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Emojily is a superb tool which enables its users to create their own emojis and liven up their chatting experience with the real fun. Emojily – Create Your Emoji lets you enjoy this tool to choose from tons of designs to create your own unique emoji and emoticon in the market… read more
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14 Apps Like Emojily for Android

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1. Bitmoji

Bitmoji lets you say more in snaps from romantic to ridiculous right through this app. Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji is a widely used app introduced by Bitstrips through which you can have the hell of fun by sharing messages by creating your avatar. It carries a pack of hundreds of awesome options to create your likeliness. You can choose from a variety of hairstyles, eye styles, eyes, glasses, nose styles, chin, eats, other face gestures, and let you dress your avatar to match your real world. Other than these, Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji also enables its users to choose from a huge collection of stickers so that you can enjoy any of your favourite emojis and send them to your beloved ones. You can intuitively use Bitmoji in your Snapchat, text messages, SMS, emails, Facebook messenger, Instagram chatting, and any other app which you use for chatting with your beloved ones. Using Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji in Snapchat unlocks friendmoji which carry 2-person bitmojis featuring you as well as your friends. Bitmoji also lets you share Bitmojis directly from Gboard (the Google Keyboard). So just download Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji, and enjoy sharing real expressions.


2. Bobble Keyboard

Bobble Keyboard is an enormously loved app comes with speed, reliability, voice typing, glide typing, and almost everything you want. Bobble Indic Keyboard Fonts, GIFs & Themes app is pocketed with thousands of marvellous emojis, stickers, memes, funny GIFs, Themes, Fonts, and much more which helps you enjoy typing fast and fun. This application brings tons of emojis, emoticons, and smileys which can easily be accessed and send to any of your desired people. This app efficiently used Artificial Intelligence to automatically predict the memes, stickers, GIFs, and emojis on your favourite chatting app. Bobble Indic Keyboard Fonts, GIFs & Themes helps you chat faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter and even dictate text on the go through its voice typing. Bobble Keyboard app is smart enough to recognize mistyped words and intuitively provides correct word suggestions and makes your typing more precise as well. You can easily customize your keyboard with your favourite colour and photos. It also lets you make your text bold, italic, strikethrough, underline, and other to make your typing fun. So just download Bobble Indic Keyboard Fonts, GIFs & Themes and do chat in an ultimate fun way.


3. Elite Emoji

Elite Emoji is a superb tool through which you can enjoy a sensational collection of stickers Emojis, and Humor to express your ideas as well as emotions beautifully in your conversations. This application carries thousands of exclusive high definition stickers and emojis of all kinds to choose from and you can even send them with a single click in Messenger, WhatsApp, or any of your favourite chatting app. Elite Emoji allows you to get access to a huge amount of GIFs, and you can even create your own GIFS and animated images through it. It helps you discover tons of witty message suggestions which can be sent with emojis. Elite Emoji enables its users to discover which of the emoji is best to say I Miss You, I Love You, Good Morning, Happy Birthday, I think of you, come start chat, wait for a while, etc. while on the other hand, captions and emojis can be suggested according to your personality traits through the app. So just download Elite Emoji, and enjoy access to rich, exclusive, and free content to stay connected in a supreme fun way with your beloved ones.


4. Giphy Stickers

Giphy Stickers is a widely used app to for downloading and uploading animated GIFs for fun chatting and commenting without going anywhere else. GIPHY – Animated GIFs Search Engine is a classy product through which users from all over the world get the most trending and newly introduced GIFs on the move. You can easily pick your favourite stuff to text, tweet, and share them anywhere you want for having real fun. It carries one of the world’s most extensive library of GIFs through which you can enjoy the most convenient yet fastest way to search and get GIFS to share them across your favourite social channels including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, Tinder, and the like. This application helps you discover the perfect GIF from its massive library of animated GIFs and lets you get the power of Giphy in your hands. GIPHY – Animated GIFs Search Engine also help you search and browse the memes, reactions, GIFs and more. Other than these, GIPHY – Animated GIFs Search Engine also enables its users to explore fun stuff, enjoy intuitive sharing, creating fun stuff, discover animated stickers, and more. So just download GIPHY – Animated GIFs Search Engine to enjoy tons of exciting GIFs that suits your mood to have real-time fun chatting.


5. FaceQ

FaceQ is a great application which enables its users to choose what they want to create their own awesome avatar on the move. FaceQ comes into the market by Lemon Inc. which helps its users to enjoy creating as well as sharing their own avatars with others to have real-time fun chatting. This application does not need any professional level skills and lets you make avatars in the way you want. Its extensive library contains a collection of lots of moustache styles, eye styles, lips formats, smile styles, nose styles, loads of glasses, beards, hats, outfits, and variety of other stuff to let you enjoy ultimate avatar making right through your mobile phones. Other than these, FaceQ also lets you have tons of facial expressions that suits all your moods so that you can pick anyone you want and enjoy them on your chats. FaceQ never let you have the same background because of its broad collection of background styles that suits your current state of mind. You can also use think bubbles and write anything you desire in them. So just download FaceQ, and enjoy making the avatar of yours as well as your friends with the expressions and outlook that suits your imagination.


