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DECOPIC is a widely used photo editor which comes with a tremendous collection of features which makes your pic seems like a masterpiece in no time. DECOPIC, Photo Editing App is an ultra-popular app which lets you enjoy lots of free decoration functions through which you can add unique and extraordinary stuff over your pics… read more
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18 Apps Like DECOPIC for Android


1. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is one of the best creative photo editing app that is the most useful platform for the reason for remarkable photo editing and making digital drawings. PicsArt Photo Studio is simply a free photo editing app which contains the functions of photo effects, and lots of other tools by utilizing which you’ll obtain pictures of professional levels. It’s an app that will make you ready to create stunning images and change your simple photos into the work of art and enable the others to determine you. This app consists of the tools and functions like several photo editing tools, custom filters and effects, image overlays, text addition, sticker collection, artwork tools with a layer, sketching tools, advanced creative paint brushes, and the majority of those features and functions that you simply needed for the best work. In addition to all these, this app can as well be useful for producing animated GIFs and video clips. There are a suitable image sharing and system in this app which you can use for collaborative editing. Crop tools, improvement tools, text overlays, layer editing, photo filters, easy to customize brush features and a large number of others to provide you with a complete control of all of your pictures and share the idea with others.


2. PicLab

PicLab is a technique to enjoy your ideal moment by utilizing the creative tools of the PicLab. The writing device, artwork & 3d stickers, inspiring overlays, filters, adjustment and many other instruments will enable you to express yourself in the simplest way. Photos made with the PicLab will show the creativity in design. Take advantage of this app and add stunning text and artwork to your photos. There are lots of modifications and filter systems that will enable you to get an amazing work. You will be provided with a vast number of stickers and artwork so that you could get the well-designed photos of yours rather than dull and boring pictures. By implementing this app, you’ll get creative pictures and make your thoughts sweeter. The addition of amazing overlays and light effects will undoubtedly supply something totally new for you that you have never seen before in any other photo editing apps. This app is created with the gorgeous filters and photo effects to obtain the effortless method of modifying pictures. A fabulous collection of fans, designing tools, editing tools, brightness modifications, image re-sizing, system for adding a drop shadow to text, excellent collection, stunning photo filters as well as drawing tool will allow you to able to express yourself.


3. PicSay

PicSay is a best and free photo editing app you tell your story simply by creating beautiful images. The user-friendly interface of PicSay provide the users using a solution for editing images right from the mobile phone. It’s an app for enhancing photos with color corrections, red-eye elimination and adjusting the brightness. There are lots of stickers and picture frames to add special effects on your simple pictures. The list of obtainable features consists of customizing the photos reading text and titles. You can enhance your photos by utilizing multiple here, Glasses, Facial beard and also another kind of stickers. Pho.To Lab is also the future of this app. Lab is simply a technique to draw attention to the particular area of the picture. It’s also known as selective this scenario. Making use of this app, you can convert the picture to white and black and obtain this particular part in a multi-colored background having a unique look. From eliminating red-eye adjusting the color and then using the special effects and performing many other editing and designing functions, all are possible by using this app. In short, this app can be said as the method of spicing up the pictures starting from your mobile phone.


4. Lab Lab is a digital photography app consisting of all those services that you expect from a photo editor. Both you need a pre-set technique for automatically modifying the images or searching for a manual method of editing the photographs then here’s the Lab, that will give you both functions. Regardless of what you state of mind is Lab is provides the tools for all. It’s an all-in-one app to fix, improve and decorate your images as you wish. Do you have to hear about any photo touch-ups app that can even eliminate the skin defects, then this is the Lab, that provides the one lick portrait retouch in which you can remove the skin imperfections and defects automatically. Eliminating red-eye effects and performing many other face editing functions isn’t a big deal for Lab. An utterly amazing app where you will explore hundreds of effects for every moment. Built-in using the necessary photo editing tools, a method for face manipulations, and then the addition of stickers, fonts and picture frames make this photo editing app just beautiful and fantastic.


