8 Apps Like Design Home

Design Home is a creative application for both new and professional designers and other individuals that assume themselves to be a great home and interior designer. It is a fine app introduced by Crowdstar Inc. that enables its users to bring and enhance their hidden capabilities of home designing. In fact, it is probably one of the top home decorating game apps. It is an outstanding simulation application that helps you bring a class for your home decoration. Design Home delivers a classy and superb approach to getting your decorating capabilities to the extreme level with the help of its amazing providence. It is a great utility to sharpen your designing skills for getting an extraordinary experience for home and interior designing which can be useful for your professional work as well. You just have to decorate the home in the app with the best possible matches to get exciting prizes. If your handmade home is rated the most, you can easily get prizes. Design Home is the best app to explore and enhance your creativity to the next level through is daily challenges. Just download the fun game to live the life of an interior decorator for the real-time.

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1. Houzz

Android iOS Phone
Houzz is a startling application through which users from all over the world enjoy the magic of designing and improving their homes. It is a widely used application that helps its users to groom the creativity of decorating their homes with the finest range of products. Houzz Interior Design Ideas…

2. Planner 5D

Android iOS Phone
Planner 5D is another amazing app that brings innovation and way many intuitive, classy, fashionable, handy, and extraordinary ideas to make your house looks awesome. It brings an amazing way to design your dream house will all the luxuries that you want to imagine in your own house. Planner 5D…

3. Homestyler

Android iOS
Homestyler is another awesome tool that enables its users to enjoy the decoration of their homes in an entirely new way. There are a lot of astonishing features of Homestyler, introduced by Easyhome Shejijia Furnishing Chain Store Group. This app is working fantastically great if you want to discover interior…

4. Curate App

Android iOS
Curate App is another amazing application by CURATE that helps its users to enjoy all the valuable changes regarding their home decorating stuff for the real-time. It is efficiently designed to visualize people that what piece of art is sited on their walls. It is a great platform that enables…


DECASO is an amazing decorative art society for individuals who dare to be inspired. It is an extraordinary world of art through which you can not only inspire by its tremendously great stuff but also get tactics to improve your art skills in an innovative way. It is a fine…

6. IKEA Place

IKEA Place is a world of inspiration for your homes. It is a superb application to build and enrich your house with some quality stuff that you want to have in your houses. This app was basically created for delivering a platform that helps you virtually place any of your…

7. roOomy

Android iOS
roOomy is a NedSense Loft B.V production that helps its users to enjoy much amazing stuff for completing your homes with the most desirable stuff. It provides a great way to find some amazing ideas for your existing and newly bought furniture. roOomy Reality offers a cutting-edge solution letting you…

8. Hutch

Android iOS
Hutch is a robust collection of an exciting range of stuff that you want to place in any of your space. It brings the best way to enrich your wall, your floor, your furniture, your walls boundaries, and other spaces with the best interior and exterior designs. It is a…

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