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Easy brings the real convenience for you by providing the best taxi service right on the door of your house. Easy – taxi, car, ridesharing is a fine application developed by Easy Taxi Inc. which carries some exceptional features for its entire customers… read more
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1. Uber

Uber is the application of the United States based online transportation company. Those who want to enjoy the transport service of Uber can order for a taxi or any other service by using the official application of Uber. Now the smartphone users can request for a trip to Uber that will be routed to its drivers who use their cars. The service of Uber is available in almost five hundred cities of sixty-six countries across the globe. To start with, the smartphone users are first required to create an account and after that provide their details. Uber is one of the smartest ways to get around. One tap on the app and a car comes directly to your home or demanded place. Either it is about late night drinks or morning flight; any time you can submit a trip to Uber. It is very simple; choose your ride, set your location and send the request. The other quality of Uber is that it also allows its users to know about the fare estimate before they go. All this will be done via the official app of Uber.


2. Hailo

Hailo connects the willing customers with drivers to request for a trip or ride. Now your visit to any place is just two taps away. Just book a taxi and get to your desired areas, important business meeting, shopping center or restaurant in a new style. Hailo ensures the quick, safe and reliable ride that is just a few seconds away from your fingertips. One of the biggest advantages of going with Hailo is according to Hailo is that all of its drivers have been CRB checked and are fully insured and licensed. The passengers can also have their say with the driver feedback tool that ensures they always get the best drivers. For easy and secure payment, Hailo support for the card payment system only. Hailo for business offers reliable, speedy and safe transport for the entire company. Taxi for whole business can be booked through the smartphone application or online with Hailo. Just set your destination, get a quote and hail for pick up. you can track the licensed driver in real time as well.


3. MyTaxi

MyTaxi is an app for smartphones from where you can register for online booking right away and book your taxi straight from a web browser or its official application. It is very easy and straightforward to book for a taxi. The paying fare is also very simple. The new MyTaxi app includes live arrival, miles calculation and much more. Simple install the MyTaxi app to your smartphone and discover just how easy booking a taxi can be. Now you can book your taxi in a flash. You can book a five-star taxi by a regular driver. It is up to you whether you want to book now or in advance, in both cases, you can watch it arrive in real time on the smartphone. The fare can pay via this application. It gives the passengers not only miles and more points but also a convenient receipt by email. After a successful trip don’t forget to rate your taxi and driver as it will help millions of users to find the best driver and taxi every time.


4. Lyft

Lyft is an American based transportation company that operates on online cab booking system. Now you can order for a convincing using the official application of Lyft that is available for Android and iOS users. Just install the Lyft, submit the trip request and get a ride from a friendly driver within minutes. The way of working of Lyft is very simple. You have got multiple riding options; Request Lyft, Lyft Plus, Lyft Premier or Lyft Line. You will be get picked by one of the drivers of Lyft, and he will get you where you need to go. When the ride ends, simply pay and don’t forget to rate driver via your smartphone. Each time when the Lyft plans a trip request, Lyft display the rating of the driver passed by previous passengers. At Lyft you can enjoy both share riding and single riding. Lyft Line is a shared ride where you will enjoy riding with other going the same way so that you can split the cost.  The fare, in this case, will be less than original Lyft. You can also have a private ride as well where you will bear the total trip cost.


5. Curb

Curb claimed to be the provider of safe and reliable rides from sedan drives. The app of Curb is available for both iOS and Android smartphone users. Just request your ride with the tap of a button, track your driver’s arrival and pay your fare seamlessly. That is the simple way of working of Curb. Curb claimed to offer vehicle and payment choices to fit the needs of its customers.  Now you can easily hire a car or book a taxi and pay seamlessly with a credit card in the application or even with cash in the car. Extensive options are open all the time. Getting around your city is easier and faster than ever. Curb connects its customers with safe, reliable rides from fully licensed and insured taxi drivers in almost seventy major cities across the globe. App is available for free, so it makes its customers able to tide when and how they choose. You have the options to ride instantly or schedule it up to twenty for hours in advance. It offers choices to fit customers’ transportation needs and provides the most seamless ride possible.


