Euclidean Lands

Euclidean Lands is an absorbing pleaser and magnificent rotating puzzle game that is challenging and relaxing at the same time. This masterful puzzle and action adventure puzzle games involved those mysteries that have not been resolved by most of the players… read more

Apps Like Euclidean Lands for iOS

#1 Evo Explores


Evo Explores is a space explorer game where every planet is full of mysteries. If you are looking for a real puzzle game then Evo Explores is the best end of your search as it will present you the challenges in such a challenging ways that at first instant you will simply get shocked. Evo Explores demands from his players to keep their eyes open all the time because everything they see is not necessary to be true and if they can’t see the problem then that doesn’t means there is no problem at all. This game will deceive you are many occasions because it is containing too much illusion elements to shatter your mind all the time. If the game involves manipulation then why you can’t go for the manipulating those impossible structures. Explore all of the optical illusions and solve those mind blowing puzzles that seem to be impossible one to be solved. Every level of this game will unravel the new history of the every planet and all of its citizens.


#2 Tengami


Tengami is, in fact, an adventure game holding some puzzle and mysterious elements at some level. This game for the smartphone will take you the ancient Japan where you duty will solve some mysteries that are still unsolved. The style of the game is very similar to the Japanese painting having a 3D pop-up look. This game demands from its players to solve the puzzle that are distributed on many levels of the game. The main challenge that you will face as you will enter into the game is that there it is hunt with no visible character, no substance, no narrative and no resonance beyond a couple of wistful haikus about seasons passing. With all these challenges, you have to explore the wonders of a folding world. Get ready to move on a serene journey through ancient Japan fairy teals brought life via striking visuals, haunting music, and unique gameplay system. What about those dark forests, tranquil mountains and abandoned shrines that are going to double the fun of playing this game. You will really feel amazing while playing this game.

#3 Monument Valley


Monument Valley is a smartphone game that is jam packed with a lot of activities to do. In this game, the players need to manipulate impossible characters and guide them through a silent princess in a beautiful world. Monument Valley has earned popularity and title of being Game of the Year for many years on the many grounds. The reason behind its popularity is that it combines the elements of puzzle and strategic mind set. The game is the fine combination of simply awesome optical illusions and impossible objects where the player needs to lead their character from all these while manipulating the world around that main character who is actually princess Ida/ They need to take here to each of multiple platforms that are basically the levels or missions of the game that the players need to complete one by one. Most of the players of this game has acclaimed it for having nice artistic work and sound design but at the same time there are many criticizing it for not having too much difficulties and length.


#4 Dream Machine


Dream Machine is a memorable 3D puzzle game that is filled with a lot of puzzling elements. This stunning geometric game will offer you those level of challenges and puzzle to solve that you have never encounter before in most of the puzzle and mysteries solving games. Thought about escaping a cold and inhuman factory and freeing oneself from a mind blowing fantasy world. You can come out this world safely only if you will be able enough to manipulate fantastical machinery and solving the mysterious optical illusions that lies inside. In addition to solving the mysteries involved, you also need to fight the epic boss battles. Your task is to guide your mechanical friend from an oppressive workplace and lead him to the freedom. Will you able to do this? If you think you are smart and clever enough then move inside the game and prove you.

#5 Hyper Breaker Turbo


Hyper Breaker Turbo is a classic puzzle game with modern twists. This is a game that has been reinvented for the smartphone users so that they can get the new level of enjoyment all with puzzles and challenges. The game contains almost seventy five different challenging levels that you need to solve one by one. We want to clear here that this game is not those standard breaker games at all that don’t offer too much levels and challenges to their players. Hyper Breaker Turbo is something else that is a brand new action puzzle game you have never seen before. Just imagine about a brick breaker puzzle game taht6 is containing actual multiple screen level design and offer free paddle control that will give you very precise control over the moving ball, realistic physics and much more. The game is simply more than a puzzle and action game and will surprise you through its amazing and stunning playing mode. You have never seen the brick breaker game like this.

