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Dreamdays Countdown Free

Dreamdays Countdown Free carries counting down things to an ultimate height, introduced by Guxiu Design Inc. It is an exceptional countdown all the events that matter to you with remainders, voices, and style with over 2 million users. It enables you to sort through your countdown events through the degree of importance and categories… read more
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18 Apps Like Dreamdays Countdown Free for iOS

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1. Countdown Star

Countdown Star brings one of the most precise and probably the best way to countdown to and counts up from all your preferred occasions. Countdown Star makes it so comfortable and handy to track the remaining days as well as time for your most favourite events in your family, concerts of your favourite superstars, a get-together of your friends, sporting events, New Year day, Parties, weddings of your beloved ones, and so much more. This application helps you measure the number of hours, minutes, and even seconds until your next birthday. Countdown Star app enables you to exactly count the number of days until the upcoming Christmas, Eid, or other special events. You can precisely check the days remaining for your holidays and keep in mind all the stuff of it as well. Other than these, Countdown Star also enables its users to add their own events, customize each event with their own photo or wallpaper (from its collection of 15), swipe the slider to adjust the units of time, share the selected events with your friends, and even set the exact time for each events. So just download Countdown Star app in your phone and grasp a precise countdown to and count up from all your most likely events.


2. Christmas Countdown!

Christmas Countdown is another easy to use counter introduced by VisialSoft Inc. through which you can enjoy cute characters and Jingles. Christmas Countdown is a choice of millions of users to enjoy counting down for their favourite events such as birthdays, anniversaries, exams, more specifically Christmas, and various others. It lets you stay updates to how many seconds, minutes, hours and even the heartbeats for all the events that you scheduled here. There are various time modes as well such as counting down the number of weeks, nights, days, minutes, total seconds, heartbeats, and more until Christmas. Christmas Countdown helps you choose from 6 characters to keep you involved during the countdowns. Their characters include Snowman, Santa Claus, Skater, Reindeer, and Christmas tree, etc. Apart from this, you can even share your countdowns with your friends and family members to all your favourite or most used social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and various others. You can even listen to Christmas music and songs while watching the time creep closer to the destination. So just download Christmas Countdown app from the stores, and add more fun to the counting down to Christmas.


3. Countdown Widget: Track Events

Countdown Widget: Track Events is another superb application through which users can keep track of all their important events and lets you keep an eye over each second left. You can precisely count towards events in the future as well as in the past. Countdown Widget: Track Events bought in the market by Stephen Hayes Inc. through which you can remember all the important moments of your lives and all the events such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings, concerts, shows, and anything significant. It supports unlimited countdowns which can precisely countdown as well as up according to your desire. It helps you pick the units that you want for each countdown, repeating countdowns with custom intervals, and even import events from your calendars. Countdown Widget: Track Events features apple watch complications, Siri integration, optimization for watch OS 5, iOS 12, etc. localization of almost 15 languages, notification center widget, and various others. Other than these, Countdown Widget also carries its pro versions which includes iCloud sync, auto-sorting by date, compact display mode, custom default settings, direct indicators, and so much more. So just download Countdown Widget: Track Events app in your phone and never forget some precious occasions of your special lives.


4. Countdown+++

Countdown+++ lets you measure every second by setting a count down to an event or date that matters for you a lot. Countdown+++ is a vigorously used application having billions of iOS users from all over the world through which they can precisely measure the arrival of their much significant days. This application is necessary to measure the number of days until your wedding date or marriage anniversary, how long did you smoke, how many days do you have to discover the valentine’s present, how many days are left in the birthday of your best friends. Countdown+++ allows you to set almost set up 33 alarms per event. This application brings a classy countdown interface through which you can precisely measure all the stuff that you want to know, anytime you want. Countdown Plus inaugurate the new way to interact with the special dates as well as events of your life. It helps you enjoy the countdown to unlimited dates and events with an accurate and unique way. It helps people to set reminders for all your countdowns so that it notifies you just to remember things intuitively. So just download this super amazing and widely used app named Countdown+++ and just never miss important events again in your lives.


