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Dingtone is a damn elegant and an awesome way to talk, text and share media between individuals from all over the world. Dingtone Free Phone Calls, Free Texting is a fine production of Dingtone, Inc. which brings some immensely great and powerful features like calling, text messaging, voice calling, and many other things in one powerful platform. Dingtone is an all in one solution for enjoying Live Walkie Talkie, free phone calls, free text messaging, Facebook integration, and lot more things. Dingtone Free Phone Calls, Free Texting has made it tremendously great to enjoy clean and high-quality conference calling. It allows you to enjoy all these stuff in high sound quality so that you can never get frustrated again for poor connection and call dropping-like scenarios. DINGTONE Free Phone Calls & Text Messenger With Cheap International calls is the only solution for your secure conversations. Dingtone Free Phone Calls, Free Texting works on all your devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and other devices simultaneously. Once you use this super application, you will never go back to your ordinary cell phone’s calling and text messaging service, and step into an entirely new era of talk, text, and share.

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1. WePhone

Android iOS Phone
WePhone is another intuitive application for users who want to enjoy cheap phone calls. WePhone – free phone calls & cheap calls is one of the best solutions if you want to enjoy free calls with your friends and family members live far from you. It is an elegant communication…

2. Rebtel

Android iOS Phone
Rebtel is amazing stuff for enjoying international calling for everyone everywhere for free. Rebtel – International Calling is an elegant application through which users from all over the world can enjoy free international calls and messages between Rebtel to Rebtel. It allows you to have a damn intuitive experience of…

3. Viber Out

Android iOS Phone
Viber Out is one of the best and the widely used application that efficiently connects millions of people from all over the world to enjoy free calling, text messages, immense chatting, and more with damn ease. Viber Out Messenger allows its users to enjoy to-go free messenger and make messages…

4. magicApp

Android iOS
magicApp is another awesome stuff when you talk about calling and messaging, introduced by magicJack VocalTec Ltd. magicApp Calling & Messaging allows you to make unlimited local or long-distance calls to the U.S, Canada and other unlimited magicApp customers in all over the world. This app brings a number of…

5. Yolla

Android iOS
Yolla is a smart calling application that allows you to enjoy calling in probably the best rates on calls to any mobile and landline numbers. Yolla – International Calling start calls rates starting from $%0.001. It is a damn crazy application that helps you get all the features for almost…

6. WeTalk

WeTalk is an effective application where you can enjoy cheap calls and free text messages over this application in a number of countries. WeTalk – cheap calls & cheap international calls is a great product of Phantom Software Inc. that allows you to enjoy calling and text messaging in a…

7. Camfrog

Android iOS
Camfrog is another awesome tool for making effective one to one and group communication with people spread across the globe. Camfrog – Group Video Chat is a widely used application that enables its users to bring their way through getting exciting communication with their beloved ones. Using such an amazing…


Android iOS is another intuitive application that helps you connect with each other using a damn fun way of communication. is a fine stuff introduced by, Inc. which helps you collaborate from anywhere with the painless and intuitive video conversations. You can make effective videos calling with your friends,…

9. WowApp

Android iOS
WowApp is another effective tool for enjoying the free revolutionary platform through which you can earn as a result of your regular activities, introduced by YouWowME Limited. WowApp – Earn. Share. Do Good is a gorgeous application that helps you to get rewarded for activities such as Wow Games, Online…

10. Whistle Phone

Android iOS
Whistle Phone is an intuitive application that allows you to get your customized phone number and make as well as receive phone calls in an ultimate scenario. It is a fine production of Vail System, Inc. This superb application brings more ease of use and allows high-definition phone calls to…

11. UppTalk

UppTalk is another intuitive application to make free calls chat and group messages with millions of people from all over the world. Upp Talk brings a number of intuitive application through which you can get millions of free unlimited calls group or one to one chats with millions of UppTalk…

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