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Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga is a social puzzle game created by, designers of Candy Crush Saga. The playing experience provided by this game is just like Candy Crush, in that it substitutes sweets and candies for fruit and farm products… read more
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28 Apps Like Farm Heroes Saga for iOS

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1. AlphaBetty Saga

AlphaBetty Saga is a puzzle game in which you need to develop words utilizing the letters on the board. There are greater than 100 different levels in the game, each using a different board shape: square, rectangle, heart shaped, and many others. The rules in AlphaBetty Saga are a little laxer than in other games of this type. You’re able to match letters in any direction, including diagonals as well as backwards. Anything goes so long as you make the longest words possible. And the longer the words, the greater points as well as individual pieces you will get. When you get a word that has more significant than five letters, you develop a unique piece. And when you combine words that are more extensive, you may create much more powerful pieces and obtain even more points. With this sense, AlphaBetty Saga is quite loyal to the style of other King games. AlphaBetty Saga is a puzzle game that provides the classic challenge of a word puzzle along with King’s casual style that works so well on Candy Crush Saga. As always for this company’s games, the graphics are also charming.


2. Book of Life: Sugar Smash

Book of Life: Sugar Smash is a game in the type of Candy Crush Saga as well as others in that genre where gamers need to match knick-knacks of the same color to make them disappear. The goal in each with the 90+ levels is to match a particular quantity of objects to make them disappear. In a single level, for instance, you need to match 20 red hearts as well as in another 15 orange flowers.

What is unique in Book of Life: Sugar Smash that may be the only thing that distinguishes it from the enormous quantity of similar games out there is that its setting has a Mexican style and gorgeous graphics. The set includes a cast of charismatic and also well-designed characters, along with a fun storyline. Book of Life: Sugar Smash has enough simple mechanics, short levels having 2,3 minutes and even colorful, attention-grabbing graphics. It’s the perfect game for anyone.


3. Jewel Mania

Jewel Mania is a match-three game app where you need to put together colorful jewels to make them disappear and obtain the highest score possible. There are many kinds of special moves that you will have to create in Jewel Mania to get three stars on each level. Matching four jewels of the same sort will provide you with a lightning jewel, whereas matching five jewels inside a T-shape offers you with a bomb, and mixing a bomb having a lightning jewel will give you a spectacular combo.

Taking all of the possible combinations into account, you need to try to beat over 400 levels in the main Adventure. One of the high points in Jewel Mania is its graphics, along with traditional animations and fantastic character designs throughout the entire experience. Jewel Mania is an excellent match-three game that stands out from the rest for its beautiful graphics and a lot of combos to try throughout the levels.


4. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game using social brush-strokes, in which you need to connect different colored sweets to produce chains and make them disappear. You progress via greater than 200 various levels you will encounter on your lovely adventure. Candy Crush Saga gameplay is incredibly simple to learn, although it is quite complex to understand.

Because of this, not only young kids will like this game because they can quickly focus on the graphic colors and also the simple movements and also the most skilled, that will find challenges beyond uniting colored sweets. Candy Crush Saga offers various game modes, among that the primary campaign stands out because it provides a lot of hundred different levels, in which you need to acquire many goals to be able to advance. Jelly, Ingredients, or Candy Order setting will also offer you a healthy dose of entertainment.


5. Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga is another puzzle game in which gamers need to break apart sets of blocks using the goal of clearing each of the levels as well as rescuing the animals trapped on them. The video game has more than a hundred levels, each of which presents the challenge of breaking up sequences of colored blocks. Doing so is as simple as scrolling on the number of blocks of the same color. The objective is to obtain each of the animals on top of the blocks down to the ground. Doing this will enable you to get extra points, providing you with access to the three stars available in each level. Due to the social nature of the game you may also compete against your friends. Every time they post a fresh score it’s up to you to try to beat it.