5. Cupslice Photo Editor

Cupslice Photo Editor is a user-friendly but extremely power and professional images app that offer its user’s endless frame, filters, and logo along with fundamental editing tools. It’s a spot to touch-up and enhance your images right from your fingertips. The useful photo processing tools of Cupslice Photo Editor will make your photographs beautiful. You’ll explore here the functions and tools like remarkable filters that are extremely easy-to-customize, trending stickers from classic to modern, and several others. The one disadvantage of applying this application is that it does not contain a lot of editing tools instead of its primary focus in on the available filters and stickers. Despite the fact that black and white-colored adjustment, brightness and adjustment, shade balance adjustment, cropping of photographs, frames and lots of other functions like these are obtainable in this app but manual command and control are extremely limited, and many of the features available here are ready to utilize. But it can also be said best in the term that people who aren’t familiar with the strategies of the photo editing may also use this application. In last, photo sharing is the important aspects of any photo editing application is also the part of this app.


6. Snapseed

Snapseed is a best and freeware photo editing app that enable the photo enthusiasts to improve their photos and selfies and utilize digital filters. The users of Snapseed cam edit their photos by using the swiping motions to choose for unique effects and improvement designs. In addition to this, the fans also can go for the automated adjustment system of shade and contrast and in this method everything will be automatically adjusted by the Snapseed. Moreover, it’s also capable of making and saving filter combinations but implementing the default and modifying filters. The very best above all is its exclusive method of keeping look in a shape of history that allows the users to restart work again simply by opening any the history. The function is not obtainable in the majority of the photo editing app except offering a direct saving. The combination of social media channels has made this application an excellent choice as now the users of Snapseed can directly share their artistic work with their friends on social-media platforms and websites using a great ease. Photo editing features, photo editing system, unique effects availability, brightness and contrast adjustment, healing tools to eliminate dust from photos, picture frames and lot of other editing and design tools will surely help you in making a next wonder around the world.


7. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a digital photo touch-ups app backed by the editing and designing tools of the Adobe Photoshop. This app has a lot of instruments from one tap auto adjustment to the step-by-step advanced editing and change. Making use of this app it will become simple for you to add, edit, and design your photos and manipulate them as you wish and ultimately share it over social media and photo sharing platform. The most important feature in this app is pro-quality that is very same as that of Adobe Photoshop that offers the users control over their photos’ colors, tone, vignettes, and detail. If you need to get ready to take your pictures to the next stage, then you’re required to explore the designing and effect tools of the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. For people who are familiar with the Adobe Photoshop will find this app truly useful. In finally, there’s cloud storage system of the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom by getting the member of which you’ll be able to find the advantage of accessing, arranging, and share your photographs from anyplace, anytime and from any device.


8. Pixlr

Pixlr is a free photo editing tool fulfill all of your editing tools. This app offers the users will complete control of all of your images such as the effects and layers. It’s an app by utilizing that the photo lovers can fix, adjust and filter the pictures right from your smartphone. Pixlr is merely obtainable in 2 versions that are simply an editor and express version. These two editions include different version like dealing with the layers, changing colors, modifying objects, quickly fixing the issues, including creative effects and even borders and overlays. By implementing the app of Pixlr, you’ll be able to make every moment of your stunning and memorable. Only modifying any app isn’t a big deal. However, offering with the creative designing and effects tools is the primary objective of Pixlr that provides the users an option to paint or even eliminate effects from particular areas. The users of Pixlr may even add text with plenty of expressive tools and ultimately they can share their mastery work with the other users as well. In addition to all these, this app may also be used for controlling selfies as well to obtain the look of Fashion followers.


9. Aviary

Aviary is cross-platform along with mysterious photo editing app for making pictures stunning in seconds simply because of utilizing the amazing filters, 3d stickers, frames and various other editing and designing tools that are available for free. Almost 20 free tools are there to build beautiful photos for totally free. The best about this app is that it may be useful for removing the imperfections by a single tap only. The professional effects and then the dual addition of stickers and frames will help you to stylize your shots and pictures. Another thing is that there are a large number of painting tools, memes and a lot of other functions to create animate like images. Just install this app and acquire the professionally designed filters and artistically crafted frames and stickers to set up and share the incredible pictures of yours. The overall user-friendly features of Aviary are touch-up selfies, blemish elimination, uniquely eliminate and change color with a splash, drag and drop experience. You have the facility to add drama with sharpness, modify business, change saturation, boost smile wattage, and in the final share the creativity with others more than social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


