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EazySpaDeals is an online beauty and wellness booking platform which helps you approach hundreds of salons and spas across Indonesia. EazySpaDeals – Spa & Salon Booking App was presented in the market by EazySpaDeals Inc. which offers intuitive promotions, competitive pricing, and informative insights you need before making your beauty and wellness appointments… read more
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25 Apps Like EazySpaDeals for Android


1. Salon Iris

Salon Iris is an award-winning app which is trusted by more than 50,000 salons and saps enable them to do their regular stuff in more convenient and precise way. Salon Iris: Salon Spa Software bought in the market by DaySmart Software Inc. which enables saloon and spa employees, booth stylists and renters to manage their appointments credit cards, the point of sale, inventory and marketing and various other things on the move. This app brings a feature of streamlined salon appointment which makes it so comfortable to schedule appointments, accept online booking appointments and block time off from within the app. Salon Iris: Salon Spa Software enables spa and saloon managers to see all the technicians and stylist schedules on-demand and booth renters can intuitively control their own appointment books. Managers can effortlessly view their appointments and also create or update appointments on your calendar. It has made it easy to add, remove as well as modify clients, products, and services, and also manage or add employee tips and employees itself. So just download Salon Iris: Salon Spa Software app in your phone to enjoy its extremely customizable settings for managing your small or gigantic business.


2. StyleSeat

StyleSeat is another intuitive application which empowers the beauty professionals salons, beauty parlours, and barbers by controlling all their appointments, money, client relationships, and marketing. This app helps its users to discover the top beauty professionals as well as barbers in their particular span on the move and easily set appointments with them. Style Seat application helps you have important updates regarding appointments, and you can always be on time for each of your appointment. You can easily manage your own schedule and allows clients to book clients with its 24/7 support. This application helps them track client history notes, formulas, product purchases, and more. This application offers full day intuitive appointment booking support, a directory of barber and beauty professionals, and automatic appointment remainder. Through StyleSeat, clients can intuitively search for booking appointments in its expansive directory of professional offering beard, nails, brows, waxing, hairs, and other related services. Other than this, StyleSeat’s appointment manager includes schedule management, import contacts, auto-syncing, 24-hour online booking, and some client management tools. So just download the StyleSeat app, and perfect yourself from on-shows as well as start accepting online payments.


3. Salonaat

Salonaat is one of the most elegant salon finder apps which allows you to modify yourself and dreaming of a full-fledged transformation of your physique. Salonaat: Online Beauty Booking is a great tool presented in the market by Cybernetics Solutions FZCO Inc. which allows you to conveniently experience having a fabulous manicure trend, a classic wet shave, stylish haircut, and a message to spoil you. It is a unisex salon finder app which helps you discover the most amazing and stylish hairdressers with extreme comfort. Salonaat – Beauty Salon Finder App assists you to make your online beauty booking experience convenient and way better than ever. Salonaat: Online Beauty Booking app brings high-quality and user-friendly features which ensures that every client has a positive experience while catching the same high level of service that the holders provides through their salons, spas, or even freelancing business. Salonaat – Beauty Salon Finder App is one of the most elegantly used and leading free download app, which makes it effortless to discover the best beauty salons and massage parlor nearby. It is a superb app for the user who wants to get connected with a reliable beauty parlor, spa, and salon. Salonaat: Online Beauty Booking is not only beneficial for the customers but even for the business makers to promote and boost their salons more effectively.