6. Fruit Splash

Fruit Splash is a multi-colored fruit puzzle game for crushing fruits such as strawberry, grapes, watermelons, bananas, and many others. It is one of the better addictive puzzle games that can make you bound to play without the time limit. The characteristics of Fruit Splash are best graphics and vivid fruits, difficult to master the game, two modes: puzzle as well as the arcade, challenging with friends, etc. Fruit Splash have more than one hundred levels with players awarded stars based on their attempts in each level. As players complete levels they will have to achieve harder goals which can range from making certain scores to freeing their fruity friends from some hurdles. The gameplay of this game needs players to connect comparable fruits together using lines to attach adjacent squares (diagonal lines are allowed). When a connection got created, they’ll be removed from the game board with points awarded accordingly. More time strings of matches will leave behind unique fruits which can clear entire rows of fresh fruit, and they are often vital for some of the harder levels.


7. Bubble Witch 2 Saga

Bubble Witch Saga 2 is a puzzle game that you simply have to progress via a beautiful world, solving some levels during which your main goal is to get rid of all of the colored bubbles. By doing this, Bubble Witch Saga 2 gamers need to pop other bubbles and link up to three or more of the same color. It means the technicians are almost similar to those of the legendary Puzzle Bobble, however, with another kind of interesting twist. When you pop any new bubbles, instead of disappearing and providing you more points, they fall and also bounce into the cauldrons at the bottom of the screen.

This technique seems to be very similar to that used by, such as Papa Pear Saga. Also, it adds a nice touch to the game. Even in Bubble Witch Saga 2, you advance via a map that is similar to Candy Crush Saga. So, you can state that has combined the very best things about the games in its catalog into one single game. Bubble Witch Saga 2 is a fun puzzle game with stunning aesthetics. It’ll provide puzzle game lovers with hours and hours of fun.


8. Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay is for enjoying puzzle on an island filled with adventures and also thrills. Paradise Bay is a management game, but it is probably a bit different from what you are used to. In it, you need to take care of an island from the perspective of exotic natives. To do so, you will need to understand the ecosystem to assist nature to grow while your economy thrives.

The key objective is to merge the island’s development capacity using its natural balance, including traders, travelers, explorers, and also the islanders themselves. Above all, you need to keep the peace and also the tranquility of the island intact. The gameplay is similar to other management games of this kind: construct buildings to enhance the economy and increase the creation of products or services. As you gain resources, you will find new worlds surrounding you to consider your citizens to visit, so they can take benefit of all the natural beauty (though always in a responsible way).


9. Puzzle Craft

Puzzle Craft is a puzzle game for managing a village intelligently and also smartly. You need to settle down in a community that’s below your charge. You need to control an entire population there and help them to grow their very quickly to construct a city. Then you’ll need to discover farm, mine, tax system, worker’s jobs, and much more to make the system of the area.

Some villagers have started a brand new settlement, and they have put you in charge. In Puzzle Craft, you take control of an entire populace and must enable them to grow their colony into a bustling city! To do this, you will need to farm, mine, and collect taxes, hire workers, and more. Blending two forms of gameplay for the first time, Puzzle Craft is as unique as it is addicting.


10. Cookie Jam

Cookie Jam is a puzzle matching adventure game. Craft matches as well as swap to concoct sweet treats. The game is easy to play but not simple to play with each different level as delightful as the last. Moreover, you may enjoy the fun of the game by playing with your mates. Connect with your friends, challenge them, and also compete them in scores.

Cookie Jam is among the many sweet based puzzle matching games which have exploded in the Facebook gaming market. Gamers can take part through Facebook and also on their iOS or Android device while competing with their Facebook friends. Such as other games in its niche Cookie Jam is definitely to learn but offers limitless fun as players attempt to master the game mechanics and also advance with the hundreds of different levels.