10. BeFunky

BeFunky is a free photo editing app that enables you to apply photo effects and modifies pictures of setting up the advanced and professional editing features of the BeFunky. It’s application for creating amazing pictures and interesting designs with the simple-to-use editing tools. The very best regarding its tools are that these can be merely utilized by the newcomers as well in addition to the expert as well. The advanced photo editor tools of the BeFunky enable the users to create beautiful photographs and interesting designs with simple to use skills and artistic tools. If you’re a person who is tired of using the complex editing features of the Adobe Photoshop, then you need to use the BeFunky to find the fresh experience of editing and designing. For all those functions and tools you are searching for are available in this application. Using the entirely new photo effects of this app, you’ll get the chance of making those level of photos that are in your mind. In the new edition, there’s integration of a touch-up system that offers the users using the state of the art designing as well as correction tools. The majority of the photo editing applications aren’t very best in dealing with a red eye issue. However, BeFunky is an app which contains the solution of this problem.



MOLDIV is a professional photo editor. It’s an app for getting total command and control of your photos and modifying and designing in the way you desire. The editing and designing tools of the MOLDIV have the users able to beautify their-self and obtain the best appearance of theirs. It’s an application that supplies the users with almost those photo editing and enhancing tools that they could with for in photography. Available with best and specialized level of editing tools, MOLDIV fulfills the specifications of the newcomer and professionals. The individuality about MOLDIV is the option of beauty camera which allows the users to take the all-natural and beautiful selfies and after that enhance its elegance by deploying the photography features of the MOLDIV. Just browse the highlighted functions readily obtainable in MOLDIV: many filters, themes, advanced editing tools, designing applications, pro camera, and written text function, hundreds of 3d stickers, stylish frames, backgrounds and lot of others. Another unusual feature in this app is especially for the Instagram users that enable them to obtain the automatically square size image for their Instagram accounts and directly share on their Instagram without further more adjustment.


12. Piclay

Piclay is another type of photo editor and filtering app. This app has some unique qualities which make it different from other photo editing applications. A quick tutorial for use of filters will demonstrate you when you open the app after downloading. After that, you can start filtering photos. There are some buttons which will be locked, and you have to pay $ 1 for it. But the majority of buttons are not closed, so you can edit your photos by adding mirror effects and applying filters. By Piclay, one can adjust and modify the brightness, sharpness, and color of photographs. You have the facility to create unique pictures by adding light leaks, textures, frames and photo filters to your photos.


13. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photo Express has made Photo editing fun, fast and easy. Photoshop Mix feature combine multiple photos into a single image and reduce camera blur. You can crop, straighten, rotate and flip your photos. It also can remove dirt, dust, and spots from photos with one touch. 20 eye-catching effects are part of Adobe Photo Express. 15 stunning borders and frames can be added to express yourself. By creating a free Adobe ID, you can get Looks Paid Pack and Advanced Features Pack as a reward. 20 supplementary one-touch filters are present in Look Paid Pack with photos fun and fresh looks. Defog to reduce fog and haze, Noise Reduction to minimize unwanted grain and speckling in your photos are the main features of Advanced Feature Pack. It is easy to share photos on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter by Adobe Photo Express.


14. Afterlight

Afterlight is the best image editing app for straight forward editing. Powerful and snipping tools with paired with simple design will give you a look in a second according to your desire. To simplify your images for perfection, Afterlight has 15 distinct adjustment tools. Afterlight has 27 adjustable primary filters, 14 guest filters, and 18 filters as new Seasons filter pack. A variety of real and natural light leaks are the part of Afterlight to simplistic tics scratchy film textures. Afterlight is one and only app which has cropping tool with 15 different presets. With these rotating instruments, vertical and horizontal flipping tools, and straightening you can give new shape to your photo. 128 superficial and adjustable frames are available in Afterlight library. Now New Wallpaper Pack is also included in it. You can easily tag your photos with your friends on Instagram.


