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1. Grubhub

Grubhub is an app for food lovers who want food at their door, anytime they want. It is an efficient app that makes it so convenient and handy to order food for delivery, get the best restaurants, and get to know full menus without any hidden charges. It is one of the most precious takeout and food delivery app in the United States with a huge number of consumers. It has some terrific restaurant partners that make it so easy to deliver all the stuff that they offer to the users around them. They make it so easy and deliver stuff in one of the quickest ways, and never let you angry on the service. Using its Express Order service, you can re-order favorites faster and easily tap this option to quickly catch the previously ordered stuff straight to checkout. It delivers more options in more places so that you can get better details and get to know the local food scenes. You can open Grubhub app anywhere to get the selection around you. This app is available in more than 1,100 cities and is continues to expand every night.


2. FoodPanda

FoodPanda is a gorgeous food picking app that brings the best and the tasty food from your local restaurants to your door in a fast and quick scenario so that you can able to eat good food every day. There are many outstanding providences of this app that helps you get food of your choice around your nearby meal places conveniently. This app will go some extra miles to make your order for becoming one of the greatest food experience in the world. You just have to enter your address, choose your favorite restaurant, place any order, and get the meal you want in a well-convenient way. FoodPanda lets you choose your local favorites and brings the best pizza or sushi, healthy salads, and foods, and also brings your dinner with love and care. Hence using this delicious food delivery app, you can easily access some popular and tasty restaurants and easily place your order to get a meal that you want to eat in that particular period.


3. Eat24

Eat24 makes it so handy for ordering food and pick-up your most likely stuff from the local restaurants without picking your pants, and right from your house. It is a free and easy to use app that delivers an easy way to order meals and food items from a majestic takeover of more than 40,000 restaurants in about 1,500 cities from all over the world and it keeps on increasing it for every single day. There are some stunning features of Eat24 that let you get food meals from your nearby food places using a handy approach. It provides the searching and ordering of full menus, real-time reviews, fantastic customer support, and free coupons under one place. Using this app, you can use the healthy filter to discover the menu items. You can also explore popular and most delicious food items and delivery from restaurants around you, and it also provides better customization approach as well. Rather than these, it has an attractive range of providence that gives a new worth for the delivery of meals and food items around your particular span.


4. OpenTable

OpenTable is something amazing which delivers a marvels touch to find, reserve, explore, and manage restaurant instantaneously and freely in any town you are visiting. This app helps you find new restaurants, real-time reviews and photos, exclusive earn reward points related to your favorite meal, view restaurants menus, and much more towards your most delicious meal. Using OpenTable app, you can easily reserve any table of your nearby restaurant in a simple, instantaneous, free, and handy way. This app has made it accessible to more than one billion dinners seated at over 40,000 restaurants from around the globe. It is one of the best meal apps that helps you access the dishes around your favorite restaurants, and search and find the restaurants by preferences such as party size, cuisine, price, time, date, and distances, etc. Rather than these, it also helps you manage restaurants on the go, make coordinate plans with friends, share your experiences, and do lot more.


5. Postmates

Postmates is a delivery app that helps its users get everything in minutes and lets you order things from store and restaurants near you. You can effortlessly swipe down to explore stuff, swipe left to search, and right to see the details of the previous orders. This app has made the groceries and alcohol providence and delivery more straight to your doors, and you can follow your orders with precise and real-time accurate tracking. The span of cities that it cover includes Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Orange County, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, South Bay, Washington DC, Boston, SF Peninsula, and lot more. It makes your local delivery of food items, and their takeout fast and a bit easy. You can easily order from restaurants, the member of that restaurant with picking it up and bring it to your door. Using Postmates, you can order Chinese food, pizza, sushi, cake, coffee, pet food, late night fast food, cleaning products, last minute birthday gifts, and grocery items well-conveniently.


6. Food Delivery |

Food Delivery | is an app that ensures the on-demand ordering for the things that you need, enables your approach to local restaurants which makes great food delivered to your doors, and quickly deliver the Beer, vines, and spirits without price markups, etc. Through this app, you can enjoy the free pickup and drop back service, get delivery points and rewards with almost all purchases, and get a grip on restaurants and their offerings around wherever you live. You just have to plug in your address and this service dishes up all of your local stores and restaurants that deliver to you. Food Delivery | enables you to browse hundreds of restaurants, thousands of menus, effective food ordering, money and time-saving scenario, fast discovery and delivery, enjoy free service and get the groceries that you want to your door in demand, etc. While on the other hand, you can also check for price details, get push notifications, enjoy stunning customer support, and much more.


