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Evolve Wallpapers is an app efficiently designed for some amazing wallpapers. The wallpapers delivered through this app are often limited in numbers but still have marvelous ones. It covers a span of 178 wallpapers but still working on it to provide more for its users… read more
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19 Apps Like Evolve Wallpapers



CocoPPa is a fabulous personalization, and ultimate app used by millions of stylish girls for making their mobile screen looks smarter and gorgeous from around the world. There are millions of amazing fun factors of CocoPPa that makes your mobile screen prettier and a bit unique in spite of some ordinary looking screens.


Zedge is one of the leading ringtone, wallpaper, and theme making an app for the smartphone devices. This app is available for the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. Zedge is the name of a mobile content discovery platform where you can download content to customize your smartphones and other simple mobile devices.


Mobile9 is simply a best in the class application that offers you one of the biggest collections of smartphone themes, HD wallpapers, ringtones, alert tones, games and much more. All the data available at the app of Mobile9 is free to download and even to share with others.

KittyPlay Wallpapers Ringtones

KittyPlay Wallpapers Ringtones is one of the best apps on the Google App Store that has lots of cool wallpaper and ringtones to use. Simply a great way to customize your smartphone to get its best look.

MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers

MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers is a personalization application that offers a huge selection of free wallpapers, ringtones, apps, and games. All these will make you able to easily customize your smartphones. The best about MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers is that it offers daily updates and awesome smartphone content for your smartphone.

Wallpapers, Icons – LINE DECO

Wallpapers, Icons – LINE DECO is a simple and easy to use decoration application for Android devices. Wanna makes your Android device even more beautiful then Wallpapers, Icons – LINE DECO is a perfect for you.


Callsea is an app that delivers an amazing looking range of finest wallpapers that makes your home screen looks gorgeous. It delivers a delightful collection of more than 100,000 awesome and attractive wallpapers.


Audiko is a simple and easy to use ringtone making app for the smartphone users. Using this app you can create your own ringtones from one of your favorite songs and then download ready to use ringtone for free.

Ringtones 500000+

Ringtones 500000+ allow the iOS users to download ringtones for their devices. In order to download ringtones, the iOS users are required to sync with iTunes to get the ringtones into the settings section of their device.

CLauncher Themes, Wallpapers

CLauncher Themes, Wallpapers contains a robust collection of numerous offerings for its mobile phone users. There are a huge number of contributions to this app that helps users create stun-looking mobile home screens.

Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me

Get ready for a next level application that opens brand new possibilities for customization of Android devices. Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me is said to be one of the most wanted apps for personalization of the smartphone.

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

Instead of describing each and everything about this application this app is rather self-explanatory. This app is based on making ringtones from the music and songs. If you wanna snip down to become your ringtone then MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker is for you.

Ringtones and wallpapers for me

Ringtones and wallpapers for me is a fine app for making your mobile phone looks better and sounds better. It is a fine collection of ringtones and wallpapers for the tunes freaks.


Wallpapers provide a sensible collection of mesmerizing wallpapers that users love to have on their smartphones for making your mobile screen more stunning and special. There are a massive number of wallpaper offerings of this app that helps users put wallpaper as their background that they love.

Peppy Wallpapers

Peppy Wallpapers is a fine personalization platform that helps users make their screen attractive by applying wallpapers that they love. It is a fine place where you can conveniently approach the best and the quality wallpapers in high definition support.

Wallpaper background

Wallpaper background is a fine Android app that delivers a huge number of wallpapers for its users. This app provides a fine collection of stunning images for wallpapers for mobile phone users.


Wallmax enables you to search your favorite wallpapers from vast categories of wallpapers and easily download them on a click button. It is a great wallpaper app that is something amazing for wallpaper lovers who just want extraordinary wallpapers in their home screens whenever they use their smartphone.

WallKard HD Wallpaper

WallKard HD Wallpaper is a fine collection of app that you love. It contains a marvelous collection of wallpapers that increases the grace of your mobile phone screen. There is a gigantic amount of people use this app on a daily basis.

Wallo – Wallpapers & Ringtones

Wallo – Wallpapers & Ringtones provides one of the best collection of wallpapers ringtones app in the market. It lets you swipe right and left to review the wallpapers anytime you want easily, and you can easily star your favorite one.

More About Evolve Wallpapers

Evolve Wallpapers is an app efficiently designed for some amazing wallpapers. The wallpapers delivered through this app are often limited in numbers but still have marvelous ones. It covers a span of 178 wallpapers but still working on it to provide more for its users. It delivers high detailed wallpapers in 3k resolution. The wallpapers that it provides really fit on any device without any quality loss. It offers a stunning material dashboard and is simple and fast to use the app. Rather than these, it also provides Save wallpaper support, Muzei support, and Favorite wallpaper support, etc. Hence using this app, you can easily access any of your favorite wallpaper and download them on simple taps. It lets you pick your favorite wallpapers anytime you want and set them on your phone’s screen via simple taps. These wallpapers help your mobile looks smarter and different than the ordinary wallpapers.

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