15. Rookie Cam

Rookie Cam is the photo editor for those who wish some extraordinary than simple photo editing. As a professional photographer, you can express most subtle temper on your pictures using this app. You can apply 116 hand-picked quality filters in real time with Rookie Cam. It has severed best qualities just like focus, manual control fo exposure and white balance, flash control with torch mode, 6x digital zoom, self-timer, and others. It can combine multiple photos into a single stylish frame. Rookie Cam collage your pictures just like a magazine or a poster. Professional photographers can get filter effects with ten different themes. You can find some special effects like skin smoothing, blur, and textures in Rookie Cam. Unique design tool with 100+ fonts, 300+ badges and stickers are the part of Rookie Cam for the perfection of your photos. Some special editing features for examples crop rotate, vibrance, double exposure, sharpen and others are present in Rookie Cam Library.


16. Faded

Faded is included into top 5 Photography apps according to ShutterStock. Faded is now called all in one photo editor for iPhone and iPad. You can purchase 36 premium filters, but a large variety of filters is present for free use. These filters can bring classical film beauty to your photos. One can make his filters by editing and save them in faded. Stunning frames, emulsions, light leaks and color bursting gradients are the effect of Faded to give awesome look to your photos. Customizing of your photos will be easy with 12 professional adjustments just like fade, highlights, sharpen, exposure, shadows, grain and other. Faded have some tools which are beneficial for complete control including manual exposure, focus point, shutter countdown, and burst mode. You can insert pattern, solid color or an image on your photo. After that, you have the ability to create amazing photo by adjusting the opacity, filter and blending. Faded has the option to save all history of your editing so which allows you to return to any point in the editing process and save your custom actions again.


17. Effects for Prisma

Effects for Prisma is a gorgeous photo transformation app for people who get bored from old effects and filters of some ordinary apps present in the market. This application comes in the market with a collection of immersive and highly-curated photo editing outlays, effects, and filters to apply on your pics to make them eye-catching. This supreme app is specially created for art lovers who sense this entire universe in an artistic and imaginative manner. Effects for Prisma is an easy to use photo editing app for the creation of cartoon prisma effects on your pics. This application comes with a pack of more than 25 photo effects through which you can easily choose and apply any of your favourite effects on your photos with simple taps. You just have to choose any of your most likely filters and try it on your pics in the way you want. Effects for Prisma lets you customize the pics effects too and let you save them in your gallery. It enables single-click photo sharing support as well so that you can send your masterpieces through the mail or to any social media app. So just download Effects for Prisma, and apply loads of effects over your pics for free.


18. Photofy

Photofy is a superb app which enables its worldwide users to enjoy adding tons of exciting things over their exclusive photographs. Photofy Content Creation Tool is an intuitive app introduced by Photofy, Inc. which enables its worldwide users to enjoy plenty of useful features for extemporizing their photos in a way like never before. This application brings combines a number of exquisite features which includes filters, lighting effects, easy to use templates, and present ratio sizes to Fit pics over Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and various other social media apps. Photofy Content Creation Tool allows you to enjoy making collages by having a collection of more than 70 layouts with extreme customization. You can have a stack of text in a quantity of more than 90 free fonts that you can apply over your pics in the way you want. This app also brings a massive amount, yet probably the world’s most gigantic collection of over content with over 50,000 graphic elements. Other than these, Photofy app also contains element package especially for Industrialists such as direct selling, real estate, and more. So just download Photofy Content Creation Tool app and enjoy creating fabulous photos, marketing content, amazing collages, and real masterpieces through these exciting tools available at your fingertips.

More About DECOPIC

DECOPIC is a widely used photo editor which comes with a tremendous collection of features which makes your pic seems like a masterpiece in no time. DECOPIC, Photo Editing App is an ultra-popular app which lets you enjoy lots of free decoration functions through which you can add unique and extraordinary stuff over your pics. It comes with more than 500 cute and attractive stamps and loads of frames as well which lets you enjoy the perfect sticker as well as the background according to the perfect match for any event or season. DECOPIC, Photo Editing App lets you enjoy a fine collection of filters, frames, stamps, lettering, and more through which you can easily edit image however you love. This elegant editor enables everyone to add various text overlays with a diverse collection of pen, eraser, brush, and other tools. You can enjoy decoration in the way like never before having tons of different effects including neon, paint, vivid, fashion, lunch, dog, pets, and more. It allows you to ultimately edit your photos and enjoy photo editing based on situations. So just download DECOPIC, Photo Editing App in your phone, and enjoy creating stunning photos right through this classy editor.

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