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FAST Speed Test

FAST Speed Test is a fine tool which helps you see the exact speed of your mobile phone’s internet and also tells you about some basic information regarding your internet connection as well. FAST Speed Test is an easy to use app introduced by the world-famous Netflix, Inc… read more
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8 Apps Like FAST Speed Test for iOS

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1. My Vodafone

My Vodafone provides you a one sop stop for managing and monitoring your Vodafone Account and helps you manage tons of features for free. My Vodafone (India) – Online Recharge & Pay Bills app was presented in the market by Vodafone Idea Ltd. which precisely serves all the Vodafone related service, and you can effortlessly manage it as well. You can keep track of your mobile phone’s usage, recharge online for you and even for all you care about. It helps you manage up to 5 profiles, and you can pay bills online using various UPI methods and plenty of wallets. It enables you to get possibly the best and the most exclusive deals over the app so that you can enjoy amazing discounts over this platform right from sitting over the sofa of your drawing room. My Vodafone (India) – Service Providing App comes with enhanced features for letting you track real-time data usage and everything it offers. You can even pay bills with the payment options of credit card, net banking, debit card, and various other online services. You can intuitively view the active packs, active services, and all the active Vodafone data packs. MyVodafone (India) – Online Recharge and Pay Bills app brings a huge number of services for all the online users using Vodafone in India and helps them get loads of things done effortlessly.


2. My Singtel

My Singtel precisely manages plenty of services regarding your mobile phone bills, shop for the latest deals and coupons, subscribe to the roaming plans and do much else having one app on your phone. My Singtel is a great tool presented by Singtel Idea Factory Pte Ltd Inc. which manages loads of mobile plans by letting you get instant access to the deals, stay connected with multiple travel destination, view as well as pay your bills, and do loads of significant tasks with damn ease. The app allows you to get acknowledgment about the internet speed, the usage of data regarding your mobile phone, and you can even check your recon react eligibility date. It precisely monitors your roaming data usage so that you can get to know the exact information about the remaining MBs in your data plan. My Singtel helps you pay bills and view or save bills from the last six months. You can even enjoy shopping for your desired products and deals and even subscribe to the roaming plans that are significant according to your travel needs. It enables you to choose from plenty of add-ons from data, music, video, and more. Other than these, My Singtel app also lets you get exclusive deals and treats, find Singtel shop near you, save time by booking appointments for the shop, nominate your mobile lines and request a callback at your convenience.



My TELUS lets you bring your most required features of measuring the speed and consistency of your internet connection, whether you are using any Wi-Fi network or any cellular data plans over your cell phone. My TELUS – Manage Your Services in a Snap is a cool app presented Telus Inc. which brings loads of exciting and significant features for you to monitor your data plans, text, video and voice usage and even check the balance of your account. You can instantly pay the bills of your internet connection, TV, cell phone, and home phone without going anywhere. It allows you to add even more data if you are running low. It helps you discover and add travel passes, check the balance of your device, contract status, add or remove features like data packs of text messages, make one-time payments and even sign up for automatic payments in an elegant way. My TELUS – Manage Your Services in a Snap app allows you to monitor your prepaid add-on usage and check your mobile phone’s balance as well. You can instantly monitor your internet usage just to avoid overages. My TELUS – Manage Your Services in a Snap is a fine tool which monitor the internet, check contract status, top up your prepaid services, add features like voicemail and text message, etc.


4. nPerf

nPerf is a precisely intuitive app which brings accurate and fast speed testing of your internet without even consuming much of your mobile phone’s data. nPerf – Speed Test 3G, 4G LTE, WiFi & Network Coverage Map is a fine mobile app developed in the market by which precisely test the speed of the internet under the real conditions such as video-streaming and browsing. The app preciselycompares your score with the national and the local averages and check the real coverage of the mobile networks as well. nPerf – Internet Speed Test allows its users to map their coverage of internet whiletraveling and helps you store it for long. NPerf – Wifi 3G 4G LTE Connection App allows you to test the bitrate speed, browsing speed, latency, downloading and uploading testing, video streaming quality, voicemails, and more. nPerf – Speed Testing app also enables its users to compare the results with those of other folks and for each provider with a real-time barometer. nPerf – Speed Test 3G, 4G LTE, WiFi & Network Coverage Map is an exceptional tool which allows you to keep an eye over the network speed of your mobile phone and over your mobile phone’s data consumption as well.


