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Eye Candy is an important tool which allows people to not only take pictures but also to make changes by editing them with the help of various options. It helps in making sure people are able to get the best image possible and its variety of features make Eye Candy an important part of everyone’s phone… read more
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17 Apps Like Eye Candy for Android


1. Shots App

Shots App is one of the most used photography application when it comes to taking picture and editing them. But this platform is more than just an editor, unlike other similar apps it provides people with a unique social network where they can share picture with their friend and other people who have been included in their circle through this app. There are a variety of things which can be done though this application. For example, there is a rich feature where people can change their pictures in to funny looking ones. They can also share their pictures with friends on other social networks such as Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to increase your audience. The main reason it has made its mark in a short time is that there is no option of commenting on other people’s pictures. It may seem absurd since this is a social network but the main reason is to make sure no one can comment anything negative about someone’s pictures. This is the reason that Shots App is known as an anti-bullying app. Though people can send private messages to each other. If some features were missing they were added with time to make sure it stays in the competition and one such feature is videos. People can add videos from their camera roll or make their own videos using this application. You can also search for people in the local area if you share your location and find friends who are interested in doing the same activities as you. Want to have an app where you can share pics and make friends? Install Shots App if the answer is yes.


2. PIP Camera

PIP Camera is in fact a selfie editing application that works as a professional photo editor as well. This photo editor will redefine the photo taking and photo editing process for you. This is a brand new photo editor that basically works as a powerful picture editing master for the smartphone users. This awesome photo editor application features the great selfie editing tool so you don’t miss any opportunity of editing the photos. The main functions and editing tools being offered in this photo editing application is picture in picture editing system, artistic filters to give magical artistic filters to the images and getting even magazine style effects and styles as well. For the information of the readers, this application can be equally used for both editing selfies and normal image. Recently more advanced functions have been added into this application that are frames mode and collage mode. PIP Camera is simply one of the best photo and selfie editing apps for getting best editing experiences.


3. Picsart

Picsart is one of the largest photo editing applications with the additional qualities of making collage photos and even editing short length videos as well. In fact, it is also known by the name of Picsart Photo Studio and Collage making application for the Android and iOS devices only. Here you will explore the professional level of almost fifty handpicked sticker bundles and a lot of themes and effects that will give a new look to your simple photos. One of the best things about Picsart is that it will get synchronized with the camera of your smartphone when for the first time you will install this application. The tools and functions being offered by the Picsart in a single pack are collage and grids maker, advanced photo editor, availability of free stickers, sticker maker to design own stickers, drawing and camera adjusting system, photo remix makers and much more. What can be a more important feature of this application that it allows for using the prisma style photo effects as well. Simply the excellent photo editing and collage making an app.


4. Candy Camera

Candy Camera is the best photo application that lets you give a touch of style to your pictures because it provides you with a large selection of filter, frame, and sticker options. The most exciting thing about Candy Camera is that you can see, in real time, this app has some the different filters that it provides will look without needing to take the photo. You just need to slide your finger across the screen to flip through the various available filters. Once you’ve made the picture, of course, you will have much more possibilities accessible to you. You’ll find all sorts of stickers to decorate the pictures, along with different frames and post-processing filters. Candy Camera is a good app. While it is created along the lines of Instagram, and in many different ways it’s better than Instagram regarding editing and customizing photos, it does not have a built-in social network. So, you can share your photos on Twitter or similar networks.


5. Retrica

Retrica is one of the most well-known photography app with a big presence all over the world. This is more famous in women but not at all restricted since it has more than 270 million people who have signed up to use this platform. There is a wide range of filters present for people to select from, some of them have been most famous while others are also in trend. Since a list of 100 filters is difficult to use in every picture. From the app, people can also create collages which save the trouble of installing a separate application for combining your photos. Another interesting feature of this platform is that the user can create gifs as well, which is becoming a more used feature on social networks. It also has a stamp which is present on pictures you take so that everyone can identify this photo has been taken from Retrica. This can be removed from the app if you are willing to pay for the subscription while other options such as allowing people to share their pictures with friends on other social networks such as Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms increases the audience. One option that does not always exists in such apps is that Retrica stores your location and can even add it on your pictures, this helps in making sure you remember where the picture was taken and what was the purpose. The main drawback perhaps is that it does not have a clearer look but this can be compromised with the other features. All in all, this platform is a good option to make all your image changes at one place.


6. B612

B612 is another pictures app specially created for selfies that allow you to apply lots of filters to your images before sharing them using your preferred social networks. B612 has greater than 50 different filters. You may choose some of these just by sliding your finger across the bottom of the screen, where you can visit a small preview of how it will look. You may also just slide your finger over the image to use a random filter. Besides applying filters, B612 enables you to make collages using your pictures. You may make them with just a regular selfie or a composition up to nine images, as well as vertical pieces of 2 or 3 pictures. B612 also includes a timer, thanks to which you can take selfies from a distance, and also the tilt-shift for enjoying using the depth of field.


