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Dark Sky is another elegant weather forecasting application, introduced by The Dark Sky Company. It provides the accurate details of hyperlocal weather conditions so that you can quickly get to know that when the scary rain starts and stops, down to the minutes… read more
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1. eWeather HD

eWeather HD brings high accuracy for forecasting weather in your area, to achieve useful data for any of your concerned need. eWeather is one of the most informative apps about weather and other environmental conditions that provides weather forecasts, current forecasts, and other things about different weather conditions from different providers. Some of these include NOAA radar, weather alerts, latest earthquakes, storm forecasts, pressure changes, wind and moon sun calendars, Meter, visibility on the roads, etc. EWeather HD – weather, air quality, alerts, radar provides a precise barometer with a pressure graph and headache indicator. Using its severe weather alerts, geomagnetic storms, and eclipse alerts, users can easily make their ways to handle these situations so early. It brings information from two world-renowned weather forecasters. eWeather HD – weather, air quality, alerts, radar also provides air quality and population information, tornado and hail probability, earthquakes information, Hurricane tracking, Tides forecasts, yearly weather archive, Weather buoys, and way more things to bring precise weather situations. Other than these, it also brings twenty original widgets including geomagnetic storms, radars, barometer, and some others. So download eWeather HD – weather, air quality, alerts, radar, and get alerted.


2. Weather Underground

Weather Underground lets you get warned from all the weather conditions on your mobile phones to take a glance at the scamming’s alerts. It is a widely followed weather application that provides the most accurate hyper-local weather forecasts to its users daily. Weather Underground: Forecasts also offer interactive maps, satellite maps, radar, severe weather alerts, and a lot more.

You can get precise status notifications so that you can instantly view the current conditions about the temperature and other stuff. The present conditions from your local and national weather stations include wind speed, wind direction, dew point, visibility, feels like temperature, and other stuff. Weather Underground: Forecasts brings super concise 10-days forecasts summery on a daily and hourly basis.


3. WU Storm

WU Storm is a Weather Underground LLC’s production that enables its users to get a number of advanced features for measuring and monitoring weather and its related detailed forecasts right on their mobile phones. It delivers a high definition and advanced features for its worldwide users who have pretty much concern with the weather situations according to their particular doings. This app brings precise details about all the weather situations in many millions of areas through which you can easily measure all the statuses about the weather conditions. There are many other intelligent features that provides advanced radar, wind animation, detailed weather forecasts, lightning notifications and real-time alerts using its continuous running GPS in the background. WU Storm provides an advanced storm cell tracking through which users can precisely take an eye on the sky for upcoming storms and hurricanes so that you can do all the precautions before the happening of such minor or gigantic tragedies. WU Storm provides real-time severe weather updates that make you alerted from such big weather changes. You can easily download this weather app named WU Storm to keep an eye on the sky.


4. NOAA Radar Pro

NOAA Radar Pro is another intelligent tool through which users from all over the world can easily monitor weather forecasts and rain map from this app in their pocket. NOAA Radar Pro: Weather Alerts is an easy to use yet powerful weather station that provides actual animated weather radar images on a highly intellectual and interactive map loaded with severe weather alerts and warnings. It is a great tool for people who live in an area where weather situations knowledge and its forecasting matters a lot. It provides a notification centre widget that grants access to the current temperature, weather forecasts for upcoming day and night hours, and today’s min and max, etc. with simple swipes. It also carries an advanced tropical hurricanes and storms tracker that helps you manage saturation before some disaster happens. Other than these, you can choose a number of frames, set satellite overlays, animation speed, and set the opacity for radar. It brings an intelligent background maps, 7-day and 24-hour weather forecasts, current temperature, sunrise and sunset time, pressure, wind, and dewpoint info, and lot more. So just download NOAA Radar Pro: Weather Alerts, and won’t allow ugly weather take you by surprise.


