Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a sci fi shooter game that is, in fact, the next version of the Dead Effect. The game features the fantastic graphics, high-class stunning sound tracks, tons of weapons to collect, upgrading system, and much more all set in the single player campaign… read more

Apps Like Dead Effect 2 for iOS

#1 Critical Ops


The fans of this game called it a nonsense game where there are no rules for gaming at all. It is an open environment based first person shooting game that is most of the time is being played among the FPS game lovers in multiplayer mode despite the fact it support for single playing mode as well. This fast paced shooting game will test your tactical strategies and reflexes. It will give you the chance to freely discover and experience the thrill of the modern day warfare as you will fight a critical strike operation to cause destruction as a terrorist. Fight for the domination of the good forces. If your friends are ready to help you then you can also make them as part of the team as well. if you want to fight alone then you can also go for that too.  Show the world how skillful you are when it comes to participating in these kind of combat missions and compete with the others over the scoreboard.


#2 Hitman: Sniper


Hitman: Sniper is a shooting game where you will take on the role of the Agent 47. This first person shooting game is, in fact, a fixed position shooting game set in the beautiful sceneries. This game is particularly designed for the smartphone devices and to offer the best touchscreen control to the players. In this game, the players basically deploy the environment to explore the creative path to kill the basic targets of the game that are sometimes promoted by secondary objectives. Using mission progression, you will be able to unlock more powerful weapons and even the abilities of the weapons as well. Most of the reviewers and first person shooting game lovers praised this game for its cleverness and minimalism of its best puzzle design and its dense activity scenarios. Move into the game and become the ultimate silent assassin. Get yourself ready to step into the shoes of Agent 47 in a mission to discover the most compelling sniper experience on the smartphones. Here you need to hone the strategic skills and orchestrate the perfect assassination kill shot.

#3 Call of Combat: Ultimate Shooting Game


Call of Combat: Ultimate Shooting Game is an ultimate first person shooting game that will change your concept of the FPS based game because of the missions and challenges it has to offer to you. The game apparently seems to be very simple but at the same time is the house of a lot of fun and entertainment that you will like to have again and again. You need to become the first hope of the dying humanity because only you are there to become the last witness of a dying city. Don’t feel mercy on your enemies at all and get yourself mentally ready to shoot, kill and prevail by defending your trenches in this first person shooter game. The game is available for free to download and can be played without any limit and restriction at all. The streamlined features and functions of the game are an epic campaign in a ruined city, beautiful gameplay environment, a system for playing with friends, crazy aliens to kill, tons of bullets and unlimited weapons to kill the enemies and much more.


#4 Rivals at War


In this FPS game, first, you will need to recruit and give training to an elite team that can follow your orders. Your trained shooters and soldiers must be ready for performing their duty anytime and anywhere. The problem is that the trained soldiers and shooters need to be trained again on each mission and their weapons need to be upgraded as well. Now after arranging all of your manpower and weapons, attack the opponents and watch epic head to head battles. Make it sure you have a strong plan with you to conquer the rival teams from across the globe. You have to fight for victory and become the commander of the commander. You have no other option except to take the courage and fight against the enemies. In the game, you need to battle across different combat scenarios each with having its own 3D battle field and military missions involved. For this, you need to assemble the troop and choose from six unique soldiers and much more.

#5 Fields of Battle


Fields of Battle is an extreme level of first person shooting game that is backed by new battling and fighting levels. This game will give you the opportunity to take the carnage anywhere as the developers present this game named Fields of Battle. If you are a real first person shooting game or a paintball player, Fields of Battle is a game to satisfy your desire to blast the competition with ground breaking gesture and motion based controls along with leaning out from cover, sliding, diving, throwing grenades and much more. This game will take your smartphone mobile shooting experience to the next level. If you consider yourself a real shooter then Fields of Battle is a real combat game for you where you need to manage your gear and adjust the position and angle the shots. Its merits to mention here that the game doesn’t offer auto aim function at all rather it depends on your skills and pure actions. The availability of instant leaderboards will allow you to give you the option to check out who is ruling over the scoreboard.

#6 Frontline Commando 2


Install this highly advanced first person shooter game and allow the bullets fly in the sequel being the front line commander in the game. Game critics called it the game the sort of game that the players could easily play while on the subway or on the way. You have to decide how much and up to which extent you can fight against your opponents. If you want to be the real front line commander, then you must first build a team of mercenaries and exact revenge against all of the enemies. Assemble the elite squad and recruit only those soldiers that are ready for the hard training and after giving them training, lead the team into battle. Now lead the squad to the victory through forty different kinds of missions that are divided into thirteen elite challenges to shatter your mind. You have to battle for the supremacy. If you want to play in multiplayer mode, then you can set a challenge to the other players as well.