7. UberEATS

UberEATS makes the delivery of food fast, handy, and easy. It provides fresh food and in a way that you want. It enables you to explore your nearby restaurants, and you can easily manage to order from hundreds of restaurants around you using this meal delivery app on your smartphones. Through this app, you can get the food you want from the restaurants or food place you love, and it will deliver this stuff at Uber speed. This app enables you to check the ordered meals when they are on the way. Uber EATS is currently available in Bangkok, Auckland, Mumbai, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, England, Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, multiple places in the United States, New Delhi, and some others. This app helps you get anything around your nearby restaurants quickly. Some surprising features help you get the details of dishes, menus, and cuisines that restaurants offer, and you can easily access them anywhere you want.


8. Instacart

Instacart is food and drinks providing app that makes it so flamboyant to deliver these items with more convenience and accuracy. This app lets you discover and access thousands of products from the nearby stores that you already shop at, delivery on the same day you want, and lets you save much of your money and time. There is an attractive range of admirers of Instacart that lets users shop their groceries products, and this app delivers that stuff to them. It is a 1-hour grocery delivery app that lets you create a grocery order with a few taps including fresh vegetables and food, meat, seafood, and other home essentials. You can get the grocery products from your nearby stores and get your groceries delivers whenever you want them. Using this app, you can keep a list of favorite items that you want to order, order fresh products for delivery, set the delivery time, and add notes to your produce items to catch exactly what you want. Some of its covered cities include Atlanta, Boston, Boulder, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Washington D.C. areas.


9. EatNow

EatNow is an exciting stuff that allows you to explore things around you and get them by well-convenient home delivery from your nearby stores to the door of your house. This app helps you discover your local restaurants, gather the food that you like, review the food and services, and order food anytime you want. This app makes its services available to you from more than 7,500 restaurants and lets you access them right from your Android devices. You can easily enter a suburb and discover the restaurant, choose from a vast range of cuisines, get special deals and discounts, pay via credit card, PayPal, Android Pay and through cash as well, choose delivery or pick-up, and also preorder your food accessories as well for lateral use. In addition to that, it does not offer any markup for menu prices, provides instant SMS confirmation, Australian-based customer service, and best price guarantee. Hence through this app, you can search for your desired items, place an order, and simply get them to Eat.


10. Zomato

Zomato lets you discover the food items, restaurants, cafes, pubs, and other food points around you. Through this app, you can efficiently manage to get the menus, photos, reviews, and ratings of your nearby restaurants. It lets you add restaurant which you want to visit in your upcoming days to your bookmarks, and you can simply discover and search for restaurants to get and eat healthy foods by placing orders. You can browse through hundreds of restaurants, and their details on a daily basis and this app add data on a daily basis for ensuring the authenticity of this app. You can easily check and browse the information regarding any restaurant that you want to visit and create your own collection of things that you love or frequently order. You can browse your theme-based curated list as well to discover the best date spots, best burgers, top trending restaurants, and some other required things on the go. Rather than this solid providence, Zomato also lets you discover and follow your friends, use the map view, journal the restaurants, use in-app table booking support, easily rate restaurants according to your experience, etc.



JUST EAT is a meal and grocery providence app that helps you choose from more than 27,000 restaurants, save more with exclusive local offers, and takeaway orders in a few and convenient taps. It is an amazing food delivery app for users who want their favorite takeaway food delivered at their door. You can easily download this app and make it so by placing your order from your nearby restaurants. Some of its core features include searching for top-rated restaurants, order for delivery to your collection or door, pre-ordering support as before a restaurant opens, filter by cuisine, rating, reviews, distance, and special offers as well. It offers several paying methods such as with debit card, cash, Apple pay, and Android Pay, etc. It provides precise push notifications approach to getting things faster and easier. JUST EAT lets you choose any dish and order it for free. It also lets you save your money by personalizing your search for exclusive money-saving offers and finding tasty discounts.


