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Dark Horse Comics which helps you enjoy all your favourite comics at your fingerprints anytime, anywhere. This intuitive application offer access to the most exciting tales from Hell boy, Canon, Avatar, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Serenity, Mass Effects, and much more to its worldwide users… read more
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23 Apps Like Dark Horse Comics


LINE WEBTOON – Free Comics

LINE WEBTOON is one of the most widely used platforms which brings the best way to read and enjoys comics, manga, and manhwa right using your mobile phones. LINE WEBTOON – Free Comics is an intuitive app bought in the market by Naver Webtoon corporations, through which people from all across the world can access a damn collection of comics and enjoy them ultimately.


Tapas is a gorgeous comic, stories, and novel reading app for the worldwide readers which enables everyone to lose yourself reading awesome stuff. Tapas – Comics, Novels, and Stories is a production of Tapas Media, Inc.


Crunchyroll is an up to the mark entertainment app which helps worldwide users to enjoy probably the largest collection of anime. Crunchyroll – Everything Anime is an endless fun app introduced by the Ellantion, Inc.


COMICA is another intuitive application which helps users to enjoy reading and watching the favourite stuff regarding comics. COMICA – Free Webtoon Comic is a cool app introduced in the market by The Comica Entertainment Corp, through which you can enjoy Korea’s and Indonesia’s best comics which are effectively chosen from the comic challenge.


ComiXology is another extraordinary app which helps you explore a collection of more than 100,00 of digital comics, manga, graphic novels, and other stuff from the Marvel, Image, DC, and more. You can start the trial of a month of the ComiXology unlimited and choose the collection of more than 10k comics, manga for US-based customers, and graphic novels.

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics is another dead-awesome app available in the market featuring the world’s most extensive and popular superheroes and allows its worldwide users to enjoy reading of hundreds of comic books.


iComics is a universal app comes into the market by the Tim Oliver, which helps everyone to enjoy a DRM-free comic reader over the iOS and other devices. iComics – Digital Comic Reader is a fabulous app which carries a number of intuitive features for the worldwide comic lovers and allows everyone to read comics from their own collection smoothly, and quickly.


Webcomics is a super stunning comic provides which allows everyone to swim across the ocean of the comics, and novels with just a single click. Webcomics – Free Webtoon Komik Novel Manga Manhwa allows its users to enjoy reading their favourite content regarding novels, manga, manhwa, comics, and other stuff for each day.


Spottoon is a superbly mobile-optimized digital content delivery service and publisher, and the Local-Global Partners with the Huffington Post. You can easily manage your comic library and even enhance your collections by adding more and more of your favourite stuff on the move.

DC Comics

DC Comics is another intuitive comic providing app as well as one of the most extensive English Language publishers of comics in the entire world. DC Comics is packed with superb comic features, featuring the wide variety of genres and characters including Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, wonder woman, Green Lantern, Bat Man, The Flash, and many others that people love.

Astonishing Comic Reader

Astonishing Comic Reader is another gorgeous app which enables the worldwide users to enjoy the next-generation comic reader full of outstanding features right from their mobile phones. Astonishing Comic Reader app comes with a collection of the simple and elegant interface through which you can browse and read all your favourite comics on your device.

WebComics – Daily Manga

WebComics – Daily Manga is another fabulous application introduced in the market by the SideWalk Group Inc. It is a very famous licensed manga and comic reading platform through which users can get access to all type of comics and manga on the move right through their mobile phones.


ComiCat is an extensively used, slickest, and the most robust comic reader and a catalog manager, introduced by Meanlabs Software. ComiCat (Comic Reader/Viewer) allows the tap of a button to have your device scanned and all your comics nicely arranged in the virtual bookshelf for an instant or convenient access.

Tory Comics

Tory Comics is one of the most curated and probably the world’s most initial Webtoon platform powered by TonyComics. Tory Comics – Free Comic WebToon is a highly customized app which enables its users to experience the global webtoon and comics in a variety of language from all across the world.


Comico is a widely used application and probably the most popular online comic app in Japan and now presenting in Indonesia. Comico: Komik Online #1 Paling Popular Dari Japan is a famous product of NHA Entertainment Singapore Pte Ltd.


TappyToon lets everyone to enjoy ultimate new comics and exclusive webtoons right on their smartphones, introduced by Contents First Inc. TappyToon Comics & Webtoons is a fine looking app which enables you to discover popular and hot comics, and discover your next obsession.

Challenger Comics Viewer

Challenger Comics Viewer is another intuitive stuff bring into the market by The Challenger Inc. through which people can enjoy advance comics, PDF, books, and manga viewer right through their cellphones.


Branch is another exclusive app which brings a place where you do not need master level drawing skills to build comics. Branch – Hellopet, Webtoon, Comics, and Cartoons is a highly personalized app jam-packed with usable graphics.


Izneo is another great application when it comes to accessing as well as reading comics, manga and BD. Izneo, Read Manga, Comics & BD is a fabulous app which enables everyone to read digital comics, manga, and BD on the move on your mobile phone or table in both online as well as offline mode.

Komik Reader

Komik Reader is probably the most initial comic as well as manga viewer and an intuitive collection manager specially designed for Android Tablets and Android Smartphones. Komik Reader – Free application enables its users to enjoy the support of CBR, CBZ, image, ZIP, 7Z, PDF, and many other comic formats and allows you to enjoy comics in almost all formats.

Key Collector Comics

Key Collector Comics is another intuitive application comes into the market for providing the excellent database as well as price guide to focus exclusively on the key issues. Key Collector Comics Database & Price Guide app brings everything you need as a collector of comics or even highly-sought after issues such as speculation books is shared into one resource.

POP Comics

POP Comics is an ultimate publishing platform for the reading as well as sharing the manga or comics that you create and own for 100%. This application enables anyone to become a professional comic or manga creator by publishing their own content right on this platform to increase their fame.


PageFlip is one of the widely used and free webcomic reader apps that helps you automatically bookmark the comic strips that you have been reading. PageFlip – Web Comic Viewer allows its users to set up a decent comic reading list and easily view comic strips in the way they are meant to be on the cellphone.

More About Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics which helps you enjoy all your favourite comics at your fingerprints anytime, anywhere. This intuitive application offer access to the most exciting tales from Hell boy, Canon, Avatar, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Serenity, Mass Effects, and much more to its worldwide users. Dark Horse Comics is also an exciting app if you are looking for Manga such as Criminal Macabre, The Goon, Sin City, Dragon Age, Halo, Tomb Rider and Empowered, and various others. It brings a cloud-based technology, and its purchase is based on the Digital Store and can be read on your laptop, tablet, desktop and mobile browser. This intuitive comic provider app helps you read and enjoy all your favourite comics right on your cell phone, and you can even access them anytime you want. It carries an ideal atmosphere which includes way many creative professionals and a few years later, Dark Horse Comics has become almost the third largest comic publisher in the US. It helps you access your favourite comics in horror, comedy, action, arcade, thriller, science fiction, and variety of other genres as well. So just download Dark Horse Comics, and enjoy comics whatever that you love.

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