#7 SHADOWGUN: DeadZone


SHADOWGUN: DeadZone is, in fact, a smartphone based shooter game where you like the gameplay environments just like that of the console. This game is containing a high-class graphics like the leading gaming consoles on the smartphones and tablets. SHADOWGUN: DeadZone is at the moment available for the both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Gather your those friends who are willing to fight with you and build a team to kick those bad assess that are destroying the environment of the world. This intense shooting game will offer you the deadliest weapons to aid your quest for the glory. Its players called this game the intense paced multiplayer combat game that supports for playing for twelve players connected at once. This third person shooting game puts the players at right in the middle of a futuristic war zone. Make it sure you have plenty of bullets are your disposal so that you can get rid of your enemies completely. The game contains two best gaming modes to give you a real thrill.

#8 Unkilled


Unkilled is, in fact, a multiplayer zombie survival shooter game based on the principle of first person shooting game. This multiplayer game has been awarded much time for being the best looking smartphone shooting game ever seen over the internet. The game is packed with a wide range of functionalities and gaming features like the extra-long storyline, multiplayer gaming mode, special options to customize, and availability of unique kind of weapons. The center of the game is the New York City that has been attacked by the zombies, and the player needs to outbreak all these from the area. For this, he needs your assistance as by sitting out of the ground you can clearly monitor what is actually going on. The game needs a hero like you who must have the grit and skills to take on the undead and find out who or what catalyzed this cataclysmic event. Your story will start from the five unique characters that are elite members of the task force called in to do the dirty work on the streets of The New York City. You are the part of a private military organization designed to explore, track and eliminate any and all threats. In doing these activities, you will uncover more plots.

#9 Bullet Force


Bullet Force is a fast paced multiplayer first person shooting games with lot of features and functions like modern weapons for fighting, customization system, setting own rules and much more. The game is the pack of over fifty deadly weapons that are highly customizable and you can customize them according to your own requirements as well. At the moment this action adventure game contains four different game modes each fill with a lot of difficulties. Bullet Force also allows its players to set the custom matches y creating their own custom match with their own playing settings. The game involves cinematic features and a free spectator mode and also an option to disable the HUD as well that make the game play environment simply perfect for the montage need as well. For multiplayer game mode, you must have an internet connection. In case you don’t have internet connection then don’t worries you can still play this game in offline mode with bots in a skirmish and campaign mode.

#10 Modern Strike Online


Modern Strike Online is a first person shooter game that is set in a high-class graphical environment and support for dynamic multiplayer battling. For those players who are the fan of old counter terrorist action based games will surely like playing this game. The jaw dropping graphics of that are optimized for the low performing devices and the armed confrontation system will bring entertainment into your smartphone. You must take the advantage of being the part of a battlefield of this game and confront your enemy. It is prime time to blitz. You must know about the features of the game that are about fourteen kind of maps that are in fact game levels, six combat modes and option to create own game play environment with own rules, availability of seventy types of weapons, rockets, guns, body armors and much more, customizing of weapons, upgrading gear system, different game modes, and much more. This shooting game will really surprise you with its gaming environment.

#11 Modern Combat 4


Modern Combat 4 is FPS game based app for the smartphone devices and is the fourth installment in the Modern Combat series. The fourth installment of the series contains high definition graphics and several other improvements like real time shadows as well. The game has got some other developments as well like military support options and more advanced tactical gameplay environment and campaign programming. The game is set in the era of 2037 where an undercover armed force is planning to dominate the world, and for this, it is fighting against Phantom Unit. Modern Combat 4 is different from the earliest versions on many aspects in which first most prominent is that it features a multiplayer gaming mode as well. In this game, twelve players can take part in any game mode. Moreover, it also features the map based levels and areas in the single campaign as well all with multiple game types. It also allows the players to customize the classes of the games as well with the different slots available for that purpose.

#12 Afterpulse


The pulse has changed everything. The rules of power are changing, and in fact, they are getting unstable. There is an environment of uncertainty throughout the world. The great leaders of the world are deploying their military over the borders because anything can happen without any prior notice. You also need to protect your territory. However, unlike most of the leaders, your task is not only to attack the others, but you also have to restore the peace of the world as well. Every detail integrated into this action adventure game is basically designed to take advantage of the smartphone platform and also to take notice of the capturing the essence of the console shooting game as well. The result is in front of you in the shape of unlimited hours of fun and intense game play system that is backed by the ultra-smooth and fully configurable touchscreen controls system. The distinguishing feature of the Afterpulse is that it gives its players the opportunity to become the soldier that they want to be so that they can fight with more passion and dedication.

More About Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a sci fi shooter game that is, in fact, the next version of the Dead Effect. The game features the fantastic graphics, high-class stunning sound tracks, tons of weapons to collect, upgrading system, and much more all set in the single player campaign. Dead Effect 2 is the best addition to the RPG style character development is one of the best deeper shooters game for the smartphones. It is simply stunning as compared to the most of the FPS games. This action paced first person shooting game is looking to push the boundaries of the shooting based games. The best about Dead Effect 2 is that it is a console quality action shooting game with RPG elements. In the game, you need to follow the enticing storyline and need to train and develop your character, collect and upgrade weapons, gear and high tech body implants. The game will offer you the console quality graphics and sound system that was difficult to find in most of the shooting games.

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