5. Reminder & Countdown

Reminder & Countdown is a two in one app designed to remind you regarding all your crucial and important events. Reminder and Countdown app makes it easy to enjoy all the event and its concerned stuff in a nicely-wrapped pack. It helps you measure all the details according to the font, icon, alert sound, background, date, time, and all other options, and all these options are configured according to your own taste. Some of its highlighted features include the support of multiple remainders, selection of timing units, various icons, individual backgrounds, a wide variety of fonts, sorting entries (by name, date, or any customizable sorting), and so much more. You can precisely start the countdown for dentist appointments, coming-soon birthdays, TV shows, premiers, wedding dates, significant official meetings, and any of our most likely date or event which you never want to miss. Reminder & Countdown also lets you enjoy its awesome and easy to use interface, brighten up remainders, use the app as an alarm, and even make colourful notes. It is complemented with exquisite sharing options to send your reminders and countdowns to anyone from all over the world by Email, SMS, MMS, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and various others. So just download Reminder & Countdown app and enjoy.


6. Days

Days is a beautiful event countdown app available in the market, introduced by MD Apps LTD. Days + is a classy countdown to all the special moments that really matter to you. This countdown application helps you remember and countdown for these special moments. It helps you count up as well as down to all your events are remembered forever no matter whether you are looking back on your wedding anniversaries and counting down to a holiday. It is an all in one countdown for setting up a countdown for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and all the lovely moments of your lives in your life. This application allows you to count down monthly, weekly, yearly to events and never lets you memorize all the forgotten all your birthdays, anniversaries, and any of your special events. This app is elegantly designed with care and includes subtle animations and awesome imagery to make your experience the best of it. You can even swipe across to effortlessly switch between all your events so you can browse them anytime you want. This app lets you know how far your event is through its remainder feature. So just download Days + app to enjoy so much more about this classy countdown tool.


7. Countdown+ Widget Calendar

Countdown+ Widget Calendar is one of the world’s most renowned countdown tools for all your birthday parties, preferred events, special occasions, and other happenings of your lives. Countdown+ Widget Calendar is a super stunning product of Apps Beyond LLC which helps its users to precisely measure the exact time remaining in all their most awaiting events. You can precisely track limitless countdowns for events and intuitively view your countdown on the screen of your mobile phone due to its widget support. As the event approaches, this superb countdown tool lets you receive notifications even more frequently just to let you manage things in the way like never before. Countdown+ Widget Calendar helps you to precisely measure that how many days are left in your wedding and lets you catch the time of the concert held in your area. You can add sticky notes to your manual countdown events and even add multiple alarm and sounds to choose from. Apart from its elegant integration with your calendar, Countdown+ app also integrated with the Facebook events to never let you sit back against any event. You can intuitively download Countdown+ Widget Calendar app to enjoy a sleekly designed app for the countdown to all your favourite events.


8. T-Zero Countdown Timer

T-Zero Countdown Timer is an uncluttered, interactive, and a super simple countdown timer through which you can track all your memorable future events. T-Zero Countdown Timer is a classy product of Dan Wesnor which includes some exceptional features for the making this countdown fully-featured for you. You can intuitively set up almost ten timers countdown for any of your events and precisely watch them separately. You can add anything for your events such as marriage date, wedding anniversary, exams date, any concert near you, your college gets together, and anything you want. T-Zero Countdown Timer is totally free to use the app with an ads-free atmosphere where nothing irritates you while you are waiting for your next big event. It carries uncluttered, neat, and clean appearance for watching your countdown properly. You can precisely add the occasions, events, or time to start a countdown and it will surely help you stay updated with that thing that you want to track. It helps you took a precise eye over the exact number of days, hours, minutes and seconds for your countdowns and you can also enjoy its Calendar and Run Simple support.  So just download T-Zero Countdown Timer app in your phone and start one of the most reasonable counters.


9. Countdown Days Since & Until

Countdown Days Since & Until is another great stuff to keep track of all your favourite events happens in your lives. Countdown Days Since & Until is a superb countdown introduced by Joseph Sferrazza Inc. which has developed a fine tool to count down and count up from any important date while viewing the time in years, months, weeks, days, house, minutes, and even in seconds. It enables its users to add an unlimited number of their favourite events and even set reminders by customizing all their backgrounds separately. You can even import events from the calendar of your cell phones. One of its unique features is its watch support, which elegantly syncs all of your countdowns to your watch and you can track them anytime you want. Countdown Days Since & Until makes it easy to set the support of push notifications so that you can stay updated with everything your countdown has. You can use your own photos and even choose a unique icon for all your events. It allows you to choose from almost seven time formats and set them up according to your needs. So just download Countdown Days Since & Until app in your phone and enjoy countdown in a pretty unique way.


