DOSH is a fine cash back app for persons looking for easy money. It is a fine production of DOSH LLC that helps you find dollars for shopping, booking hotels, travel activities, and dining out through more than 100,000 brands and merchants from all over the world… read more

Apps Like DOSH for Android

#1 Field Agent


Field Agent is an application that will instantly allow you to start making money while improving the performance of the companies. All you need to install this money earning machine on your iOS or Android device and you are all ready to earn money. The users only need to complete the small jobs to earn money. The agents of this smartphone application enable the users to collect videos, photos and other information from the available stores and many other locations. The information that you will collect will be used by the other business companies to serve their customers in a better way. So by becoming the part of this meaningful work the users can earn some extra cash. Within three simple steps, you can start earning. First of all, download this application and install it. After that complete the agent profile and in the end find the jobs near you. Now fill out this job to earn the points that are convertible into the real cash. That is the simple way of working with this money earning application.


#2 Drop


Drop is another application that helps you to get real-time cash rewards at your favourite stores. It is a widely used application through which you can earn more money without having any external activity. It lets you rain rewards for everyday spending and discovers way many interesting things having this app on your mobile phone. You just have to link your debit and credit cards, spend at your most favourite brands and earn points for the real-time. By doing shopping at your favourite stores, you can earn and redeem points instantly for free gift cards. This app never let you do any extra effort for getting gift cards. It consists of a damn interesting community and other members from all over the world that has efficiently earned more than 1 billion points and redeemed over 300,000 gift cards on this superb app named Drop. So just download this app, and shop from your favourite stores like McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, Uber, Shopper’s Drug Mart, and others to get free gift cards.

#3 Foap


Foap is a pretty unique app that helps its users to transform their photos into real-time money. It is fine money making app that helps its users to create some of their stunning scenes and then sell them to make money. It is the most tremendous platform through which you can sell your everyday life photos and best shots to multiple brands across the globe. It offers you a fifty, fifty payment criteria through which the cost of your cell photo is divided into two parts from which one is given to you, and the other one is kept by Foap. Foap – sell your photos lets you sell photos to brands like Bank Of America, Volvo Group, Absolut, Vodka, Pepsi, Nivea, and Air Asia. It efficiently distributes your content through partners to help you sell even more photos on a daily basis. There is way many users collected hundreds of dollars by taking pics of their daily routine life activities and other stuff. Foap – sell your photos allows you to explore beautiful photos, get feedback on your uploaded photos, provides the best way to make real money, support easy cash outs, uploading photos from your phone, and lets you become the part of its brilliant community for more creative doings.


#4 Acorns – Invest Spare Change


Acorns – Invest Spare Change has made it simple and secure to invest the spare in your future. In fact, there is a community of more than 2 million people doing it in an intuitive way. It enables painless investment of your spare change into a diversified portfolio of the ETFs of more than 7,000 stocks and bonds automatically. It enables its worldwide users to invest more with precision and security with its recurring investments, referrals, found money, and one-time investment. You can properly maintain the workflow by watching the progress because of its utility to check in for your account from anywhere in the world having this app on your mobile phone. Rather than these, Acorns – Invest Spare Change enables SIPC protection through which almost $500,000 is protected against fraud that is the reason your money is so secure and protected on this platform. It also lets you stay educated and gain access to its online personal finance publication. It also enables fearless withdrawal without any charge. Hence Acorns – Invest Spare Change is one of the most trusted and intelligent financial app present in the universe.

#5 InboxDollars


InboxDollars is a multi-tasks containing app that offers real cash to its members on taking parts in its ongoing activities. InboxDollars works as most of the money making apps work but its working style is different from most of them as well. It pay its members against miscellaneous activities like creating accounts, reading emails, referring links to others, taking part in surveys, completing offers, filling forms, playing games and much more. One thing is sure and that is you are not going to be bored at all because lot number of money making offers will keep you busy all the time. It’s time to take out the real advantage from the free time rather than wasting it. Moreover, you don’t need to take so much burden of the activities that you have already been performing for free will be again carried out by you but against real rewards and cash.