#6 Wonderputt


Wonderputt is a strange and puzzle involving miniature golf game where you need to shot perfect to get the ball into all holes of the game. Brace yourself to play with toads, ski slopes, cows and sprinkle of alien abduction for good measure. It is one of the best puzzle games that involve the elements of both entertainment and puzzle. This game is one of those few sharp puzzle games you just have to play and even recommend to the others as well. The game will take you an adventurous world where you will experience the joy of miniature golf over a polymorphing world while discovering its secrets and indulge in its animated surprises. The features of the game are that it involves easy touch system and drag control for simple playing, allow the player to unlock wonder to enable the rainbow collectable, jump to the unlocked hole to practice and sharpening the skills, and much more.

#7 Outside World


Outside World is a great puzzle game where the gameplay environment is lost and bewildered in an exotic world. Our character of the game named Krysten only needs to come to home. He needs the friend like you who is the main player to help him on his way back to home. You need to travel through the strange land and solve all those puzzle one by one that will take back Krysten to home. The game seems to be easy to play but filled with a lot of challenges that you need to complete one by one. The overall environment of the game is set in a 3D game environment that is backed by the stunning sound and music. The game contains no advertisements at all and there is no in-app purchase system at all. This puzzle involving game is simply designed for the tablets and smartphones. The latest version of the game has got new more challenging levels and upgraded graphics.



LIMBO is a thought provoking puzzle game for the iOS and Android devices and best for people of all ages. The real challenges hidden in this game is that it is full of a  lot of uncertainties that will make for you playing this game really impossible at some points. The game critics called it to the close perfect at what it does as a puzzle game can get. This game is simply the masterpiece because of the mysteries and challenges packed into it. The game is dark and disturbing at the same time is eerily beautiful as well. The challenges of the game deserve to be explored. In addition to the levels of the game, you have to first explore what the game basically demands from its player. Finding the real objective of the game is still a challenge that needs to be get first. If you are looking for that puzzle game that make you its fan then LIMBO is a game that must be given at least one chance.

#9 Back to Bed


This amazing puzzle game is in fact the story of a sleepwalker who is way from his bed and your target is to take back him to his bed safely by taking control of his subconscious guardian. This stunning and new kind of puzzle game is in fact a 3D puzzle indie game resides in a beautiful, unique and artistic dream world. We bet you, you will have never played the puzzle game like this. You and your sleepwalking character will travel through a surreal and painting like dream world that is filled with objects that will assist you in taking back to the Bob to his bed. But keep in mind you have to avoid all those dangers as well that are in your way to distract you. The guiding lines are the real puzzles that are basically blurred between the art and game. If you think being caught between multiple worlds then this is the game that will take you the trip with. One of the best things about this puzzle game is that it is simultaneously packed with surprises and challenges.

#10 After the End: Forsaken Destiny


Brace yourself and flex your mental muscles for a game named After the End: Forsaken Destiny where you need to solve the stunning puzzles that are difficult and complex to solve. You need to explore a breathtaking ancient world where you have to unravel the mystery behind a father and son duo journey. The entire journey is set on the parallel paths that are separated by time. You have to begin the journey with an attentive mind and find what comes after the end. Apparently, it seems to be simple, but the fact is that it is not simple at all. The puzzles reside in the game will make you master of the game, and you have to turn all the hidden levers and press secret switches to create new pathways. The game is full of many kinds of activities, and you can overcome on all these by manipulating the world and waiting for you to be discovered. Try to find more and more new possibilities with the swipe of a finger and earn more and more points. The more you earn the more you progress on the score chart.

#11 Lara Croft GO


This highly addictive puzzle game is set into a long forgotten world where you need to discover among those ruins of an ancient world that are holding a lot of secrets inside them. But don’t think it is going to be so easy and simple because this turn based puzzle adventure game requires from its players to get them ready to face deadly challenges as they uncover the myth of this civilization. The game is set in lush visuals and having a captivating soundtrack. In case you are unable to complete the levels then still you will get something from its stunning playing environment. You need to solve those one hundred and fifteen mind challenging puzzles that are divided into seven chapters. Your task is to collect ancient relics and unlock the new levels for your heroine Lara. At most of the points, the game gets more difficult when the menacing enemies come into your way, and you have to fight with them to in addition to overcoming the dangerous obstacles and escaping over the deadly traps.