7. Mega Photo

Mega Photo is a multipurpose application related to photography and sharing stuff with people. You can edit your pictures and create short videos which can be shared with your group of friends with the help of different social network options such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. The main niche of this app is editing pictures and it does so in a manner that very few other apps can compete. There are more than 800 filters available to select from which is the biggest database of filters available within an application. People can design their pictures using different features such as twisting and warping their photos. There is also an option of playing video games here and people can do so without having to pay anything. There is a subscribed version which can be used if you are willing to pay a small amount this allows you to access advanced features which are exclusive to this version and can help in making your pictures look even better. There are other interesting options as well, for example, people can add effects to their videos. They can do this not only in a recorded video but can add these effects at any time during a video after pausing it. Creating videos through pictures and adding a song to it is also a famous feature of this application. People can make use of all these options and be rest assured that their photos will look better than original.


8. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam is one of the most cultured and dependable applications related to taking pictures. It is used by many professionals all over the world to take pictures, edit them and share with the world. There are a wide range of options and various feature which are not present in any other application. This gives it the advantage over competitors even Instagram. Once the user takes a picture, they can edit the picture using several tools which contribute to improving the image quality and look. They not only fine tune the image but also increase its transparency with the help of features such as exposure, temperature, contrast, brighten, fade and many others. People can also crop, straighten and rotate their pictures. The editing can be done across multiple devices and is incredibly comfortable; the user can correct any errors while editing by undoing option while they can copy paste with the help of a simple click. People can also search for different pictures using the tags and find the latest trends in photography. The user interface is nicely laid out and people find it very easy to edit their pictures along with moving from one option to the other in order to achieve the main goal of making their pictures professional. People can also share their stuff with others through social networks while they can make use of tags to make their pictures visible in communities. The main drawback perhaps is that it is more professional and the features are so advanced that a normal person might find it difficult to understand it. If you are willing to give your picture a sophisticated look then VSCO is the right platform.


9. Lidow

With the availability of hundreds of layouts, effects, and drawing tools, Lidow is one of the most demanded photo editing apps for editing photos of all types. With the assistance of this application you can equally edit the newly captured photos and can deal with old photos as well. This simple to use photo editor will transform your simple photos into beautiful photos and will make them like captured by the professional photographers. The features and editing tools like image resizing, color adjustment, drawing tools, image effect, filter tools, lens flare system, texture adjustment and much more will surely help you in getting what you expect from a professional level of photo editor. One of the best things about Lidow is that it even allow for editing photos as demanded by the social media platforms. The images editing via this application can be shared over the social media platforms as well. Give at least one chance to Lidow as this will make your editing skills look more professional and impressive than before.


10. LINE Camera

LINE Camera is the best application for the iPhone and Android camera that, in place of using filters along with other effects to your photos, will help you to add a lot of stickers and fun sketches. After taking a picture from the LINE Camera, you can include all kinds of new details to the image. You can add most of the classic LINE stickers, unique stamps, and also Instagram-style filters allow it a special touch. In whole, you will have greater than 800 different stickers, One hundred different frames, 20 filters, and 156 brushes to provide you with exactly the result of your desire. You may also add textual content right onto the image. Once you have completed working on your photo, you can naturally share it directly with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter. LINE Camera is a very fun application that will offer you a different focus when you are taking pictures. Now they’ll all be much more fun.


11. YouCam

YouCam is a nice application when it comes to clicking pictures and editing them for a better look. There is a beauty center present which has various options that can help you get your picture the best look. These options include removing blemishes, giving the picture a sedate look, removing wrinkles and other errors. This does not only focus on the images but people can also create videos through this application and edit it accordingly. This video is short and can be up to eight seconds. There are different filters which help to make your picture beautiful. The previously existing crop option does not exist anymore, and people can upload full scape pictures. Sharp editing tools help to make your photo stand out among others. People can also share their pictures with friends on other social networks such as Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to increase your audience. People can use different filters which are also known as beauty levels and select the one which best suits the eye. This app has a big presence in the feminine circle because of the features which can be used to create a picture with better looks. There is also option of cropping the pictures and removing the parts which are deemed unnecessary. People can share their pictures with others within the app and chat with others to discuss latest trends in the makeup and photography. Overall, this app is a good value for people who want to look good through editing.


12. Bestie

Bestie is, in fact, a camera editing application that will get itself synchronized with the camera of your mobile phone and after that will allow you to edit your selfies and even standard images rightly from this photo editing application. This is the best selfie can camera editing application ever developed for getting the real beauty of any image. It is based on the practical editing principle so that you can even edit those images that have been taken during the night time. The tools for editing being offered by the Bestie are flawless selfie photo beautifier, availability of hot stickers for all kind of pictures, photo airbrushing and much more. This photo editing application will give you full command and control on all of the editing section of the images. For the information of the readers, rather than offering too much editing tools and functions, this photo editing application is packed with the various photo effects and filters. Bestie is simply one of the best photo editing apps for the smartphones.