12. EatStreet

EatStreet is a well-organized app that helps its users make some effective and amazing food delivery and takeout experience. There are many amazing features of this food delivery app that helps users get their meal and food-related stuff in a well convenient way. These features have just increased the user’s food acquiring innovatively. It delivers an impressive smorgasbord of selections that help you order Chinese, gets pizza delivered, finds your pad thai, sushi, and almost all the things you want. This app makes it so simple to get things that you want in your dinner and any of your party. It has also increased the payment options just to increase the ease of paying for the customer or the user. When you order any of your required stuff through EatStreet, you will hook up with some exclusive coupons, restaurants, and rewards and you can redeem them anytime you want. This is a fabulous app for getting your food items in a straightforward and quick scenario.


13. Hungryhouse

Hungryhouse makes its users instantly discover the best takeaways near them. It provides one of the easiest ways to find and get your favorite food. Using this food providing app, you can access more than 10,000 takeaways and over 60 cuisine types near you. You can freely choose any takeaway and order dishes that you love the most. This app provides live and real-time updates about your particular order, browse restaurants, read customer reviews about particular restaurant and dish, better delivery approach, photo support, and ordering delivery of your most favorite takeaways in just a few taps. This app is bursting with some top-notch takeaways to choose from, having almost everything from Indian to Chinese, and Sushi to Pizza on the menu. There are thousands of takeaways from you that you access using this app and are waiting for your order to deliver your favorite meals to you.


14. Foodora

Foodora is an excellent food delivering app that helps its users fetch amazing food around them. This food delivery app helps users find hundreds of restaurants and place an order to get the first bite of that delicious food through this app. You just have to download the app on your mobile phone and place the order so contently. This app delivers your food and grocery items that you want for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This app has an easy pickup providence through which users concisely pick any of their desired items easily and suitably. It lets you choose your favorite restaurants to get your adorable dishes delivered to your door, and eat. You just have to simply enter your address, select your favorite place or restaurant, and place an order. They will obviously prepare what you desire and make it ready for you in minutes, and the courier brings it to you.


15. e-FOOD Delivery

e-FOOD Delivery is an app that makes it available for you to approach your most favorite choice for online delivery. This app comprises your favorite choice for online takeaways and online delivery with more than 4,000 stores in over 50 cities in Greece and has efficiently retained your smartphone to feed you burgers, gyros, crepes, gyros, and even pizza, etc. This app comprises all of your ordering efforts in just three smile steps and is one of the most convenient and user-friendly apps through which things are done quite easier and faster. While using this app, all you have to do is add or confirm the place where you live or want your order to be delivered, discover the food you want, order your stuff, and it is done. This app helps you find some exclusive payment methods, impressive promotions, and get to know how the exact time in which your order with be delivered.


16. Caviar

Caviar is an app that helps its users get the delivery of food and grocery items from their favorite local restaurants right from their mobile phone devices on the go. You can see what is on the menu with delicious meal photos for every item. It enables its users to put a preordering facility to schedule their delivery up to a week ahead. It tells you the exact time of delivery, and you can also track the deliverer while he is on the way, and track it when it is out of delivery. It is an affordable app that helps you get your acquired items in an easy to use and quick way. It also provides some out of the pool information about the restaurant that you are going to order. In this way, you can get fresh sushi, hot cheesy Pizza, tasty Chinese dishes, and lot more. You can also give your reviews about dishes as well as a comment right through this app. It is currently available in Atlanta, Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Miami, Philadelphia, Portland, Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay, St Paul, Washington DC, and some others.


17. Seamless

Seamless is a free app with free services that brings one of the best ways to order food delivery and pickup. It carries the ease of delivering the order from local restaurants. Seamless Food Delivery/Takeout enables its users to search, sort, and filter for discovering exactly what they are craving. You can easily tell this app that how you want it, and can even place an order with the tap of your finger. You can now monitor and track the progress of your order. Seamless It is an easy, accurate, and free to use application through which you can get great restaurants, full menus, and cost less scenario in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island. You can easily search tacos, and explore through a list of nearest local taco so that you can easily pick your place to choose your taco and place order. You can even preorder your next meal so that not even your busiest day can ruin your lunch. You can place your order for a minimum 2 hours and up to 4 days in advance to get your delivery right when you know that you’ll need it the most.