5. NOAA Radar US

NOAA Radar US is a famous product of Shuksan Software, LLC through which users can enjoy HD weather forecasts and radar on their smartphones. This superb weather detecting tool is pocketed with a series of exciting and useful features through which millions of customers are satisfied. NOAA Radar US – HD Weather Radar and Forecasts provides an hourly predicted radar, optional image smoothing, clutter control, choice of radar images, and composite images of echo tops, storm total precipitation, and composite reflectivity. It let you know about 7-days forecasts of weather in addition to the current location. It also delivers severe weather such as flashing weather, tornado, severe thunderstorm, flash flood, and other warnings along with satellite imagery and cloud cover. NOAA Radar US – HD Weather Radar and Forecasts provides advanced radar layers, play, pause and step animations, multiple map styles, displays time of radar, fast zoom in and out, restore and save your last locations, and more. You can have some charming features for getting all the current and future weather details in your pocket having NOAA Radar US – HD Weather Radar and Forecasts on your phone.


6. WeatherPro

WeatherPro was published by the MeteoGroup that is a leading weather company working extremely great for a getting a reliable grip on weather conditions and providing much-needed weather forecasts. It is a pretty much reliable and an award-winning app that provides high quality and detailed weather information to its loyal users from all over the world. There is a precise list of weather forecasting features through which you can get a precise notification about all the current states about the weather. It delivers 3-hours forecasts for the week including wind direction, wind speed, air pressure, temperature, precipitation amount, relative humidity and probability. Weather Pro allows the viewing of forecasts as a graph for an easy to use, alternative outlook. You can easily get precise worldwide warnings and alerts for extreme and severe weather situations. You can also get connected to your personal weather station as well through its global satellite and animated radar for the United States, much of Europe and Australia. Some of its additional features include the support of weather news, live wallpapers and current weather photos, and precise weather reports in more than 2 million locations.


7. NOAA Hi

NOAA Hi is a weatherSphere product that helps its users to bring their weather forecasting simple and straightforward right from your mobile phone. It is a widely used application that helps users to have a simple yet robust combination of science with the viewing of animated weather radar images on a highly interactive map in vivid colour. NOAA Hi-Def Radar provides new weather map options and damn new radar. Its new high definition radar delivers glamorous precipitation details, and you can easily see freezing rain areas in pink colour so that you can better know where hazardous road conditions are likely. It brings new layer on the map that lets you see the recent weather activity 6 to 12 hours. NOAA Hi-Def Radar provides snow cover, earthquakes details, water temperatures, road weather, wind speed, clouds coverage, radar, and cloud and radar together, etc. You can precisely get alerts on the weather for tornadoes and thunderstorms, etc. NOAA Hi-Def Radar provides flood watches and warnings, storm tracking, hurricane and tropical storms, winter storms with detailed information, earthquakes, marine, and coastal alerts so that you can manage upcoming situations.


8. WindAlert

WindAlert is a great weather detecting tool that helps its users to get live and real-time wind weather reports, and weather forecasts. It is your most trusted weather source which provides the real-time wind reports from more than 50k stations worldwide. WindAlert: Live Wind Reports & Forecasts provides a number of useful and the finest wind reports from hundreds of exclusive Wind Alerts stations around. It provides free weather forecasts that help its users to get all the leading global forecasts at your fingerprint. WindAlert: Live Wind Reports & Forecasts comes with the master class edition of forecasts models so that you can get wind alerts with WF-WFR proprietary forecast model which cannot be beaten. You can also create your favorite list to keep a constant eye on the go to stations of weather. You are also provided buy tide reports, radar map, mutual charts, satellite map, cloud map and lot more. It provides exclusive wind reports, Pro forecasts, and lot more. So just download WindAlert: Live Wind Reports & Forecasts to get a precise grip on the weather and wind conditions in your palm.


