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Economic Calendar Forex FxTeam

Economic Calendar Forex TxTeam is a simple calendar app to inform you about different markets economy events. People are getting fresh financial news from last decade by using Economic Calendar Forex FxTeam. This new iOS app will keep you active by searching most fresh macroeconomic statistics data like stock index futures, commodities, and goods… read more
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21 Apps Like Economic Calendar Forex FxTeam



BossNote is like your personal assistant on iPhone, iPad, and the web. It is easy to organize and keep your information together on BossNote. Combined functions of Notepad, Calendar, and Cloud Storage are accessible there.


OneStack is one of the simplest calendars that has a clean, minimalist day view that allows you to see more events at a glance. By fantastic minimalist day view, you can add all your daily meeting, events, and task list items as simple events.

See Time

See Time is one of the stunning calendar and event app specially designed for those people that have difficulty understanding time by digital or conventional clock methods. On this app, multiple functions can be added every day, which enables you to see all event in chronological order.


Raft is a remarkable app for couples. Add event to Raft and share it with your partner. Raft gives two different calendars to you and your partner so you can decide which event you have to share with your partner or friend.


Synk is a calendar app beautifully laid out and packed with features. Synk is one of the powerful and easy to use the app. It will support you to keep track of any event of your life.


Calendarium is a way to discover many interesting things about the day. It will combine calendar of historical events with times of Sunrise Calendar/sunset, number of weeks, day, day length and moon phase.


Calendate is a calendar app to personalize your calendar with icons and themes. 24 different event images and ten beautiful items are included in Calendate library to decorate your major events. It has a feature of weather forecast where you can strengthen your planning by checking the weather of upcoming days.

PocketLife Calendar

PocketLife Calendar is a calendar app which is easy to use, and it is like a beautiful calendar in the pocket. Many advanced features and vastly superior layouts are the part of PocketLife Calendar to display your calendar events.


iCalendar is the optimum calendar app for your smartphone focusing on your productivity. The highly usable interface lets you enter events very fast, and it will help you to keep track of your productivity.

Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar is a free app made for iCloud, Exchange, and Google calendar. To keep you updated with all the events of your life, Sunrise Calendar fastens you with all your most-liked apps like Facebook, Evernote, Foursquare, TripIt, Todoist and Trello.


SaiSuke is a Calendar app of schedule management for the iPhone and iPod Touch. SaiSuke has different view modes by which you can see your calendars in a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.


Calvetica is one of the fastest calendar apps for iPhone and iPad. It has a beautiful interface for viewing and managing your schedule. It has great features like time zone support, multiple default alarms, Customize calendar colors, 24-hour format, and much more.

Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is a calendar app redesigned as one of the best-selling calendar apps. A lot of new features are part of this app such as reminders, a new week view, and much more!

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an official calendar application for both iPhone and Android designed by This app will save your time, and you will perform your all tasks according to your schedule.

Jorta Calendar & Organizer, Diary

Jorta is one of the most popular calendar application. It is a just like a personal organizer in your pocket. It provides you lots of features to customize your calendar according to your desire.

TODAY Calendar (Task, Reminder, Goal, Anniversary)

TODAY Calendar is calendar application to plan your life. TODAY Calendar is a new type of combined organizer for your personal schedules, and it will assist you to manage events, reminders, goals, and anniversaries.


CalenGoo is a Calendar application and easy way to access and modify your Google Calendar with your smartphone. This Calendar has a similar view just like of Google Calendar, and event display of this app is also using the same calendar colors.


SolCalendar is one of globally-recognized calendar applications having millions of downloads on Android phones. This Visually-engaging, fantastic piece of the app will support you to live a happy life, by furnishing you task management & productive time tools.

DigiCal calendar & widgets

DigiCal is a calendar application to make your life comfortable. DigiCal works as diary planner and organizer offering multiple calendar views, stylish calendar widgets, and integrated worldwide. So you can make quick and efficient scheduling on your phone and tablet without any difficulty.

Calendar Widget

Calendar Widget is a calendar application, and you can select this app as a home screen widget for your Android device. You have the facility to access a list of upcoming calendar events so it will be easy for you to have a glance on your future appointments.

Cal–Calendar Google-Exchange

Cal – Calendar is an application to manage your events on the calendar. This app has smooth, intuitive interface that will allow you to discover amazing functions of your need. You can sync your current calendars like Google Calendar and Exchange with Cal – Calendar.

More About Economic Calendar Forex FxTeam

Economic Calendar Forex TxTeam is a simple calendar app to inform you about different markets economy events. People are getting fresh financial news from last decade by using Economic Calendar Forex FxTeam. This new iOS app will keep you active by searching most fresh macroeconomic statistics data like stock index futures, commodities, and goods. The different filter can be applied to see only selected information. This app will allow you to remove or add displaying of news from the various countries, and you can also customize importance of story. Calendar event option is there to see more information including description and chart with the latest news on the events. Quotes section will enable you to customize displaying of the symbols informing about latest price levels and charts of price changes. This app lets you add/remove the whole sections and separate symbols from displaying list. It is a purely free app with 20+ different languages.

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