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18 Apps Like FilmOn

FilmOn is a television app which is only Internet-based. It’s licensed television with more than 600 additional channels and 90,000 video titles. It has an ability to allow the user to create his own live and VOD channels. So you can record your videos and can watch stream movies on FilmOne. FilmOn started it was streaming on smartphones in 2010. FilmOn is also launching an additional distribution model. Mobile devices and computers will receive channels by this Model. Facebook app of FilmOn began in May 2012. FilmOn has some other additional channels, for example, Shockmasters, Bloodzillathon and Voice of America. FilmOne drops some channels in 2011 due to several legal issues over programming. But in 2012, these channels were live again after appeals in Federal court. You can watch local TV from the USA, UK, and the Middle East in your area and over 200 live TV channels

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1. Just Watch

Just Watch is legally available TV app which will find online streaming of different TV shows and movies. New-Timeline, Price Drops, Watchlist, Streaming Search Engine and Watch Bar are the key features of Just Watch. In New-TimeLine, it is easier to see a new addition to the catalogue by the…

2. Euro TV

With the help of Euro TV, you can watch different programs, favorite games, documentary films and movies from all around the Europe on your smartphones or computer. It is a free app, and no registration is required to watch live programs on Euro TV. 28 Countries from Europe just like…

3. Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus will provide you best service on the planet. By comparison with Netflix, you will find this faster. It will allow you to find your best videos and shows quickly. It has impressive playback and for TV watchers selection is very easy. Watch all new TV shows and old…

4. Kodi

Android Phone
Kodi is a well-known production of XBMC Foundation which efficiently delivers the finest entertainment hub for digital media home theatre PCs (HTPCs). It is an award-winning utility with an open source and free cross-platform which uses a 10-foot user interface ultra-designed for the media player for the living room along…

5. Find My Movie

Find MY Movie is the fantastic app specially created for the movies lovers. Here time spending is easy to watch different Hollywood movies and to arrange them. The unique ability of Find MY Movie is that it works both online and offline. Various options are present for searches like Genre,…

6. The CW

Android iOS
The easiest way to watch free your favorite shows to download The CW app. No logins, no passwords are required to watch channels online. Live streaming is just one click away. Famous shows and series just like The Flash, Jane The Virgin, The Vampire Diaries and many other are accessible…

7. Next Episode

Android iOS
Next Episode is an easy way to watch all your favorite shows and movies. You can browse here for a million shows. Next Episode has the option to add your favorite show as MY SHOWS and will track upcoming event for you. It also gives information about the recent shows…

8. Vodio

Android iOS
Vodio is the top TV app of iPad’s. It is working in 110 different countries. Vodio has a feature which combines your all favorite videos sources into a straightforward and easy-to-use system. It just like your video manager. Vodio can search all videos shared by different people and other sources…

9. Yidio

Android iOS
Yidio is an app which will give you best links to watch your favourite movies and TV shows. Notification option available so that you never miss the upcoming episodes of your favourite TV shows. Yidio is a free app, but you have to download to some apps of their providers.…

10. Plex

Android iOS
Plex is an organizing app to organize your all personal media and to stream on your screen. With the free version, watch all of your videos from your Plex Media on your screen. More features are available with Paid version of Plex. It is cool to watch any media from…

11. Fan TV

Android iOS
Over one million movies and shows are present on Fan TV. Millions of people have installed Fan TV and rate it with 4.5 /five stars. Live TV channels are accessible on Fan TV by just entering your zip code and service provider. All list of related TV channels will be…

12. Showyou

Android iOS
Showyou is a smarter and more personalized TV app. Here 100s channels can be followed by you. For example, Free channels from the top publisher, fan-funded channels with exclusive programming like The Verge, Buzzfeed, the New York Times and Vevo. Recommendations of your trusted friends on Showyou and other social…

13. Netflix

Android iOS
Netflix is the oldest app of iPad’s mostly used for PlayBack movies and television. Here a list of different movies and TV shows is given.The best feature of Netflix is that you have to create an account on Netflix. On this single account, you can make five different profiles. Monthly…

14. Crackle

Android iOS
Crackle is the name of famous apple tv app where it is easy to watch free movies and TV shows. No subscription cost is required to install this app. Saving option is also present to save your favourite movies and TV shows. It is the production of Sony Pictures Entertainment.…

15. Frequency

Android iOS
To watch free internet videos, TV, music and other special events for examples the Olympics and the World Cup, Frequency is the best option for it. Latest news, food, fashion, health, technology videos, entertainment news are only one-click away from you. Frequency collect all these videos from YouTube, web, TV…

16. Squire – Character Manager Pro

Character Manager Pro is an efficiently designed application for role playing games that require way many different calculations to be made for each attack, defence, and skill check. This app is introduced by Shane Herd through which users can professionally create multiple players, create new weapons, gears, and armours, use…

17. For Boxee – A Better Remote

For Boxee – A Better Remote is an ultimate Wi-Fi remote for the Boxee Box that lets you replace the sometimes faulty original remotes for the real time. For Boxee – A Better Remote is the finest invention of through which users can navigate faster, type quickly, enjoy auto-discovery,…

18. PowerDVD Remote FREE

PowerDVD Remote FREE instantly turns your iOS devices into a remote control, keyboard, and wireless mouse pad for CyberLink PowerDVD and CyberLink PowerCinema. It is a widely used app that helps its users to enjoy extreme utilities for PowerDVD 11 (Ultra, Deluxe), PowerDVD 12(Ultra), PowerDVD 13 (Ultra, Pro, and Standard),…

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