18. Earnin

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19. HonestLoans

HonestLoans is an intuitive personal loan providing platform that helps you to get timely based mini financial binds. HonestLoans: Loan Providing Platform lets you receive up to $2,500 in your checking account as on the next working day. There are thousands of Americans across the world who are using it to help themselves to pay for all the crucial expenses. The app helps everyone in paying mechanic fees, bills, medical expenses, and various other stuff.

Honest Loans app enables you to get the services of personal loans, cash advance loans, installment loans, and emergency loans no matter whenever you are. These short-term loans are effective and a bit popular because they bring one of the most convenient ways to access to a short term loan.


20. Avant

Avant is an intuitive application that brings a safe hand for your future financial needs. Avant Personal Loans is a fine product of Avant, LLC, which helps you to manage your loans and schedule payments in an intuitive and highly decorated manager just to let you get things done precisely.

It carries an extreme level of privacy and security so that it is quite impossible for someone to indulge themselves onto it. Through its fingerprint login, no one can check your payments or loan concerns. It allows you to upload photos and documents if required within the app. Its users can see their upcoming payments and precisely took an eye on your payment history as well.


21. Brigit

Brigit brings a helping hand by providing you a loan of almost $250 whenever you need it the most without any credit checks and interest. Brigit: Get $250 Between Paychecks, End Overdrafts app allows you to get an easy, fast, reliable and instant access to money for all your bills, emergencies, and other payments in less than 90 seconds.

It lets you get smart alerts on all the upcoming expenses to help you to stay on track and never destroy your budget with expenses. This amazing loan providing platform helps you whenever you run short of money and need money badly. Brigit app works intuitively with thousands of banks so that you can easily sign up here and make a connection with your bank account without any red tape or hoops.


22. PockBox

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PockBox lets you get one of the sleekest and convenient ways of getting loans, whether you needed load ranging from $100 to $500, $500 to $1k, $1k to $2k, and from $2k to almost $2500 in a breeze. Pock Box: Loan providers bring an ultimately convenient way of grasping your desired loans with having lots of other options as well.


23. LoanSolo

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LoanSolo is a simple online platform that lets you have exclusive access to funds in a way like never before. It lets you fill out its easy and short SSL secured online form and get connected with a lender to obtain funds as soon as possible. Loan Solo brings payday loans up to $1k as well as online personal loans ranges to $3k.


24. MoneyLion

MoneyLion is one of the best apps available in the market that lets you borrow, save, and invest by using this app on your smartphone. MoneyLion: Borrow, Save, Invest is a widely sued financial app that comes with a series of benefits for its entire customers. You can intuitively conquer your credit, save real cash, and even get personalized rewards and advice having this app. You can easily add MoneyLion for five hundred dollars APR loans, guide investing, and a $1 daily cashback.

Money Lion helps you to monitor and boost your credit score and get personalized finance related advice daily. It enables everyone to earn $25 gift cards from some top retailers, play daily trivia for financial and laughs facts, and get precise alerts. It also introduced a membership facility as well, through which you can borrow $500 at only 5.99% APR.


25. LendUp

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LendUp is an intuitive app that is founded with one of the most straightforward purposes of providing anyone with a path to better financial health. LendUp is an intuitively designed app for people trying to build a credit history, keeping your balance low, paying bills on time, monitor long credit history, and manage various other things.


26. FasterFunds

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FasterFunds lets you get a personal loan up to $3k and receive it as soon as the next working day arrives. It allows you to pay for all the emergencies and avoid all sorts of extra charges. All you need is to select the amount you want to lend, enter zip-code, first name, last name, email, and some minor details in the way you want. Its procedure of requesting and completion of the form takes less than 5 minutes, and you can do everything online from start to finish.


27. Even

Even is an excellent tool for busy people who want to be master in their money, right through their mobile phone devices. Even – How busy People Master their Money bought in the market by Even Responsible Finance Inc. that enables its users to get paid on-demand, and budget instantly with this excellent tool.

It enables its users to send their payments to their bank account in one business day and pick it up instantly at any Walmart. There is no hidden loans, hidden fees, and any interest, and is available through selecting employers. Even – How busy people master their money app intuitively detects and monitors which bills are coming and how much they need for you to be paid ever after.