5. Network Analyzer

Network Analyzer is a superb device which enables its users to diagnose multiple problems in your Wi-Fi network, the setup of internet connectivity and also monitors multiple scenarios over remote servers, hence, thanks to the wide range of tools it contains. Network Analyzer – Wifi/Cell Info, Scanner & Ping is an exceptional tool introduced in the market by Jiri Techet Inc. which is equipped with a high-performance Wi-Fi device discovery features including all the LAN devices names, address, and manufacturers. Network Analyzer App is an elegant tool which brings both textual and graphical representation showing the single strengths and network channels, Wifi network type (WEP, WPA, WPA2), Bandwidth (for certain devices), manufacturer, WPS support, Wifi encryption (AES, TKIP), and BSSID (router MAC address), etc. Network Analyzer – Wifi or Cell Info, Scanner, and Ping app contain standard net diagnostic tools such as port scanner, traceroute, DNS lookup, whois, and more. Its elegant LAN scanner fast and reliable detection of all network devices, pingability test of discovered devices, NetBIOS, DNS name where available, detection of IPV4 availability, and more. Network Analyzer – Wifi/Cell Information, Scanner, and Ping App bring fast, adaptive, and intuitive algorithm for scanning the user specified port ranges and the most common rages. Other than these, the Network Analyzer app also contains Ping and traceroute, Whois, DNS lookup, LAN scanner, Port scanner, and other network information right over your mobile device for free.


6. My EE

My EE is an elegant tool which enables its EE users to get one of the most effective, instant, and elegant way to control their devices. My EE – Monitor Your Data Usage is an elegant tool presented by EE Inc. which effectively monitors the usage of your cellular data as well as Wi-Fi, and you can also see all the allowances with a single tap. The app allows you to manage your monthly allowances, manage your monthly packs, control your family packs, share data around the family, and control your family usage of data. The app brings a new feel and look which helps you catch your desired things way easier. My EE – Monitor Your Internet Usage app not only lets you manage your own mobile data but also enables you to control the flow of data usage over all the devices connected. It allows you to check your data in a whiz, stay on top of the extra charges, view your monthly bills, see itemizes billing, see all your numbers over one precise place, get and even set up a pin whenever you log in here and is ready to go. My EE – Monitor Your Internet, Wi-Fi, or Data Usage also monitor your add-ons and allowances, get add-ons (including all the data add-ons), and exclusive monitoring of your network in the best possible way.


7. Traffic Monitor

Traffic Monitor allows you to check the speed of your Internet’s 3G and 4G speed and keep an eye over the network and data usage over your mobile phone. Traffic Monitor – Traffic Monitor & 3G/4G Speed is an elegant tool presented in the market by RadioOpt GmbH Inc., which brings a clear and comprehensive view of the internet’s about used mobile data. It brings an ads-free atmosphere for you to check your 4G, 3G speed, Wi-Fi internet and keep an eye over the network coverage and data usage over your mobile device and tablets in a way like never before. Traffic Monitor – Traffic Monitor with Widget is an elegant tool which shows the latency and speed of your LTE, UMTS, and Wi-Fi network over a speedometer, download and ping speed, and separated into upload. The app discovers the reasons for the slow, minimum or bad internet performance with the traffic monitoring tool, and the coverage map presents the availability of the network over your current position. Traffic Monitor – Traffic Monitor and Internet Speed app allow you to monitor your data in a self-specified period as well, and you can set those time according to your needs. Traffic Monitor – Track Data Usage and Speed Test app monitor your mobile’s internet along with a set of exceptional features.


8. MyRogers

MyRogers is a super secure and easy to use application which carries a secure way of managing and monitoring the internet of your mobile phone from anywhere. MyRogers is a great tool presented in the market by Rogers Communications Inc. which helps you enjoy everything regarding the speed, consistency, upload and download speed, ping, and more about your mobile phone’s internet right under one place. Apart from managing your own, MyRogers app also enables you to manage the data being used by the mobile devices of your family members. The app brings the top up data before you come to an end and even pause data access of any line as well. My Rogers App allows you to stream up to 3x more videos through Stream Saver and monitors your data usage with extreme precision. You can set customizable data alerts according to all the lines and also view your bills to make payments accordingly. MyRogers is a significant tool which is Wi-Fi compatible and needs a post-paid account for the availability for all the Rogers consumers.

More About FAST Speed Test

FAST Speed Test is a fine tool which helps you see the exact speed of your mobile phone’s internet and also tells you about some basic information regarding your internet connection as well. FAST Speed Test is an easy to use app introduced by the world-famous Netflix, Inc. which helps you get the speed of your net whether you are using cellular internet or the Wi-Fi. The app lets you see how robust your internet connection is by providing the internet speed in MBs whether you are using a mobile phone or even broadband as well. FAST Speed Test is not only applicable for mobile devices, but you can even check your internet speed of the desktop and laptop devices. FAST is also an effective and widely used online website which enables all the desktop users to catch the exact amount of downloading an uploading speed of the internet that you are using over your desktop devices. FAST Speed Test is an ads-free product with a streamlined design which is easy to understand and even quicker than some other online clients.