#12 Blip Blup


Blip Blup is hypnotically ideal and addictive puzzle game for the smartphones that will consume your thoughts by presenting the tough challenges in front of you. This game that may seem familiar to you will still make you realize that you have never played any game like this. For abstract visual thinkers, Blip Blup is simply the best game to play as it seems to be simple by very challenging and mind boggling in reality. To play this game make it sure to take every step with the calculated mind because each step involved careful planning. Over one hundred and fifty perplexing puzzles are there to test your brainpower. The only way is to read the each step first and after that adapt the thinking in the best way to overcome ten different kinds of challenges. If you tired of playing alone then don’t worry at all as you can compete with your friends as well to see who can three starts every level and climb through the leaderboards to become the real master of the game.

#13 The Room


Welcome to a high-class puzzle game that is, in fact, a physical puzzle game and wrapped in a mystery game that resides in a stunning tactical 3D gaming world. The regular player of this game called it the cave of the mysteries where each solved mystery comes with a new mystery. It is simply the perfect encapsulation of both the fear and pleasure of the discovery like the climax of any suspense movie. The marvelous touch control system of the game will game you the every chance to explore it as you want. It is simply a must play penny arcade game that is hindered by touch control system as much as its set free. Being the player of the game, you will be presented with a series of strange boxes that have a number of physical mechanisms on them. You will be challenged to figure out how you have to open each box by undoing a series of locks and to access another puzzle box inside it. This game deploys a multiple sets of motions enabled by the smartphones touch screens to simulated actions in real life.

#14 Pavilion: Touch Edition


Pavilion: Touch Edition is an indie gaming involving a game where you will come to know about how the things behave differently in the puzzle game. You really need to play this game because this is definitely a testament to what the smartphone based games are capable of. If you think it will be going easy then make our words, this game will make your eyes wish they never had to look for those games that are below its level. Pavilion: Touch Edition is basically a fourth person puzzle adventure game where the Pavilion throws the player directly into the atmospheric and mysterious world without any beginning explanations, how to do it, tips and tricks or another kind of tutorial at all. First, you have to understand what the game demands from you, and after that, you will be able to understand how to map the strategy to come out on this issue. The game will also make you able to interact with its environment that is containing the elements like the stunning sound system, lighting effects, physical objects and much more that you can enjoy through intuitive touch controls.

#15 Ghosts of Memories


Ghosts of Memories is an adventure puzzle game holding a lot of complexities and difficulties that are distributed in the six stunning world that the players need to conquer. In this game your main target is to find and explore and ancient scepter and have to travel across all the dimensions involved. In order to complete the levels as require by the game basic requirement, you need to be attentive all the time otherwise your survival will always be in the danger. Enter into the game and take the path to discovery. Make the best planning to set out on an adventure across intertwined dimensions. Apparently seems to be difficult one but can be played easily if the player understands the important of being sharp minded. The tasks are not difficult at all but all you need is to understand their importance and the ways to get them completed as the game requires. Solve the puzzles of the ancient civilizations while crossing through multiple worlds filled with mysteries.

#16 Old Man’s Journey


Old Man’s Journey is a soul searching puzzle game where at one end you will be solving puzzle game and at the other end you will be unraveling the story of an old man. Old Man’s Journey tells us the story of what is life and what is hope and loss that are the main parts of our life. Have you ever tried to interact with those puzzle world that is around us and how we are impacting over it with our actions. Get ready to immerse yourself in a visual narrative as your uncover the multiple stories of an old man through beautiful vignettes of his memories. You will get the chance to interact with whimsical environment and serene as you will start solving the playful puzzles and shaping the landscapes around you. The gameplay system of the game is perfectly designed for the touch devices. The features that make it different are that it is a compact game giving the perfect experience of a puzzle game, involvement of pressure free puzzles and much more.

More About Euclidean Lands

Euclidean Lands is an absorbing pleaser and magnificent rotating puzzle game that is challenging and relaxing at the same time. This masterful puzzle and action adventure puzzle games involved those mysteries that have not been resolved by most of the players. If you are looking for such type of challenges setting puzzle game than Euclidean Lands is a game designed for you. The environment of the game is simply speechless because it is the house of those unique mechanics that are the blends of isometric turn based and architecture movement into an exciting medieval game world. You have to shift and rotate the world with an aim to change the perspective. Solve all those tricky and mind boggling puzzles to defeat your opponents and all of their servants. That is the only way to become the winner in the end. The streamlined features and functions of the this game are forty different challenging levels divided into five chapters, beautiful cubic architecture, various enemy types, and much more.

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