13. Cymera

Cymera – Camera and Photo Editor is a picture application that can be used to give your photos a fresher, more dynamic look, thanks to the wide selection of filters and lenses that it provides. Some of the options that you can select before you even bring your photo include seven various kinds of lenses, a timer to help you join the shot, and an image stabilizer if you’re having difficulty getting a clear shot. Once you have taken your photo, there’s, even more, fun to be had. Greater than 20 different filters allow you to give your work a creative touch, not to mention some photo-editing factors that enable you to adjust brilliance, improve colors, reduce red-eye, and much more. Cymera – Camera and Photo Editor is a great app. unfortunately, it does not have its embedded social networking, and even though you can still share your pictures on Facebook and Twitter.


14. BestMe

BestMe Selfie Camera is an application that does exactly what the name suggests. It is a camera editing application which allows the user to edit pictures which are taken from the front camera or can be categorized as selfies. People can make use of the options which are available and get the end product which is worth watching. The main focus according to the developers is the selfies and it provides different features which help in making sure that the front picture lookd good. People can add different filters in the pictures which are more than 120, they can swipe form one to the other until the person is satisfied. They are available free of cost you do not have to pay any amount in order to see some exclusive filters. The main benefit of this app is the simple user interface which lets the user move from one option to the other while saving their time. Options of adding emojis and stickers on the pictures is also there if someone is interested in experimenting with the pictures. Another advantage of using this application is that you do not have to crop your pictures or install another software just to make sure all parts of the picture are included. BestMe automatically fits the picture into favorable size for itself. These pictures can therefore be shared on Instagram. People can also share their pictures with friends on other social networks such as Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to increase your audience. All in all, this app allows you to make use of its features to get the best possible image for your usage.


15. SelfieCity

If you are a blockbuster lover and want to get some sparkling over your images, then we are sure you will like this simple photo editing application. SelfieCity is a new way of exploring the style of your selfies in multiple effects. The best about SelfieCity is that it deploys the multiple sets of artistic, theoretic and quantitative methods, so that’s its users can even use it as a customizable photo editing application. This simple application will tell you the step by step ways of getting movie quality photos by simply deploying those photos filters that have been inspired by the Inception, Roman Holiday and much more. If you are still wondering why to use this application, then the simple answer is that because the filters and themes available in this application are created by the professional artists and photographers. Moreover, it contains trending effects and filters that are particularly tailored for the selfies.


16. Camera 360

Camera 360 is an application related to photos which allows you to edit your pictures and make them better with the help of simple tools. Unlike other applications which have difficult processes to edit and add pictures, Camera 360 allows you to use advanced features in a fun way which makes you addicted. The most exciting of these features is the stickers which can be added on the pictures to make them catchy. There is also an option of adding these pics together and create a collage. People can also share their pictures with friends on other social networks such as Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to get a wide range of audience. There are also fun games like photo challenge in which users can share their pictures from all over the world, and people using the application can rate their photos. People can also create short videos through this app which gives it an edge over other applications. There are more than hundred filters offered that can be used to make your pictures look even nicer. Other tools such as adding quick fix, contrast, sharpness and 3D contour also exist which can be applied just with swiping on the pictures. The only drawback of this app perhaps is that the user interface is not that catchy and people may find it difficult to navigate from one option to the other option. All in all, this place is a nice option if you want to share your memorable moments with friends and random people and edit your pictures with advanced features.


17. Instagram

Instagram is an easy solution to capture and share the world’s moments. Boost your daily photos and videos into pieces of art and also, share them with your friends and family. Start to see the world via somebody else’s site by just following as well as the people you already know, but inspirational Instagrammers, photographers, sports athletes, famous people and fashion icons. Anytime you open Instagram, you will see fresh photos and videos from your dearest friends, plus surprising instances shared by creative people across the globe. Over 400 million people use Instagram to you can edit pics and vids with free, custom-designed filter systems also improve pictures along with ten advanced creative methods to modify brightness, saturation and contrast and also shadows, highlights, and perspective. You can find people to follow based on the accounts and photos they already love.

More About Eye Candy

Eye Candy is an important tool which allows people to not only take pictures but also to make changes by editing them with the help of various options. It helps in making sure people are able to get the best image possible and its variety of features make Eye Candy an important part of everyone’s phone. There are several editing options such as color management and real time effects to improve the visibility of your pics. For selfies, there are separate effects to make your skin beautiful. This app not only lets you edit pics taken from its camera but you can also import them from your phone. It also has a silent mode which helps in making sure you don’t disturb people around you but also helps in making videos of your friends and taking their pics to surprise them later. Options such as a timer, auto focusing, clicking the screen to take pictures are also available. People can also share their pictures with friends on other social networks such as Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to increase your audience. There are many other options too, for example people can create collages which helps you to get rid of another app from your phone. You not only have the option to take pics from this app but can also import them from your camera roll and edit them. The option of adding location to your posts is also there and that helps in remembering where a particular picture was taken. In a nutshell, this app has everything a person needs to edit their pics.