8 Apps Like Fantasy Fighter

Fantasy Fighter is a one player game developed by Sixjoy Hong Kong Limited where the user gets to play against the enemies and monsters. The city has been attacked and taken over by people who do not want prosperity and have caused chaos. It is now the responsibility of the person playing to make it free again. Three main characters exist within the game, and anyone based on personal choice gets selected. Each one of them has separate attributes and ways of reaching the finishing line but share one goal. All the controls are simple and one touch so it does not require any complicated learning tutorial. Smooth fighting actions are another feature where people get to perfect all the moves and then play with freedom. Another benefit of this game is that the person playing gets to involve their friends from Facebook to participate in battles and engage in a friendly competition. Once a character is selected options of customizing them make for a lot more fun, finding gear for them, specific tools that interest you, and building the person of your choice. Overall, a game that offers so much to people and is free to install, therefore, it shouldn’t be missed.

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1. Unreal Fighter Lite

Unreal Fighter Lite is the world where no one shows mercy to the other. An ultimate fighting experience that keeps people gripped to their devices. The user gets to prove their superiority over other enemies who are always looking for revenge. The best part of the game is the visual…

2. KungFu Fighting

KungFu Fighting is one of the most famous games available on the play store and in this part, returns with something more to offer. A new game plot, several new features, and classic fighting modes make for an exciting competition. The story line is just like any other ordinary Japanese…

3. Fighting Tiger – Liberal

Fighting Tiger – Liberal is the first part of the famous game that gives people adventure and action at the same time. Story line is exciting where the player is Gin, who is a kung Fu fighter. He has stayed with the gang for a long time but now wants…

4. Suicide Squad – Special Ops

Suicide Squad – Special Ops is the game version of the famous film in which the user gets selected as the leader who wants to complete a tough task. This game involves dangerous super villains who not only want to win but are ready to kill you. The best part…

5. Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited by Gameloft is one of the most famous games in superheroes category. The theme of the game is simple where the user has to combine each spider man and spider woman with each other to create a team. The sinister six have opened an unknown portal in the…

6. Tower Ninja Assassin Warrior

Tower Ninja Assassin Warrior introduced by White Code is an action packed game that provides individuals who are interested in ninja fighting, something more. The theme is such that the ninja warrior has to move up the tower to kill the gang leader, but before that, he faces difficulties at…

7. Power Rangers Dino Rumble

Power Rangers Dino Rumble is the game based on the famous characters and is an action-packed venture that will catch everyone’s attention. This game features rangers, villains, and Megazord and provides people with 50 tough and challenging battles against the enemy. Each one of them has their skill and powers…

8. Shadow Fighting Battle 3D

Shadow Fighting Battle 3D is a game developed by Trigger Team and comes with something new when we talk about fighting games. The game focuses on the character in darkness and comes forward whenever they want to kill the enemy. It has distinctive features with a ponytail at the head…

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