28. Varo

Varo brings the features of excellent banking and saving without any account fees, right using your mobile devices. Varo Banking and Saving app bought in the market by Varo Money Inc., which enables its worldwide users to enjoy effective deposits. These deposits are FDIC insured to at least $250,000 through the Bancorp Bank.

Varo Banking app lets you enjoy fee-free withdrawals at more than 55k point locations without any monthly services, no foreign transaction fees as well. It allows you to earn interest that you will merely notice and can start earning 2.12% APY to almost up to 2.80% APY. Varo Banking and Saving app lets you take the work out of money monitoring and management. You can precisely track your spendings, link your external checking, credit cards, and savings to see all your finances over one intuitive screen.


29. Payactiv

Payactiv is an excellent, feature-rich finance management tool that never lets you pay any late fee charges, overdraft fees, or payday loan fees again. Payactiv is a classy product of PayActiv Inc. that intuitively ends the stress and tension of waiting for your paycheck. You can now access up to half of the money that you have earned but not yet been paid, whenever you needed it the most.

Payactiv brings a lot of significant services that include all bill payment features through which you can precisely monitor and pay all the bills that you even needed. It is an excellent saving and budgeting tool through which you can monitor all your spending and do focus on your saving for better future finance handling.


30. Plaid

Plaid is an ultimate easy and accessible tool that lets you have a secure way to connect all your bank accounts in a way like never before. All you need to do is to enter your email to get all the API keys over this financial website. This application enables the tools that they need to establish comfortable and pretty much accessible for all their users. This app contains tens of millions of folks in the North Americans who have successfully connected their desired bank account to this app.

This app helps users in personal finance by managing, budgeting, monitoring, and making sense of all their money. Plaid helps business and consumers to access capital through a streamlined experience and let them manage all their savings, investments, equity, and other terms of money. This excellent finance management tool also helps businesses to manage their expenses by paying bills, sending payroll, do bookkeeping, and various other things in an intuitive and effective way.


31. Greendot

Greendot allows its users to easily manage and access your money on this application at any time. Green Dot – Mobile Banking app bought in the market by Green Dot Inc., which enables its users to track their spending after online or in-store purchases easily. You can send money to all your desired friends, partners, and family members right through this app.

You can manage your trips and pay bills anytime you want and never let you get things out of date. You can precisely pay bills anytime and try the direct deposits as soon as possible for your paying benefits, tax refunds, and others. You can precisely get money from ATMs and discover your nearest reload location. Green Dot – Mobile Banking app lets you order, register, or activate a new card, and then you can monitor the view balance, transaction history.


32. Walmartmoneycard

Walmartmoneycard is an excellent tool which enables you to manage and access your money on your Walmart MoneyCard at any time you want. Walmart MoneyCard: Manage and Access Money app lets you view balance and transaction history, and discover nearby Walmart stores and ATM locations quite easily.

You can pay all your domestic and official bills right through this app and never pay any extra money in case of overlooking paying bills. You can precisely view the balance of cash-back rewards, order and pre-authorize paper checks, order and pre-authorize paper checks, and various other benefits. Walmart MoneyCard: Manage and Access Money app does not imply minimum balance or credit checks to get a card and no overdraft fees or any other charges.


33. CashNetUSA

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34. Cash Now

Cash Now is an excellent tool when we talk about Online Payday Loans that makes it easy for all its customers to get a limited amount of loans in a breeze. Cash Now – Online Payday Loans lets you get money, whether there are emergencies or you need some extra cash. This application allows you to enjoy online loans for all your needs without even grabbing any money in the form of fees or any substantial thing.

Cash Now app lets you sign up here and request to be connected with this secure, fast, painless, and easy to manage online payday lender. Cash Now – Online Payday Loans lets you withdraw your cash from your checking account ASAP, in case of approval, and the decision takes almost 10 minutes.


35. Prosper

Prosper is a highly reputed platform which is famous for borrowing personal loans, debt consolidations, getting info about loan types, bring live loan map, and various other features. The app helps everyone in solving financial problems when they are facing any crisis. Prosper is an all in one solution which lets you borrow as well as invest money for the well-being of humanity.

