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Dual N-Back

Dual N-Back is a brain training game developed by Mikko Tyrskeranta. It is a severe sort of brain training game and is especially for those who are fed up with playing childish and immature games. The player for sure enjoys the game but not in the sense of leisure but the feeling of satisfaction and brilliance… read more
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17 Apps Like Dual N-Back for iOS

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1. Lumosity

Lumosity, the leading service in the science of brain training has a mobile application from which you can train your memory and attention with fun daily exercises in the form of mini-games. The tool, designed under the supervision of a team of neuroscientists, has been placed in the service of some of the leading researchers in the world to analyze the mental agility of population groups thanks to the personalized approach that Lumosity plays with each person using it. With this application you will have a personal trainer based on what you have learned with each exercise, thus improving in the areas that most interested us develop: memory, problem-solving, cognitive flexibility. choose what aspect you want to improve and spend a few minutes. Gradually you realize the benefits of Lumosity. The games included are a challenge for our brain to help us improve each day, a series of fun and entertaining exercises that will engage us as they have done over sixty million users.


2. Eidetic

This application conveys in each perspective. It does precisely as it guaranteed, and it is ideal for learning multiple languages. Yet, it urgently needs a few overhauls and fixes. Case in point, it would be extraordinary if as opposed to letting you know so gruffly that you neglect to compose the answer, it ought to at any rate let you see what wasn’t right with your answer so you have a superior comprehension of your mix-ups. Eidetic utilizations a strategy called spaced repetition to help you remember anything from imperative telephone numbers to intriguing words or certainties. Eidetic is perfect for students as it make them able to remember those key facts. It is for those who often forget to remember friends phone number, or bank details or something else. It uses notifications to remind its users when its time to test their selves. By spacing the test our over time it helps you to retain the information in long-term memory, this is known as the spacing effect. You can add multiple items like dictionary, phone number, fact, number, quote, note and much more.


3. Elevate

There are numerous apps accessible over the Google Play Store and App Store that enhance your fixation and mental spryness; yet one that does that and enhances your talking and composing capacities also, there is stand out, and it’s called Elevate – Brain Training. With only a couple of minutes a day, for several weeks, you will have the capacity to abstain from spelling botches that you have been making all life, read a considerable measure speedier, and comprehend the substance in a much clearer way. The application is comprised of sixteen funny and enjoyable games in which you can test your perusing perception and fixation; the outcomes will be recorded on a database that will demonstrate your change after some time. In Elevate – Brain Training you can redo the activities you take, and every day handle the difficulties that will help you enhance your capacities and gain ground. Here you are going to get a new set of challenges every day to build the skills you need most. The more you train, the better your program becomes. In the end you can measure your performance skills and keep track of your activity streaks.


4. Fit Brains

This application works as personal trainer focusing upon different weak areas of the brain which includes attention, memory, speed, logic, visual and language.The game gets harder as the user improves. Fit brains keep the progress record and also alerts the user of its routine. The Fit Brains program includes 50+ fun brain games and 500+ personal training sessions which help to stimulate the brain performance. The Fit Brains program is regularly used by public schools, universities, health institutions, and top-tier organizations. It came with the positive reviews and gaining top spot on the education charts for 80 countries. There is a total of 10 games in this app, and each game has three difficulty levels: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. Available on Google Play and iTunes for Android and iOS devices respectively.


5. CogniFit Brain Fitness

CogniFit offers you a mind preparing stage to survey and prepare your family’s subjective aptitudes, similar to consideration, focus, and memory. Effectively distinguish understudies with subjective inadequacies by utilizing fun mind activities and mind preparing projects to recognize and enhance the insufficient intellectual aptitudes identified with focus, dyslexia, dyscalculia and significantly more. Psychological estimation and investigation devices mainly intended for scientists. The expert cerebrum is preparing, and neuropsyho appraisal stage was made to help scientists conduct examines in which intellectual investigation is fundamental. Train your mind while having a great time. CogniFit innovation consequently works for you an ideal mind preparing regimen taking into account your progressing execution and your current psychological needs. Mainstream researchers always utilize CogniFit. CogniFit furnishes you with a stage to evaluate, prepare and track your intellectual abilities, for example, fixation, memory, and consideration. The CogniFit innovation has been produced to furnish you with an ideal and customized mind wellness and is currently accessible on your versatile! CogniFit Brain Fitness tests are designed for both kids and adults. Adults test list contains the test about chemotherapy, concentration, depression, driving focus, insomnia, memory, mental arithmetic, mental planning, spatial perception, and stroke. The tests for kids are ADHD, attention, dyscalculia, dyslexia, GMAT, insomnia, memory, mental arithmetic, mental planning, spatial perception and sports coordination.


