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Crafty Amino

Crafty Amino is a fine application by Amino Apps, which carries some exceptional and probably one of the fastest growing mobile networks for handmade crafts. Crafty Amino for Crafting and DIY is a great application with a huge number of users through which they can enjoy theirs as well as other’s crafts in an intuitive gallery… read more
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6 Apps Like Crafty Amino for Android

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1. Quilting Calculators

Quilting Calculators is an amazing application which helps you master the math for the real-time involved in quilting. Quilting Calculators is a fine application developed by Handmade interactive, which carries a number of significant features for the worldwide users. It carries an update collection of eight essential quilting calculators designed by elegant quilters, and these calculators efficiently work with both metric and U.S. measurements. With these calculators, you will effortlessly and precisely work out how many rectangular pieces can be expurgated from a comparatively larger piece as well as how much fabric is needed for backing, borders and batting, set-in, square in a square, and corner triangles, etc. It provides a fabric measurement converter through which you can convert between measurements in fractions and decimals. Other than these, Quilting Calculators provides backing and batting calculator, piece count calculator, pieces to yardage area calculator, binding calculator, square in a square calculator, border calculator, corner triangle, and set-in calculator. So just download this quilting application named Quilting Calculators to enjoy the collection of calculators for free right on your mobile phones.


2. Quilting Tutorials by MSQC (Missouri Star Quilt Company)

Quilting Tutorials by MSQC is a fine-looking and widely used application which carries some exceptional quilting stuff for people from all over the world. Quilting Tutorials by MSQC (Missouri Star Quilt Company) is a great product of Missouri Star Quilt Co. which brings a collection of quilt patterns to choose from expert level individuals as well as beginners alike. You will definitely love learning to sew with this elegant application, and you can enjoy new tutorials all the time. Quilting Tutorials by MSQC is a fine app that helps you shop the world’s largest selection of precut fabrics at the most reasonable or probably the lowest prices. Quilting Tutorials by MSQC (Missouri Star Quilt Company) even offers a number of attractive daily deals at almost 30 percent to 90 percent off on a daily basis. You simply have to download Quilting Tutorials by MSQC and then head over to Missouri Star Quilt Company’s website just to get sewing and your suppliers. So just download Quilting Tutorials by MSQC (Missouri Star Quilt Company), and enjoy the app for free now.


3. Quilt Now

Quilt Now is another amazing application for the people who are adoring patchwork and quilting and who love the contemporary fabric. Quilt Now is a remarkable application introduced by Practical Publishing International Ltd. which helps you get the best quilting companion. Each of its issues is filled with the beautiful quilting projects and patchwork techniques from a number of the leading experts from all over the world. Quilt Now application is produced by quilters for quilters, and each of the issues showcases stunning quilting stuff. This fine quilting application works incredibly by providing lap quilts to the full-size bed quilts, accessories, bags, cushions, and all using the widely, latest available fabrics. This application lets you have quality stuff by finding inspiring ideas for refreshing your home decorating material along with the great gifts and fun quick make creations as well. Quilt Now app is beneficial for both beginners as well as skilled quilters so whether you are any of these, it will surely inspire you by introducing new techniques and fabrics to kick-start your next project. So just download Quilt Now, and enjoy all these amazing features for free.


4. Patchwork and Quilting

Patchwork and Quilting is another amazing application introduced by Immediate Media Co, which enables its users to enjoy the gorgeous modern quilting projects from fun gifts and on-trend home décor to the fabulous quilts and cushions. This application helps you find the best mix of designs to get amazing designs in one of the most convenient ways. Love Patchwork and Quilting brings step by step instructions which helps you make each project easy to understand and follow. This application keeps on improvising its stuff through which you can enjoy new things for best quilting on a daily basis. While on the same side, the crafty ideas and the top tips from some professionals ensure that you’re always discovering new skills and probably the best and the most flexible ways to use your fabrics. Each of the upcoming months comes with a new mix of technologies to try, and you would love its fascinating features about the designers you love contemporary muse to spark your creativity. So just download Love Patchwork & Quilting to enjoy the latest fabric collection reviews, news, advice, and other tips to help you get the most from your damn hobby.


5. Craftsy

Craftsy is one of the most elegant applications where thousands of millions of people showcase their talent and creativity on display. Craftsy is a well-known product of Craftsy with millions of followers. This application is going amazing for providing some classy features. This application allows you to explore hundreds of easy to enjoy classes (online), in almost every class, plus a huge collection of suppliers and kits and thousands of project ideas from creative, curious makers like you. Craftsy brings one of the most effective learning platform through which you can access a massive collection of video classes in quilting, sewing, embroidery, cake decorating, cooking, crochet, knitting, painting, drawing, photography, paper crafts, woodworking, gardening, and way more. So a man or a woman with any of these interest would love to have this app on their mobile phone to bring their hobby as well as any professional or domestic work to the extreme level. You can not only watch but also download these video lessons to your mobile phone while you are online so that you can watch them without any internet. So just download this intuitive app named Craftsy from the stores and join millions of quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and various other makers.


6. Free Motion Quilting Ideas

Free Motion Quilting Ideas is another universal application which enables its users to enjoy quilting at both beginner as well as professional level. Free Motion Quilting app makes it easy to manage all the quilting stuff with ease. This application makes everyone to take the guesswork out of the free-motion quilting with almost 16 fresh allover designs. Each of its offered design provides step-outs and animated videos showing you the exact guide to create these awesomely stunning and practical motifs. It has precisely explained several stitches with high quality video tutorials. Free Motion Quilting Ideas provides a massive video library which helps the making of learning at your own pace. This application brings more than 16 fresh allover designs including loops, paisleys, peas in a pod, swirling vines, swirls, tubes, petals, rectangular meanders, ribbons, flames, hearts, leaves, pebbles, round flowers, stipples, and waves. This application helps you watch videos everywhere, anytime without any internet connection. It brings almost 5 bonus videos to enrich your experience (works with internet connection). So just download Free Motion Quilting Ideas to get the most out of it.

More About Crafty Amino

Crafty Amino is a fine application by Amino Apps, which carries some exceptional and probably one of the fastest growing mobile networks for handmade crafts. Crafty Amino for Crafting and DIY is a great application with a huge number of users through which they can enjoy theirs as well as other’s crafts in an intuitive gallery. You can easily create a profile in this app to showcase your passion for handmade hobbies, crafts, and handcrafted gifts. Crafty Amino for Crafting and DIY is a good way of connecting with other sewers, jewellers, quilters, knitters, and other home artists from all over the world. This application lets you discuss your favourite projects of DIY, handmade items, and works in progress. It is a great source of getting a massive following by sharing your discoveries, creations, and thoughts with others for the real-time. You can find new inspiration by discovering other member’s creative patterns, projects, and how-to tutorials. Crafty Amino for Crafting and DIY helps you show off your latent finds, obsess over the latest news, connect with local crafters, and create polls and discussions to share knitting, jewellery making, beading, ceramics, paper crafts, sewing, scrapbooking, and more.