9. NOAA Weather Radar

NOAA Weather Radar is an Apalon Apps invention that bought an easy to interact yet powerful weather station right on your mobile phone with weather alerts and other details. It delivers real-time animated weather radar images forecast and never let bad weather harm you. NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts is a sophisticated application that provides most accurate weather forecasts through which users can get to know all the future facts about their current weather. It is an intelligent application that helps its users to catch pressure, wind direction and flow, the chance of humidity and precipitation information, pressure changes, wind speed, visibility details, and more. It allows you to take a look at the current weather location and take the top weather notification by the top-notch functionality of the weather radar. It provides pressure in inches, mbar, kPa, mm, wind speed in mph, Km/h, Beaufort, and Fahrenheit/Celsius and Miles/Kilometers, etc. NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts provides real-time animated meteo radar on a highly interactive terrain as well as the satellite map enhanced with severe weather warnings and alerts so that the weather does not surprise you at all.


10. Weather Live

Weather Live is a great weather detecting application through which you can precisely check the weather around you and around the whole world at a glance. Now you can better monitor weather, relay on the accurate weather forecasts, and manage your schedules to the upcoming weathers. As weather is sometimes difficult to predict, but this app provides an extreme weather app enables you to find out the details forecasts of weather no matter where are you. You can easily get to know the weather for upcoming 7-days easily by simple taps. Weather Live Free tells you about the current temperature, wind speed as well as direction, sunrise time, sunset time, weather radar, rain maps, and other useful data about weather accomplished by the live graphs and animations for the more elaborative experience. You can easily check all the recent and upcoming weather forecasts without opening the app, and choose a widget to get the essential weather with ease. You won’t even have to see the window as the app will make you feel that you are already having a precise grip on the outside of the window.


11. MeteoEarth

MeteoEarth is a fine app by MeteoGroup that helps you discover the world with your fingertips. This weather earth allows you to get simple finger commands to zoom in and zoom out and around the 3D globe. It allows you to pause, move, and rewind in the time for the 24-hour weather forecast. You can easily save an unlimited number of favourite locations to get an update on the weather of any part of the world. MeteoEarth lets you get precise information about the hurricanes and typhoons with the storm tracker through which users from all over the world can precisely get to know the bad weather conditions and make their way through handle all these scenarios. This app brings way more things to measure temperature in multiple units, pressure, direction, and speed of the wind, cloud, and combine and choose multiple weather layers to display precipitation, cloud cover, pressure, and wind, etc. Other than these, you can also get precise access to thousands of live weather webcams covering the popular destinations from all over the world. So just get MeteoEarth on your mobile and be aware of some unhealthy weather conditions in your area.


12. Yahoo! Weather App

Yahoo! Weather is another stunning tool for detecting weather through which users from all over the world can forecast weather in an ultimate and precise way. It lets you prepare for any upcoming thing by getting actual hourly and daily forecasts of weather of your place. It is a fully featured weather tool that helps its users to make their way through getting precise weather situations of any place that they want. You can easily manage your days with the most accurate hourly, ten days, and five days weather forecasts. You can also enjoy a collection of stunning flicker photos that match the time of day, your location, and current scenarios. Yahoo! Weather lets you get all the necessary details about the weather by providing wind flow, pressure, and the chance of precipitation including rain, hail, freezing rain, and snow. You can easily see animated sunrise and sunset, pressure and wind modules, and browse interactive maps such as heat, snow, satellite, and radar. Yahoo! Weather enables you to track all of your desired cities and destinations, so just download it and get alerted to some severe weather conditions.


13. KATV Channel 7 Weather

KATV Channel 7 Weather is another app that enables its users to get to know all the upcoming details about the weather so that you can better manage your upcoming doings. This weather forecasting app is probably working tremendously great for providing up-to-date severe weather conditions and most accurate weather information and forecasts. KATV Channel 7 Weather is also proving one of the best weather detector and provider app in Arkansas for decades. It enables fine access to the stations specifically, and you can enjoy 250-meter radar having the highest possible resolution. It brings future radar support that let you know about all the upcoming severe weather conditions and high-resolution satellite imagery. It provides current weather update, daily, and hourly forecasts of weather and current weather details multiple times per hour. You can also add and save your desired locations as well for having a particular awareness of weather from that particular state or location. KATV Channel 7 Weather brings severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service and bring a fully integrated HPS support as well.


