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Dudepins allows you to explore, save, buy, and share things that you love regarding Men. It is a cool platform that delivers outstanding stuff for guys. It is easy to use platform that provides a visually stunning way to find, share, and buy things that interests you on the internet… read more
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9 Apps Like Dudepins for Android

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1. Pinterest

Pinterest is the official application from this famous social network of the same name. With it, you can create your virtual board to organize and always have all of your favorite things on hand, whether they be videos, images, texts, songs, etc. The best part, of course, is that you can not only decorate your board but also visit and browse through other boards created by fellow users. You can leave comments to let them know what you think, and ‘repin’ items to bring them to your board. Thanks to this iPhone application, you can take a photograph and immediately pin it to your board to share with all your followers. It’s an excellent way to share your daily experiences instantly. Pinterest is a social network with millions of users, where you can always find photos and images worth a look. Thanks to this app, you can do it any place, anytime, as long as you have an Internet connection.


2. Fancy

Fancy is a stunning place which lets you discover and buy amazing things efficiently curated by its global community. This app is filled with an extraordinary range of stunning stuff that enables its users to collect and share things that they need. It lets you fancy your items, earn credits for sharing your awesome collection with your family members and friends, and create your wishlists as well. You can smartly buy things that attract you and get that one with extreme ease. It enables a robust integration with thousands of stores and millions of things to buy. Fancy is a fine place for finding the perfect gift. You can create a group gift, send a fancy gift card, shop gift guides, and browse the gift recommendation engine. This app is well-optimised for tablets, HD devices, and phones. It also provides a smooth interface which lets you use voice commands for launching Fancy and browse items that you want to wear. It delivers an elegant notification approach, and all of your important notifications are beautifully displayed on the screen of your device.


3. DeviantArt

DeviantArt brings one of the world’s best and the largest art gallery in your hand. It is probably the largest social community for the art enthusiasts and artists by allowing people to connect through the sharing and creation of art. It is an elegant application that is working tremendously great for entertaining, inspiring, and empowering people from all over the world. It efficiently exposes a huge range of fresh, exciting, and culturally relevant content from traditional media of the drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography to the digital, anime, and pixel art. DeviantArt lets you browse endless streams from the content that it delivers and you can even communicate with and submit to an active community having this app on your mobile phone. It provides sophisticated stuff and keeps on updating it on a daily basis by providing an exciting range of new content and never let you get bored. The editorial team will reflect back to and draw from the community through a vibrant combination of features, news, conversations, and curations. You can easily reveal what is hot or even explore anything that you want from its inspiring and extraordinary image collection.


4. 500px

500px is a flamboyant app for people who love photography and keeps on exploring photography related stuff. It is a robust platform that brings an exciting range of photos, and you can explore them anytime you want from its effective library. It lets you follow photographer and find new and fresh photos on a daily basis. You can learn a lot and improves your photographic experience using this extraordinary app. You can reveal your extraordinary, classy, and the best stuff in front of other by showcasing it on your profile right on this app. 500px enables photography lovers to discover galleries through this app and curate your own as well and get inspired by the recommendations that it brings for you. It allows you to share your original and unique photography experience with the whole world and get recognised by the international brands through the submission of your best photos and mark your existence. 500px enables a unique photo discovery experience for its users and get inspired to bring your photography dreams to the next level.


5. Raindrop.io

Raindrop.io is a smart app that helps you to get things of your imagination and taste just for your inspiration. It lets you read letters, media, clip articles, pages, and videos from the web and the apps as well. It allows you to organise bookmarks in collections and tag them easily. It lets you save anything from around the web, related to the stuff that it provides, and probably you want to get. Raindrop.io efficiently supports all your favourite sites, and you can easily manage your most interesting things using this app on your mobile phone. It lets you organise stuff with more ease and well-convenience so that you can easily manage the auto-suggested tags, bulk operations, thematic collections, and more. It enables you to find things faster, and you can use the guided search to discover exactly what you are looking for. Raindrop.io allows you to work together and share your bookmarks and work collaboratively and you can easily send a link to your public collection. It has a customizable and distraction free interface that helps you explore things faster and more reliable.