#6 QuickThoughts


Do you know you can make your opinion count? Yes it is true. We are taking about an application named QuickThoughts that values the opinions of its users by giving them rewards, cash, gift cards and much more against the advises and opinions that they extends to it. This simple and well-designed money making app will basically pair you with the simple surveys that at one side improve the brand popularity and at other end results in earning money.  Still curious about what kinds of surveys will be there? Well these will be comprising simple questionnaires, polls, opinions and even taking surveys of the local shops as well. For each survey it is offering cash up to $3. Except some Asian countries, QuickThoughts is available for almost all countries. It’s time to earn real gift cards of the leading retailers and real cash via PayPal.

#7 Shopkick


Shopkick that is known as Rewards and Deals is an application that gives the smartphone users a chance to get blessing cards on the shopping that they do. There are more than twenty million customers of this application who get the best offers and have so far earned more than sixty million dollars’ worth blessing cards from the most renowned stores in the United States. At whatever point you purchase something through this application, you gain focuses which are called kicks, and you can recover those focuses fit as a fiddle of blessing cards after a predefined limit. Getting kicks is a mere occupation, individuals just need to visit a store close-by and do some shopping you even get focuses for going to a store regardless of the possibility that you don’t purchase anything. The choice of giving your MasterCard subtle elements is additionally present with the assistance of which individuals get significantly more focuses by examining highlighted things at various stores and purchasing them. When you think you have achieved a particular level, those focuses can be changed over into blessing cards of your decision with the goal that you can shop considerably more at your most loved retailers. Individuals can likewise get focuses by purchasing foodstuffs, drugs, and other fundamental items that they require in everyday lives. The primary drawback of this application is that you need to enter your charge card points of interest, and a portion of the elements are just restrictive to individuals who do that. Something else, most components don’t cost anything, and everybody can use them. The application is easy to utilize, and the interface is well disposed which makes individuals need to use this stage more. By and large, this app gives a decent esteem for cash, and you get blessing cards from the best stores.

#8 IBotta


Ibotta also called as Cash Back Coupons is an application where smartphone users can cash back amid shopping and get coupons. Individuals can get real money on the things they want to purchase which incorporates purchasing things, just like, milk, egg, rolls, and vegetables. The application is extremely necessary for which individuals can look for changed things through the hunt alternative. They can make their shopping rundown and after that quest for coupons from different sources. When they finish their shopping and send the receipt back to the application designers, it is transformed into genuine cash. All the money that the client gets can be spared and after that exchanged to their financial balance through PayPal. In the event that they lean toward an alternate choice, the stock can be changed over into blessing cards to well-known stores everywhere throughout the world with the goal that individuals can purchase the things they like efficiently. This money back coupons are upgraded day by day, and new ones as often as possible included with the goal that individuals can search for different offers from their most loved store where they need to shop. These stores incorporate Kroger, Walmart, IKEA and numerous others. This cash back alternative spares the general population from the promo codes, rebate offers which can take a while. Individuals can save a major measure of cash each week and with the assistance of this choice you can get genuine money specifically on your smartphone and utilize it as indicated by your will. Discovering things. However, this application can bring about the client getting money even before going to a spot and searching for various things, for example, eatables to hardware. This application is, along these lines, a great decision to shop and gain money.

#9 Lyft


Lyft is an American based transportation company that operates on online cab booking system. Now you can order for a convincing using the official application of Lyft that is available for Android and iOS users. Just install the Lyft, submit the trip request and get a ride from a friendly driver within minutes. The way of working of Lyft is very simple. You have got multiple riding options; Request Lyft, Lyft Plus, Lyft Premier or Lyft Line. You will be get picked by one of the drivers of Lyft, and he will get you where you need to go. When the ride ends, simply pay and don’t forget to rate driver via your smartphone. Each time when the Lyft plans a trip request, Lyft display the rating of the driver passed by previous passengers. At Lyft you can enjoy both share riding and single riding. Lyft Line is a shared ride where you will enjoy riding with other going the same way so that you can split the cost.  The fare, in this case, will be less than original Lyft. You can also have a private ride as well where you will bear the total trip cost.

