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FitStar Yoga

FitStar Yoga is another health and fitness application through which you can enjoy more exercise and yoga techniques to lead a healthier and balanced life. You can practice the best yoga exercises everywhere having this app on your mobile phones. FitStar Yoga brings the perfect experience from beginners to expert level yogis… read more
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13 Apps Like FitStar Yoga for iOS

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1. Down Dog

Down Dog is a highly rated yoga application which comes with a number of awesome features for its entire users. Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere is a fine application introduced by Yoga Buddhi Co. which carries some finest yoga practising stuff which can easily by tried ay home or at anywhere. You can enjoy tons of features for workouts on a daily basis. Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere is a choice of millions of people who live to work out with the touch of fine music using this classy application. It is probably a widely used application which brings personalized practices just for you and brings more customizations than any other website or application. Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere is the best application for starters and also provides intro series designed for these brand new yogis. You do not always have an internet connection to enjoy this app so that you can even use it when you are offline. All you have to do is to download Down Dog and practice yoga anywhere you want. So just download Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere app, get into its classy workout and yoga features and start your yoga journey today.


2. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is an amazing yoga application for beginners to advanced level individuals introduced by Daily Yoga Software Technology Co. Ltd Health & Fitness. Daily Yoga – Yoga Fitness Plans offers more than 200 guided yoga, Pilates, meditation classes, above 500 asanas, over 50 yoga class plans, plus a fine collection of yoga pose base that suits every individuals concern from yoga. You can better focus on yoga for weight loss, better sleeping, and full relaxation, and access to altogether 20 yoga experts aim to make it easier and convenient to workout using this application in your mobile phone. Daily Yoga – Yoga Fitness Plans helps you enjoy more than 50 yoga class plans and workshops above 200 yoga classes with fine HD videos, and multiple choice for session duration for ranging 5 to 70 minutes, and way more stuff for advanced as well as beginners. You can enjoy yoga poses with detailed voice instructions and availability of almost 7 languages. So just download Daily Yoga – Yoga Fitness Plans which helps you stay with yoga every day, but also brings health fitness for both body as well as the mind.


3. Global Yoga Academy

Global Yoga Academy is a fine application for getting slim and fit and getting more hype among people from all over the world. Global Yoga Academy is a fine application introduced by Global Yoga Academy Ltd, which helps you get the most effective exercises. This application brings its benefits to all levels and lets you utilize yoga postures as well as poses to enrich your balance, strength, and the flexibility. Global Yoga Academy helps you relieving stress, connected to your mind, and get more relaxed. There are millions of people who have discovered the benefits of yoga for weight loss and overall mental and physical health. It has a massive community of people to get an extra dose of inspiration, and you can even share experience from fellow yogis. Global Yoga Academy lets you choose from 5 to 60 minutes yoga workouts. Easily customize your own unique yoga classes, and you can easily choose from various ambient audio tracks. Some of its key features let you have quick yoga classes, easy to follow HD yoga videos, ambient background music while exercising, tracking of an everyday yoga session, and way more things right on the palm of your hands. So just download Global Yoga Academy, and have yoga instructions, on your phone.


4. Simply Yoga

Simply Yoga is one of the best yoga application present in the market which acts as your personal yoga instructor. Simply Yoga – Fitness Trainer for Workouts & Poses effectively contains yoga routines of almost 20, 40 and 560 min that step you through each pose. Each of its poses is highly recommended and is demonstrated by a certified personal trainer so that you can easily choose the length of your workout and follow along with the ease of your own home. It brings three levels of yoga training such as level one 20 minutes, level 2 40 minutes, and the last 60 minutes workouts to have real yoga right from your mobile phone. Simply Yoga – Fitness Trainer for Workouts & Poses is great for men and women which helps both of you to enjoy yoga fully. Simply Yoga – Fitness Trainer for Workouts & Poses also brings a set of video demonstration, more than 30 poses, 3 predefined routines, and lot more. While on the other hand, Simply Yoga also provides a second set of workout, Ad-free atmosphere, landscape mode, and creation of custom routines from all poses in its full version.


5. Daily Workouts

Daily Workouts is a great application which enables its users to enjoy yoga in the best possible way right using your mobile phone. Daily Workouts – Exercise Fitness Routine Trainer is a great 5 – 30 minutes daily workout routine for both men and women. This application comes with ten different 5 to 10 minute workouts, and you can choose any of these according to your own pace. Other than this, you can also have its 1o to 30 minutes randomized full body workouts. Daily Workouts – Exercise Fitness Routine Trainer also provides more than 95 effective exercises, HD videos to elaborate fully, an on-screen timer as well as instructions and timer, no-internet for its functionality, and is beneficial for both men and women. Daily Workouts comes with its free as well as full version, and it’s up to you to decide whom you want for your daily workouts. When it comes to its full version, you can enjoy more exercise for your daily yoga, more workout routines, random and custom workouts, landscape mode, ad-free atmosphere, and provides Pilates, Stretch, Kettlebell, Ball, and other workouts. So just download Daily Workouts – Exercise Fitness Routine Trainer and enjoy its useful features right on the palm of your hands.