6. Mirror AI

Mirror AI is another cool way to share your expressions in front of the person whom you are chatting with. Mirror Emoji Keyboard is a fine product of Mirror Al, which helps you create emojis from a selfie and say anything you want with the real expressions. This application enables you to contain the collection of the world’s most personal emojis just to say whatever you want to your close friends, family members, and partners. Mirror Emoji Keyboard is the most ultimate app if you’re looking for your own personal emoji. This app has made it simple and even faster to create personal emojis than ever. You just have to make one selfie to make your own personal emojis for sharing it to anybody you want. It allows you to post it anywhere including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. from the built-in emoji keyboard. Mirror Emoji Keyboard carries lots of content for all your occasions and never let you get out of expressions while you chat. You can even amaze your friends with their bitmojis by creating emojis of their faces and send them to check their reactions. So just download Mirror Emoji Keyboard, and enjoy thousands of emojis for free.


7. SuperMii

SuperMii is a fine looking app which helps users to make comic stickers right through your mobile phones. SuperMii- Make Comic Sticker was introduced by The Demon Inc. which helps you make tons of lovely stickers with the styles you want and share work with friends from all across the world. The key purpose of this app is to create marvellous cartoons so that you can share your creations with the entire world to reveal your inner artist. Through this app, you can enjoy making unique cartoons and reveal your passion in front of the whole world. SuperMii- Make Comic Sticker app allows you to access thousands of material through which you can enjoy your own collection of cartons for your desired purpose. This application allows you to put facial features where you want, and get rid of the limits of conventional. This application keeps on update its features on a daily basis so that you can get cool and cool stuff for making cartoon characters. You can even add facial expressions with just a single step and transform your avatar into a tool within the chat. So just download SuperMii- Make Comic Sticker to access hundreds of animation role to create your own stuff for free.



XPRESSO is another gorgeous application which helps you make 3D animated avatar, GIFs, Stickers, Emoticons, Emojis, and other stuff to enjoy chatting in an ultimate fun way. XPRESSO Memoji 3D Avatar Anime Animoji Gif Sticker comes in the market having tons of intuitive features that helps everyone to express themselves with the 3D animated emoji for the real time. This application allows you to create your avatar using face, hair, glasses, beard, moustaches, and many other styles to create emojis that fits your imagination. Other than these, XPRESSO enables its users to enjoy creating cartoons, adding animated text, and then sharing your emotions with the whole world. This app helps brings the most funniest and the coolest way to do chat with your friends on Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other social podiums. XPRESSO app is probably one of the world cutest avatar maker which helps you use the most advanced text animation, ultimate expressive text combo, a library of animated memoji and animoji stickers, and on the go access to its entire users. So just download the most talented emojis, avatar, sticker, and cartoon making app called XPRESSO Memoji 3D Avatar Anime Animoji Gif Sticker, and enjoy it in the way you want.


9. Genies

Genies is a fine looking app which enables its users to enjoy the better version of themselves. Genies – Clone Yourself app was introduced by Genies, Inc. which enables its worldwide users to clone themselves and watch their genies come to the real life. The genies are the personal clones that are an updated version of human self. This application brings a Genies world which is a place where your genies can have effective interaction with the hinnies of others. It is a marvellous feature of this app which is about to come. Genies – Clone Yourself app contains more than 100,000 and still counting. You can easily clone yourself by picking a collection of so many stuff that it provides. You can easily choose from a collection of its skin tones and colours, hairstyles in multiple colours, head with different shapes, eyebrows with many formats, body language in various shapes, a number of lip styles, eye colours, and much more. You can intuitively pick any of your desired stuff and clone yourself in the way you want. So just download Genies – Clone Yourself, and enjoy making your own clones.


10. YourMoji

YourMoji carries intuitive features through which its users can make custom emojis and easy cutout tool. YourMoji – Custom Emoji Editor came into the market by Fotobom Media, Inc. through which you can easily create and edit memes, stickers, emojis, avatars, and other stuff directly from your phone or tablet. It also enables its users to send custom emojis to your friends easily and instantly from with your favourite messaging and social media apps such as Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, KIK Messenger, and more. This intuitive cutout tool allows you to create custom emojis, memes, stickers, and more from real pics to bring a classy creation of your own into existence. You can easily edit emojis and add text to them to enjoy real-time awesome chatting with your friends. Other than these, YourMoji – Custom Emoji Editor also lets you add text to all these creations and create a library of selfie emojis to enjoy them over your chats with your friends. It also features custom emojis, emoji camera, cut and crop support, emoji editing, edit maker, custom cropping, and instant sharing. You can easily download YourMoji – Custom Emoji Editor, and enjoy creating your own emojis for both your personal as well as private chats.