10. Big Day – Event Countdown

Big Day – Event Countdown enables you to track all your big days in the way you want and never let you stay uninformed of the special and important moments of your lives. Big Day Lite – Event Countdown was bought in the market by Whatisid Inc. through which you can not only set an unlimited number of countdowns but also track it precisely. It is a day tracking app which tells you the remaining days until and starts the counting to the days after the event with your own pics. It carries one of the most beautiful as well as a simplest way to track big days. You can choose the colours that you prefer and even manage all the themes of it as well. You can easily post all your countdowns over the Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media platforms to let your friends and family members to let them stay updated with all your life happenings. Big Day Lite – Event Countdown also support widget, and you can customize it over your home screens or even drag the counter frame over the screen. It helps you change the colour by double-tapping the counter frame and animated number with flipping and starting. So just download Big Day Lite – Event Countdown app and enjoy it ultimately.


11. Timer+

Timer+ is another superb tool through which you can set up stopwatches and timer at once can track each of its second. Timer+ is a fine tool introduced by Minima Software Inc. which make it classy to set up your desired number of countdowns for all your favourite events. You can simultaneously run multiple timers as well as stopwatches at once and even add time to a running timer. It can repeat timers up to 64 times, and you can check the running timers in its Today’s widget. Timer+ is an extremely easy to use timer that enables you to enjoy its clean interface to monitor and setup all your timer and countdowns. You can create your own or use its preset timers for any number of timed events. Timer+ is fully efficient and significant for all the teachers, students, patents, bakers, seniors, freelancers, chefs, athletes, bankers, hairstylists, developers, and people of almost every profession. This application brings an iPad multitasking as well as today extension support and runs in the background so that you can use any of your desired apps without any interactions. So just download Timer+ app in your phone and enjoy running and managing multiple timers and stopwatches at once.


12. Cloxee

Cloxee is another classy tool through which you can create awesome countdowns of all your favourite and special moments and track them precisely without any fear of forgetting them. Cloxee allows its worldwide users to create as well as manage countdowns for the events of birthdays, exams, wedding, anniversaries, concerts, or anything matters you the most. It enables some professionals to choose from a diversity of designs, filters, and fonts over it and customize things in the way you want to see. This app enables you to set the background of your events or even add icons and pics from here which seems suitable for you. Cloxee allows you to remember the birthdays, wedding, and other events regarding you and your loved ones and enjoy your life in an ultimate way. Through its widget support, Cloxee lets you set all your countdowns over your mobile device so that you can always check it without going to the app for the real-time. Other than these, Cloxee countdown also added Google Login, improved the optimization, work on the timeline, and fix typos, etc. So just download Cloxee app and enjoy managing countdowns for all your special moments in an awesome way.


13. Sleeps to Christmas

Sleeps to Christmas is another elegant Christmas countdown tool through which people can have fun while waiting for the Christmas. Sleeps to Christmas 2 is an easy to use Christmas tool bought in the market by Dardan Software Limited, which enables everyone to enjoy a smooth app for setting the countdown for Christmas. It is a cute countdown app with all new animated Christmas character along with high quality and many famous soundtracks of Christmas songs. This application makes it easy to enjoy various characters right on the mobile phone for free. Some of its special characters include Santa waves and laugh, Gingerbread man proves irresistible, Christmas Elf makes a toy for you, and last but not the least with the Snowman waves and has a fun accident. Apart from having all these Christmas characters, you can even enjoy exquisite soundtracks over your mobile phones while waiting for that countdown to end. Sleeps to Christmas 2lets you have the fun of music such as Jingle Bells, Joy To The World, Deck The Halls, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, and Ding Dong Merrily on High, etc. So just begin the countdown for the Christmas by downloading Sleeps to Christmas 2 from the stores.


14. Soldier Countdown

Soldier Countdown is another fabulous product of Orr Creative Inc. which brings an intuitive and easy to use countdown for the family members of our beloved soldiers. It helps you set a date when the soldier is coming and boost up your excitement while you are waiting for them. You can precisely measure the days, weeks, months, seconds, minutes, and hours until the soldier comes home. It is a widely used countdown for all the families which have almost one soldier. It helps you add a pic of your whole family or the soldier over the countdown and even customize all the names, fonts, and phrases. This ad-free app enables you to share your countdown with the friends and family members of the soldiers to let them know the exact date of his arrival. Soldier Countdown is also elegant for all the soldiers to set up a countdown that when did they come home. This application enables you to set and send alerts to let you know about the exact time left until the homecoming. So just download Soldier Countdown app to set the date of arrival of the soldier and start calculating the time until the big day of Soldier’s arrival.