This excellent financial tool contains a gigantic amount of 880,700 people empowered with more than $14 billion borrowed, and both these facts are consistently increasing daily. This application has covered all the aspects such as paying for a large expense, needed money for special occasions, consolidating debt, and all the most likely things on the move. This application lets you get a loan with a low, fixed-rate that never goes up.


36. Wisewage

Wisewage is an intuitive platform for workers, employees, employers, and other people that helps them in managing their wages and expenses. Anyone can obtain a free or even low-cost amount regardless of their banking history. Wisewage: where workers start banking enables employees to become a financially healthy person and elegantly manage things.

It helps all the financially stressed, productive workers to be more likely to say that their compensation is not satisfactory and is less prone to recommend their employer as a great place to work. Wisewage: Where Workers Start the Banking app has been protecting consumer’s rights for more than 30 years. It also improves financial security for every worker or employer by connecting them with all the products that save their money and time.


37. Akimbocard

Akimbocard allows you to create a card for the modern household, manage all your budgets, and various other bank accounts on the move. Akimbo Card Mobile is a new kind of budgeting tool introduced by Payment Data Systems Inc., which brings a new type of Akimbo Card built for managing all the allowances, budgets, and convenient money sharing. AkimboCard is an ultimate budgeting app designed to monitor your everyday spendings right from your cell phones and tablets.

You can precisely link your bank account and set up weekly, monthly, and biweekly budgets to your card. You can precisely keep track of all your spendings that you can do on a daily basis with the real purchase alerts through its mobile and web. You can add up to 5 additional sub cards with any of your desired names and get for setting up specific allowance and budgets to your family members to any of your intended people.


38. Rezzcard

Rezzcard is an excellent platform which brings an ultimate solution for managing, monitoring, saving, controlling, and spending finance on the move, right through your mobile devices. Rezzcard: Your Key To Financial Control lets you enjoy paying all the payments, bills, and other stuff with damn convenience. It brings a comprehensive electronic payment service intuitively designed to manage and monitor all the financial needs as well as the lifestyle of moderate and low-income folks in the workforce, affordable, and public housing.

It gives tenants the freedom or flexibility to pay all their rent, which they prefer. Rezzcard: Your Key To Financial Control never let you get worried about mailing a money order or check to pay their rent. This excellent platform has made rent payments faster, reliable, and secure. It also helps low-income residents to improve their health of finance ultimately.


39. Dwolla

Dwolla is an ideal API app to move money across different podiums. It is efficiently built for creating the most excellent applications that manage customers, facilitates bank transfers, and instantly verifies bank accounts. Dwolla app allows its users to check their account balance, view the details of money transactions, send or receive money, view contacts, and much more.

Almost every sort of businesses trusts this app that it can connect them to the United States Banking system. It is the finest money transferring app that helps you convey money using email or any of your mobile contact. It enables you to browse developer documentation and resources, customized your ideal payment solutions, and efficiently provide details about your account.


40. Mocafi

Mocafi is an excellent tool that enables its worldwide users to spend money smartly, build their credit, and live wealthily. MoCaFi – Spend Smart, Build Credit, Live Wealthy app bought in the market by Mobility Capital Finances Inc. that brings plenty of smart features that let you focus on all your spending along with savings.

This application effectively helps your transitions into a wealth maintain and then building a lifestyle, whatever your dreams are. You can intuitively link an existing bank account to this app to manage all your transactions and load approved checks by using your mobile phone. MoCaFi – Spend Smart, Build Credit, Live Wealthy allows you to share money with the other card members for the real-time or over your schedule as well.


41. Firstach

Firstach is an ultimate, feature-rich platform that enables its users to enjoy accounting operations as well as streamlined billings with lower costs and increased productivity. Firstach: Better Payments help people in managing all their financial stuff intuitively right using their mobile devices. This finance management or money payment tool carries powerful features, simple to set up criteria, and expert support as well for all its users.

All you need is to add payment buttons to your customer portal, then drop an eBill over your customer’s inbox. Firstach: Better Payments carries some valuable features of recurring payments, batch upload, online payment form, eBill, developer APIs, recurring payments, real-time business intelligence, customer management support, and various others.