BELITA is a gigantically used application which is providing thousands of services for grooming your personalities in an elegantly simple and genuinely reasonable way. BELITA – Salon Comes Home is a great tool presented in the market by Belita Retail Pvt. Ltd. which brings a sleekly designed tool for getting the service of salon and spa right at home. The app lets you get some time for yourself by letting you grab the services with damn ease and it does not lets you wait in queue, wait for the weekend, or all the fake habits of the women. It is beneficial for providing all the crucial and healthy features like hair grooming, manicure, pedicure, hair stylists, nail stylists, and more without going anywhere. BELITA – Salon Comes Home app allows you to get thousands of services in Pune and Mumbai (in India). All you need to do is to install the app, browse through its extensive services, collect offers, select a convenient time or date, wait for its dedicated team for the confirmation, and get relaxed till its stylist arrives at your own place in your schedules time. BELITA – Salon Comes Home app lets you be prepared for the kitty parties, Sangeet, baby showers, kid’s birthday parties, bridal showers, and for various other occasions right through your home.



ZAINA enables beauty services providers as well as beauty services seekers to make beauty treatment service appointments, communicate effectively evaluate and share experiences collaboratively, and meet professionally. ZAINA -Booking Beauty Services app was presented in the market by eChances Inc. which enables all the beauty service seekers to discover plenty of talented services provides within your geo-location and precisely place your appointments in simple clicks of the button. You do not have to make phone calls or send text messages for placing your appointments. It allows beauty service finders to get the most sophisticated as well as trusted service providers in the way you want. Zaina – Beauty Services App lets you be able to sort service providers and beauty salon based on their location, ranking, and the price of services. ZAINA is the most intuitive platform for makeup artists and beauty salons to showcase their services and talents and start to earn revenue in a way like never before. Zaina app brings an excellent user interface for all the users to enjoy everything it provides. So just download ZAINA -Booking Beauty Services app and enjoy beauty appointment at your fingertips.


6. SalonAppy

SalonAppy is an easy to use, powerful and sleekly designed tool and an all in one solution for beauty business as well as the beauty professionals that want to control and take their business to an ultimate level. SalonAppy – Manage Your Beauty Business Easily is a great solution introduced in the market by Kolay Randevu Internet Hizmetleri Inc. which makes it easy to manage your salon, get online bookings 24/7, and take your business to an exclusive height. The app brings an excellent calendar which helps you schedule your bookings flawlessly and organize it in the way you want. SalonAppy – Salon Management app allows you to run your own customer loyalty program, and you can even track your expenses and revenues. The app allows you to scan barcodes, track your inventory, and sell products in an effortless manner. SalonAppy – Manage Your Beauty Business allows you to instantly sort their products through the in-app barcode scanner and get up to date inventory information right on the palm of your hands. Salon Appy tool intuitively works on automatic renewing monthly subscriptions system. You can download SalonAppy – Salon Management app for free to get a one-stop shop for managing your salons.


7. Grooming Host

Grooming Host is an elegant tool which is designed efficiently to save much of your efforts and time and get an exclusive discount on its services. Grooming host – Online salon & Spa booking app was presented in the market by Urvat Ecom Private Limited which enables all the worldwide folks to discover ultimate places for spa and salon with good user reviews and ratings as well. It provides appointment services relating to the spa, salon, tattoos, and doorstep services. The app intuitively has the flexibility to adapt the business of all sizes in the market like medium, small, network stores, and franchise model. Grooming host allows you to choose your desired city in India and get to know the major beauty service provides right on the palm of your hands. You can even search for your desired salon and service and get an appointment from the right through the app. Grooming host – Online Salon and Spa Booking app brings the functionalities of providing salon, tattoos, and spa right from your mobile device.


8. Vaasara

Vaasara is an excellent tool for users to discover your desired and probably the right salons and stylists in one of the most convenient way. Vaasara – Book Local Salons and Spas app was presented in the market by VAASARA FZ LLE Inc. which allows you to book when you want, with whoever you want, and where you want without any minimal value requirement. The app allows you to select your desired salon, select service, select your desired stylists, date and time, and pay now or at the salon whatever you seek perfection. Vaasara is a simple to use app which lets you book your desired selected salon, and you can get text and email confirmation regarding the booking as well. The app lets you search through filters including opening and closing hours of the salon, reviews, and rating about the salon, and sort things done based on distance or the ratings. You can pay for your service online using a Visa or MasterCard, and it provides the confirmation of your bookings through noifications as well. Vaasara – Book Local Salons and Spas allows you to get directions to your selected salon, cancel feature to change your date, time or stylist, refund policies, and brings exciting offers are shows on the home screen and then calculated over the booking review screen. Vaasara – Book Local Salons and Spas is an excellent tool which allows you to book at the salon and for those who even want to schedule a home service and prefer the convenience of booking online.


