15 Apps Like Farkle

Farkle is a great dice game which lets you enjoy an ultimate dice game which lets you stay connected with the whole world on Facebook, and you must have a Facebook account to enjoy this ultimate game. Farkle is the finest application introduced in the market by Viral S.R.O Inc. which lets you enjoy playing a dice game with local and worldwide buddies. You can reconnect with your family, colleagues, and friends, etc. and even beat their scores to let them reveal your desperate experience. Farkle game is played using almost 6 dices to collect as many points as you do, and all the earned points are added to the player’s temporary score. Whenever the player rolls the dice, the player can either take the scores and end the turn, or the player can roll any residual dices that are no kept for your scores. While on the other hand, the player will get Farkle if he/she rolls again and does not get any required combinations of dices. In such a case, the player does not receive any score of their turns, while of it happen thrice in a row the player would lose 500 points from the score. So just download Farkle and have fun dice playing with your buddies from all over the globe.

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1. YAHTZEE® With Buddies

Android iOS
YAHTZEE® With Buddies is a classic board game with an entirely new look. YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice Game is an excellent multi-player game introduced in the market by Scopely Inc. which enables its users to enjoy a dice rolling game and play it with their friends. You can challenge your…

2. Dice With Buddies: Social Game

Android iOS
Dice With Buddies: Social Game is an exquisitely great dice game which lets you have fun while playing Dice with your friends, colleagues, buddies, neighbors, and family members, etc. Dice With Buddies™ Free – The Fun Social Dice Game is a fun, classic dice game being enjoyed by millions of players…

3. Dice Clubs

Android iOS
Dice Clubs lets you challenge your friends from all across the universe and rediscover one of the most amazing and engaging competitive game ever. Dice Clubs is a classy application introduced in the market by b-interaktive Inc. which lets you enjoy this dice rolling app by completing achievements, climbing the…

4. Farkle Addict

Farkle Addict is an exquisitely engaging game of Farkle Dice Game Casino featured on some gigantic platforms as well. Farkle Addict: 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe is a great multiplayer game introduced in the market by Robert Suh LLC which brings a fine game which requires a bit of luck and…

5. Pokerrrr 2

Android iOS
Pokerrrr 2 is a fine app which brings pokers for one player and also supports group of players to enjoy poker simultaneously, whenever they want. Pokerrrr2: Poker with Buddies – Multiplayer Poker is a fine application introduced by PT Farm Inc. which brings a simple to play app which enables…

6. Yazy

Android iOS
Yazy lets you get one of the best dice gaming experience by joining millions of fanatical player of Yatzy. Yazy: The best Yatzy dice game app introduced by Fiogionia Limited which lets you have the finest Yatzy game experience over any of your mobile devices. This intuitive and easy to…

7. Yatzy Classic

Android iOS
Yatzy Classic is a great and one of the most popular dice gaming app which enables its entire users to roll the dice and create combos and score the best points to win against your buddies. Yatzy Classic app is a fine product introduced by Loop Games through which people…

8. Backgammon Live

Android iOS
Backgammon Live is an ultimate online multiplayer backgammon game insists of more than 10 million players from all over the world. Backgammon Live – Play Online Free Backgammon app introduced in the market by Come2Play – Board Games Inc. which enables you to join the Backgammon party by matching up against…

9. Yatzy Ultimate

Android iOS
Yatzy Ultimate is one of the most addictive dice game that can be played with your buddies and strangers from all across the globe. Yatzy Ultimate app is a fine Yatzy app introduced by Seavus Group Inc. which enables adults to refresh their childhood memories and kids to sharpen their…

10. RoyalDice

Android iOS
RoyalDice is one of the most reasonable and fun dice game which can be played with friends and especially for couples where they have to hit the button and play Royal Dice Game altogether. RoyalDice: Play Dice with Friends, Roll Dice Game is an efficient tool introduced in the market…

11. Yachty Free

Android iOS
Yachty Free lets you have fun with family, friends, and some new players on your mobile application through an engaging new and beloved classic board game. Yachty Free game is a highly sophisticated and easy to use board game introduced in the market by Rubicon Development, and is loved by…

12. Farkle Dice Game

Farkle Dice Game is an intuitive board game which lets you enjoy playing dice rolling alone and even with your friends, family, colleagues, and other competitors from all over the world. Farkle Dice Game app bought in the market by Fabros Inc. which enables its entire users to enjoy dice…

13. Yatzy – Offline Free Dice Games

Yatzy – Offline Free Dice Games does not need any internet connection to let you enjoy this most genuine dice rolling board game along with a mix of ultra-high quality sound and crisp graphics. Yatzy – Offline Free Dice Games is a gorgeous application introduced in the market by SNG…

14. Yachty Dice Game

Yachty Dice Game is a classy application through which people from all over the world can join the party of playing a dice game with their buddies and even with strangers. Yachty Dice Game – Yatzy Free Game is an ultimate board dice game introduced by Fabros Inc. which brings…

15. Yatzy Offline and Online

Yatzy Offline and Online is an ultimate board dice rolling tool that can be played with the internet connection as well as without any internet. Yatzy Offline and Online – free dice game is a classily genuine game introduced by Lite Games Inc. which enable all Yatzy lovers to enjoy…

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