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Floatube enables you to listen to music on Youtube while your mobile phone is locked. Float Tube is a widely used tool introduced by Impa Software Inc. that helps you enjoy selecting any video and have it play in the floating window over your mobile phone screen… read more
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14 Apps Like Floatube



uListen is used by millions of people from all over the world who enjoy listening to YouTube videos over your Android cell phones. UListen (YouTube Audio) is an unofficial Youtube player which enables you to access and stream audio out of Youtube and also enables you to save precious bandwidth and also going faster buffering times.

YouTube Go

YouTube Go is used by millions of people as a Youtube companion even when you have a slow connection or limited data. YouTube Go is a fabulous app introduced by the most well-known Google Inc.

8player lite

8player lite is a well-known universal multimedia application for iPhone, iPad, iPod Mini, iPad Touch and other iOS users and for Apple TV spend 8 years in the App store having more than 200 updates and thousands of worldwide users.


TubeMote is a fabulous app that helps its users to watch videos conveniently on their smart TV as well as a computer. Tube Mote is a widely used app which lets you have a free remote control for your Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Twitch, and various others.

Lark Player

Lark Player is another tremendously used application that enables its users to enjoy a lightweight and full-fledged app to watch videos or listen to your favourite songs on Youtube. Lark Player — YouTube Music & Free MP3 Top Player is a comprehensive music and video player introduced by Mobiuspace Tech Top Player.


Stream is a massively used smart music player that enables you to access a hundred million musical videos right using your smartphone. Free music for YouTube: Stream is a great application introduced by MWM – Best Free Music and Audio Apps for Android Inc.

Minimize for Youtube play

Minimize for Youtube play in background is an incredible tool introduced by Video-mini.com that enables you to listen to your music and carry on using other apps freely at the same time.

Floating Tube

Floating Tube is an extraordinary app having millions of users from all over the world who are enjoying streaming and watching YouTube content in floating mode just to carry on their most important apps simultaneously.


MooMa.sh has effectively solved the problem of identifying music in the Youtube videos right through mobile devices. MooMa.sh is a great product that helps you identify the music from the extensive library of music that it memorized.

Y-Tube Player

Y-Tube Player let you listen to the music that you like the most and also watch videos from Youtube player on a small screen while you are doing something else. Y-Tube Player (floating for YouTube) is a well-known app introduced by Softmedya Haber Scripti Inc.

Free Music YouTube Player

Free Music YouTube Player provides the most excellent way to explore Youtube trending stuff, hottest, most visited, top charts, most searched and most talked topics right through this one shop stop.

Play Tube & Video Tube

Play Tube & Video Tube is a widely used app which lets its users enjoy discovering great music and awesome videos in all parts of the entire world as well as your country.


LiteTube is another excellent tool that brings high-quality video and video player both in one single app. LiteTube is a super talented and easy to use music streaming tool introduced by Oximus Prime Studio Inc.

Play Tube: Video Tube Player

Play Tube : Video Tube Player makes it easy to listen as well as watch millions of free songs on Youtube. Play Tube: Video Tube Player is a free to use third-party client for Youtube through which you can easily discover great videos as well as music in all over the world or even your own countries.

More About Floatube

Floatube enables you to listen to music on Youtube while your mobile phone is locked. Float Tube is a widely used tool introduced by Impa Software Inc. that helps you enjoy selecting any video and have it play in the floating window over your mobile phone screen. This app enables you to close the window inside the Floatube icon, and playback will continue while you can use other application over your phone. This app continuously plays your favourite tracks whenever you want and while you are doing other stuff. It enables you to browse and search from a diverse collection of music of your own choice and listen to it whenever you want. Floatube also brings a handy notification widget, and you can enjoy playback even your mobile phone is locked. While on the other hand, if you single click over the icon screen will minimize while if you drag and double-click the icon, you can exit is popup floating. It helps you to enjoy top charts from your favourite artists of your country as well. So just download Floatube app in your cell phone and listen to your favourite music while your cell phone is locked.

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