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Doc Scan is a fine application through which you can scan documents and create their portable PDFs and images in an elegant way. Doc Scan – Fax PDF Scanner is a great application introduced by IFUNPLAY CO., LTD, which enables its users to auto correct documents and correct distortion… read more
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CamScanner is another gigantically used and highly trusted application used by billions of people from all over the world due to its awesome feature providence. CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator is a fine product of INTSIG Information CO, Ltd.

Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable is a widely used and probably the top best app which moves paper forward. This application allows its users to scan contracts, business cards, receipts, any paper, and related stuff that comes your way.

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is a super talented and massively used application which brings a huge number of features for scanning documents. Genius Scan – PDF Scanner is a production of The Grizzly Labs, which lets you have a scanner in your pocket.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is a massively used product of Adobe which enables its mobile phone users to turn their mobile device into an exhausted and flamboyant portable PDF scanner which smartly recognizes the text.

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens is a widely used application which is working immensely great for scanning receipts, business cards, and any documents for personal as well as business use. This application allows you to frame your shot from any angle and aspect and get the beautifully cropped results to save for your future work.


ScanBot has miraculously transformed your mobile devices into a powerful looking scanner which scans things for you according to your needs. Scanbot – PDF Document Scanner application is working immensely great, and there are millions of people getting its powerful features on a daily basis for their respected working criteria.


FineScanner is another elegant and free document scanning and an optical character recognizing application produced by ABBYY. FineScanner – Free PDF Document Scanner App + OCR is your pocket scanner which allows you to scan everything and lets you gather the useful information from them for future use.


Shoeboxed is a great application which brings some elegant features for everyone. Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker is a great app of which allows you to track the receipt for the real-time, and add receipts with ease.

Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner has an attractive fan following and users rating from all over the world, and millions of downloads over Android, iOS, and other devices due to its quality features. Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App is a great production of Appxy, which brings one of the most powerful scanning tools right in your hand for getting all its fruitful features.

Clear Scanner

Clear Scanner is another famous, simple, accurate, and fast scanning, introduced by Indy Mobile App. Clear Scanner: Free PDF Scans brings one of the best platforms where you can get more from one app.

Document Scanner

Document Scanner is another intuitive application which brings some amazing features to its worldwide users. It keeps everything that you need to scan or save documents for any of your usages.

Easy Scanner PDF Document Scan

Easy Scanner PDF Document Scan is a widely used application loved by millions of iOS users from all over the world. Easy Scanner PDF Document Scan is a fine product of must Have Apps, which brings some intuitive features for scanning documented stuff with damn creativity.

Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner is a great application which turns your Android and iOS device into an extremely talented scanner for documents, receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboards, business cards, and any other paper text present on this planet.

Simple Scan

Simple Scan is a classy application which enables its users to get a moving scanner. You can easily bring an elegant scanner in your cell phone and scan documents, photos, reports, receipts, and other things to make their PDF files.

TurboScan PDF Scanner

TurboScan PDF Scanner is another useful utility which enables its users to scan things precisely and get their PDF done in seconds. TurboScan: scan documents & receipts in PDF is a fresh product with respect to other, but makes its way elegantly by providing some elegant features.

Easy Scanner

Easy Scanner is making its way through the market by providing a series of quality features for worldwide users. Easy Scanner – Camera to PDF is an Easy4u’s product which allows its users to use your mobile phone cameras to scan your documents, reports, tickets, and almost anything with your Android device and enjoy fast PDF creation.

More About Doc Scan

Doc Scan is a fine application through which you can scan documents and create their portable PDFs and images in an elegant way. Doc Scan – Fax PDF Scanner is a great application introduced by IFUNPLAY CO., LTD, which enables its users to auto correct documents and correct distortion. It allows you to get clean images and sharpen text through which you can easily understand all the stuff that you captured. Doc Scan – Fax PDF Scanner also lets you enter text and fill form precisely, and then you can precisely print them according to your needs. It allows you to scan multi-page documents and send out when there is no scanner available in your span. It brings fast auto-detection documents edges from any picture, removes shadows, correct perspective distortion, and brighten up to produce a sharp and clear document, and is very useful in the low light environment. It brings a precise searching of documents when your list is so long so that you can easily search any of your document from this list. So just download Doc Scan – Fax PDF Scanner and enjoy document scanning ultimately.

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