9. Fresha

Fresha lets you look as well as feel your best by discovering spas and salon near you and even appoint your bookings in a flash with up to the mark confirmation and live availability. Fresha – Book Local Salons & Spas app was presented in the market by Surge Ventures Inc., which brings thousands of venues with ultimate online booking accessibility. You can discover a stylish new hairstyle, treat yourself a relaxing massage, book last minute nails, and get everything regarding your beauty and care. Fresha app brings an easiest and the most reliable way to book with local spas and salons. It can instantly confirm your booking and helps you say goodbye to phone calls and schedule your appoints in a way like never before. Fresha – Book Local Salons and Spas app allow you to discover the best new spas and salons by searching through tons of exquisite venues, all with live booking on the move. It allows you to stay in control of your time with the feature to cancel, reschedule, update, book, and rebook your own appointments, all without contracting the venue. Other than these, Fresha app also lets you discover the best prices and discover your way to your appointment with built-in map directions. Fresha – Book Local Salons and Spas app allows you to maintain your beauty, attractiveness, loveliness, looks, and keep your charm charges by discovering and booking your desired spa and salons around and in your area.


10. Polish Me

Polish Me is an elegant tool which intuitively books your appointments and saves your favorite colors in an elegant way. Polish Me – Beautiful Nails, On Your Schedule app was presented in the market by Polishme Technology Inc. which makes it super easy and instant for booking your desired salons, reminder notifications, and check-ins. Polish Me app allows you to browse loads of colors, book your desired appointments, and check-in to the top salons in and around your area. It makes it easy to discover the nearest salons and book your salon appointments with simple and convenient steps. Polish Me – Beautiful Nails, On Your Schedule app allows you to save your most likely colors over the app and save it to an appointment so you can get things done in the way you want. The app allows you to browse multiple colors and even see how the colors look in your hand as well. You can even share colors with your desired friends conveniently and tell them about your nail color and how it looks on your hands. So just download Polish Me – Beautiful Nails, On Your Schedule app in your mobile phone, schedule a stylist and have beautiful and awesome nails.


11. GP

GP is an ultimate tool which allows you to manage the agenda by making cancellations and additions of schedules of services and clients. GP – Beauty Salon Software app was presented in the market by WoWee Club Inc., which contains loads of exciting features for managing the agenda as well as services or clients in the way like never before. It contains some of the features as the GP software web version as well. You can intuitively organize your professional calendar, gain agility at the front desk, reduce scheduling time, and delight your customers with automatic reminders and real-time scheduling. The app flawlessly works with the online beauty salon scheduling system. You can intuitively manage to get things done in a way like never before. GP – Beauty Salon Software enables all the customers to reserve the schedules through the app, and the services are inserted in the agenda of the salon professionals automatically. GP app helps your salon to optimize the professional’s agenda and also to recollect customers who take benefit of the practicality of scheduling through the app. It enables your customers to get real-time significant reminders of the time of schedules and also when it’s time to schedule a return as well. GP – Beauty Salon Software app brings an elegant way to manage your professional salon service through ultimate level features.