6. Blacklane

This transportation company offers the ground transportation services at very competitive rates. Wanna enjoys the real peace of mind during riding then go for Blacklane because it is the place of licensed and insured drivers across the globe. The best about this taxi service is that it has a presence in almost two hundred major cities of fifty countries throughout the world. The other good quality of this taxi service is that the taxi will wait for you for fifteen minutes in case of regular pickups and one hour in the event of airport pickups. These pickups time will be free. So take your time and relax. Blacklane offers straightforward prices. So there are no hidden charges at all. All prices are the inclusive rate. You can confirm before your book including all taxes, tolls, fees and gratuities. Blacklane also works with insured and licensed drivers. Free cancellation is also the part of company service. If you have to change the plan then no problem at all. Cancellations are free up to one hour before one-way rides or twenty-four hours before hourly bookings.


7. Cabify

Cabify is the solution of your transportation. It is like your private car with a driver. Within two clicks you can arrange a private car for your ride. Reservations can be made anytime either it is late night or early morning. You can follow the driver data in real time on its app and can track its position over the map as well. Cabify notifies you when it arrives at your doorstep. Prices are fixed either it is late night or early morning. Moreover, you will always pay the same point to point price regardless of traffic or route change. Cabify has no started its special services for businesses as well. You can make the reservations for business trips or pick services for your employees. For businesses of all sizes, Cabify is the executive transport solution to save and control the business expenses. Everything you can manage online either it is an immediate or anticipatory reserve, addition or deletion of employees or departments’ records and much more. You can monitor the custom reports as well. In short, Cabify has one of the best transportation solutions for both individuals and companies.


8. Taxi.EU

Stands for taxi for Europe, Taxi.EU is a taxi service that is offering its transportation services in almost on hundred cities across Europe. With the smartphone application of Taxi.EU you can order your taxi with few clicks. The automatic system via GPS, you can follow the directions of the taxies live. Even before the taxi, you can calculate the fare calculator the cost of your taxi. There are various other useful features of this application. Once you have entered a destination, calculates the app the approximate fare, the length of the route and the approximate duration of the trip. This valuable information provide the customers more flexibility and transparency, and it is merely approximates that may vary depending on traffic conditions. The accessibility of taxies you can observer from now easy. The minute display always informed of the remaining travel time. You can always view and always know where the vehicle is just the driver’s infrastructure. With the Taxi.EU app you always see a past trip, just orders placed or preorders. This exact overview gives you just with regular taxi more clarity and transparency. In addition, there is incurred pre-edit or cancel for free as well.


9. Ola

Ola brings one of the most convenient and fastest way to book a ride right through your cellphones. With a collection of more than 3,00,000 cabs and taxis in over 100 cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, Chennai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and many more, Ola cabs is probably one of the best car booking services in India. Ola cabs – Taxi, Auto, Car Rental, Share Booking is a fine application introduced by Ola Cabs, which enables its users to book a cab anywhere in India. This taxi app brings one of the fastest ways to book autos without any haggling for price and hassle of waiting. It lets you book up to 2 seats to share AC card with others who are travelling to the same destination or route and save almost 50 percent on regular cab fares. This application also enables you to save time as well as money by travelling the shared cabs on fixed routes. Other than these, you can book the cheapest AC taxi, travel with handy fares, get special SUVs with more seats, travel in luxury cars, and enjoy an affordable car rental. So just download Ola cabs – Taxi, Auto, Car Rental, Share Booking, and enjoy a cheap, healthy, and stress-free rides.