11. Candy Crush Friends Saga

Candy Crush Friends Saga is a new puzzle game for all the candy crush lovers with awesome graphics, fun game modes, a bunch of exciting levels, and plenty of engaging features. Candy Crush Friends Saga – Match 3 Game with your Friends is a fine gaming app developed in the market by King Inc. which allows you to join the match-three puzzle game to find all the Candy Crush Friends that have been scarred throughout the candy kingdom and enjoy each level with real fun. You have to switch or move candies to match a set of three or more candies to unlock rewards, sweet collectible outfits, exciting powers ups, and more. This game contains delicious cookies, chocolate, jam, candies, and plenty of other stuff in order to let you have an amazing experience. Candy Crush Friends Saga – Match 3 Game with your Friends game allows you to enjoy hundreds of match 3 levels to play and keep collecting your friends along the way. It lets you take on this epic Saga solo or even play with your closed buddies to see who can get the best score. Candy Crush Friends Saga – Match 3 Game with your Friends game lets you match more and more candies having the same flavor and collect the best scores over the game leader-board to tell your friends that you are the best player in all of them.


12. Candy Crush Soda Saga

Candy Crush Soda Saga is a magnificent gaming app by the makers to the Legendary Candy Crush Saga, which has extemporized this app with more fun and exciting features to enjoy almost the same scenario. Candy Crush Soda Saga – Pop candies in Match 3 Puzzles is a marvelous, mouth-watering puzzle adventure game developed in the market by King Inc. which allows you to enjoy unique candies, challenging game mode, divine matching combinations and plenty of other features for you to enjoy. This app lets you show your competitive side over its Episode Rae Mode, and you can compete against other players to track who complete levels the quickest and the having success journey fastest. It lets you join Kimmy over her cute juicy journey to discover the Tiffi by swapping and matching your way through unique and mysteries of magical world. Candy Crush Soda Saga – Pop candies in Match 3 Puzzles is an exciting game which contains more than 3K match 3 sodalicious levels and plenty of exciting game modes. The app contains the fun and unique candies along with frosting, honeycomb, soda, jam and other exciting things over here. It lets you match four candies to make a Swedish fish and even match 7 candies for all-new coloring candy. Candy Crush Soda Saga – Pop candies in Match 3 Puzzles lets you explore new levels, exciting worlds social bingo, episode race, amazing graphics, fun gameplay, intuitive syncing, and way more characters over this awesome platform.


13. Sweet Fever Candy

Sweet Fever Candy is a deliciously amazing match-3 puzzle game which allows you to have real fun of swiping and matching over your cell phones and tablets. Sweet Fever Candy is the finest game developed in the market by Xiaokun Feng Inc. which allows you to enjoy an exquisite candy world and have fun of match-3 casual game in a way like never before. It brings a delicious universe which contains peppermint, blue bonbon, cherry pea, banana heart, violet candy, and plenty of other things right under this amazing platform. You have to swipe, swap, and match three or more same magic candies to master the fun of this epic creation. It contains an irresistible and addictive match-3 gameplay where you can enjoy unlocking delightful and appetizing candy maps containing chocolate cottage, sweet valley, sugar shell bakery, and more. The app contains more than 144 perplexing and puzzling levels, loads of tasty and charming candies, wonderful arsenal of power-ups and props, exciting special sound effects and high-quality graphics, leaderboard support, and challenging but fun hurdles such as lollipop, fruit cake, etc. So just download Sweet Fever Candy game and escape to this awesome paradise and match to sweet triumph.


14. Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga is a new, exciting, and even a highly recommended match 2 puzzle game from the makers of the Candy Crush Friends Saga. Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga – Clicker Game to Save Cute Pets is an engaging game developed in the market by King Inc. where you have to blast the blocks for pet saving action and even create or unleash robust boosters. The game contains hundreds of excitingly engaging levels for you to play using your inner capabilities. It lets you challenge your mental capabilities and solve unique puzzles to save cute little pets from the real threat. You have to tap blocks of the same color and craft robust boosters to save those cute pets and bring them home. Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga – Clicker Game to Save Cute Pets is one of the most exciting puzzle game to rescue you from boredom and keep you entertained with plenty of adorable pets to collect and a massive collection of exciting challenges. It is entirely free to use matching 2 puzzle game, but some of its items require payment. So just download Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga – Clicker Game to Save Cute Pets game to embark over this endearing adventure with Fern (the Fox) and enjoy unlocking new pets of all sizes and shapes along the way.


15. Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Bubble Witch 3 Saga is a magical game from the makers of real Candy Crush Sage, that allows you to enjoy various new and amazing features of this match 3 puzzle game for free. Bubble Witch 3 Saga – Magic Bubble Shooting Puzzles is a marvelous product introduced by King Inc. which brings a popular game where you can play with the witch named Stella, and she needs your mental capabilities and your assistance in this to defeat the Wilbur over this exciting puzzle. In the game, Wilbur may look sweet and cute but is full of magical mischief. You can enjoy traveling the realm bursting as many bubbles as you can over this exciting bubble shooting game. Bubble Witch 3 Saga – Magic Bubble Shooting Puzzles features match-three puzzle to pop them in this awesome adventure of puzzle shooting. It contains special booster and power-ups which helps you pass all the tricky levels where you got struck. You can precisely sync the game between plenty of devices and enjoy it wherever you want while connected to the internet. Bubble Witch 3 Saga – Magic Bubble Shooting Puzzle game contains cute characters and spellbinding game modes where you can enjoy releasing the owls, save your fairy queen from Wilbur and free the ghosts.


16. Crafty Candy

Crafty Candy lets you challenge yourself to play thousands of delicious puzzles over a magical match-3 game, presented in the market by Outplay Entertainment Inc. Crafty Candy – Match 3 Puzzle is a deliciously addictive game where you can join Candice, cookie, an apprentice witch, and the adorable kitten through an amazing land of sweet treats. Crafty Candy – Match 3 Adventure Game lets you discover the tastiest adventure of match 3 puzzle in your cell phone and enjoy this free to use candy matching game having tons of engaging features. Crafty Candy – Match 3 Puzzle Game allows you to enjoy thousands of fantastically fun levels with engaging scenarios to have quality time. You can precisely unlock sweet new looks with the wardrobe of the witch. Crafty Candy – Match-3 Adventure game allows you to make a connection with your Facebook account to sync your progress across device seamlessly. It also keeps track and compares your progress with other global folks that are using the same app but with different intensity. You can train your brain with plenty of perplexing puzzles, win enchanting prizes, cast fizzy fireworks, and also spin a daily wheel to claim a free reward to boost your productivity. Crafty Candy – Match-3 Puzzle Game lets you match colorful candies as well as craft spells to blast your way on the ultimate height.


17. Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Candy Crush Jelly Saga is a great game to enjoy swiping, matching, and smashing candies and also enjoy plenty of other delicious stuff right over your cell phone for free. Candy Crush Jelly Saga – A Jellylicious Match 3 Puzzle is a tremendously amazing platform developed in the market by King Inc. where you have to swipe and match almost three same candies in a row whether horizontally or vertically and watch the magic happens. You have to solve all the conditions of the initial levels just to move further in the game. The game features more than 2K awesome levels, boss vs. modes scenario, tasty color bomb lollipop booster, mesmerizing candies, elegant syncing, and relaxing experience of playing match-3 puzzle gameplay whenever, wherever. Candy Crush Jelly Saga – A Jellylicious Match 3 Puzzle game allows you to enjoy amazing modes such as Spreading the Jelly, Release the Pufflers, etc. It is fun to play, and relaxing game which allows you to sync your game between multiple tablets and mobile phones intuitively and even unlock the full games feature when connected to the internet. So just download Candy Crush Jelly Saga – A Jellylicious Match 3 Puzzle game and take on this delicious saga by challenging your buddies to see who get the highest score or play alone to complete all the levels magnificently.