6. Find What Feels Good with Adriene

Find What Feels Good with Adriene is a fine application which helps you get access to all yoga with Adriene videos right on your mobile phone. It lets you find what feels good by getting access to its entire catalogue. Find What Feels Good with Adriene is a great application introduced by Yoga with Adriene LLC, which helps you get indulge in extreme yoga by streaming videos in HD quality. It allows you to pick up where you left off, tell your beloved ones about your favourite videos through Twitter, Facebook, Texts, Email, and other social platforms, and automatically beam videos from your cell phone to your Chromecast devices. As Adriene is an actor and Yoga teacher based out of Austin. She is the co-founder of this application which brings an interactive tool to encourage you to be authentic, find what feels good, and do your best for each of your workout. Adriene also leads a massive community which entertain them in an elegant way by creating creative content to inspire people of all sizes and shapes. So just download Find What Feels Good with Adriene, and enjoy yoga training through Adriene.


7. VGFIT Yoga

VGFIT Yoga is another gorgeous application comes with intuitive yoga benefits for all level individuals. Yoga – Poses & Classes introduced by VGFIT LLC, which helps you have yoga coaching right in your pocket. VG FIT is perfect for beginners as well as experts because of its useful features that it delivers. This application comes with a collection of HD videos of poses which can be followed easily. You can enjoy 111 poses developed through its qualified yoga instructions. This application lets you discover information and description about each of its delivered poses, instructions, benefits, etc. and even search poses by name, focus, based on type, and ability.  It lets you focus on improving your balance, flexibility, and strength. You can enjoy its 9 unique yoga classes in high-quality videos, choose classes from 10 to 30 minutes, save the history of your classes and schedule videos, and is suitable for all abilities intermediate, beginners, and balance choose your favourite. You can even discover new apps, find out more yoga guides and classes, play classes on your TV, get motivated, and share it with your friends as well. So just download Yoga – Poses & Classes, and enjoy


8. Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses is one of the perfect application for getting the most flexible and elegant yoga poses, and you can catch any of your desired one. Yoga Poses — 250 yoga poses with video tutorials is a fine application produced by AloYoga, which helps you catch the perfect postures and positions while you do your daily yoga. This intuitive application comes with a collection of more than 250 yoga poses which suits the needs of individuals of every age and stage. All of these yoga postures are comes with intuitive instructional guides which provide both written as well as video directions, modifications, benefits of each yoga pose, and tips for beginners. There are way many things for yoga starters through which they can enjoy perfect yoga whenever and wherever they practice. Yoga Poses — 250 yoga poses with video tutorials lets you have the perfect figure, flexibility, and physique. Its stuff is tailored to all levels and abilities. Yoga Poses is easy to use and fun app whether you are travelling around or even in the comfort of your own house. So just download Yoga Poses — 250 yoga poses with video tutorials, and get your yoga fix right through your mobile phone and at your fingertips.


9. Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is a fine looking application which helps everyone get fit, lose weight, and start a healthier lifestyle. Asana Rebel – Yoga Inspired Fitness app comes with an intuitive number of features for yoga lovers who love to do yoga on a daily basis. This is pretty much the best compliment for losing weight, burning calories, get fit and lean, and strengthen your core. It is the perfect app for increasing flexibility to boost your performance, leave stress of the day behind, and balance the body while focusing the body and mind. Asana Rebel – Yoga Inspired Fitness is a fine product of Asana Rebel, which brings a classy yoga app for its entire customers to get in shape in a better and simpler way. Asana Rebel – Yoga Inspired Fitness efficiently tone your inner warrior with the head-to-toe sequencing to keep your muscular groups like abs, etc. in tip-top shape. You can catch 100 workouts designed by fitness and yoga experts, and a highly curated workout collections to achieve all your health and fitness goals. So just download Asana Rebel – Yoga Inspired Fitness, enjoy perks of being a rebel.