12. Timely

Timely is one of the most intuitive applications which helps you manage your entire business from anywhere around the world, and get things done with ease. Timely – Salon & Spa Software app was presented in the market by Timely Limited Inc. which helps you effortlessly manage your clients, sales, staff, reporting, stock, clients, and anything it matters. Timely app makes it easy to manage your business, get interaction with your clients, and your calendar from whenever you are. It provides an exceptional client experience from bookings through your Facebook, Instagram, website, etc. and also accept online bookings through the follow up as well. Timely – Take Your Business Anywhere app lets you save time with automatic messaging for communication, view your client’s appointment notes and history, add or edit appointments, give your staff access to view products and appointment, connect your scanner, Bluetooth printer, and cash drawer, etc. Other than these, Timely – Salon and Spa Software helps you take and upload docs and upload, eliminate annoying time gaps over the calendar, sell and redeem custom credit, add and edit an appointment from scratch, accept online bookings, and more. Timely – Take Your Business Anywhere is one of the smartest booking software which helps you manage your clients, sales, stock, and everything your business contains.


13. Stylie One

Stylie One is a seamless scheduling application and an ultimate POS (point of sale) solution that makes it easy for independent hairstylists to manage their business right using this ultimate platform. Stylie One app was presented in the market by Stylie Inc. which enables you to make every customer feel seamless, turning their experience into more benefits for you. It brings a simple to use, elegant, and seamless calendar for managing things intuitively. Stylie One app makes it so easy to run your entire business from your Android and iOS devices with the app anytime, anywhere. Its simple reporting method has made marketing and inventory actually enjoyable, and you can access everything from desktops whenever you want. Its elegant POS and inventory management automatically manage receipts, discounts, bookkeeping, and more. It brings easy scheduling for you and your clients, automatic reminders for alerting all the clients, and online scheduling integration make it effortless for all the clients. Stylie One app precisely remembers your anniversaries, birthdays, and all other special days, so you don’t even have to. So just download Stylie One app in your phone an manage your entire business right through your mobile phone and make all big decisions in a way like never before.


14. BloomMe

BloomMe is an elegant tool which allows its worldwide users to instantly book a massage, haircuts, manicures, and various other services right from the convenience of their mobile devices and enjoy their desired services whenever they need. BloomMe – Spa & Salon Booking is a marvelous tool introduced in the market by BloomMe Inc., which brings tons of exciting options for booking your desired health and care services, whenever, wherever. You can intuitively browse through a collection of more than 850 HK’s best spas and salons. You can find your desired spa or salon with the filters for date, price, popularity, and time, etc. BloomMe – Spa and Salon Booking app bring a massive collection of images, opinions, and feedback regarding the spa, and the user reviews and info of spa and salon along with the direct booking within the app. You can browse spa fill prices and menus and even get ultimate discounted offers regarding your favorite spas as well. Bloom Me app can instantly book or confirm your appointment, and you never have to worry about phone calls or to message around multiple spa to find availability. BloomMe – Spa and Salon Booking app brings a massive amount of services under one platform and lets you get exclusive perks and treatments over here.


15. Vaniday

Vaniday is an easy to use yet an elegant tool which allows you to discover spa packages, makeup looks, hair removal treatments, and makeup looks at great prices and book everything effortlessly through the app. Vaniday – Book Beauty Treatment App is a great tool presented in the market by Vaniday Inc., which allows you to get ultimate promotions and suitable prices beauty treatments that you love in your trusted salons. The app helps you find spa packages, makeup looks, hair removal treatments, and various other services at great prices, conveniently through the app. Vaniday app brings loads of handy features like immediate confirmation and filters, which makes it so easy to discover and book beauty appointments. Vaniday – Beauty Booking App carries 24/7 service availability, which allows you to easily book your most likely or much-needed appointments, no matter what time of the day. It brings ultimate GPS feature to locate salons and hairdressers in your immediate area. Vaniday – Beauty Booking Platform allows you to enjoy immediate confirmations, salon searching, see your appointments, easy searching for appointments, view popular place, and online payment for user’s ease. Vaniday – Book Beauty Treatment App allows you to discover and confirm your bookings for your desired beauty treatment in your desired salon.


