regardless of the possibility that you don’t purchase anything. The choice of giving your MasterCard subtle elements is additionally present with the assistance of which individuals get significantly more focuses by examining highlighted things at various stores and purchasing them. When you think you have achieved a particular level, those focuses can be changed over into blessing cards of your decision with the goal that you can shop considerably more at your most loved retailers. Individuals can likewise get focuses by purchasing foodstuffs, drugs, and other fundamental items that they require in everyday lives. The primary drawback of this application is that you need to enter your charge card points of interest, and a portion of the elements are just restrictive to individuals who do that. Something else, most components don’t cost anything, and everybody can use them. The application is easy to utilize, and the interface is well disposed which makes individuals need to use this stage more. By and large, this app gives a decent esteem for cash, and you get blessing cards from the best stores.


15. Grocery Smarts Coupon Shopper

Grocery Smarts Coupon Shopper is an application where people who love shopping can get the best discount offers and latest coupons to avail while they are getting the product they need. Most of the latest deals and items are updated every day so that people get the most recent deals which are beneficial for them. All the necessary items that people buy in their everyday life are listed correctly, and their prices visible with their name so that people get to know the prices of the product instantly, all the offers related to them show along with the name. People can also create their shopping lists so that whenever they go shopping it becomes easier for them to get the items they need quickly. The app also lets the user edit their list if they want to add any item they have missed. All you have to do is to enter the item you require, and the app will automatically create a shopping list and the total price that you are expected to cost. With that, all the offers related to individual items and weekly sales from top brands are also shown for the ease. The interface of this platform is simple and gives a refreshing look. You can also compare the prices of different brands from the application. There are different types of coupons present, the ones which are easily printable will show a link to them while the ones which you can keep on your phone and has a barcode, people can save at one place in the application. In short, this application is an excellent choice for family shoppers who go out every week to buy essentials and want some savings on their shopping.


16. Crownit

Crownit is an application which gives people cash back on the items they purchase in their daily lives or are interested in buying. People are able to save a lot with the help of these from the coupons provided by their favorite store or brand. The app offers many other options which are useful in every way. People can search for all the items from the app and get a broad range of choices along with it. Once you enter a search query, they not only get the details about the product but also get the prices of it. There is also an option of comparing the prices from different brands to decide which one is more suitable for you. People can create their shopping list for the items they want to buy, all the prices are shown along, and the list can be edited at any time if they change their mind and want to change or add the products. Deals related to items such as clothes, electronics, books, furniture, accessories and even pharmaceutical are present on the app. There are many advanced features too, for example, people can add their credit card number and use this app as their online banking ATM card. They can not only shop for it but can also pay their bills and make payments at any time. The process is simple, you have to load your account and then spend through it. There are multiple modes of receiving money once your account reaches a certain amount related to cashback. People can directly transfer it to their bank accounts, get the recharging balance on their cell phones, pay a utility bill, buy tickets of their favorite movie or even get gift cards instead of money. It also gives the option of looking for deals in your local area related to shopping and eating. All in all, this app is a proper platform where people can get the best deals related to things that matter to them.


17. ShopAtHome

At present, there is a radical new universe of cash procuring and cash sparing chances to investigate that follow in the same vein, and ShopAtHome has been gaining ground for a long while now. The site is a real blue approach to profit while saving money on online buys that incorporate dress, hardware, basic supplies, eateries, excellence supplies, and numerous more things. Giving buyers access to a portion of the best coupons, arrangements, and money back open doors for more than fifty thousand stores, eateries, and organizations at any given time, ShopAtHome is a free reserve funds site that has been around since 1986. Helping individuals spare and gain cash for essentially doing the things they’d ordinarily do when shopping both online and disconnected the app is additionally known for joining top coupons with a money back offers to expand reserve funds. You may be somewhat incredulous with reference to how a site like this can stand to pay you to shop and appreciate selective coupons and arrangements in the meantime, however it’s a quite basic idea to recognize – ShopAtHome gets a commission from retailers when one of their individuals makes an online buy utilizing a connection highlighted on their web page.


18. MuddleMe

MuddleMe is a new platform which provides the user an opportunity to shop and buy different products through the app with the help of various tools. It also gives them valuable return if the shopping is done through their platform and people are able to get a fat percentage back on the amount they spend. There are different offers present for people to utilize while all the products which are essential for people are present there to be bought. All the goods which are in the app are listed in a proper manner, people can see the prices of all of them along with the name, and if there is a discount offer, that will also show the item. This not only saves time but gives valuable information to the person who wants to know all the related details. There is also an option of creating your own list of shopping which can be edited and new items can be added. This helps in knowing what you want to buy when you visit a store. When all the elements are added, the app will generate an estimated price of all of them to help you in knowing how much you are going to spend and how much discount you will get on all the items you are buying. The search is advanced, and people can earn different terms or keywords about the thing they need. They can also search a product by different categories such as dairy, poultry, electronics, and vegetables. People can also do shopping from the local retailers, all you have to do is to enter your area code and all the products, shops and deals available in this field will show on the app. People can also invite their friends to use this app and then get around 10% return whenever they make a purchase. Individuals who want to shop and spend less will be euphoric while using this application as it provides them will all the tools for saving.

More About Coupons, Deals and Weekly Ads

Coupons, Deals & Weekly Ads is an application that makes sure you never miss out on your favorite stores and the deals that are offering. The user can look for different coupons and discount offers in the area near them with the help of their current location. There are various options in the app which can be beneficial for the user. People can swipe through altered coupons and offers from their phone and look for the one that suits them. They can also find weekly adverts related to their favorite stores and search for local deals in the nearby stores they usually visit. The user can also create their shopping list to make sure all the things they need to buy are there when they visit the store. People can edit the list easily, and prices of all the products display along with other offers. People can find different products such as groceries, dairy products, clothes, shoes, electronic goods and many other daily items. Ads for sale and different discount rates along with coupons which are searchable through this application. Best deals available on the internet are present through your phone, and people can find them easily. Information and contact details of all the local stores are also present in the case of any problem and queries. There are many other features of this app as well which can be helpful for people finding the coupons and trying to get discounts on the item they want to buy. This app also gives information and contact details of the stores in the nearby area for people who can get in touch with them in the case of any query. All the coupons, offers, and ads are arranged in a proper manner so that people do not find it difficult to search for their particular choice of item and sales. There are many other features of this application as well which make it a frequently used application within the United States for shopping and discounts.