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DS audio is a simple yet fully-featured app which enables its entire users to stream music stored on their DiskStation with their Android devices whenever the internet is provided. DS audio is a must-have music streaming app bought in the market by Synology Inc… read more
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21 Apps Like DS audio


Cloud Music Importer

Cloud Music Importer is an app established especially for music lovers who want to listen to each and every new, hot, or trendy song and want to keep it for the lifetime.

DoubleTwist Music

DoubleTwist Music is a madly used music app which is designed efficiently for audiophiles and music collectors and helps them live music in their own way. DoubleTwist Music & Podcast Player with Sync bought in the market by doubleTwist Inc.

Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle Music Player is a simple, lightweight, and intuitive music player which helps you enjoy music over all your Android mobile device. Shuttle Music Player is a much famous app introduced by SimpleCity Inc.

CloudPlayer™ by doubleTwist cloud

CloudPlayer™ by doubleTwist cloud is a revolutionary music player which lets you take control of your music, no matter where it is captured in your device. CloudPlayer™ by doubleTwist cloud & offline player is a great tool introduced by DoubleTwist Inc.

Music Folder Player Free

Music Folder Player Free was designed ultimately for the people who don’t like to see the music displayed based on the albums, track, artists, and playlists. Music Folder Player Free was introduced by ZorillaSoft Inc.

Music Mate – MP3 Video Offline

Music Mate – MP3 Video Offline is used by millions of music folks which enables them to enjoy the music whether they love Pop, Rock, Latin music, Reggaeton, in the way like never before, introduced by Xinhua Chen Inc.

NRG Player music player

NRG Player music player is a uniquely designed, beautiful, and almost a fully-functional music player with an ultimate equalizer that elegantly plays songs from your gallery and has a customizable user interface.

CloudAround Music Player

CloudAround Music Player is a great multi-cloud music playing tool for listening to music that you love, anytime you want. CloudAround Music Player is a fine product introduced by CloudAround, LLC which makes it incredibly easy to set up and instantly play all your device’s music or you can even add your cloud credentials to stream from the cloud.

n7player Music Player Unlocker

n7player Music Player Unlocker is a revolutionary music player who makes discovering your own libraries and browsing music to listen to fun again, introduced in the market by N7 Mobile Sp.


Audipo allows its users to change the speed of the audio music files and lets you listen to them in the intensity that you want. Audipo: Audio Speed Changer was developed by Lapis Apps Inc.

Music Mate by Sapien Mobile

Music Mate by Sapien Mobile is a widely used music streaming app which enables its users to sync this app with Google Play to access your music in the way you love.


GoneMAD is a highly efficient music streaming app which focuses on providing tons of beautiful features as well as options to allow a personalized music listening experience. GoneMAD Music Player (Trial) bought in the market by GoneMAD Software LLC which brings a superb quality music app having more than 250 customizable options through which you can enjoy your most likely music in your own way.

Music Player by Ankit.Srivastava

Music Player by Ankit.Srivastava is amongst the best audio players available for Android devices which brings the sleekest and the stylish design to enjoy music. Music Player by Ankit Srivastava features a unique UI with lots of stunning effects which are intelligently crafted especially keeping in mind your design taste for listening to your favourite music.


Picky is one of the most elegant apps to sort, filter, queue and listen to your favourite music enjoy listening to songs with real joy. Picky Music Player is widely used music streaming app introduced by Charles Joseph which brings a robust tool perfect for getting reacquainted with your most likely tunes.


Mziiki is one of famous music streaming app designed elegantly to deliver the true African music spirit, introduced in the market by Spice Digital South Africa Pty. Ltd. Mziiki – Music for Africa brings you an extension of music consisting of the classics and latest hits from the Africa’s most talented and famous musicians.

Cloudskipper Music Player

Cloudskipper Music Player is a classic music player which gets a facelift long with tons of exciting features, all for free. Cloudskipper Music Player bought in the market by Cloud. Tv Inc.

Stezza Music Player

Stezza Music Player is probably meant to be the easiest, quickest, and accessible app which lets you stream your favourite music files in the way you want to listen. Cloudskipper Music Player bought in the market by which carries an ultimate unique look of playing music that you nearly never find anywhere else.

Music Boss for Pebble

Music Boss for Pebble is a fully-functional and ultimate media control solution for Pebble Time and Pebble, introduced by Reboot’s Rambings. Music Boss for Pebble – Control Your Music is an excellent tool through which you can conveniently manage or adjust the volume of media, display media progress, display media information for all applications, shows album art, and various other features.

DashClock Music Extension

DashClock Music Extension is another excellent tool introduced by GoneMAD Software LLC which precisely shows the currently playing song track, artists, albums, and more on the screen. DashClock Music Extension is a marvellous tool which works with most music players that enables everyone to get proper details about the music that they are listening over their cell phones.


10tracks lets you upload all your music to this app and start enjoying your most likely tracks over your smart devices, introduced by Music Services Ltd. Due to this marvellous music playing tool, your music does not take space over your device, and you can enjoy each of your favourite music anytime, anywhere without being tense about memory usage.


TunesFlow lets you listen to the music in your own way that you always wanted, bought in the market by Hector Ricardo Garcia Peña A Inc. TunesFlow – Music Player with Equalizer intuitively customize your music listening experience with a 10 band equalizer and use multiple presets or build your own settings library assignable to lists, albums, songs, and even genres.

More About DS audio

DS audio is a simple yet fully-featured app which enables its entire users to stream music stored on their DiskStation with their Android devices whenever the internet is provided. DS audio is a must-have music streaming app bought in the market by Synology Inc. which allows its users to play their favourite song collection anytime, anywhere with a simple touch of a button. It allows you to browse your high quality yet the most likely music collection with a huge number of marvellous features. This music streaming app makes it so easy to customize your entire playlists and share it with your close friends, family members, and other folks who are passionate about music. DS audio lets you listen to your favourite collection of songs stored in your mobile device’s local memory in the offline mode (when internet is not available). It allows music lovers to browse music by artists, albums, folders, and genres, etc. You can establish your desired number of playlists and manage them according to your taste. It also lets you rate your top music songs or covers, and even share your favourite music with others. So just download DS audio, and also become a remote control to stream music if you have speakers at home.

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