42. Netspend

Netspend is an excellent tool through which you can precisely manage your entire accounts and see every transaction whenever you want, right over your cell phone. Netspend is a great management tool bought in the market by NetSpend Inc., which brings a super-secure platform for managing all your accounts and everything concerned with it.

You can precisely check your account balance anytime you want and monitor all your account details without any error. You can intuitively send money to your friends, family members, and all your beloved ones. You can help others if someone might indulge in any dangerous situation or any other personal financial crisis. Netspend app lets you discover cost reload locations, and you can also load checks straight to your account (and is as easy as taking a pic).


43. Gochange

Gochange intuitively monitors and manage your cash flow and increases your available balance to avoid an overdraft as well as late fee submitting. The app automatically provides you with emergency funds deposited right to your account. This app precisely analyzes the activity of your account and concisely predicts if and when you will overdraft.

The app is offering an interest-free cash advance to avoid that annoying overdraft fee. Its excellent auto-saving algorithm effectively detects the spare money and then transfers it to a safe saving account. Gochange lets you always have something to fall back on. It intuitively helps you to stay on track regarding your finance. This app will send you a friendly, cute nudge through SMS or even on Facebook Messenger to encourage you to stay on track and spend even more wisely.


44. Snapfinger

Snapfinger is an application which although is new in the market but has quickly been able to make its name as one of the best places to order food and get to know about the cuisines in your local area. The user just has to enter their location, and the app will show the most common places in the area which are famous among users. You can also enter the name of your favorite restaurant and then see the details about it such as their menu and then order food if you want. People can place their order in a simple manner and do not have to spend too much time searching for things. There are hundreds of local restaurants in the app, and you can get to see their menus. If you want to find the best restaurant according to price or reviews, you can do that as well. There are several payment methods which can be used to place the order which means you will not have to worry about how to pay. There are many other benefits too, which will take a lot of space, but in short, you need to have this app installed.


45. goPuff

goPuff is an excellent tool which enables its entire users to enjoy an ultimate delivery service whenever they want, without any prior effort of searching and even at reasonable prices. GoPuff Delivery: Snacks, Drinks, Ice Cream, & More app bought in the market by goPuff Inc. which lets you get whatever you need at any time of the day, everything from this mobile app. It enables you to get snacks, chips, groceries, ice cream, booze, cold drinks, and all the daily essentials will be delivered by this app right at your doors. This ultimate delivery app lets you get any of your desired items delivered to your home whenever you needed them the most. GoPuff Delivery: Snacks, Drinks, Ice Cream, and More app helps you get things on time and is around when you needed it, or always up to text you back at 2 am. Go Puff app makes it so effortless to get all your desired things and never let you stand in line anyway. So just download GoPuff Delivery: Snacks, Drinks, Ice Cream, and more app in your mobile phone devices and get each of your desired, ordered items right at your door with just $1.95 delivery fee.



LIEFERHELD is a great tool introduced by Delivery Hero Germany GmbH Inc. which enables its worldwide users to order their desired food at any time they feel hungry. LIEFERHELD | Order Food is a simple to use, intuitive, and convenient application through which you can order through more than 12,000 delivery services through Germany. You can order your desired food stuff including pizza, hamburger, Asiatisch, Sushi, or your desired food items. You can always discover the right delivery services including McDonald’s, Hello Pizza, Domino’s, and various other no matter where you live. LIEFERHELD Food Ordering Service is available in almost all major and some small cities of Germany. You can safely and conveniently order your desired food items from more than 12k services through a huge selection of local and national food. It lets you pay on request online through PayPal, and credit card and you can also save various delivery addresses as well. LIEFERHELD – Order Food allows food lovers to redeem vouchers, see previous order, track history, evaluate and compare delivery services, and order food anytime. So give a chance to LIEFERHELD | Order Food app, select a delivery service of your area (by a review from customers), create your desired menu, and comfortably get the order delivered right at home.