6. Happify

Happify is the single destination for compelling, proof based answers for better passionate wellbeing and prosperity in the 21st century. How you feel matters! Whether you’re feeling dismal, on edge, or focused on, Happify conveys you viable apparatuses and projects to help you take control of your emotions and musings. Science now gives the instruments you have to roll out the improvements you need. It takes some work. However, you’ll be astounded at how soon you’ll begin feeling a positive change. Battling with normal difficulties and being held by cynicism is dangerous to your passionate and physical prosperity, your connections, and your execution of work. So when you begin to turn the corner and start to take in the new propensities for fruitful engagement with life, everything starts to look brighter and better. Happify is simple and efficient solutions for your emotional health and wellbeing. It contains science-based activities and games to elevate happiness inside you. Here you can also choose a personalized satisfaction track created by experts.


7. Personal Zen

Personal Zen is a proof based cell phone application that decreases anxiety and tension in people who play it quickly or consistently. Personal Zen is clinically demonstrated to lessen stress by just playing a fun diversion. Worked by a group of driving neuroscientists and versatile engineers, playing Personal Zen retrains your mind to lower anxiety and nervousness. Much the same as practicing for physical wellbeing, we can practice our mind for better psychological well-being and health! To utilize Personal Zen search for the way the well-disposed sprite leaves after it tunnels down outside of anyone’s ability to see. At that point, follow the way of the agreeable sprite rapidly and efficiently. Attempt to be precise, swiping all aspects of the way. Try not to give the irate sprite a chance to occupy your center from rapidly moving your consideration towards the benevolent sprite and following the way. Try not to get disappointed if you miss a few, as the recuperating mechanics of the application will work regardless of how quick you do it.


8. ReliefLink

ReliefLink is a kind of app relating to the mental health of the user. It is made for suicide prevention. Doctor Kaslow, a clinical psychologist, developed this app. The app, along with the prevention of suicide, includes mood tracking, reminders, safety plans, personalized copy mechanism, and assistance of finding therapists and support groups.

It is not a game or has any game like the other apps. This app is a sort of personal assistant that keeps you aware all the time from all the negative things, maintains a record of doctors, and track your mood. This app is best for persons suffering from worse mental health. The app keeps the user alert for the daily positive routine setup. It is also only available for iOS devices.


9. BrainHQ

BrainHQ is the app created by Posit Science. It is a brain training program that claims to improve memory, speed, and attention. This app uses the principle of “Brain-plasticity”, a new science that says brain always have the ability to change and improve. It is the most successful brain training program in the clinical trials and maintains the gold standard of scientific results. The app offers series of training exercises to work out user’s eye for detail and user’s ability to process the visual scenes. The user can work out his or her working memory, practice dividing attention, improve cognitive flexibility, and improve reaction times and much more. The free version of the app comes with 4-brain training exercises, five courses, and challenges. The subscription version which runs on $14 per month or $96 per year includes 29 activities and 16 classes. This app is available only for only iOS devices.


10. Memory Trainer

Memory Trainer is the brain app. Urbian develops the app. It is a sort of personal trainer and helps out the user to exercise and get all the possible benefit. The app is related to graphical and visual training. The activities and exercises performed through this app develop the focusing and concentration skills. It works on the memory boosting and sharpening. This app is a kind of puzzle-based app but in real it is way different from typical puzzle solving apps present nowadays. The app offers the two modes of training, the default mode implements various brain challenges and gives a proper brain workout whereas the other method is referred as targeted mode. The targeted mood the user can focus on an individual skill which he thinks needs more practice than the others. The interface of the app is reasonable and straightforward. The app is available for free on Google Play for Android devices.


11. Achieve- Brain Training

Achieve- Brain Training is a brain challenging app developed by ‘The Really Useful Information Company LLC’. This brain training app is based upon the education and serves for the sharpness of mind. The app is quite useful for all group ages. It is a challenging app with lots of fun hidden in it. The app comprises of 5 mini brain training games which tend to improve different skills. These five games are Stroop Test, Spell Test, Odd One Out, Right or Wrong, and Bigger or Smaller. The first game, Stroop test improves the focusing ability of the player, making him more attentive and active. Spell test is for developing the vocabulary and memory of the player. Odd One Out tests the visual ability of the player and help it to develop. Right, or Wrong is based on mathematical problems and tends to improve mental mathematics of the player. Whereas the Bigger or Smaller helps in differentiating and is also related to the mathematics. More of exciting features are present in the premium version of the game for the users. The app is available on Google Play and iTunes.


12. Memorado

Memorado coach is a small pocket with which you can improve the performance of your brain in small daily actions. You only tell you what you want to enrich, and the tool will create specific exercises based on your interests and preferences. With just a few minutes each day you will improve working memory, cognitive control, and fluid intelligence. This utility, which is developed from a scientific foundation focused on improving brain ratio, uses fun as a learning method, so you can enjoy more than three hundred different levels in more than ten different games based on neuroscience it will allow you greater responsiveness in fundamental aspects of your daily lives, for example. With all these mini games logic, math and problem solving, will enable you to generate a set of statistics that will give you a global view of your strengths and potential for improvement. As each activity is specially designed for your progress depending on the needs, you can safely assume that you will always do the most beneficial exercise for you. Every important aspect of the brain that wants to improve features some tasks that you spend more time. Some of the exercises that you will find will be to remember where to find the objects you saw during the first few seconds in a marañada of identical pictures, which is the order of appearance of the color boxes inside a giant board or where is the exit maze. Whatever the look you want to improve, Memorado will help you get some visible advantages from the first week. Keep your attention on the important things in your life, remember all the new information they have accessed, speeds up your job or become multitasking and efficient person simultaneously with just a few minutes of exercise a day based on studies of neuroscientists from around the world.