18. Diamond Digger Saga

Diamond Digger Saga is an exciting game that allows you to join Diggy as you dig through the candy-land and unleash special treasures, developed in the market by king Inc. Diamond Digger Saga – Tap, Group & Blast the Gems! The game lets you lead Diggy through a universe filled with real diamonds over an amazing digging world adventure. It lets you dig a patch by clearing away a group of 3 or even more diamonds to reach the embattled score. The game contains bright and colorful graphics, fascinating and friendly game characters living in a fantasy world, color bursts, dynamite, and blasts to lend a helping hand. It allows you to unlock special treasures and boosters hidden under the ground tiles that you have to break. Diamond Digger Saga – Tap, Group and Blast the Gems Game contain more than 700 exciting and challenging levels to complete filled with wondrous delights. It also supports leaderboard to watch the performance of your competitors and friends whenever you want. It supports effortless syncing between plenty of devices so that you can also do this anywhere you want. Diamond Digger Saga – Tap, Group and Blast the Gems is completely free to play game, but you have to purchase some in-app stuff if you need extra lives or special moves.


19. Candy Blast Mania

Candy Blast Mania is an ultimate candy collecting puzzle game that contains millions of global players which are helping Candy Girl and her dog over their quest to defeat the Evil. Candy Blast Mania – Addicting Match 3 Puzzle Games is a significant game developed in the market by Storm8 Studio Inc., which brings plenty of exciting tournaments and engaging challenges that you can’t find anywhere else. The game lets you play unique events along with your buddies to see who the best candy collector in the Kingdom is. It lets you earn as many points as you can and climb the event leaderboard to be the best player of the championships. You can team up with other player and enjoy collecting colorful candies altogether to win community and team events. Candy Blast Mania – Addicting Match 3 Puzzle Games lets you compete with other fellows to get the highest score and place over the global leaderboard for awesome stuff to win. It allows you to enjoy creating explosive combo spots and thrilling bonuses to defeat the evil. Candy Blast Mania – Addicting Match 3 Puzzle Games is a free to play game filled with real fun which lets you enjoy a delightful journey towards detectable puzzle adventure.


20. Gummy Candy Blast

Gummy Candy Blast is a free Match-3 puzzle game which allows you to enjoy an adventure with several cute friends where you have to match and crush three or more candy jewels and blast your way through tons of exciting levels. Gummy Candy Blast – Free Match 3 Puzzle Game was presented in the market by Jiahao Chen, where you have to crush combos of candy jewels and also challenge your buddies to see who can get the maximum score and become the winner. In the Gummy Candy Blast game, you are provided with a specific goal, and you have to finish the goal to get amazing rewards. Gummy Blast – Match 3 Puzzle lets you match three or more than three gems of same color in order to crush them and keep finishing the levels. You can enjoy unlocking new maps just by completing all the levels with good enough stars that are necessary for it. This Candy Blast game allows you to collect coins and buy colorful boosters to crush candies effortlessly. Gummy Candy Blast – Free Match 3 Puzzle Game lets you enjoy hundreds of exciting levels and sweet maps with great graphics and ultimate design, blast boosters, match to unlock new events, play with friends, and a hell of awesome features.


21. Farm Heroes Super Saga

Farm Heroes Super Saga is a magnificently created game where you need to help the Farm Heroes to defeat the Rancid and win the country shows over this awesome match-three adventure. Farm Heroes Super Saga – A Croptastic Matching Puzzle is a fine game from the famous developer, King Inc. which allows you to defeat Racid Raccoon over these exciting puzzles and help farm heroes for their prosperity. It lets you enjoy adventure through this Farmtastic puzzle game while grabbing as much cropsies as you want. You have to assist squirrel in harvesting adorable super crops, collect his nuts, and even go over a puzzle quest to meet exciting new farm heroes. You also have to be careful over your adventure and watch for Rancid because he will try to stop you when you expect him tiniest. Farm Heroes Super Saga – A Croptastic Matching Puzzle is a fun game with farmatastic puzzles with new game modes, exciting new challenges, and fun gameplay to have quality time. The game contains various new fruits and vegetables to harvest over this engaging game. Farm Heroes Super Saga – A Croptastic Matching Puzzle also lets you connect your game to the internet for accessing it whenever you want and maintain crops.