15. Final Countdown Timer

Final Countdown Timer is a multi-event countdown widget through which you can enjoy multiple countdowns in one app. Final Countdown Timer is a super app with 3D Touch through which you can precisely track all the calendar hours, minutes, milliseconds, days, and every single millisecond as well. You can also import Facebook and calendar birthdays just to remember the exact time left. This application brings the syncing of countdowns across devices and enables cloud backup using the login of the Facebook account. This app features recurring repeating calendar events, widgets support, customizable HD skins, 12 widget skins to choose, low battery usage, custom alarm ringtones, support multiple event creation, and so much more. Final Countdown Timer enables you to design your own skins of the widget and extemporize the touch of class that you want. You can create limitless events and manage countdowns of all of them. There are loads of wallpapers that can intuitively be set over your countdowns according to their needs. There are various other formats of days, hours, mins, seconds, and other stuff that it requires. So just download Final Countdown Timer app and enjoy setting countdowns of all your special events in the way you want.


16. Countdown App Free

Countdown App Free is another great application for counting down your special proceedings and for everything you want. Countdown App Free (Big Day Event Timer Reminder) is a smart countdown app through which you can remind you when it is extremely necessary. It helps you count and measure the future and past dates as well and add events that you have been excepting such as anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, Exams, and anything else that you want. You can also count the past events such as the date your child born, first date with your darling, and so much more. Countdown App Free precisely lets you track days, minutes, and seconds and precisely displayed on the notification widget conveniently. This smart remainder is provided by various wallpapers for any occasion, and you can even customize events with the choice of background that you want. It also lets you share all these memorable countdowns with all your friends and family members through Facebook, WhatsApp, and others social media sharing app. So just download Countdown App Free (Big Day Event Timer Reminder) app in your phone and enjoy setting up and customizing your countdowns in the way you want to see.


17. Giant Timer

Giant Timer is another widely used application which makes it easy to measure the time left for your special events in a gigantic countdown and let you track every second of it. Giant Timer was bought in the market by Benzak Inc. which enables its worldwide users to start a countdown for all their special events featuring crystal clear digits, custom timer done messages, great sounds, and so much more. You can intuitively enjoy the significance of timer as well as stopwatch functionalities in this one shop stop. It is an elegant, simple to use, and perfect app through which you can set the countdown for weddings, dinners, birthdays, exams, and so much more. You can catch both timers as well as a stopwatch and start it according to the way you need. This app is tested from a distance of almost one hundred feet, and this is done precisely and concluded that all the digits are fully visible from that distance as well. This application is also used in conferences to help speakers wrap up over the time. So just intuitively download Giant Timer app from the store and start whether you want to start the timer as well as a stopwatch.


18. LazyCountdown Free

LazyCountdown Free is another elegant countdown app, introduced by LazybonesApp Inc. which enables you to manage all the events of your lives. This application precisely counts up as well as down to events and enables you to add your choice of photos as backgrounds for a better look. BetterCountdown Lite – The Event Countdown App displays a smart countdown in a variety of units, and you can enjoy it whichever you want to see. Apart from adding images, LazyCountdown Free enables its worldwide user to add notes and alerts to their events. You can easily count up and down along with the app icon badge over the home screen. You can organize all your events with multiple categories and customize the categories with colours and icons. Other than these, Better Countdown Lite app enables you to achieve events, delete or import calendar events, export events to the calendar, and so much more. Lazy Countdown Free app enables its users to share all their favourite event countdowns with their beloved ones through AirDrop, Mail, Message, and various other platforms. So just download BetterCountdown Lite – The Event Countdown App in your phone and start an ultimately precise countdown as well as count up for your next big life happenings.

More About Dreamdays Countdown Free

Dreamdays Countdown Free carries counting down things to an ultimate height, introduced by Guxiu Design Inc. It is an exceptional countdown all the events that matter to you with remainders, voices, and style with over 2 million users. It enables you to sort through your countdown events through the degree of importance and categories. This app supports counting down and counting up to events with your personal background and various other classy features. Dreamdays Countdown Free supports countdown to events once they arrive and count up when they go off. This application also supports the recording of voice memos that reflect your feelings and lets you share your delight and happiness with your family and friends over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Dreamdays Countdown Free carries almost 6 default categories including anniversary, holiday, trip, school, life, and birthday, etc. along with the capability to add new categories as well. You can set your favourite event as cover with style and comfort and manage PIN protection to keep things private. So just download Dreamdays Countdown Free app to get a customizable order of events, home screen widget, push notifications support, voice notes support, and so much more right on your cell phone.