16. Snailz

Snailz is an ultimate nail salon booking platform which brings loads of salons to trim your nails and other health care treatments in a breeze. Snailz – Nail Salon Booking App was presented in the market by Snailz Inc. which brings a go-to app for booking your salon appointments with a collection of more than New York City to book all your beauty services. Some of the beauty services that it contains includes pedicure, manicure, nail services, massage, waxing, eyelashes, and plenty of others. You can intuitively book services directly over the website or the app and receive points each time that can be redeemed for exciting rewards. Snailz – Manicures, Pedicures, Eyebrows, and more app allows you to discover hundreds of salons to choose from around New York, and also keeps on adding the emerging ones as well. Snailz App rewards point to its regular users, which can be redeemed into real cash afterward. It never let you pay until you go, and you can even cancel or modify your service requirements any time before use. It lets you go completely cashless by bringing in-app tipping across multiple salons. You can discover and book new salons with ultimate images and verified reviews by some real customers. Snailz – Nail Salon Booking app allows you to look for your desired salon, schedule a booking, keep saving, and earn dollars each time you refer a friend as well.


17. Versum

Versum is an amazingly modern solution for managing beauty and hair salons by scheduling appointments, analysis salon statistics, grow your customer base, and more right under one platform. Versum – Efficient Salon Management app was presented in the market by Versum SP Z.O.O, which contains all the tools that a manager and owner need to run a successful business. You can automate and speed up time-consuming and tedious tasks with just a single click of a button. The app enables all the users to control all these processes not only from your salon but from any place with internet access. The app is designed for the salon staff, which allows them to keep track of changes that appear in the calendar of appointment, no matter what they are. Versum – Salon Management app has been created by experts and beauty and hair enthusiasts who make sure that it meets all the requirements of modern salons. The app lets you get ultimate suggestions over how to develop your business and enjoy everything in a way like never before. You can conveniently arrange appointments and even plan the work for your entire team. So just give a chance to download Versum – Efficient Salon Management app and enjoy well-organized appointment book, automatic reminder and communicating, precise stats, full day online booking, data security, employee management, treatment organization, and ultimate security for everything it contains.


18. MyCuts

MyCuts is a smart and elegant salon manager and automates your salon accurately and conveniently. MyCuts – Salon Booking App was presented in the market by MyCuts, LLC which allows you to manage your salon by letting your track inventory and booking appointments just to focus over your clients way better. The app is an ultimate salon management software which helps you to manage your salon business way better. The salon management software will give you a set of extraordinary and straightforward features. My Cuts – Manage Your Salon like a Pro app brings an intuitive salon scheduler, which helps you to schedule your appointments with its familiar and clean calendar. My Cuts app allows you to stop that money draining no-shows and let the app send a customized text or email appointment reminders and confirmations. MyCuts – Salon Booking App allows you to instantly view all the booked appointments for each client and add appointment blockers that will enable you to control double booking. Other than these, MyCuts app allows you to view your stock level, reorder level and target stock level, search through inventory, add and remove stock from your inventory items and add detailed information about the category, supplier, price, items, and more. MyCuts – Manage Your Salon like a Pro app, helps you effortlessly manage your salon by managing clients, appointments scheduling, and tracking inventory.


19. Book My Saloon

Book My Saloon makes it easy to search your nearby spa, salon, beauty parlor, and more without any effort, and you can get things done with ease. Book My Saloon – Beauty Care Spa app as presented in the market by Sensussoft Software Pvt. Ltd Inc. which brings an online booking system created for the hair dresses, beauty parlor, spa, and various other beauty services available in your city. BMS – Beauty Care Spa app allows customers to pre-book beauty care, haircut, and spa online by simply selecting a service, selecting a location, selecting a barber on hairdresser in the location and finally selecting your desired time and date. Book My Saloon – Best Beauty, Hair Care, and Spa app allow you to take full control over your business by organizing your day and gaining maximum client satisfactoriness. It enables the customers to check their schedule and pick what suits them the most. Book My Saloon – Beauty Care Spa is easy to use, fast, and reliable app which allows al the customers to monitor their appointments and make it your diary and secretary. So just grab Book My Saloon – Best Beauty, Hair Care, and Spa app in your phone and get the benefits of it in the way you want.