10. Didi

Didi is a tremendously awesome app which is providing various reliable and efficient mobility services to about tons of millions of users from all over the world. DiDi – Greater China is a great application developed by DiDi Inc. which provides a ride in minutes and lets you save much of your time as well as the hassle of discovering parking and long wait. Didi is one of the simple ride-sharing application through which you just have to tap the app to open and select a service. For booking a ride, you just have to choose your drop-off as well as pick up locations. It also lets you favourite (add and save) your routes or frequently used destinations for future rides. DiDi – Greater China once match with the taxi driver, you will be able to get all the info of the driver and the vehicle as well. It also lets you find the route your driver takes to pick you up, and the drivers estimated time of arrival as well. There are way many other features of DiDi – Greater China which helps us travel easier. So just download DiDi – Greater China, get a cab comfortably and enjoy an affordable and convenient ride.


11. GrabTaxi

GrabTaxi is another great looking taxi application which comes with a number of damn significant features for the users from all over the world. Grab is a widely used taxi app introduced by Grab Holdings, which help you get upfront fares when you book, track and share your journey, detailed info of your driver and cab, pay however you want, and finally rate your driver to ensure ride quality. Grab – Cars, Bikes & Taxi Booking App makes it so easy to grab a car in minutes which helps you get to your destination without hassling of the long wait. It contains one of the largest pool of drivers of Southeast Asia. You can easily book a budget and premium taxi from the Southeast largest driver’s network. It allows you to ride in the comfort of a private cab service and pay a fixed fare for your ride. It enables you to hitch a ride and give someone life with its social carpooling community and provides much more. So just download Grab – Cars, Bikes & Taxi Booking App, and enjoy one of the fastest and the most reliable travelling application for cars, taxis, motorbikes, and more.


12. PedalMe

PedalMe is another fine looking application which helps you enjoy a damn intuitive taxi and cargo service. Pedal Me – the pedal-powered taxi & cargo service is a newly developed application which helps you enjoy some great features for travelling wherever you want. This application provides the on-demand access to the fast and reliable Bike, Cargo, and Taxi service anywhere within 5 miles of central London. After downloading Pedal Me – the pedal-powered taxi & cargo service, you just have to enter your mobile number to sign up. You can easily tell this app where to pick up and when you want to be picked up. Pedal Me – the pedal-powered taxi & cargo service features know where to pick you up. You can intuitively save your favourite places just to get convenience for the next time. You can also take a precise look on the driver who is coming to pick you up and also rate your ride, and you can even follow and get notified as your driver arrives. You can also see your ride’s photo and details and can track their arrival. Its payment can be made by debit or credit as well as cash with your receipt delivered by email.


13. Rocket Rickshaw

Rocket Rickshaw is a widely used rickshaw hailing service present in Pakistan which is working tremendously great due to its talented service. Rocket Rickshaw is an Optimus Technology (Pvt.) Limited which helps you enjoy tons of features for travelling to your nearby places. You can easily download Rocket Rickshaw on your smartphone or call on the UAN for your city to get this ride. It is also backed by a systematic call centre addressing customer queries and complains about a personal level. Once you order a Rocket Rickshaw, you will enjoy this ride which is designed for your ease and much comfort and a basic price rate. The price that Rocket Rickshaw offers for your journey is Rs 5 rupee per kilometre for each of your ride, and you can ride any destination using this application. You can use a referral code, any ongoing offer, or any promo codes available for even further discounts. This application envision taking the iconic Pakistani traditional Rickshaw culture and enhancing it using global user experience standard. This application helps you enjoy ride with more comfort and without any tension. So just download Rocket Rickshaw and forget negotiation or any hassle for the waiting of rides, and have a safe journey.