10. 5 Minute Yoga

5 Minute Yoga is an exceptional application to workout yoga through this intuitive coach right on your mobile phone. This is an ideal application for those wanting quick and easy daily yoga workouts. Each of its selected from a collection of simple yet effective yoga poses making it ideal for starters. Every of the pose that it delivers brings detailed instructions ensuring all poses are performed correctly vital for effective practice. 5 Minute Yoga is a fine application to keep your yoga with you to bring yoga anywhere you want. It brings a timer function which helps you keep your yoga practice effective and more precise. It also ensures all poses are correctly performed and contains the same amount of time that it needed on a daily basis. It lets you have yoga to improve your flexibility, increase strength, reduce your daily stress, tones muscles, and be relaxed for a long time. It is ideal for almost all situations such as to start the day with perfectness, help unwind before bed, and relieve stress in the office. So just get 5 Minute Yoga, and enjoy yoga like a breeze through its entire catalogue of features.


11. Gaia

Gaia is a good looking yoga application which is pocketed with some exceptional yoga, spiritual growth, meditation, and some other related deed. This application helps you to stream tons of videos to enhance the pursuit of your highest potential. Gaia brings one of the best collection of world’s best teachers as well as luminaries to guide you on your path with yoga and all the alternative perspectives that have discussed above. You can catch almost anything using Gaia, and enjoy discovering and creating exclusive information. You can enjoy unlimited streaming of original and exclusive programming. Other than these, Gaia also lets you access inspiring documents and films, and yoga classes taught by masters just to ensure its professionalism. You can catch all the crucial updates and new facts about yoga and never miss any single of its new move having this application on your cell phone. It keeps on increasing its catalogue of video on a daily basis by publishing new videos and lets you enjoy ad-free and member supported atmosphere. So just download, Gaia if you want to enjoy yoga at the boom.


12. Universal Breathing

Universal Breathing is a newly developed application which allows you to teach your body how to breathe properly. Universal Breathing: Pranayama is an effective application introduced by Saagara, which helps you enjoy lungs training for good health. It lets you train your lungs to breathe at their best capacity to lets you experience a whole ton of healthy goodies. It allows everyone to practice slow breathing for almost 15 minutes a day to reduce stress and stress-related stuff. This application is truly made by doctors, designers, and some amazing app developers to provide the perfect and the must-have breathing experience. You can better focus on mindful breathing and breathing techniques having Universal Breathing: Pranayama on your mobile phone. Universal Breathing: Pranayama also lets you use different breathing styles to condition yourself to relax before you go to sleep and wake up in the morning. Some of its health benefits include falling asleep faster, less stress, better mood, decrease blood pressure, relief from migraines and headaches, help managing asthma and COPD, higher athletic endurance and much more. So just download Universal Breathing: Pranayama and enjoy the same breathing but in a healthier way.


13. Track Yoga

Track Yoga is a fine application which helps you have yoga with all the compulsory stuff including guided classes and personalized goals. Track Yoga – A Simple Yoga App is a fine application introduced by the great developer named External Karma Inc. which helps you have all the necessary details of yoga right at your fingertips. It lets you have a diversity of yoga classes to choose from including stress relief, beginners mind, back pain relief, cold and flu relief, and way more. You can enjoy HD video classes and watch them in the way you want to enjoy yoga to its depth. You can catch all the necessary facts that each move of yoga contains and even resolve your conflicts and confusions here. Track Yoga – A Simple Yoga App lets you chat with your personal yoga instructor so that you can get answers to your undone mysteries with ease and damn effectiveness. Some of the programs that it contains include Beginners Mind, Flexibility Series, Yoga workout, Full Body Fitness, and Yoga for Depression, etc. So just download Track Yoga – A Simple Yoga App, and choose any of your desired class including stress relief, morning yoga, be time yoga, sun salutation, after work yoga, travel yoga, energy booster, yoga for abs, and much more to have yoga anytime you want.

More About FitStar Yoga

FitStar Yoga is another health and fitness application through which you can enjoy more exercise and yoga techniques to lead a healthier and balanced life. You can practice the best yoga exercises everywhere having this app on your mobile phones. FitStar Yoga brings the perfect experience from beginners to expert level yogis. It provides dynamic HD videos which show you the poses, chooses the intensity as well as the duration of each of your session, and its custom audio tracks help you flowing and streaming music support to keep you moving at your most likely beat. Fit-Star Yoga is a yoga teacher in your pocket which helps you personalize sessions to fit your yoga goals and achievements, beautiful HD videos guide your everyday yoga need and every move, add new workouts every month, and enables you to enjoy yoga anytime, anywhere. You can track your milestones and progress with achievements, and unlock some new badges and possess to improve workouts. FitStar Yoga also brings an integration with the health app to track your workout and burned calories, contributing to your general health dashboard. So just download FitStar Yoga, and enjoy yoga in an effective way.