20. Fabogo

Fabogo is a handy tool which brings awesome health and beauty packages along with the best way of buying beauty packages for you whenever you want. Fabogo – Salon & Spa Packages app brings a collection of ultimate beauty care services and helps you to book your desired appointments with a single tap of the button. You can intuitively discover the trendiest salons, state of the art gymnasium, up to the mark spas, and even the local barber shop in your neighborhood. You can effortlessly buy your desired beauty packages from tons of beauty service providing venues in your area. It allows you to book your desired service right within the app for the services in your own package and even redeem them at the venue. Fabogo – Salon and Spa Packages app allows you to discover salons and spa offers, see the photos of the interior, check the menu of the bookings, check user reviews and ratings, and loads of other things with ease. Fabogo app allows you to select from a diverse range of wellness and beauty packages specially tailored for you by keeping your own preferences in mind. Fabogo – Salon and Spa Packages app makes it so easy to discover spas, salons, gyms, and a load of other wellness centers around and in your area, just to provide everything flawlessly.


21. Ring My Stylist

Ring My Stylist is an exclusive and online saloon and beauty booking app for all the independent stylists for grabbing their beauty concerned things under one platform. Ring My Stylist – Appointment Booking App is easy to use an app developed in the market by Brilliant Business Agency.com which brings one of the most suitable tools for folks who are looking a new, intuitive, convenient and reliable appointment booking system and even for taking your stylish business to an ultimate new level. Ring My Stylist: Appointments is an online booking or appointment system for independent stylists, no matter if you are a makeup stylist, nail artist, or a hairdresser. Ring My Stylist: For Professionals & Clients is an advanced stylist booking app, which makes your job way easier by letting your schedule all your appointments in a breeze. Some of the exceptional features for all the professionals include credit card payment support, calendar view, special offers for clients, client management, SMS notification, portfolio page, visits history, notifications, before and after images, activity reports, and various others. Ring My Stylist app helps its users to confirm, reschedule, or even decline appointments with ease. Ring My Stylist: For Professionals and Clients app is a perfect appointment booking system to boost your business ultimately.


22. Saloon app

Saloon app is an elegant mobile app for hairstylists, salons, spa, beauty services, and more for managing their work in an elegant way. Saloon app – Beauty Care Spa app was presented in the market by APPTech Mobile Solutions Inc., which brings ultimate features for both the users and service providers effectively. It enables the users to search for their salons or the freelance hairstylists over the app. The saloon is an elegant beauty service searching and booking platform where all the users can sign up as a company or freelancer as well as the consumer to book or provide services through the app. All its users can effectively search for salons as per their locations and lets all the companies display their services online and accept or reject a booking over the app. It helps in boosting brand awareness and market presence in the market. Saloon app – Beauty Care Spa app allows the customers to book their desired services online and even pay for them beforehand itself. It enables people to search for plenty of salons and beauty services online where they can see listings for various kind of services. It makes it easy to see the upcoming appointments and manage the booking calendar as well. Saloon app – Beauty Care Spa is an interactively designed tool which brings the features of payment integration, service filters, creation of profiles, and locations and map integration right under one platform.


23. Venus

Venus intuitively brings an easy and accessible way to book for your next visits to your most likely beauty salon right through their smartphones. Venus – Beauty Salons Booking is a marvelous product introduced in the market by Mohtaref Solutions, which enables its worldwide users to discover beauty salon nearby, select the salon you like the most, view salon details and book your appointments in a way like never before. The Venus app makes the beauty and charm always between your hands to lets you get the service in your desired way. Venus Beautycare Booking App lets you say goodbye to the ancient and unnecessary way of booking salons, waiting in the lengthy queues, and no need of calling by providing all your concerned salon stuff right in your pocket. It supports both Arabic and English so that you can surf the app in the language that you want. Venus – Beauty Salons Booking app makes it easy to discover the saloons available in your city or the district along with viewing salon’s services, price, location, and all the details that you want to know. So just give a chance to download Venus Beauty Care Booking App, choose the time and date, and then select your most likely beautician in a breeze.


