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dapulse is a simple yet perfect tool for those business who want to get out the real output from each team member connected to a common tasks. The quality of this project management application is that it comes in a ready to use format and containing various integrated tools and functions for the better management of the work… read more
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Trello is a kind of project management and real-time collaborating application for all level of teams and groups. This app is basically designed to be used from the smartphones for the purpose of making meaningful collaboration and making the reasonable outcome from the work done.


This app allows its users to see visual timeline of their work. With the usage of this application both beginners and professionals can attach files and create better workflow management that suited to their needs.


Wrike is a tasks management and project management application for all level of users from team of five members to the large group having dozen of members. This web-based project management app empowers its users with the features of enjoying full visibility and getting full command and control over their tasks.


Teamwork is real-time project management, workflow management and team management application that allow the business and professional users to keep all of the team members along with tasks synchronized at a centralized place.


This simple to use app will enable the team members to manage projects and tasks on the go. Asana is basically a team tasks, conversations, team and project management application that offers the easiest and simplest ways to its users to track their work and get faster results.


Basecamp is a project management and real-time online collaboration application with the quality of putting those entire things that any team or group need to get work done in a centralized place.


Slack is in fact a business communication based application that brings all type of collaboration at a centralized place. Slack is in fact a real-time archiving, messaging and searching application for the complex teams of today.


With the millions of users across the globe, Todoist is a real-time project and task management application available for all devices and operating systems. Three key benefits of using Todoist are the facilities that it is offering its users in the shape of accessing their tasks from everywhere, real-time collaboration on shared tasks and distraction-free design.


WorkFlowy is the pack of a lot of organization tools from managing personal tasks to the professional tasks. It aims to make the project and task management life of its users easy and simple by offering the facilities in the shape of taking notes, making lists, real-time collaboration, brainstorming, project planning and much more.


MeisterTask is one of the most intuitive collaboration, project management and task management application for both web and smartphone users. First make an account following some simples steps and invite the team members to start working and communicate in real-time from the communication platform of this application.


Producteev is called to be one of the best task management apps for the big teams who want to manage multiple projects at once. Getting real-time performance on the ongoing projects and progress of each connected team member are two main advantages of using this application.


Collaboration is the main issue that results in failure of successful completion of any projects if it is not going on in proper order. Without effective communication it is impossible to complete any project on time.


Taskulu is an all in one project, tasks and team management application for small and large sized teams. It empowers its users with various management facilities in the shape of real-time chatting, flexible task management, time logs and deep integrations with external management services.

Flow Tasks

This project management and project performance tracking application aims to simplify the work of its users by offering them a lot of management and resources organizing features and functions. The working process in this application starts from prioritizing the to-dos first and after that delegating tasks to each connected team members and in the end tracking the real-time performance of both project and team members.


Hitask is a simple to use business task management application that features the system of cloud synchronization so that the users can work from all supported connected devices. The user interface of this task management application is so easy and simple that it makes the process of organizing and managing work really easy and simple for its users.


Packed full of advanced features like real-time collaboration, tracking progress and performance, Paymo is a project management application that empowers its users with those tools that assist them in delivering the project on time while keeping in the available budget.


DropTask is basically a visual task management application to manage multiple tasks, projects and to-do task either along as a part of a team. The main advantage of using this project management program is that it enables its users to always simplify the complex projects to get the big and clear view on progress, status and how the assigned people are doing the work.


Taskworld is a new way to work smarter by bringing all available resources along with human force at a centralized platform to work together towards any task or project. Today millions of users are using this work management application to enjoy the modern management features in the shape of visual task management system, team messaging, team collaboration, project planning, duty assigning, progress tracking and much more.


TaigaApp is a real-time project management app that is basically designed for developers, programmers, business users and those project managers who want to simplify their complex work. This application is simply a better way to work with all platforms and available for almost all operating systems and devices including smartphones and tablets.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks is a fine tool which lets you get things more things done by managing, capturing and editing your tasks and projects from anywhere you want and on your desired devices through its extreme level data syncing.

Jira Software

Jira Software is an amazing team, task and project management application which is working immensely great throughout the world. This is an easy and effective software for making teams and gets your work done from them in an efficient and classy way.


ClickUp is an excellent productivity platform which provides a fundamentally exclusive and unique way to work solo or even with your entire team. ClickUp: Productivity Platform app was presented in the market by Mango Technologies, Inc.


Workzone is an excellent tool which allows you to access your employee portal from any of your desired locations, whenever you want. Workzone is a great tool presented in the market by WebScale Inc.


Scoro is one of the fully featured and probably the most comprehensive work management software solution used by creative as well as professional services. Scoro is an easy to use management tool presented in the market by Scoro Software Inc.


Zoho is an online application, an excellent office suite and a good handful of utilities targeted at perfecting your personal productivity and that of your collaborative projects. Completely free to use as well as needing just that you sign-up with an e-mail account, it gives you access to all of the available applications.


Quire is an exclusive and new generation approach of managing tasks and start collaborating over your desired thoughts, ideas, projects, and more. Quire: Unfold Your Ideas app was presented in the market by Quire Team Inc.


Clarizen is one of the sleekly designed apps which brings effective project management solutions as well as enterprise-class work collaboration that harness the power of the cloud to get your necessary stuff down with better result intuitively.


Podio is a fine tool which allows you to manage your tasks and projects and stay connected with your entire team members right under one platform. Podio is an ultimate companion app which enables you to create, manage, and run your entire projects and make collaboration with your team members in a way like never before.


LiquidPlanner is an industry leading app which brings the capabilities of managing your project and all the concerned things in an ultimate way. LiquidPlanner – Project Management, Scheduling, and Collaboration app was developed in the market by LiquidPlanner Inc.


Proofhub is a classy and easy to use project management solution for managing your projects, remote teams, clients, and other tasks, no matter how complex or big they are. Proofhub – Project Management Solution is an elegant project management tool presented in the market by ProofHub Inc.

Project Insight

Project Insight has made the management of work way easier and effortless by letting you do everything right through your mobile devices. Project Insight – Project Management Software app was presented in the market by Project Insights Inc.


TaskQue is a simple to use yet a powerful task management application which intuitively optimizes the productivity of your team by using the resources through an intelligent task management mechanism. TaskQue – Smarter Task Management app is a widely used application introduced in the market by TaskQue, LLC, which helps all the project managers to get an all in one place for getting their desired things done.

eXo platform

eXo platform intuitively makes a connection channel to your organization’s personalized and private of this app. eXo platform app allows all the enterprises to set up an exclusive collaborative extranet internet, enterprise social network as well as knowledge management system.

More About dapulse

dapulse is a simple yet perfect tool for those business who want to get out the real output from each team member connected to a common tasks. The quality of this project management application is that it comes in a ready to use format and containing various integrated tools and functions for the better management of the work. No business can complete any tasks successfully unless all of the resources and human work force is connected and given proper duties and line of instructions. Thanks to the management system of this application that assist its users in these both areas. With the usage of this application, the smartphone users can easily manage workload and communicated with other team members to ensure the successful completion of work. The working process of dapulse is so simple that even the non-technical users can use this service without even getting any training at all. The simple working style of this application will surely save the huge amounts of time and will allow the users to make the things happen. It is also possible to track the performance anytime.

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