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7 Apps Like FitCoin

FitCoin is an exciting way to earn coins for the real-time through having your daily routine exercises and burning your calories. This health and fitness application has a huge fan following due to its amazing featuring providence. It does not restrict you to have any particular health activity that’s why you can easily do whatever you want to do like running, taking a walk, having gym, and other health activities and burn your calories for getting cryptocurrency. The more you burn your calories, the more you can earn real-time virtual currency using FitCoin. You just have to link your FitBit, Google Fit, and any other fitness tracking application, do some healthy activities, and receive special offers. It lets you burn more and earn as more currency as you can to purchase items from our FitCoin store. It is an ultimate app that let you earn real time cryptocurrency without having any external effort or just through taking your daily routine exercise.

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1. Sweatcoin

Android iOS
Sweatcoin is a Sweatco Ltd product which precisely pays for you for the real-time to get fit. It offers a damn unique and intuitive way to stay healthy in a fun and effective way. It efficiently transforms your steps into digital currency called ‘Sweatcoin’. It provides a brand new step…

2. Earthmiles

Android iOS
Earthmiles is a superb application that lets you earn hundreds of rewards just by walking. It is a flamboyant app to inspire a healthy and more active life. It lets you celebrate each of your daily routine workouts for an extra zing of incentive in your life. Earthmiles – get…

3. StepBet

Android iOS
StepBet, introduced by WayBetter, Inc. let you win money for walking. It is a superb health and fitness application that lets you stay active and fit and pay you for it. It is probably a walking challenge where you bet on yourself to meet some of its offered personalized goals,…

4. Charity Miles

Android iOS
Charity Miles is a superb product for walk, distance, and running tracker that lets you move with the purpose of earning money for the charity. It has a list of rewards for providing such a superb level of unique and extraordinary features for its worldwide users. It lets you earn…

5. Achievement

Android iOS
Achievement – Reward Health is an extraordinary application that elegantly rewards your life to support your life. It is a well-known production of Evidation Health, Inc. which is working immensely great for paying exciting rewards along with keeping you fit. You just have to download this app, connect the fitness…

6. DietBet

Android iOS
DietBet is a WayBetter, Inc. production that is introduced with an attracting new concept and is ultimate for individuals who want motivation to lose weight. It provides an intuitive and damn fun way to get fit and get paid for it. DietBet – Weight Loss Games has successfully made 96…

7. Wellcoin

Wellcoin pays you to spend a healthy life. It is a superb application through which you can easily get rewards and stay fit, introduced by the Wellcoin itself. It is an excellent exercising and earning app that lets you earn Wellcoins for the real-time for all of your small and…

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