LINE MAN is an elegant on-demand assistant application which carries some professional services to fulfil all your need anytime you want. LINE MAN: Taxi, Food, Postal is a widely used application which has superbly simplified your lives in ways you could never visualize with 5 main services. This application satisfies your appetite with your favourite foods from anywhere, and you can even request a verified taxi to the pickup location of your choices. It also provides a postal delivery service which helps you delivery stuff at your doorstep by the courier of your choice and delivers your packages quickly and safely whenever you want. LINE MAN: Taxi, Food, Postal helps you make your life easy with groceries delivered to your home. Line Man is a reliable assistance for your errands anytime you want. Other than this, it provides restaurants lists, tracking delivery status, help you go through troubles, serving you at a reasonable price, and is ready for your order at the moment you need. So just download LINE MAN: Taxi, Food, Postal, and enjoy food delivery, postal service, messenger services, and grocery delivery right at the door of your home all in one app.


15. Addison Lee

Addison Lee is another intuitive taxi app through which you can book on-demand or in advance and enjoy some professional level riding features. Addison Lee – Car Service is a fine app through which you can enjoy the premium service which you won’t experience with another taxi application. When you travel using this application, you can choose between the style of a Mercedes and the space of a Ford Galaxy with its extensive fleet. Booking a taxi using Addison Lee – Car Service is a bit quicker than hailing a taxi or black cab, and it also gets up to 25 percent less than another taxi account. This application helps you get a premium car service wherever you are, and travel in more than 40 cities worldwide having this app in your mobile phone. You can book a car in just 2 steps, re-book your car journeys quickly, and easily edit and view travel booking for your Manchester journeys and London journeys, business travels, and airport transfer. There are many other features for its users in this application which helps you get a highly curated taxi grabbing experience. So just download Addison Lee – Car Service, and enjoy an on-demand and advanced features for free.


16. Blue Bird

Blue Bird is an entirely rewritten app which enables its users to enjoy a fine taxi app right on the palm of your hands. You can enjoy this service around you in real-time across almost 7 locations in Jakarta, Semarang, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Lombok, Medan, Bali, and some more. You can easily place a booking order now and place in advanced booking, single as well as multiple bookings at the same time. My Blue Bird also enables you to get to know the estimated time for the taxi arrival by letting you know about the distance to your pick up locations. You can intuitively track your assigned taxi in the real-time. You can even call your drive without revealing your mobile phone number to your driver. You can even share your trip with your family members and friends and let them see how far you are still away from your destination. This application helps you manage your own favourite destinations and easily by accessing them directly from your mobile home screen and include default pickup notes for your driver. So just download My Blue Bird, take a ride, keep track of it, and pay less for enjoying all this.


17. KakaoTaxi

KakaoTaxi is another intuitive and robust tool introduced by Kakao Mobility Crop, which enables its loyal users to enjoy travelling more places and meet people and have more experiences. Kakao T – Taxi, Driver, Parking, Navi is not just a simple taxi hailing service, but it helps you enjoy everything about transportation. You can easily take care of your cab hailing, designed driver booking, parking as well as the navigation service through this application. Kakao T is an easy to use and fast taxi calling application which brings deluxe taxi with class and style. You can effortlessly book a designated driver with one simple click on the application. Kakao T – Taxi, Driver, Parking, Navi allows you to enjoy searching for nearby parking space and reserve any ride through the app. This application helps you get the quickest route search with the accurate directions based on real-time traffic. You can pay for the parking right using this app, and also for designated driver services conveniently by your payment registration. Kakao T – Taxi, Driver, Parking, Navi lets you call a taxi for free and enjoy the ride in one of the most reasonable way. So just download Kakao T – Taxi, Driver, Parking, Navi, and enjoy safe and cheaper rides.


18. Beat

Beat is another intuitive application which helps you ride with damn safety and the surety of low price. Beat – Ride app is a fine application introduced by Taxibeat Ltd. which has elegantly transform the way you move around in your particular area. You can tap on your cell phone, and you get a ride instantly without any extra cost. It is a quality app for travellers which allows you to enjoy ride with the trusted drivers. This application intuitively uses your location, and you can easily tap the green button to get a ride. You can effortlessly check the list and choose any of your favourite and most likely driver. You can intuitively watch the cab’s route live on your map, and hail your driver at the tap of simple buttons. You can even rate your ride to give a proper review of your rides whenever you ride through this app. Beat – Ride app comes with a damn intuitive list of features which helps you go all your desired places through using this amazing transportation app. So just download Beat – Ride app, call for a ride, and enjoy the ride as much as you can.