47. Otlob

Otlob is a widely loved application by foodie lovers which lets them place orders for their desired food items and get them delivered right at their desired places. Otlob – Food Delivery bought in the market by Otlob Inc. which brings one of the most gigantic catalogs of restaurants through which you can order for anything you want that you love to eat. You just have to select your location for browsing your most likely restaurants, then you have to add your meal to the basket and get the food delivered quickly and securely. Once the food it delivered you have to desire whether you pay cash on delivery and pay online through Visa. You can precisely send money through exclusive vouchers, deals, and discounts and customize your order to your preferences. Otlob – Food Delivery app lets you track your order progress through its live status updater. You can review the entire user order history and preorder your favorite meals with ease. You can also use GPS to find nearby restaurants, automate order transmissions, browse thousands of up to date menus, and do a lot more. So just download Otlob – Food Delivery app and start browsing some well-known restaurants including KFC, John’s, Burger King, Cook Door, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and various other to order meals and get instant deliveries.


48. Wetherspoon

Wetherspoon is a widely used app which enables you to browse tons of menus, order all your desired things, and get things whenever you want, introduced in the market by J D Wetherspoon pIc. Wetherspoon lets you order your desired things, pay through the most flexible options and get it at your table through this app. This app is working great to provide all your most likely food items and drinks, straight to you. It contains a massive collection of drink menus, breakfast menus, and various other menus to choose from. You can precisely order a round of drink, a meal or even both of them over here, and this application will bring your food or drink straight to you. Wether Spoon brings a simple way to pay for things so that you can use your card and even pay with PayPal and through Android Pay. You can choose from your most likely deals, including the club nights and you just tap to any offers and go to checkout to tot up your savings. You can also book a hotel and even save your time through its reorder feature. So just download Wetherspoon app to enjoy browsing tons of menus and place your next order with this ultimate tool.


49. Carriage

Carriage is one of the most leading platforms in online food ordering as well as delivery over the Middle East. Carriage – Food Delivery bought in the market by Carriage Food Delivery Inc. which brings more than 1000 restaurants to place orders for thousands of meals. You can precisely tap to order all your most likely meals and food stuff through this ultimate app providing more than 200 different restaurants along with a diversity of cuisines and enjoy your delicious meals. In its ordering process, you have to enter your address (even add multiple addresses), select your favorite restaurants in a few steps, select your meal and place an order to get things right to your door. Carriage – Food Delivery app also lets you have the facility of tracking and get your fresh food delivered to your own place. You can easily search for your favorite items of food by area, and also view the menus of all the restaurants with pics of the items. Carriage – Food Delivery app allows you to order from all your favorite restaurants including the Rock House Slider, Proper Burger, Solo Pizza, Memes Curry, Slice, and many others. So just download Carriage – Food Delivery app to order whether you like Pizza, Burgers, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Indian Kuwaiti, and whatever else you love.


50. Onlivery

Onlivery lets you have one of the most ultimate solutions for ordering your favorite food such as a Pizza, a burger, or any of our desired items online. Onlivery: Online Food Delivery app bought in the market by Onlivery Inc. which lets you get an instant and secure access to the most diverse interactive restaurants in Lebanon. It does not imply any cost and effectively saves you the hassle of long delivery phone calls with restaurants. It lets you have customizable items on the menu and constantly update things for letting you have an up to the mark app. Onlivery: Online Food Delivery app brings all your local customer service right on the palm of your hand and lets you pay cash through credit card or by cash on delivery. You are allowed to choose from vast categories of excitingly delicious meals including pizza, Chinese, Lebanese international, and various others to enjoy them whatever you want. On delivery app also enables you to discover your local restaurants, view your order history, get fast Facebook registration, add enticing food images, and reorder your favorite items in simple swipes. So just download Onlivery: Online Food Delivery app from the store and feel free to order any of your most favorite food items without any extra cost.

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More About DoorDash

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DoorDash is a flamboyant app that helps its users in exploring their town for all the local flavors, search for cuisine, and more right under one platform. It allows you to get the price to find your favorites, look over the menu, and select your meal in simple swipes. You can check out quickly with the card, track your home delivery with live, and real-time updates, and much more.

This app manages its users to explore more than 40,000 menus of your favorite restaurants in more than 450 cities in Canada and the United States. Door Dash app keeps on adding daily menus, delivery locations, and new restaurants daily.

It has made the tacking of your meal delivery at your fingerprints and using advanced ordering, and you can even set schedules for food delivery. Its address book saves your most frequently used delivery items. Except these, it offers the best customer support, paying convenience (as through Google Card and Credit Card), and no ordering minimums, etc.