14. RainAware Weather Timer

RainAware Weather Timer is another weather detecting application that helps you get precise information about the weather to make your work done precisely. You can accurately get to know about the rain and storm times in your current locations by letting you know about the minutes as well hourly updating criteria. Through this stunning stuff, you can get to know about the updates of rain and other severe weather rainy conditions to get alerted from some tricky scenario ahead. Rain Aware Weather Timer brings cutting-edge techniques to make a customization precipitation forecasts, no matter where you are, and where you’re going to. It brings a rain counter down the minute exactly until the precipitation arrives or leave your GPS location. You can get precise notifications every minute to stay updated with the most unimaginable weather conditions. It changes background images according to the current threat, and you can check rainy times in more than 13k US cities. Having RainAware Weather Timer app, you can easily get to know the precipitation time for downtown areas, pro golf courses, major airports, pro sports stadiums, and more. So just download RainAware Weather Timer app to stay ahead of changing weather.


15. WillyWeather

WillyWeather is an intelligent application that brings some sensible features for detecting weather in an ultimate accuracy. It is an elegant weather application packed with rich features that include BoM radar and satellite, sunset and sunrise times, swell and UV forecasts, detailed wind pressure and direction information, rain, tide, and phases of the moon. Willy Weather is one of the most accurate weather forecasting application that helps you get weather details about one of the most classy weather providers including Australian BoM (Bureau of Meteorology). It lets you go beyond the average weather circumstances by fine tune forecasting data from more than 17k Australian locations including suburbs, parks, rivers, islands, lakes, beaches, and towns. It brings precise 7-day weather forecasts so that you can easily get to know the future weather conditions and manage your scheduled work precisely. This weather detecting app brings an intuitive grip on hourly forecasting of tides, wind, UV, and other details of weather precisely. WillyWeather is a great application that helps its users to bring about their daily work routines, weekends outings, and other stuff by taking a look at the future weather forecasts.



WBAY RADAR is an effective tool which enables its worldwide users to get the most precise way of getting news and notification about the weather of your place. WBAY WEATHER – StormCenter 2 app is developed by Gray Digital Media Inc. through which people can precisely get weather reports through trusted weather experts. This application enables its users to get the most advanced radar, digital technology, weather, etc. It brings live interactive radar with various layer options that let you track the storms and other severe conditions around you. WBAY WEATHER – Storm Center 2 provides precise alerts for severe weather go to your home screen and concisely cue an audio alert. It brings the latest video forecasts and current weather conditions anywhere in the United States. You can also share the conditions of weather over various social platforms. Other than these WBAY RADAR also brings live streaming videos from some highly reputed news channels. It alerts you about the severe and must-have weather right on your mobile devices. WBAY RADAR lets you set plenty of custom locations to track alerts, radar, forecasts, and various other things. So just download WBAY WEATHER – StormCenter 2 app and never let the weather catch you again by surprising you.

More About Dark Sky

Dark Sky is another elegant weather forecasting application, introduced by The Dark Sky Company. It provides the accurate details of hyperlocal weather conditions so that you can quickly get to know that when the scary rain starts and stops, down to the minutes. Dark Sky – Hyperlocal Weather’s stunning map allows you to explore the weather in the past or the future so that you can manage your trips, meetings, and other outgoing plans accurately.

Its detailed radar lets you see the conditions of the storm in real-time so that you can bring about stuff accordingly. It featured in the New York Times, Fast Company, Wired, Wall Street Journal, and more. Dark Sky – Hyperlocal Weather provides down to the minutes forecast to tell you the exact weather conditions.

It brings rain notification alerts and notification along with the severe weather and custom alerts to keep you on the top of ever-changing weather situations without having to open the app. You can precisely schedule a daily summary, and it will send you morning weather reports accurately. So just download Dark Sky – Hyperlocal Weather app and have precise weather details on your phone.

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