19. Gett

Gett is a high-quality taxi app which brings an exceptional service at an affordable price. Gett – Car Service & Rideshare is an intuitive global riding app which is built for getting on a simple idea, that if you treat drivers better, they definitely treat you better. This application is available in more than 100 cities including London, Tel Aviv, and Moscow. While in United States, Gett – Car Service & Rideshare acquired Jano to provide the highest quality service. This application allows you to get the best price which you definitely can’t find anywhere. Gett – Car Service & Rideshare enables you to get a ride in minute or book ahead as well. This application allows you to even book a ride for the next day, the next hour, and the next upcoming month as well. You can even get the hassle-free airport rides and enjoy the best-rated drivers. You can even give your reviews to each of your rides just to rate the driver by their performance. So just download Gett – Car Service & Ride share, and enjoy start riding with the best-rated drivers in the Israel, UK, and Russia.


20. Blueline Taxis

Blueline Taxis is another intuitive application which helps you book a taxi under 10 seconds and experience high-class priority service from one of the most extensive taxi films in Newcastle. This app let allows you to place the booking directly on its map and see how many cars are available in there. You can pay by debit or credit card and avoid having to stop at the cash point along the way. Blue line Taxis never lets you wait for a long time for the taxi that you want to need for going your way through your destination. You can easily place your booking and enjoy ride whenever you want. You can even cancel any of your bookings anytime if necessary. You can place your bookings directly from the handy favourite lists and enjoy Blueline Taxis fully right on the palm of your hand. Blueline Taxis is one of the largest private hire services in Newcastle. It has more than 450 uniformed drivers, and all of its vehicles are extemporized with the best and the latest GPS technology. So just download Blueline Taxis, and enjoy free booking and cheap riding.


21. NexTaxi

NexTaxi is another easy to use yet robust taxi tool which is so safe, legal, and obviously free. NexTaxi: The Cab Grabber is trusted by a trusted and widely used taxi solutions with more than 20 years of experience. This application is working immensely great in more than 50 United States and Canadian markets which enables you to get an easy and convenient access to the legit cabs whether you are at home or away. You can enjoy its working in a couple of taps and ride smoothly and hassle freely. You can easily place your order for ride, track the ride time of arrival, and pay for the closest cab by money (cash), and in in-app by card. This app lets you have a car from the affiliated taxi of NexTaxi Company with no rouge drive as well as any security risks. You can ride safely, easily and powerfully having NexTaxi: The Cab Grabber in your mobile phone. Other than these, you can easily request your taxi by entering address, moving a pin, and using your GPS collection, favorite your trips, get in-depth details, pay the fare securely, and easily retrieve valuables accidentally lifts in your army.

More About Easy

Easy brings the real convenience for you by providing the best taxi service right on the door of your house. Easy – taxi, car, ridesharing is a fine application developed by Easy Taxi Inc. which carries some exceptional features for its entire customers. This hailing taxi application is a choice of millions of users who want to have real-time safety, quickness, and reliability for their transportation. You can easily order for a ride, and this app will assign you the nearest possible car to pick you out from your plane to deliver you at the destination. Easy – taxi, car, ridesharing enables a super safe and exceptional ride where you can easily find things properly and even enjoy some exceptional offers as well. Whenever you order a ride, Easy – taxi, car, ridesharing automatically discovers your location or your address using GPS. This application suggests its users add their credit card to unlock some extra bunch of features. Easy – taxi, car, ridesharing is trusted by more than 25 million users who are getting benefits from this extremely talented riding app. So just download Easy – taxi, car, ridesharing and enjoy booking regular rides and arrive in style with Its Premium one.