14 Apps Like Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators is the currency converting and other financial calculating tool app that is developed and published by Bishinews. The app is the most top-rated and highly appreciated app among all other similar apps present currently in the market. The rock-solid build-up of the app and alluring outlook makes this app perfect for all sort of financial calculations. The app is equipped with real premium quality graphics and has simple yet straightforward user interface, which enables all kind of users to use this app with ease and comfort. The app can convert world’s almost all famous currencies according to their latest rates on the open market. The app updates the currency rates in the real-time, due to which the user can always be aware of the current currency rates and their comparison too. Other than converting the currencies the app enables the user to calculate tax, loans, bonds and much more other financial activities. The app is available free of cost from iTunes and Google Play stores.

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1. XE currency

Android iOS
XE Currency is an app for conversion of world currency. It works without the internet. Live proprietary currency rates, charts, and last updated rates are available at XE Currency. On every minute, it refreshes exclusive live rates. It calculates prices with the help of currency converter. Monitor up to 10…

2. Clear Currency • exchange rate & money converter

Clear Currency is the currency converting app developed and published by Davetech Co., Ltd. The app is not famous though but is really useful and is one of the best app available for converting currencies in the market right now. The strong built-up and alluring setup of the app makes…

3. Valuta + (Currency Converter)

Android iOS
Valuta + is the currency converting app that is developed and published by Daniel Nohr. The app is one of the fastest and easiest currency converting app among all the others app that is available currently in the market stores. Although the app does not possess any extraordinary and unique…

4. Currency by Jeffrey Grossman

‘Currency’ is the currency converting app developed and published by Jeffrey Grossman. The app is one of the most highly rated currency apps of all times. The app has been awarded many awards including the best app for iPhone from 2008. The app has topped almost all the performance charts…

5. Easy Currency Converter

Android iOS
Easy Currency Converter is an application for exchange rates. This app provides you more than 180 currencies having lived exchange rates and offline mode. Due to its offline mode working, you can save money when you are traveling abroad. This app allows the user to convert multiple currencies at the…

6. CurrenC: Exchange Rates

It is the currency converting and exchange rate app developed and published by despDev. The app is not much famous among the users as it is new to the market but it is one of the most convenient currency converting app available right now on all platforms. The powerful setup…

7. Currency FX

Currency FX is a free currency conversion application. This app will deliver you latest exchange rates of more than 150 world currencies, and you can access updates rates of 5 metals like Gold, Silver, etc.  The user has the facility to get all the information on the single screen using…

8. Currency Exchange Rates

It is the currency converting and exchange rates app developed by et studio. The app is one of the best apps for all currency converting app that is available right now on the market. The developers of the app claim that it is the most fastest and powerful app for…

9. My Currency Converter – Currency & Exchange Rates Converter

My Currency Converter is the currency converting app developed and published by jRuston Apps. The app is the real giant among all the apps present for currency converting on all the platforms currently. The powerful and real solid build-up of the app makes its working more smooth and efficient. The…

10. Convert Pad

Convert Pad is the universal unit and currency converter app developed by Sunny Moon. The app is quite popular and has more than 10,000,000 + downloads. The app has real quality dynamic build-up, which enables the user to convert the desired units in lightning fast manner. The graphics of the…

11. Currency Converter Plus

Android iOS
Currency Converter Plus is a currency converter application designed for online currency updates. Currency Converter Plus will convert more than 191 currencies from all over the world with the help of online update conversion rates. You can also make simple currency calculation without an internet connection. This app has specially…

12. Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange is the currency converting and exchange app that is developed by UUCMobile. The app is one of the best currency converting app that is present currently in the market. The user interface of the app is straightforward and easy, which makes this app best for the currency converting…

13. World Currency Converter/Rates

World Currency Converter/Rates is the app build for the currency exchange and converting purpose by appuonline. It is the only app that can convert all the currencies used in the world. Its massive currency support assures its quality build-up. Although the app is not such viral as it should be…

14. Banca currency converter

Banca currency converter is the most beautiful and alluring currency exchange and converting app developed by Aleksandar Vacic. The app is the real pleasure to use for the purpose of converting currencies and viewing the exchange rates. The app with the strong build-up has an impressive and catchy outlook which…

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