15 Apps Like EliteHax

EliteHax is an easy to use hacking simulation game where you can take up the role of an ultimate hacker and lets you enjoy tons of hacking activities. EliteHax – Hacker World was introduced in the market by EliteHax Inc. which enables its worldwide users to gain more score and reputation as well by upgrading your defensive or offensive attacking and arsenal other hackers to steal their virtual money. This app helps you gain experience and earn money collaboratively by completing missions and complete tournaments of the app. EliteHax – Hacker World app lets you join the crews to cooperate, socialize with other hackers with mutual goals and fight against other crews with the crew wars. While it should keep in mind that it is not a P2W game, where In-App purchases is cosmetics only. You can choose between 3 types of Malware and two types of Exploit based on your victim defenses. Other than these, the Elite Hax app brings the features of 25 research types, 18 upgrades types, 6 multiple types of attack, tournaments, customizable player profile, 3 different types overclocks, 23 types of achievements, crew wars, community-oriented, overall/weekly/monthly leaderboards, missions and skill tree, and various other things. So just download EliteHax – Hacker World app and enjoy tons of other hacking features ultimately.

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1. Hack Ex

Android iOS
Hack Ex is an enormously used ultimate tool which lets you become the most critical hacker under your alias in this intuitive hacking game simulation. Hack Ex – Simulator bought in the market by CNC Apps Inc. which enables its entire users to become an unethical sort of hacker to…

2. Hack RUN

Android iOS
Hack RUN is an exquisite application which lets you hack your way into the heart of secretive organizations just to uncover their secrets. Hack RUN is a fine application produced by i273 Inc. which enables you to have an ultimate hacking simulation which uses the old school prompts that simulate…

3. Hacker’s Quest

Hacker’s Quest is an ultimate, stunning text adventure that requires a multitalented hacker to reveal dark mysteries and secrets. Hacker’s Quest is a great tool introduced by Konya Kristen Inc. which is loved by millions of people from all over the world who are using this free to use tool to enjoy…

4. Hackers Online (MMO Simulator)

Hackers Online (MMO Simulator) is a pretty much difficult game which helps you join tens of thousands of player in an ultimate virtual world of hackers. Hackers Online (MMO Simulator) is a great tool introduced by Okitoo Networks Inc. which enables its entire users to hack each other, build a…

5. HackBot

HackBot Hacking Game is one of the most fun and addictive hacking game and an ultimate hacking simulator with limitless levels of the future. HackBot Hacking Game was developed by RoboBot Studio Inc. which lets you have an engaging hacking game with tons of exciting features and supreme levels. This…

6. vHackOS

vHackOS is an exciting app developed by KF-Media Solutions Inc. which welcomed you to the world of hacking and having tons of exciting hacking features. vHackOS – Mobile Hacking Simulator app brings an exclusive hacking simulator that lets you become the most high ranked hacker of this universe if you want…

7. Hack RUN Lite

Hack RUN Lite is an easy to use hacking simulation tool which enables its worldwide users to hack your way into the heart of a gigantically secretive organization to uncover all their secrets and have a fun time. Hack RUN Lite is a massively used application introduced by i273 Inc.…

8. I Hacker

I Hacker is a highly efficient, funny and addictive guessing game in which the users have to guess the password based in the given information of various people. I Hacker – Password Game app is bought in the market by Best Simple Apps and Games Inc. which enables its users…

9. Hacking Hero

Hacking Hero is a classy hacking simulation introduced in the market by Tapps Games Inc. which lets you use each of your hacking skill to gather multiple resources. Hacking Hero – Cyber Adventure Clicker is a fine tool which enables its users to take down firewalls, counterattack Trojans, and hack valuable…

10. Hackers – Join the Cyberwar!

Android iOS
Hackers – Join the Cyberwar enables its worldwide users to dive into the cyber space to establish and secure your own virtual 3D network and hack various targets from all over the globe. Hackers – Join the Cyberwar app was developed in the market by Trickster Arts Inc. which carries…

11. Hack RUN 2

Hack RUN 2 is an excellent tool that lets you test your skills as you hack your way engagingly through the most covered and strange organizations to discover their secretive agendas. Hack RUN 2 – Hack ZERO lets you have quality learning and fun time of hacking through using the…

12. Glitch, Hacking Simulator Game

Glitch, Hacking Simulator Game is a product of Amarok Studios which brings a fine hacking simulation game where you can hack other players from all over the world to earn real money. Glitch, Hacking Simulator Game lets you use your earned money to upgrade your stars, play further missions, and…

13. Real Hacking Simulator

Real Hacking Simulator lets you break into the data of other people and get information on the complete strangers and enjoy hacking in an ultimate way. Real Hacking Simulator is a highly efficient app bought in the market by Kama Bullet Game Lab which is loved by tons of people…

14. Hacked

Hacked is an engaging application intuitively developed for people who are developers, programmers and like coding, and they will definitely love the whole scenario of the game. Hacked: Mobile Coding Made Easy is a great hacking simulator game introduced in the market by Hacked Inc. which lets you enjoy three…

15. Hacking Simulator

Android iOS
Hacking Simulator is an excellent tool through which people can enjoy crucial hacking and let them feel like a real hacker. Hacking Simulator is a fine tool presented in the market by Alchestar Inc. which enables you to have the nerves to hack the camera homes, lights, electronic locks, and…

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