#10 i-Say


i-Say is a rewarding and cash earning app that values the opinions of the people by offering them real money earning options. It is very simple to get started with this app. First of all install the app either in Android or iOS device and then take surveys and share your opinions to earn more and more. What make i-Say special one is that it doesn’t offer repetitive nature of tasks at all. Each time you will experience something new and catchy that will keep you engaged with this app all the time. The surveys and tasks at one end are backed by the money making options and at other end are thought provoking and knowledge full as well. Moreover, i-Say doesn’t deal in simple and bore surveys and tasks at all. Here you will encounter the surveys about products, advertisements, entertainment stuffs, brands and much more. The points earned can be redeemed for multiple purposes ranges from cash to gift cards and products.

#11 Ebates


Ebates is an outstanding app for to save money from some top brands with a variety of discounted deals and cash back rewards. It is a damn interesting platform through which you can enhance your savings by enjoying shopping with super deals. Ebates: Cash Back Rewards, Coupons & Promo lets you find coupons and deals and receive real-time cash back just for shopping and without any external effort. You can easily connect your debit or credit card to this app and get a 10 dollars bonus just for installing this tremendously great cash back app on your mobile phone. This app has made it so simple and handy to get real-time rewards for having shopping at your favourite stores. Some of its essential features include saving money, cash back stores, shop and earn money, get sales alerts, enjoy discount deals, and get way many stores to shop from. It allows its users to enjoy the most discount and sales shopping, and it has coupons, promo codes, and cash back rewards for more than 2,500 stores such as Walmart, Sephora, eBay, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Amazon, and more. Just download Ebates: Cash Back Rewards, Coupons & Promo Codes app and discover the fun of savings.

#12 Swagbucks


Swagbucks is a fine platform through which you can effortlessly enjoy gift cards for the real-time. This app is invented by Prodege through which users can enjoy real money for getting some daily routine activities. Just download this app and join a community of more than 15 million members who have already earned more than 380 dollars in the shape of free gift cards. Through shopping, watching videos, and taking fun surveys, you can earn Swagbucks easily. Swagbucks – Best App that Pays is the perfect companion through which you can extend your earning opportunities anywhere from all over the world. You can easily redeem your Swagbucks anytime for just five dollars to 25 dollars gift card for Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Target, PayPal, and more. Swagbucks – Best App that Pays delivers free gift cards by watching videos, answering surveys, exploring and discovering online deals, shopping local deals and top eCommerce sites, searching the web, and more. So just download Swagbucks – Best App that Pays app and earns free gift cards faster.

#13 Earny


Earny is an outstanding app that gets you refund for shopping. You just have to keep shopping as you usually would and earn real-time rewards through this app produced by Earny Inc. It acts as your personal assistant who automatically delivers you the money back on each of your purchase by making sure that you do not ever overpay for any of your purchased items. It consists of a number of loyal users that have precisely received refunds from 1 to 2,000 dollars on their past purchases. You can instantly sign up here, and it will precisely notify you whenever you have earned money back. Earny has made it so simple and handy to refunds your fee by taking only 25 percent of each refunds, and this app only gets paid when you get paid. Whenever the price of any product drops within a certain time frame after your purchase, you can easily get the refund of the particular difference. So just download Earny app and get paid for your regular shopping without even lifting a finger and with damn reliability.

More About DOSH

DOSH is a fine cash back app for persons looking for easy money. It is a fine production of DOSH LLC that helps you find dollars for shopping, booking hotels, travel activities, and dining out through more than 100,000 brands and merchants from all over the world. It let you have payback and get paid for the things that you already do. It is simple to use and attractive platform that helps its users to enjoy tons of features without any coupon clipping, receipt scanning, hassle, code entering, and remembering discount codes. DOSH provides one of the best ways to book hotels through plugging your destination right into the app to get the most competitive prices available and book the hotel with ease. You can simply connect your debit and credit cards and live life as usual and at the boom. This app searches for available coupons or offers that match your transaction. On the other hand, it professionally and automatically redeems the offer and transforms it into hard cash than deposits it directly into our wallet. So just download Dosh app and enjoy.

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