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DoStuff is an app that connects you to the events and the happenings around you. It makes you notify with the most popular and the best events, concerts, parties, and the comedy happy hours. You can easily download DoStuff app and find awesome things around you to take part and celebrate… read more
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meetIn is a simple product by Verve Systems that enables its users to find contacts and friends while roaming and meeting them in person. It is a social media application that helps some tourists, business trip persons, and other travel lovers to make their leisure time a bit interesting and amazing.


Meetup is a social networking and communication application where people from diverse nature come to hold a discussion on several topics. They form the groups, shares their interests, holds discussions, make friends and enjoy a lot.


GroupSpaces is the premier platform for managing membership clubs, groups, hobbies, professional associations, alumni network, charities and more. It is a platform that provides a self-serve online forum used by millions of people for making thousands of groups with more than 5 million members from over 80 countries.

All Events in City

All Events in City is a popular app that lets you discover events in your city. It is an amazing place that reveals the upcoming events in any particular area or the place you live.


Conecter is a simple and unique platform that lets you connects with your campus or something. Using this app, you can easily stay informed and connected with the events nearby you and from all over the world.

My Circle

My Circle is an app that enables you Connect, Discover and Enjoy. It is a product by Disney that provides a personalized dashboard for each of your family members and establishes your flawless access to Disney Blogs, Videos, Emojis, Gifs, games, etc.

Facebook Events

Facebook Events is a fabulous app that brings people together to enjoy some events, parties, concerts, etc. It is an outstanding platform that makes it easy for people to discover events nearby them.


Eventbrite is a platform that informs you about the variety of events nearby you and lets you find your next experience. This app brings the world together through live experiences and amazing adventures.


Mobilize is an intuitive app that lets you use calendar with pictures, time setter/maker and provides many other features that enable people with cognitive disorders. It is probably a single hub to organize and communicate authentically at scale with your groups.


Doorkeeper is a popular app that lets you meet some new communities and perceive awesome skills through events. It is a great app that helps you explore your experience by meeting new people and proceedings.


EventNinja is a free social networking app that informs you about the events nearby you and lets you enjoy events that you love. Using this intellectual app, you can easily discover Companies, People, Investors, Funding Rounds, Acquisitions, Schools, and Events.


Citysocializer is a meeting up a platform for finding new things to do along with friends or new people. This entertainment based social networking application is made the fun with both strangers and friends a totally normal and fantastically pleasurable experience in such a way that is hard to find in most of the social discovery applications.


FriendLife is damn classy stuff for people who are getting bored from their leisure time and want to chat people around them for the real-time fun and entertainment. It is a great social networking application developed by the MyLikes Inc.


Smacktive is an app for creating new friendships while doing regular activities like sporting, gaming, exercising and other activities that people love to do and participate in. This application connects the nearby people to do common activities together and enjoy the life with others.


WeGoDo is an application that connects the people from different parts of the world in an online environment. It does all these so that its members can get out and do more of what they love to do in real life.


Gravy is an amazing tool for expanding your social span by having fun with some strangers around. It is a Gravy Analytics’ tool for making awesome plans for tonight, ideas for upcoming trips, pre and post birthday parties, and plans for weekends.

Events High

Events High is an app that lets you meet events of your city and places nearby you. Using its extreme ease, you can easily explore different concerts, parties, and other activities.


If you want to know what is going around you, then Nearify is a social discovery and social networking based application for that purpose. This application is for those people who can’t live without fun.

Meet My Dog

Meet My Dog is a platform for the dog lovers to meet and explore events with their dogs. This is an awesome and a widely used app from all over the world that allows you to meet some new and stranger dog loves.


Peoplehunt is a clever little app that allows you look some nearby friends totally based on the needs and interests. This app lets you discover people who are same in the taste, are similar in interests and are like minded.

Social Radar

Social Radar is a dedicated application for spontaneous gets together. At its core, Social Radar aims to help the people to surface interesting experiences and knowledge from local people. After entering into the application, you can submit any thing that you want to share like traveling stories, about foods, marketing advice and likewise many other things.


Moment is an app that puts a higher emphasis on the maintenance of your relationships and lets you feel your life in the present by using this app to track your tablets and iPhones easily.


YPlan is an app that uncovers awesome and the best events nearby you so that you can explore the mist of happiness. It has made the fun in accessible to all in an innovative way.

Ready, Set, Make Friends!

Ready, Set, Make Friends! Is a highly recommended site for catching up various events around you. This app lets you make your events as you like and do stuff easily with a community of members out there.


ONE is widely used advocacy and campaigning of more than eight million individuals from all over the world taking actions to preventable disease, and extreme poverty particularly in Africa and its nearby places.

Time to Enjoy

Time to Enjoy is a free and easy app that you plan and discover events in a matter of instants using your mobile phone devices. It lets you discover the world for fun and amazing events right from your iOS devices.

More About DoStuff

DoStuff is an app that connects you to the events and the happenings around you. It makes you notify with the most popular and the best events, concerts, parties, and the comedy happy hours. You can easily download DoStuff app and find awesome things around you to take part and celebrate. It covers more than 20 popular cities from all over the world. It is a widely used app that provides the best way to discover what is happening nearby you, in your city or some other cities. DoStuff enables you to attend massive amount of events, and you can stay connect here to get notification of each of your nearby event. It is a network of local media that is run by local teams. There are more than 4 million people in over 20 countries use its local daily emails, apps, websites, and social handles to answer questions. It also lets you become the client of this site if he/she wants to say hi, or inquire about starting a DoStuff in your city.

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