6. We Heart It

We Heart It is an application that enables you to discover photos from the subjects that you want the most and also saves all of them either in the cloud (in your We Heart It account) or on your Android, iOS device. We Heart It works just like to other image-sharing sites such as Pinterest. You can select the tag words that interest you the best and search for all of the photos uploaded by other users that include those tags. Apparently, you may also follow differently We Heart It users and become followed in return. Whenever you look for a user whose photos you normally like, you just need to follow them to make it ensure all of their changes appear in your primary feed. When you look at a photo that you want, you just need to select the heart button. By doing so, you’ll add your personal pictures to the website, and you may obtain them whenever you need by searching your account. Additionally, you can help to save them to your device just as easily. We Heart It is a very stylish photography depending on the social network. You’ll find a lot of pictures associated with your tastes: cats, food, fashion, cats, cats, and much more cats.


7. Behance

Behance enables its users to showcase your work and get inspired by millions of projects in one of the world’s largest and the widely used creative network. This application has a great impact on some creative persons by efficiently letting its users explore and browse through dozens of creative and extraordinary fields including photography, interactive designing, illustration, and lot more. You can easily follow work from the artists and designers which inspire others over this platform. It is a vital resource for improving our mental and creative capabilities for making a strong impact on the nation by revealing your own exclusive and creative things. When it comes to revealing creativity, this app is one of the best and remarkable apps for providing such an inspiration. It enables you to share your latest creative stuff to showcase your inner capabilities and hidden talent. You can explore work from creatives from AdWeek, RISD, AIGA, SVA, and many others.


8. Godinterest

Godinterest is a widely used app for Christians that enables its users to collect, discover, and share the photos of their most favourite and delegate events, hobbies, and interests. It is merely for Christians who love to explore things regarding their respective culture, and festival and you can easily get things that attract you the most. Godinterest is officially the bespoke Christian media platform entirely comprises the stuff related to the taste and attraction of Christians. This app enables its users to get content regarding their favourite stuff and access them innovatively. Godinterest is created for connecting the Christians of throughout the world through the interest that they share. It enables its users to upload images and simply embed videos to the boards which can be collected to organise images they love from around the web. It enables registration from Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles. Users can browse daily, hot, new, top, and fresh photos and also deliver their comments on the photos of others.


9. Memit

Memit is a fine-looking app that enables its users to save things that attracts them right from the web directly to the box. It lets you save everything including articles, notes, personal videos, images, presentations, and upload files with one simple and handy click. You can organise your things or content into collections and easily add your own tags and captions to keep track of what matters the most. It lets you retrieve your content online as well as offline through a robust search engine and unique filtering approaches like types and properties. Using its sharing option you can publish your captured stuff with the community on your social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. Memit is a fine platform to showcase your knowledge so that you can beautifully reveal your own custom profile page and decide what to reveal and what to keep private. Memit delivers an effective and better collaboration, and you can retrieve, access, and browse your content from any device or any platform. Other than these, Memit also provides social media analytics, influence statics, people-based inspiration, embedded content, and lot more.

More About Dudepins

Dudepins allows you to explore, save, buy, and share things that you love regarding Men. It is a cool platform that delivers outstanding stuff for guys. It is easy to use platform that provides a visually stunning way to find, share, and buy things that interests you on the internet. Dudepins features the most mesmerising pictures, videos, articles, news, and related stuff that are organised into various interesting categories. It lets you explore and share your most favourite stuff such as cars and fancy rides, latest fashion trends, and men lifestyle stuff, food recipes, good eatables, fitness tips, dreams destinations, travel guides, newest hardware, amazing gadgets, and lot more. It delivers an elegant range of latest articles, beautiful women embroidery, and many other guy’s things. Dudepins offers a gigantic range of Manly stuff along with the latest revealing of latest available men news. Hence it is a sober app that lets its users to discover things that attract them, share the best among them with your friends, and always stay entertained while on the walk.