22. Papa Pear Saga

Papa Pear Saga is a fine game where you can bounce your way through unique, and elegantly created puzzles, introduced by the world-famous developed named King. Papa Pear Saga – Exciting Bouncy Puzzle Game allows you to take an aim and unleash the Papa Pear to boing and bounce around a wacky world of hazelnuts, fruit pegs, crazy chilies, and more. The game contains elegant graphics which will have you bouncing for joy, awesome power-ups and boosters to help with those challenging levels, easy and fun to play game right over your cell phones. Papa Pear Saga – Exciting Bouncy Puzzle Game is a fine tool which lets you have special items to unlock by completing its challenging and fun levels. You can also watch your progress over the leaderboard and also monitor the gaming performance of your friends or other global competitors. Players can also sync their game between devices and unlock the entire stuff of the game when connected with the internet. So just download the Papa Pear Saga – Exciting Bouncy Puzzle Game over your mobile phone and tablets, where an exciting adventure is waiting for you in the Pearsylvania, Fruity Forest, and beyond.


23. Blossom Blast Saga

Blossom Blast Saga is fun linker game allows you to match three or more buds of flowers to make a universe bloom into the exquisite saga, developed in the market by King Inc. Blossom Blast Saga – A Flower Linking Puzzle Game is from the same makers of Farm Heroes Saga, Candy Crush Saga, and plenty of famous ones available in the stores this moment. You have to match three or more flowers buds and complete all the things that it requires to complete all these levels. You have to collect flowers and then make your way through exquisitely challenging and fun garden levels over this colorful adventure game. Blossom Blast Saga – A Flower Linking Puzzle Game is a fun game with amazing graphics, intuitive sound, simple but casual gameplay, and screen-swipe scenario to link flowers in the beautiful gardens. You can enjoy matching and linking amazing flowers in more than 600 colorful levels and enjoy blossom flowers in amazing garden levels like Carnival garden, dreamy meadow, and plenty of others. The game contains Collect flower modes, Remove Weeds Mode, Big Flower Bug Mode, and Bloom in Scoring Mode. So just download Blossom Blast Saga – A Flower Linking Puzzle Game in your mobile phone and enjoy linking flower buds to have real fun.


24. Bubble Witch Saga 2

Bubble Witch 2 Saga is a fantastic game where The Stella and all her cats need your precious assistance to fend off the dark spirits that are destroying their land. Bubble Witch 2 Saga is a fine game developed in the market by one of the most famous developers named King Inc. which allows you to travel the realm bursting as many bubbles as you manage to do over this elegantly designed bubble shooting puzzles. It lets you give your efforts to win all the levels and witch country piece by piece to give Stella and her cats a safe place to live. Bubble Witch 2 Saga game contains unique and improved game modes, enchanting graphics, and tons of magical bubble shooting levels to have quality time. You can sync the game and access the game over other tablets and phones while connected with the internet. It brings leaderboard support to watch your competitors and friends and also collect stars to unlock special items. It also contains bubbles and boosters which helps you in passing hard and tricky levels. So just download Bubble Witch 2 Saga game in your cell phone and enjoy playing this epic saga with your friends to see who can get highest scores or even play solo to measure your capabilities.


25. AlphaBetty Saga Game

AlphaBetty Saga is a fun, exciting, and new word game from the makers of Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Sage and the like, which all are from the most famous developed named King. AlphaBetty Saga is a significant tool which allows you to challenge your thinking capabilities and skills over this brand new and exciting word game which takes you over a rip-roaring adventure to the far-flung corners of the mouse world. The app enables you to join Professor Betty, Alpha, and their loyal friend Barney as they embark over an epic quest to gran words that are unique and complete the encyclopedia of everything. AlphaBetty Saga is a fine game where you can unlock boosters and unique characters and more than 100 cheesetastic levels of letter-linking fun. The game support leaderboards to follow the progress of your competitors and friend. You can sync the game between devices and unlock full game feature when connected with internet. It contains powerful boosters which help you crack challenging levels where you got stuck so badly. So just download AlphaBetty Saga game if you love crosswords, Sudoku, puzzles and other games like these to discover a new way to wordplay.