11. Emoji Maker

Emoji Maker is a widely used application which brings a set of marvellous features through which users can enjoy making effective emojis of their own. Emoji Maker Personal AR Emojis Animoji for Phone X in an effective emoji maker available in the market through which millions of users are enjoying creating emojis and enjoy fun conversations with their friends and family members. It is a fine app to create 3D animated emojis featuring you as a cartoon avatar maker. It allows you to make your favourite emojis through your pics and enjoy animated emojis. It allows you to pick face, glasses, beard, moustache, glasses, and other accessories to create a stunning emoji for your conversation. Other than these, Emoji Maker Personal AR Emojis Animoji for Phone X also lets you add various moods, combining multiple ingredients, adding animated texts, and sharing of these emotions with friends. Emoji Maker is a superb app for users who get bored of having the same emojis and want to extemporize their social chats with real fun emojis, emoticons, avatars, and emotions. So just download Emoji Maker Personal AR Emojis Animoji for Phone X app to enjoy creating emojis ultimately and have fun chatting.


12. Love Sticker

Love Sticker is another fine app through which users can access a massive library of love stickers for the users from all across the world. Love Sticker is a widely used app which enables its users to extemporize their chats with the real love stickers. There are millions of people from all over the world which uses stickers from this app especially on the Valentine’s Day. Love Sticker is one of the most effective apps to express your feeling in front of someone which seems to be your love. It offers a series of love stickers for your lovely chats so that you can enjoy sending as well as receiving lovely stickers to and from your beloved ones. Love Sticker app carries an intuitive collection of cute stickers and allows you to express your affection for friendship and love in different ways including hearts, flowers, thank you styles, and lot more. Love Sticker is a free to use and convenient app which lets you feel free to tell your level of love and care to somebody close to your heart. So just download Love Sticker on your mobile or tablet, and enjoy sharing these romantic and lovely stickers to your beloved ones.


13. MojiPop

MojiPop lets you make a selfie, click over that selfie, and transform your selfie into an awesome GIF. MojiPop – GIF Sticker Camera & Keyboard lets you convert your selfies into amazing stickers to enjoy chatting in a damn fun way. This application intuitively lets you renovate your pics into funny and hilarious cartoons stickers and add a pinch of humour to your chats. It enables its users to get intuitive access to different sets of animated stickers using your own face for any situation or emotions. It will definitely surprise your friends with these excited stickers and get questions asking how you did that damn thing. You just have to take the selfie and enjoy the sticker in the way you want to customize. You can even change your stickers as you desire. MojiPop – GIF Sticker Camera & Keyboard enables you to enjoy fast and easy access to animated free stickers and instantly share them with anyone you want. Moji Pop app also keeps on updating its pack of stickers to let its users enjoy variety in their chats. So just download MojiPop – GIF Sticker Camera & Keyboard, and let your own stickers in your chats do the talking for you.


14. Suicide Squad Stickers

Suicide Squad Stickers is another intuitive application which lets you make the craziest day with some bad guys, introduced in the market by Photo Collage Collections Inc. Squad Stickers & Emoji includes a collection of tons of suicide squad stickers and emojis which make your conversations and chats more funky and crazy. This application is specially made for bad guys that helps its users to enjoy bad sticker conversations with your friends and colleagues. There are many bad guys such a DeadShot, Rick Flag, El Diablo, Harley Quinn, Croc, and many others. Squad Stickers & Emoji allows its users to enjoy sending these emoticons and stickers over all the social media networks including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, VK, KIK, Messenger, and other of your favourite chatting apps. Squad Stickers & Emoji lets you share these emojis, stickers, and emoticons with your family and friends on the go. It contains lots of aggressive and scary stuff for its users in the form of emojis and emoticons as well. So just download Squad Stickers & Emoji, and share some funny or the crazy moments with your buddies.

More About Emojily

Emojily is a superb tool which enables its users to create their own emojis and liven up their chatting experience with the real fun. Emojily – Create Your Emoji lets you enjoy this tool to choose from tons of designs to create your own unique emoji and emoticon in the market. This application contains a built-in custom keyboard for everyone to access their saved emoticons and emojis and can easily be used in social media messengers for a chat. Emojily – Create Your Emoji brings crazy random features, and loads of designs for its users to create fun emojis fright from their mobile phones. It allows you to choose from tons of creative outlays to choose from and easily customize all sort of designs including emoticon eyes, eyebrows, hands, mouths, hats, and other accessories. You can even share your wonderful creations with the whole world directly from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, WhatsApp, and many other chat apps. So just download Emojily – Create Your Emoji app to access some of its popular items such as laughing, wink, taco, robot, zombie, red heart, love, blowing kiss, poop, winking eye, folded hands, smirking, thumbs up, middle finger, rainbow, panda, chicken, victory / peace out sign, cat, dog, tears of joy, and so much more.