24. Salonatcom

Salonatcom is an elegant tool which allows its worldwide users to get the freedom of booking their desired treatments, spa gateway, and salon appointments at the touch of the button. Salonatcom – Salon Booking App was developed in the market by Salonatcom Inc. which brings all the beauty services including massage, hair or face treatments, or anything you want. It is an easy to use app whether you want to have some grooming services, need wellness service, spa style pampering, and is the most effective app to get you what you want. Salonatcom – Salon Booking is a one-stop shop for all your beauty and hair solutions and services where you can book an appointment with your most likely salons effortlessly. You can instantly browse spas, salons, barbers, and various other artists in your own area or even a nearby area and book an appointment right now. Salonatcom – Booking For Salon and Spa is one shop stop for all the beauty and hair service and for placing your appointments for anything you want. Salonatcom – Salon Booking App allows you to find barbers, spas, and salons, book home service, choose the beautician that you like, get exclusive discounts, find the best wellness providers, obtain pricing information and details of the business, and save your money and efforts simultaneously. Salonatcom – Booking For Salon and Spa is a fully featured app which helps you feel, look, and be the best version of yourself.


25. Booksy

Booksy intuitively allows you to discover and book wellness and beauty appointments wherever, whenever you want right using your cellphone. Booksy – Book Local Beauty Appointments 24/7 is an elegant tool presented in the market by Booksy International Inc., which helps you find and book appointments on the move. It is a classy booking app which helps you book stylists, nail artists, barbers, makeup artists, tattooists, estheticians, health and beauty experts, and loads of other professionals of the filed. The app brings 24-hour online booking for a business near you, and you can receive recommendations from all the professionals as well. Booksy: Book Your Appointment app allows you to get access to business ratings, reviews, opinions, and photos of the past work as well just to measure your level of satisfaction. Booksy app allows you to get real-time intuitive calendar so that you can book everything you want wit instant confirmation and feedback. Booksy – Book Local Beauty Appointments 24/7 is an exclusive tool for all the wellness and beauty professionals, which helps them change the way they run their current business along with the interaction with their customers. Booksy: Book Your Appointment app helps you find the service that you are looking for regarding the ones mentioned above and get the most exclusive experience of getting healthy and beauty concerned things done.

More About EazySpaDeals

EazySpaDeals is an online beauty and wellness booking platform which helps you approach hundreds of salons and spas across Indonesia. EazySpaDeals – Spa & Salon Booking App was presented in the market by EazySpaDeals Inc. which offers intuitive promotions, competitive pricing, and informative insights you need before making your beauty and wellness appointments. The app enables all the customer to make an appointment for salon and spa treatments as easily as booking a plane ticket or a hotel from the app. Eazy Spa Deals app enables all the customers to discover their nearby salon or spa, book their desired appointments, pay online using credit cards, and get real-time confirmation and comfort of getting things done. EazySpaDeals – Spa and Salon Booking App contains simple and easy steps of booking appointments, deep discounted price and weekly promotions, reviews and ratings, real-time secured online payment (bank transfer, credit card, and debit card), and email reminder one day prior to your treatment, etc. It brings tons of beauty and wellness treatments to choose from right within one platform. Whether you need body massage, chest waxing, herbal massage, body scrub, deep tissue massage, kid’s massage, bamboo massage, manicure or pedicure, deep cleansing facial, cream bath, and hell more things under one platform. EazySpaDeals – Spa and Salon Booking App lets you get the treatments of body, head and hair, ace, nail, hand foot, aesthetic, barber, package, and various other types effortlessly.

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