13. NeuroNation

Train your brain can be very simple if you have an excellent tool for this. NeuroNation is a personal trainer that will suit our needs in improving your memory, concentration, and intelligence. With more than twenty exercises to do, NeuroNation has several levels of difficulty that will be automatically adjusted to your progress. Thus, the complexities will only gradually regulate function failures and successes you have. Daily monitoring will give you a reference of how you are evolving in some important fields, which will help you to improve those aspects that have most neglected. With exercises up to five minutes, you get a higher concentration, logical thinking and intelligence. Although some exercises and practices are extra, this tool has enough free material to advance your goals. It also incorporates the ability to share your performance, allowing you to compete against your friends and other members of the community NeuroNation. The cerebrum activities of NeuroNation continually adjust to your execution, guaranteeing that you remain tested however not overpowered by the preparation. Your far-reaching progress assessments educate you of your advancement and also your qualities and shortcomings. It helps you stay persuaded and see the enhancements from preparing.



HAMARU is a brain training gaming app created by MITSUYUKI SUZUKI and developed by STUDIO ms32. The game is based upon the high school math and tends to improve almost every brain skill. It doesn’t comprise of long, dull brain exercises or tutorials, and it is a real fun action game that helps the user to improve his mental abilities with the relaxation of the mind. The game has alluring bouncing and sparkling effects. The user interface is quite colorful, and the user feels pleasant playing the game. The player has to match the correct solutions of mathematical equations that are coming from the top before they touch the bottom, in this way the user will destroy the enemy alien ship and will be able to gain points and rewards. The speed of coming equations or questions will be increased in the higher levels, so the player has to be fast in finding the possible match and this practice will improve many brain skills including focus, concentration, speed, and time managing. The app is free and is available for iOS and Android devices.


15. Brainturk

Brainturk is a different sort of brain training app developed by Kiran Kumar. Brainturk offers more than forty different brain training game which helps to improve the user’s brain neurologically and psychologically as well. Along with the games, the app provides different meditation audios to help the user to gain relaxation and increase their training efficiency. The sound meditation tutorials are unique and are not seen in any other brain training app. The applet the user improve memory, concentration, and various cognitive skills too. It helps to stimulate the brain and increase its working efficiency. It is a commercial app available at $3.99 on iTunes and Google Play for iOS and Android devices respectively. The app focuses on the fundamental skills of the brain and then move further towards the different complex and individual ones. Visual memory, attention, concentration, etc. are included in the fundamental brain skills.


16. Math Panic

Math Panic is a brain training app created by Aristide Flandrin. The app is quite chunky and enjoying. It let the children and even adults to increase their mathematical mental level. Math Panic has a very simple, straightforward and catchy interface that increases the interest standards of the players in the game. The game focuses on the player’s mental ability to solve logical mathematical equation or question in an entertaining manner. The game is based on the three playing modes; the user can select and play his desired and required way. The three methods are termed as Arcade mode, Reverse mode, and Order mode. In the arcade mood, the player has to beat the clock and have to find missing numbers in the equations and calculations. In the reverse mode, the player has to perform backward calculations in the given time where as in the order mode the user has to place the provided numbers in the correct order in the given time. The app is free and is available for iOS and Android devices.


17. BrainMania

BrainMania is the educational based brain trainer game developed by Etai Muallem. BrainMania focuses on the hand-eye coordination, concentration, logical reasoning and thinking, mathematics and attentiveness. It is not a very complicated game and is simply easy to play this game, everybody from all the age groups can play the game. The best part of the game is the player can challenge other players playing worldwide to increase the competition level. The game comprises of 11 different kinds of brain training games. In which two games are logical, 3 are memory based, 3 are for mathematics and the remaining three from the 11 are for the identification purpose. The player can choose any of the game to play according to his mood, desire, and requirement. Each game has four stages, and each stage is 4 minutes. The game can be connected with Game Center and with social media sites like Facebook, which increase the interest level of the player. The game has a free version and premium version too. It is available iTunes and Google Play.

More About Dual N-Back

Dual N-Back is a brain training game developed by Mikko Tyrskeranta. It is a severe sort of brain training game and is especially for those who are fed up with playing childish and immature games. The player for sure enjoys the game but not in the sense of leisure but the feeling of satisfaction and brilliance. The game claims to be scientifically proven, and the exercises performed through the game are referred as fluid intelligence. The ability of a person to solve a particular problem and answer questions regarding history and accompanying the answers with appropriate reasons. Although the game is quite hard and require the full proper attention of the user but as the saying is hard is good, so yes this is a very useful app for those who want to train their brains and increase their level of thoughts. The interface of the game is quite simple and understandable. The app is free and is available for iOS and Android devices.

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