CurrenC: Exchange Rates Alternatives for iOS

CurrenC: Exchange Rates

It is the currency converting and exchange rate app developed and published by despDev. The app is not much famous among the users as it is new to the market but it is one of the most convenient currency converting app available right now on all platforms… read more
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8 Apps Like CurrenC: Exchange Rates for iOS

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1. XE currency

XE Currency is an app for the conversion of world currency. It works without the internet. Live proprietary currency rates, charts, and last updated rates are available at XE Currency. Every minute, it refreshes with exclusive live rates. It calculates prices with the help of the currency converter. Monitor up to 10 currencies simultaneously. You can compare your currency prices with XE Rate Advisor.

Over 20 million people have downloaded this app. Find 30,000 currency charts for historical rates. It can convert prices without the internet. XE Currency featured as the best app, according to the BBC, the LA Times, CNN, and The Travel Channel. It is also available on Apple watch so you can view & refresh currency rates on it. To reset rates, shake your device and facility to add a new widget to your notification center.


2. Clear Currency • exchange rate & money converter

Clear Currency is the currency converting app developed and published by Davetech Co., Ltd. The app is not famous though but is really useful and is one of the best app available for converting currencies in the market right now. The strong built-up and alluring setup of the app makes it quite convenient for the user to use this app for the purpose of converting currencies. Crystal clear retina display and high-quality intense graphics of the app make it best for viewing and provides best possible currency converting experience. The app can convert multiple currencies in the real-time, the user can convert as many currencies as he or she want at the very same time. The currencies through this app can be converted directly from the default browser of the mobile. The app provides two widgets together for the user that are a currency converter and an exchange rate monitor. The app can convert 170+ currencies from all over the world. The app enables the user to access the previous old rates through the feature of historical rate charts. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from iTunes directly for iOS devices.


3. Valuta + (Currency Converter)

Valuta + is the currency converting app that is developed and published by Daniel Nohr. The app is one of the fastest and easiest currency converting app among all the other app that is available currently in the market stores. Although the app does not possess any extraordinary and unique features, the basics of the app are too strong that it avoids all such flaws of the app.

The app has a normal built-up with average quality graphics. Still, on the other hand, the user interface of the app is tremendous and is quite simple and easy. The user can efficiently operate the app and achieve their required goals. The app is never the less a pioneer app among all the currency converting app as it is much quick and fast than the other apps.


4. Currency by Jeffrey Grossman

‘Currency’ is the currency converting app developed and published by Jeffrey Grossman. The app is one of the most highly rated currency apps of all time. The app has been awarded many awards, including the best app for iPhone from 2008. The app has topped almost all the performance charts worldwide and is even praised by the critics. The outstanding performance of the app is entirely associated with the extremely substantial build-up of the app.

simpleThe straightforward and direct user interface, along with crystal clear and high-quality graphics, makes the app one of the top app used for converting currencies. The app provides more than 150 currencies from all over the world for conversion. The calculator given by the app for currency converting is quite simple and easy that anybody can use it with complete comfort.


5. Easy Currency Converter

Easy Currency Converter is an application for exchange rates. This app provides you more than 180 currencies having lived exchange rates and offline mode. Due to its offline mode working, you can save money when you are traveling abroad. This app allows the user to convert multiple currencies at the same time. With the help of search feature, you have access to add new currency in the app, and it will also deliver you historical graphs of currencies rates from day 1 to last five years. Easy Currency Converter access all these live rates and charts from You have access to create your currency list, and you can see significant currencies instantly. The new version of this application have lots of changes in it. Low-resolution displays layout have some improvements in the new version, and some design issues are also solved. The number of news per currency increass in this app, and this news is now sortable according to relevance or time.


6. My Currency Converter – Currency & Exchange Rates Converter

My Currency Converter is the currency converting app developed and published by jRuston Apps. The app is the real giant among all the apps present for currency converting on all the platforms currently. The powerful and real solid build-up of the app makes its working more smooth and efficient. The app has such a beautiful and alluring user interface with high-quality graphics that can attract the user instantly towards the app. The app is having most gorgeous outlook among all the rest currency converting apps. The app supports and converts the currencies of from 150 different countries of all around the world. It is the first app that provides the access to BitCoin, LiteCoin, and DogeCoin at the same time. No other app supports all three of these. The exchange rates shown on the app are real-time and are updated automatically without refreshing or anything else. The user can also invert the two currencies accordingly. The app converts the currency up to 3 decimal places providing the maximum accuracy of conversion. The user can download it from iTunes for iOS devices.


7. Currency Converter Plus

Currency Converter Plus is a currency converter application designed for online currency updates. Currency Converter Plus will convert more than 191 currencies from all over the world with the help of online update conversion rates. You can also make simple currency calculation without an internet connection. This app has specially designed keyboard, and it furnish pure currency selection using currency search function. One of the amazing features of this app is that the user can access rates of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Currency Converter Plus has a high contrast layout for super visibility and a calculator keyboard for add, subtract, divide and multiply values. A feature of Plus function will provide unique return money calculator, and you have the ability to edit currency rates and enable or disable currency rate auto update. This app allows you to make the conversion of some historical currencies like German Mark, Spanish Peseta, French Franc, Italian Lira, and much more. It is a free application available for all iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones.


8. Banca currency converter

Banca currency converter is the most beautiful and alluring currency exchange and converting app developed by Aleksandar Vacic. The app is the real pleasure to use to convert currencies and view the exchange rates. The app with a steady build-up and an impressive and catchy outlook, which makes this app best not only looks wise but also in the performance.

The app equipped with really high quality and high definition graphics, which makes the app more alluring and astonishing. The app is for those who want to convert the currencies in the real lightning-fast manner. The app provides live currency updates to the users so that they can convert according to the very current rates and can never be misled.

More About CurrenC: Exchange Rates

It is the currency converting and exchange rate app developed and published by despDev. The app is not much famous among the users as it is new to the market but it is one of the most convenient currency converting app available right now on all platforms. The powerful setup and solid build-up of the app are the main reason behind the flawless and smooth performance of the app. The high definition graphics and colors of the app make it more catchy and appealing for the users. The app can convert almost all the currencies of the world. The app provides full coverage and tracking of the exchange rates too. The unique feature of the app includes exclusive charts displaying the trends of currency rates and fluctuations in the rates. The user can adjust and customize the currency rates for own custom calculations or comparison. The app provides the ability to the user of converting currencies while offline. The app is free of cost but additional features of the app have to be purchased. It can be downloaded from Google Play for Android devices.