26. Candy Charming

Candy Charming is a beautiful game that contains millions of candy charmers who are enjoying this game over their mobile phones and tablets to have quality gaming time. Candy Charming – 2019 Match 3 Puzzle Free Games was presented in the market by 707 Interactive Inc., which allows you to enjoy delicious candies, snacks, and plenty of other things to match. This exciting match 3 puzzle game contains a collection of more than 2000 levels to enjoy hours and hours of crushing yummy fruits and candies. Candy Charming – Match 3 Puzzle is a highly addictive match-three puzzle game which not only allows you to enjoy plenty of in-game power-ups and boosters but also brings free big reward every day just for using the game. It lets you explore magical candy kingdoms where you have to lovely candy fairy to match and crush the sugars and candies to unlock plenty of gameplays. Candy Charming – 2019 brings more than 2K exciting levels, variety of gameplays, free to play scenario, offline working, intuitive syncing, cute graphics, and powerful boosters that help you clear all the levels. So just download Candy Charming – 2019 Match 3 Puzzle Free Game in your cell phone and enjoy challenging your friends to watch who can get the best score, claim to grab free rewards and kill time without the need of internet.


27. Bubble Witch Saga

Bubble Witch Saga lets you aim, fire and pop your way through this enchanting puzzle adventure alone or with your friends or global competitors effectively. Bubble Witch Saga is a marvelous tool developed in the market by King Inc. where the Witch needs your assistance to fend off the dark spirits which are destroying or harming the country so badly. The game contains realistic sound and enchanting graphics that will leave you spellbound. It contains three friendly cats, bombs, spider web, locks, bonuses, doom bubbles, and various other items to enjoy under this magnificent platform. You can collect stars to unlock special items for helping yourself over the quests. Bubble Witch Saga is completely free to use game, but you have to make payments for the in-game lives or other moves to use in complex levels. Other than these, Bubble Witch Saga app contains leaderboard support (to watch the performance of competitors and friends from all over the world), intuitive syncing between multiple devices, hundreds of magical levels, easy and fun gameplay, potions or charms to help with complex levels, and plenty of classy features for everyone uses the game. So give a chance to download Bubble Witch Saga in your mobile phones and tablets to travel the realm and free the entire land but piece by piece by winning each potion.


28. Diamond Diaries Saga

Diamond Diaries Saga is a brand new product of King Inc. after some marvelous creation of games, that allows its global users to create precious items of jewelry by linking almost three or more than three charms of the same color and also complete the goal. Diamond Diaries Saga – Link Gems in Adventure Puzzle lets you enjoy traveling to awesome cities with plenty of challenging and fun levels and exciting new game modes right over this exciting match 3 puzzle. It lets you enjoy a sparkling new way to connect awesome charms in this erotic puzzle adventure. You have to complete the levels within a restricted amount of moves and have to fulfill the conditions before it runs out. Diamond Diaries Saga – Link Gems in Adventure Puzzle app allows you to precisely sync the game between multiple devices and access everything while connected with the internet. You can take over this epic match 3 puzzle alone for completing all the levels and also play with your buddies to see who can get the best score of you all. Diamond Diaries Saga – Link Gems in Adventure Puzzle is a free to play game, while you have to pay for some of its optional in-game moves and items if you need.

More About Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga is a social puzzle game created by, designers of Candy Crush Saga. The playing experience provided by this game is just like Candy Crush, in that it substitutes sweets and candies for fruit and farm products. Game-play is also absolutely identical: combine fruit the same type on a gridded game board so which they disappear. While you do this, you’ll advance along a map made up of greater than 100 levels full of strawberries, carrots, apples, along with other typical farm goods.

Farm Heroes Saga is the most popular game on social media platforms as well. The game is entirely free for playing. You will have access to all sorts of different social relationships in Farm Heroes Saga, such as competing against your Facebook friends to see who can rack up the most points. You may also send requests for your friends to offer you extra lives, or decide to share your ‘boosters’ and also power-ups with them.